So, it’s a new moon in Taurus. What about it?

This week, the Taurus new moon wants us to set some specific intentions in our lives in order to manifest change.

I was talking to a good friend of mine from work, the Taurus, and she was telling me how she went hiking with another Aries friend, who was chalking up all of the current action in his life to the plethora of Aries energy at play in the heavens.  Being that my astro talk has been rubbing off on her, she was able to tell him, “Well enjoy it while you can, because it’s my turn next.”  And she’s pretty much right.  Come next month, most of the planets that have been bringing luck, joy, or perhaps just profound personal awakenings to the Aries clan will find their way to the Taurus party.  Yes, you Taureans will get a lot more action in your lives, but this shift is going to offer something for everyone.  It’s an opportunity for us all to make up our minds about some things that have been swirling in our thoughts and to set a course of clear intentions for ourselves.  How do we move beyond the inspired idea process and into a more solidified realm of action?

This time with Aries has been good for us all in that it’s given us a greater sense of bravery in some part of our lives.  We have uncovered new truths about who we want to be and have awakened to the changes in ourselves that must unfold in order to achieve greater happiness.  But Aries isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to follow through.  He’s merely the instigator, the one who pumps up the crowd but then leaves you to take action.  So how, at this new moon time, can we best utilize the gifts of insight that Aries has been trying to offer us these last few months?

It’s time we ask ourselves some profound questions.

Well, it’s time we ask ourselves some profound questions.  “Who am I really trying to be in this lifetime?”  “How do I express that desire in a tangible way?”  We must move past the confusion, insecurity, and procrastination we easily get caught up in so that we can honor the personal shift that’s ready to emerge.  This week, the Taurus new moon wants us to set some specific intentions in our lives in order to manifest change.  We have to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty with our desires.  What do you really want to have in life right now, and are you willing to do the work to get it?  There can’t be any fear involved here, only honesty.

Let’s take a closer look at each sign and see if we can clarify where in your life this self-examination can best be put to use.  Remember to read your sun and rising sign, if you know it.


you’re coming up on a true fork in the road.

Lately, life has been slightly overwhelming.  Okay, that’s an understatement.  You have been barraged with ideas, options, new pathways, discoveries, choices, and the occasional ‘a-ha moment’ that has crystallized it all for you but then has also opened the door for more ideas, options, etc.  But now, you’re coming up on a true fork in the road.  The universe is offering you a very clear opportunity that will task you with an important decision about the direction of your life.  It’s time for you to entertain some serious commitment.  Narrow down all of the possibilities you’ve seen for yourself as of late.  What amongst them do you place the most value on?  Is there a new career path that’s been calling to you?  Perhaps you’re caught up in needing a new fitness routine.  Or it could be that your spirituality needs to take center stage.  There is time to focus on them all, but you need to make sure that where you place your time and energy is on things important to you.  Make sure you don’t want that new job, body, or enlightened outlook because your friend/lover/mom/Oprah tells you that you do.  Get deep with yourself and make sure that you’re sinking in to personal waters that you, deep down in the crevices of your soul, want to sail on.


it’s time to put down the self-help literature and indulge in life a little bit.

Okay, so you have been playing second fiddle to your friends over in Aries town for a couple of months now, and your inherent ability to display patience and decorum has kept you all smiles and good will about it.  But let’s face it, you’re over it.  And it’s okay to feel a little bit of “when’s it going to be my turn?”  You have been putting in the necessary time to take care of your deeper emotional and spiritual needs and have really found your way into a new sense of understanding about what you want to gain out of life.  In fact, look at who you were just six months ago.  Guarantee that you have made greater internal strides in this short amount of time than you can remember doing in another similar span of your life.  So you deserve your approaching time in the sun.  So, how can you best prepare for what is going to be a jam-packed start to summer?  Well, it’s time to put down the self-help literature and indulge in life a little bit.  You are ruled by Venus, a planet that loves the good things in life.  So use this new moon time to show your life what you expect of it in the future.  Yes, you know hard work is necessary for success, but how about trying to treat yourself as if you’ve already achieved the greatness that’s coming your way?


contemplate just how prepared you are for the type of life you think you want.

You have been out in the world a lot these days.  Some of it has been that usual distraction you like to drum up for yourself, but there have also been a lot of invitations, meetings, and group projects to attend to.  The challenge is that a lot of it has revolved around hobbies or talents that used to just be fun for you, so now you find yourself needing to look at something you love as work.  That can always put a damper on things, especially for one as light and jovial as you.  But know that this time has not only been meant to teach you what truly matters to you but also how you want to make your mark on this world.  Look at being pushed out of your comfort zone as a way to get a glimpse of what you’re actually capable of.  So now that you understand there’s a world where your life is bigger than you ever imagined, how will you adjust to bring it into true fruition?  And more so, are you ready for what that all means?  Take this new moon time to pause and fully contemplate just how prepared you are for the type of life you think you want.  Perhaps you actually need more time to re-examine what it means to be you and how you want to be seen by others.  Take a little break so you’ll be ready to emerge into the world fully in love with every aspect of yourself.


consider how you can bring a little more balance into your life.

Work, work, work.  You have been consumed by it.  Though it has drawn you slightly away from that important nest of yours, it has also given you a greater strength around your ability to achieve.  But now it’s time to consider how you can bring a little more balance into your life, Cancer.  Remember those friends you used to see a lot more of before you got swallowed up by all of your commitments?  Well they remember you, and they miss you.  So take a moment to reach out to one or two of them during this new moon time.  Yes, you’re still in an extremely focused mode, and you don’t want to waste any of that energy on frivolity.  But when did you ever invite anyone lame to spend time underneath your shell in the first place?  You will find that a meeting of the minds between two old friends may invite some new ideas that could translate into fun creative projects for you, or you may get the solution to a problem you’ve been grappling with for months now.  It’s rare for the Cancer to feel like it’s okay to expose him or herself as much as you have lately, and you’re going to want to step back for some regeneration soon.  So while you’re out in the sun a bit longer, make it worthwhile and remind yourself of the love you inspire in others.


get real with yourself.

The world has been teaching you so much about yourself that it must feel like everyone in your life is a professor.  Well, this classroom atmosphere has been prepping you for the next couple of months where you are ready to enter into graduation mode, and this new moon is specifically meant to give you a glimpse of where you really want to focus your energy.  You always have such big plans for yourself Leo, but now it’s time to shed those that have been built on what you think others want from you.  Leo, you are a confident being, but you also always want to be the most popular person in the room and sometimes you will say or do whatever it takes to achieve that.  So, get real with yourself.  What are you doing in life to impress others as opposed to what you really want out of life?  Hopefully, the awakenings provided to you these last few months have helped shed a brighter light on the things that encompass your deepest personal truth.  Why is this all so important to deal with now?  Well, because it’s almost time for you to step up your life in a big way.  Yes, those grandiose plans may actually be coming together soon, but you need to approach them confident in who you want to be and without any remnants of ideas of yourself from the past.


you are currently working as a crusader for your spiritual well-being.

Dear Virgo, you have been in major transformation mode.  I bet you have been so focused on a personal project that some of your friends have forgotten what you look like.  Well, it’s been for a good cause.  See, you are currently working as a crusader for your spiritual well-being, even if you don’t realize it yourself.  The places, ideas, and people you have been focusing your energy on with such intensity are actually allowing you to display aspects of yourself that have desperately been in need of attention.  Trust.  Commitment.  Drive.  All things you are familiar with but without focus can fall out the window.  And let’s be honest – you’ve spent some time away from honing in on the things you truly want.  Well, now it’s time to further this personal shift.  This new moon wants you to take all of these internal weapons you’ve reconnected with and utilize them as tools to help you step farther into your new truth.  What other goals have you considered in the past that you feel it could be time to commit to?  Do you trust what it is you feel you were really meant to do with your life?  How much drive does it take to achieve that level of success you want?  You already have the answers so take a firm step and get the ball rolling toward your true greatness.


you need to experience the dark to understand the light.

You my friend are on quite the adventure.  Saturn is busy taking your life through a bit of a metamorphosis and now this new moon is ushering in an even greater period of transformation and growth.  It seems that it’s time for you to say goodbye to an old way of life.  For some of you, it’s a relationship.  For others, it’s a career path you’ve been following.  Libra, you may even feel a bit at times like you’re losing your mind.  Well, in a way you are.  But trust that it’s a good thing.  See, you always try to be the most level-headed person in the room.  So to fall to the other side of that is actually allowing yourself to do what you do best – balance.  See, if you were always confident and calm in who you are and where your life is going, you wouldn’t fully be embodying the truth of your sign.  You need to experience the dark to understand the light.  You should get in touch with sobriety to completely embrace extreme intoxication.  And you have to become so entirely secure in what you think your life should look like that you will also allow yourself some personal experimentation.  That way, you can fully appreciate the gift this new moon time is trying to offer you.  Wake up tomorrow and pretend like you don’t know that person in the mirror.  Then, really see where your life is now and what changes need to be made to help you swing back towards complete happiness again.


you need that intense connection with others in order to feel complete.

So you have been wondering why your relationships have been feeling a tad unfulfilling these days.  You have worked hard at shifting your focus away from it, what with work being so busy and your attempts at making your business life more of a structured entity.  But talk to me like I’m your sister.  You’re feeling a little lonely, right?  Scorpio’s can be a very independent breed but ultimately you need that intense connection with others in order to feel complete.  Well luckily, the tide is turning.  This new moon time is going to have you feeling a little more productive on the relationship front.  And I am not just talking about romance and sex.  You actually need to start on your friendships.  They are the foundation for how you approach all intimacy in life.  So examine your closest relationships and see what is and isn’t working there.  Ask yourself if you have fully allowed yourself to commit to them.  You may feel like you give them attention and love, but are you really sharing your deepest self with the people you claim are closest to you?  Delve a little more deeply into the relationships you already have.  In fact, demand it.  You’ll be surprised by how powerful it makes you feel, but also by how much more fulfilled you’ll be by opening your heart to those who already hold a place for you in theirs.


it’s not crazy to believe in yourself.

These last few months have had you been bitten by the creativity bug.  Your mind has been birthing idea after idea and has probably left you with a litter of inspired possibilities – so many that you don’t know what to do with them.  So perhaps you have started to do what some of you Sag’s do best.  Dispose of them.  Pretend like they never happened.  And you could easily do that.  Your breed comes up with genius ideas for sport really.  Now how about a different approach?  What if you actually took one of these solid concepts and followed through with it?  Yes, you have jobs and bills and appointments and kids and bills and bills to pay, but what if you made a little time to really put the energy into manifesting one of these brilliant schemes?  This new moon time wants you to actually get out of your head and lay some sturdy foundation for one of your projects.  Yes, you can go on spinning ideas into spider webs, but the wind will just bring them down unless you build them from more solid material.  So take a gamble on yourself and actually take one of your crazy plots to the next level.  Because it’s not crazy to believe in yourself.  And you owe it to your future to take your ideas and your life more seriously.


it’s time to lay down the protocol and get playful again.

Have you allowed yourself to dismiss some of your usual stubbornness to help capitalize on the current Aries wave that’s been trying to restructure your personal foundation?  Perhaps lately you have felt a slight urge to question some of your usual ways of being but then have shrugged it off.  You approach everything with such a strong sense of achievement and are getting by just fine, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?  However, you can’t deny that you do detect a glitch in the operating system you’ve been working from, and that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean you have to entirely shift course.  What it does mean is that some adjustments need to be made in order to activate the next phase of your personal growth.  How about shaking up your idea of self and imbuing some audacious creativity into how you’re currently living your life?  Your earthy nature can sometimes make you so grounded in how you function that you sometimes miss out on moments of greater personal evolution. Yes, you are adventurous.  Sure, you’re even more ambitious than most.  But what you do and how you do it shouldn’t be solely defined by your own standards and opinions.  Or at least not those that you’re currently living by.  So consider this: what if all the important answers to your life’s burning questions were hidden inside your inner child’s pants pocket?  It’s time to lay down the protocol and get playful again.  You were probably still a little adult when you were eight, but I’m sure you had some favorite toys or cartoons.  Make whatever plastic, plush, or animated friend you had in your youth a deity for your life.  I know it sounds silly, but that’s exactly what you need right now.  You may just realize that it holds the key to the type of home/career life you wish you had and should work more specifically to achieve.


right now your life calls for some anchored support.

You can be so ‘head in the clouds’ with ideas and theories that you sometimes forget to come down at all.  Then you land and find that everyone you once knew has moved away, the decade has changed, and you forgot to put pants on.  Lately, that active mind has been amplified as Aries has had it charging in every direction.  You want 523 things to happen and you want them all to occur right now, but you don’t necessarily want to do the work it takes to manifest them all.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Universe operated like Amazon, and we could just order our next personal shift/career move/lover and have it show up at the doorstep ready to go?  Yeah well, it doesn’t work that way.  We can’t even preview it, a la ITunes.  We just have to take a leap of faith and hope that the next step we desperately want to make in life is the right one.  And you Aquarians are mental magicians.  Most of the work that goes into achieving your goals takes place inside your mind.  If you decide you want something and are truly ready for it, then look out.  It’s coming even faster than Fed ex can deliver.  So why have you had trouble bringing that one thing, out of all the 523 things you want most, to fruition?  Well, it comes back to that ‘lighter than air’ head mentioned earlier.  Without a firm foundation to stand upon, you’re really unable to conjure up what you need and want in life.  So take this new moon time to place some weights on your shoes.  Yes, you Aquarians can be successful vagabonds, but right now your life calls for some anchored support.  How can you bring a little more structure into your life without sacrificing your sense of self?  A hint – the answer lies in the parts of your life that already make you feel most at home.  Continue along that yellow brick road and you’ll find a place of security soon enough from which to summon your next great personal shift.


you don’t have to do it all alone.

Life has been shifting a little bit more quickly than you’re used to, but you’re swimming along just fine, even if at times you’re a little more drunker or sleepier than you should be.  That’s because you’re a sensitive lot, and you sometimes need to find ways to curb the intensity of life’s changes.  You’re also usually used to working out these life transitions on your own.  You pass them around from one voice in your head to the other until you can all vote on the best direction to take.  Again, sensitivity has pushed you to be a more internal being, which to some seems a little crazy but for you just creates functionality.  And you have come up with some good plans of action for your life, even if you haven’t taken action on all of them just yet.  Hopefully, you have also tapped into all of the current Aries energy and have gravitated towards the things in life that you place the most value on.  If not, you still have an opportunity to catch that wave.  However, this new moon time wants you to take on a different approach.  Become more aware of the fact that you don’t have to do it all alone.  In fact, the more you put all of your questions, ideas, and plans out into the world, the greater your chances will be of finding the answer to every riddle you’re currently trying to crack.  So, start talking.  And not to yourself.  In fact, call up one friend when you’re done reading this and tell him or her about something you’re confused about or are desperate to bring into being,  Even if that person meets you with silence, it will act as the diving board you need to land in the pool of your next personal incarnation.

 We each have something solid to contribute that can help to make this world turn a bit more smoothly on its axis.

The world has been so incredibly busy from a political and environmental standpoint, that at times it can seem like our own lives are small and unimportant in comparison.  But that is never the case.  We each have something solid to contribute that can help to make this world turn a bit more smoothly on its axis.  Please utilize this Taurus new moon time to create a more meaningful and determined but also patient relationship with yourself and your life purpose.  We can’t manifest everything we want in the blink of an eye, but with some solid determination and a clear set of intentions, we can take more deliberate steps toward the personal accomplishment we strive for in this lifetime.  And, we can do it all with a sense of passionate grace.  That’s the Taurus way.

Happy New Moon in Taurus!


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