So. It’s a new moon in Gemini. And a solar eclipse to boot. What about it?

First off, my deepest apologies for having taken so long to write a new post.  Life just happened and seemed to just keep on happening.  Some of it in the form of inner, personal frustrations (which I blame on my 12th House transits that have been occurring during this last month).  The rest of it came in the form of an amazing trip to Europe (my first!), where I got to see parts of France and Spain.  It was a magnificent trip that allowed me to visit places in the world I never thought I would get the chance to see.  It also offered me an opportunity to open up my view of the world, but even more importantly, it opened me up to a new perspective about myself.

Without that shift in consciousness where you tell yourself that something is possible, there’s no way for that ‘something’ to enter your life. 

See, I have been a dreamer all my life, but I don’t think I ever truly believed in my dreams.  Yet, these past few months have pushed me to reshape the way I think about my life and thus manifest it.  With this trip, I gave myself permission to finally believe that I could do something as big as travel across the Atlantic.  And for someone who came from means that were lesser than others, that’s huge.  Now I know that it really just comes down to changing your mind in order to achieve something.  Without that shift in consciousness where you tell yourself that something is possible, there’s no way for that ‘something’ to enter your life.  What a perfect piece of information to ponder as we approach the Gemini new moon!

Gemini is all about the mind.  However, it’s not really about how we communicate with others.  It’s more about how we communicate with ourselves.  What are we telling ourselves we are or aren’t capable of?  And do we accept every single piece of ourselves?  Gemini lives in duality, which is something we all contend with inside.  Some days, we want to be the saint, when on others we want to be the bitch.  And until we accept that we have both a light and dark side, we will find ourselves in a constant struggle of inner judgment and frustration.

Are we giving ourselves more grief than love?

So, how can we best approach this new moon that is also being amplified by the solar eclipse?  Well, we can look more deeply at our deep, internal relationship with the self.  Are we giving ourselves more grief than love?

Let’s take a closer look at each sign.  Remember to try and read your rising and sun sign, if you know both.


These last few months have been plentiful.  You’ve received gifts and lessons.  Been through trials and sagas.  Waged war on old versions of yourself.  And if you have paid close attention to the cycles of your life and have focused more deeply on what you truly value, you have probably found yourself victorious on some level.  However, you haven’t cleared the final test yet, so you’re not entirely certain if you’ve emerged a hero/heroine or not.  See, there is one more beast to slay.  And that is integration.  It seems easy to take everything you have learned and lay it all out for examination.  However, truly taking every honest piece of yourself and integrating it into one cohesive way of being is a challenge.  So, during this new moon time, strike an internal deal to be every bit yourself times a thousand.  Approach your days with the keen sense of an alchemist, ready to blend every personality angle of yours into one.  Don’t censor yourself and save certain parts of you for various times of the day.  Now is the time to start living with the clearest sense of authenticity.  If you can push your mind to see you in such an expansive light, think of how the world will view your bravery and style.


So, that time you’ve been waiting for Taurus, where everything starts to crystalize and you feel a sense of renewal?  Well, it’s here.  Okay, it’s starting to be at least.  Picture yourself like an egg, dear Taurus, and imagine that a few cracks have started to materialize in the shell.  You’re definitely moving around in there, and this week is going to offer a moment that acts as the first major hole in the cocoon you’ve been living in.  No more gestation period.  This new moon is going to push you to put yourself out in the world in a very tangible way.  No more mulling it all over in the comfort of your head.  You’ve been immersed in internal work for long enough, beating out the aspects of life that matter most to you.  It may be career, home, love, or spirituality that’s been rising to the surface as of late.  You may even  feel like it’s all of it.  But guarantee that this week, a part of your life is going to shift to the forefront and become the major topic of every conversation.  So listen closely and go towards it.  If you want to completely emerge out of your hibernation in a big way, follow the yellow brick road being laid out in front of you.  The Emerald City awaits.  Just a little more shell to go!


Well well, all this talk of “when’s it my turn” might have actually worked for you as a prayer.  However, it’s not entirely your time yet to fully step into the spotlight.  But, you are being handed some important glimpses and reminders this week of what a truly talented and unique individual you are.  And, with the eclipse happening on your new moon, this only means that your actions this week are laying the groundwork for some major transformation when your sign gets a bit more attention later this summer.  So, what should you be doing exactly to make use of this attention and energy?  Well, let’s play a little pretend, shall we?  You Gemini’s are all actors at heart, so this should appeal to you on some level.  Let’s pretend that you are the person you dream of being.  Maybe it’s a Hollywood director.  Perhaps it’s a veterinarian.  It could even be that you just dream of having a stable relationship with someone who doesn’t have paperwork filed at a clinic or rehab somewhere.  Now, how would you wake up in the morning?  What would you have for lunch?  Where would you hang out each night?  Take these answers and live them, even just for a day this week.  This will allow you to taste the reality you plan to have and show your life that it’s achievable and easy.  In fact, you’re already living it.  So catch up, life!  You’re waiting!


Cancer, you have been the busiest bee in the bunch for the last few months, so now it’s time to take a tiny siesta.  Remember what home looks like?  Probably not.  Well, now would be good time to go back to your good old fashioned homebody ways.  Relax in the joy you get from cooking or planting a garden.  Have you been trying to focus on finishing up some project around the house, but work just hasn’t let you?  Well, this new moon wants you to step back from the world around you and dive into what truly pleases your soul.  See, you actually have a little soul-searching to do, and you operate best when you have a project.  Otherwise, you’re in your pajamas for eight days and not relaxing, but moping.  So, hunker into something that allows you to be close to home but also offers an opportunity to get soulful with yourself.  It’s not necessarily about the action itself, but more so about the calming meditative state it puts you into.  What changes may you want to start to make in your life?  Are you feeling a pull towards certain people or an organization/different line of work?  Ask yourself these questions, but from that quiet place that only some alone time with a peaceful hobby can offer you. You’ll be intrigued by the answers.


You have been out in the world and that is just the way that you like it.  You’ve been busy trying to advance your career, getting your love life on, or making sure that your family is at the top of the heap.  However, you’ve probably dug a little too deeply into the “me first” place that can be so easy for your lot.  That’s not to say that everything you’ve been focusing on hasn’t been good.  I just want you to get some balance in your life.  The next few months is going to be a good opportunity for you to make even greater strides in the important areas of your life, and I don’t want it to all go to your head.  Otherwise, you may lose sight of a very important life transformation that is coming up that will allow you to shift into a greater space of sophistication and awareness.  So step out of your comfort zone in a way that will allow you to put some others first.  It could easily come down to finding a volunteer situation for yourself.  You may even just offer to help a friend move or listen to someone else’s problems without once bringing up your own.  Just find a way this week to put yourself in service to someone else.  Don’t worry, you won’t lose sight of the things you care about.  In fact, you may just be surprised by the shocking outcome from giving yourself away for free.


You are all about taking a look at your career these days.  Not entirely because you feel you may need a change or you feel underpaid/overworked.  More so, it may be coming from a deeper place of wondering what your soul’s purpose is.  And when you Virgo’s get caught up in your own self-healing, look out.  It’s also a good time to be asking yourself these bigger questions about your life’s work.  You’re being supported by all of the fine light shining down on your fellow earth sign, Taurus.  So take advantage of this great energy and get a little adventurous.   I know, it’s not easy for you all to relinquish control.  But go ahead and experiment with what you think you may want to do with your career.  It may be time to research other options.  Or you may be happy in your chosen profession but feel like it’s time to step it up in some way.  Perhaps there is a class or book you’ve considered looking into that could alter the way you see what you do.  This new moon wants you to dig in and explore, Virgo.  Use those analytical skills for good and get creative with how you approach showing your life’s true passion to the world, and getting paid for it!


Oh wow, so much transformation is going on for you, Libra!  There’ a sense now that the path you embarked on recently is overpowering the life you had gotten used to, and you’re beginning to come to terms with the fact that there is no turning back.  So while you’re slowly starting to figure out how to integrate the old with the new, the interim finds you creating a lovely version of yourself that the world will soon meet in a big way.  Until then, you still have some more learning to do.  This new moon wants you to make your life more of a classroom.  You Libra’s always approach every situation with that airy sense of wonder.  But what if you focused it in on the lessons you’re specifically most interested in and turned every situation into a moment of insight on that one question you’re continually asking yourself?  For instance, if you’re dialed in right now on why the sky is blue, then make every encounter you have a reflection of that question.  Your life’s current, burning inquiry can be a guiding light in all of your interactions, and you will not only find the answer you seek but you’ll become a master who can then truly teach others the specific truths you have been carving out for yourself over the last few months.


This new moon has you pondering the state of your relationships, primarily of the romantic nature, but I kid you not that there’s one more obstacle to combat before you finally get to that cute place of lovey-dovey.  See, you’re still not entirely happy with yourself.  You think there’s the job or the home or the car or the something that’s going to make it all better and finally put you on the path to personal and romantic enlightenment.  However, I am sorry to report that is not the case.  Now, that’s not to say that any of these things can hurt or hinder you.  In fact, they all are probably going to somehow take you a step closer to meeting the one or finally connecting to the one you have in a way that offers you greater fulfillment.  The thing is, none of them are the answer.  So what is?  Well, that is something you need to ask yourself.  So, light some candles.  Put on some Adele.  Pull out a journal and really get deep with that question.  You are a master when it comes to self-analysis, so don’t be afraid to face the one thing that’s been holding you back from ascending your relationship life to the next level.  In fact, I guarantee that if you allow this breakthrough in, you will find yourself opening up a whole new chapter of happiness.


This new moon is offering you an opportunity to get in better touch with the people around you.  Even more so, it’s a chance to ask yourself, “what do the relationships in my life really give me?”  Are you fulfilled by them?  Are the closest ones a good reflection of the type of person you want to be?  You may want to examine them all and make some serious decisions about how you spend your time.  Are you wasting some of it on people who may not be allowing you to be your best self?  Gemini challenges you to really look at every different side of yourself and see where you’re lacking support.  Do you need to make some changes in your relationships to feel greater comfort from the people you love?  I ask all these questions not out of wanting to craft an interrogation, but more so because someone needs to be asking, and I don’t think you probably are.  Turn that truth-seeking sword you use so well on others onto yourself.  And then take some time to carve out more time for the people who make you feel like you’re advancing in life instead of standing still.


Are you truly happy with the daily routine that you’ve created for yourself?  This new moon may have you feeling a bit schizophrenic around the day-to-day life you are currently living in, and you may be questioning how to make some of the changes that will have your face making more smiles than scowls.  The key to discovering some answers for yourself is in creativity.  You crave it.  But is your life allowing it right now?  If so, then how can you own it more and feel more in control of it?  If not, then what shifts do you need to make in your life to bring more in?  You may have to put your life through some greater transformation than anticipated, specifically in your career path, to truly achieve the happiness you deserve to have.  But that shouldn’t be looked at as a daunting task.  In fact, now is a great opportunity to introduce some new career options into your personal landscape.  You may not find yourself changing jobs, but some exploration in this area will actually work at helping you clarify what you need to be happy and you may even be able to integrate those findings into your current work.  So, go ahead and shake things up.  In fact, I beg you to.  And be excited for the truths you will find.  They will only make the rest of this year better.


This new moon phase has you focused on creation.  Some of you are in the middle of gestation while others are desperately searching for inspiration.  Essentially, you all have this rabid need to make something personal that will offer the world a vivid imprint of what you’ve recently been learning about yourself and seeing of the world.  The real reason for all of this energy is that you’re truly craving a sense of foundation and security, and you Aquarians feel most at home when you’re at one with the greater world around you.  So, take advantage of this available creative energy but try so from a different standpoint.  Embrace your polar opposite Leo side.  Remember that you are a one-of-a-kind who has something important and powerful to say that could change the face of mankind.  Sure, it may not be completely formulated and you might be slightly drunk, but you still believe that you know something about humanity that no one else does.  And the truth is that no one can articulate it the way that you can.  Now pull out that notepad or laptop.  Grab some paints.  Let yourself fall into a creative trance and show off the artistic genius that flourishes in you like no one else.  It may seem forced at first, but trust that you will fall right back into that space of genuine flow in no time.


Your crew easily just goes with the flow, to the point sometimes where you leave the house and wake up a Tuesday later wondering where you are and how you got there.  It’s not entirely because you’re wishy-washy or lose sight of your reality.  It usually stems from your passion, which sometimes allows you to get so overwhelmed that you lose sight of your goals or necessities.  Well, this new moon wants you to step back and bring it all back home for a bit.  In fact, you may even be in the midst of dealing with some home issues, so that’s a good place to start.  It’s a reflection of your need to dial it back down and get yourself back to you and your foundation.  What do you need in life right now to feel stable and on solid ground?  Is it in your job world?  Your relationships?  It’s time to deal with some real world issues, Pisces.  Your favorite!  Okay, not really.  But if you allow yourself to ‘come home’ a bit about some of the things that truly matter to you, it will free you up to get fun and creative later in the year.  And let’s be real, you’re not happy unless you’re feeling free.  So why create unnecessary barricades for yourself?

I’m wishing you all an unbelievable new moon week!  If anything, take some time to just focus in on where you want to manifest some change in your life and come up with one thing you can do to make that happen.  Just try it and see how by taking one small step, you can create big change in your life.  Remember, you are responsible for this life and therefore your own happiness.

And you’re not going to get another June of 2011.

So make it count.

Happy new moon in Gemini!


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