So. It’s a full moon in Capricorn. What about it?

Let presence be life’s co-writer.

I recently reconnected with one of my closest friends, a Capricorn, who for the month of June and some change was on a spiritual journey along El Camino de Santiago, a sacred pilgrimage route across Spain that has been traveled for over a thousand years by a countless number of seekers.  It was so magnificent to hear his voice.  Not only because I missed him, but because I took such joy in hearing the lightness and enthusiasm in his words.  See, in the past, he always seemed to be troubled by something going on in his life, and this frustration or unease tended to give him a heavier presence in whatever room he was in.  But now that he had created a life for himself where he could be rid of any unnecessary responsibilities that may have bogged him down before, he was free to make room for more magic and wonder.  Yes, I said magic and wonder.  A Capricorn.  One of the more stable-headed, “I got to see it to believe it” types.

I think what’s happened is that he has granted himself an adventure which has allowed him to discover a newer, more updated version of himself.  He found a new narrative and let presence be life’s co-writer.  For me, he embodies the lessons of this full moon.  Now, that’s not to say we all need to quit our jobs, relationships, and have an Eat.Pray.Love-like adventure.  But perhaps it’s time to take the lessons of the earlier Cancer new moon a bit further.  Shall we?

This full moon is a hundred percent about presence.

This last Cancer new moon was all about coming home to a part of ourselves we had been neglecting, so this Cap full moon wants to pull us even closer to a new, more progressed version of self.  But how?  Well, since full moons are all about letting go while Capricorn has its eye on the prize and is more focused on long-term goals, it makes sense then that this week’s full moon wants us to release the expectation of who we think we are supposed to be in order to achieve.  I’m not saying that the picture we have of who we want to be and what we think we need for success is wrong.  But we may be making choices out of that future image.  We may be judging our friends, family, and colleagues out of this idea of what we think we need from them or we think they should be.

This full moon is a hundred percent about presence.  Getting present to the moment.  The life around you.  It isn’t always easy to see life for what it is, especially when our phones are constantly reminding us of what we’ve missed or where we need to be later.  But life isn’t happening somewhere else.  It’s only happening, for you, in the moment you’re sitting in.  So start there.  And then worry about what the other guy is doing later.  Or more so, about where in life you’re headed.


Yes, to some of you, this may sound crazy.  “What?  Let go of my goals?  Hell no!”  That’s not exactly what I’m saying.  You should always have a destination.  But now is a good opportunity to stop living for that destination.  Stop making moves out of the need to get to that destination.  With your mind in the future, you may miss out on some beautiful business going on right around you.

Okay, so let’s get into each sign.  And remember to check out your rising too, if you know it.  Also, scroll down to the end of the signs for a full wrap-up.  And a link to some music.  Because I love to share songs that I love, especially as a soundtrack to what we’re talking about.

And here we go:


Generate more presence in your life.

You have the most to gain from this full moon, so I’m starting with you.  How can you best benefit from this weekend’s powerful energy?  Well, start by taking a lot of what was said above to heart.  You Caps are strong-willed and have very specific goals in mind, but your determination can sometimes trample those around you.  And sometimes you sacrifice others thoughts and feelings just to get more quickly to the next step.  So, take a step down from the mountain top.  I know you’re trying to see how far to the next horizon, but you’re missing the flowers, the sunset – hell, I won’t even do cutesy metaphors with you.  You’re missing what is directly around you as opposed to what you think should be.  Take this weekend to generate more presence in your life.  I bet your favorite times are when you’re taking breaks from your quest to just enjoy life, so bring that slower, more aware you into every moment.  You won’t be inviting failure.  I promise.  In fact, you may find that you’re connecting to people, your happiness, and your success in a whole new way.


Every little bit counts in building the greatest version of your life.

This full moon is shining a light onto your spirit.  Yes, there is a lot going on right now dealing with home, family, and the need to have more creativity in your life, but you should trust that all of those things are going to be taken care of for you.  Yes, it’s easy to spin off into a million directions when you’re stressed and wondering what you should or shouldn’t be doing, but that’s just your inherent Aquarian desperation for inspiration talking.  This weekend wants you to let go of your hope to know what’s coming next.  We can have ideas on how we think we can better our lives or what we need to do.  But really, we can only do so much each day to move our situations forward.  And you have made some great steps.  So lean into the comforting knowledge that every little bit counts in building the greatest version of your life and give over to the flow of your current state of being.  In fact, really devote yourself to some honest meditation and make your mantra all about releasing your need to know the who, what, or how of anything but right now.


No one ever said meeting your goals was easy.

Your lot has been needing to bring it home a bit more these days.  And that is true.  This time has given you some room to get in touch with your thoughts and may have even opened the door to some real intimacy.  But you’re always anxious for a creative project, and you’re specifically feeling the urge to do something that will reach the world at large.  And in the past, you may have had some ideas about how you think you were going to achieve that goal.  However, the path you thought was illuminated in gold has lately been covered over in fog and cobwebs.  But, that doesn’t mean certain doom is eminent.  In fact, I bet there is another opportunity that just seems like a more challenging, beaten path right now.  And it’s one that will allow you more autonomy and a chance to be more creative.  But it won’t be a walk in the park.  Hey, no one ever said meeting your goals was easy.  So perhaps it’s time to give up on breaking down that door you’ve been banging on for months now and move onto something new.  Or at least a different approach to the same outcome.


What’s making you happy right now?

You are taking a master class in self-worth and internal love and may feel like home is the only place you’re safe right now.  But this inner conflict is just diverting you from what you really need to focus on, which is how the hell you want to make your mark on this world.  It’s a heavy question, so it can be much nicer to focus on your insecurities or how so-and-so slighted you or whether so-and-so owes you an apology.  But in the long run, none of this matters when it comes to what you want to be doing with your life.  So let it all go.  This full moon wants you to get in touch with the greater outlook of your life.  Yes, we’re also looking to be more present.  So perhaps the best way to go about this is to get really present with what’s making you happy right now.  Is your job fulfilling you?  I don’t mean the idea of what it is, or the paycheck, or the acclaim it may allow you.  I mean, do you walk in and find a reason to smile?  If not, then what in life does offer you that?  Because it may not be the thing that you think is meant to be your calling, and that’s okay.  But it’s time to get closer to figuring out what that calling could be.


This is just the start of something new.

There is so much opportunity for personal growth right now, it’s not even funny.  For some, it may not look like your external lives are transitioning all that much, but if that’s the case, then you should sense how strong your internal tide is shifting.  And this is only the beginning.  You have months and months more of abundance available to you.  So don’t rush it.  In fact, to capitalize on this full moon energy, I would say forget some of the things you have gotten immersed in learning.  You can be a bit stubborn sometimes, and this could even go for your spiritual growth.  There may be a sense of, “I‘m getting it together now.  I’m on a roll.”  But again, this is just the start of something new.  You have a ton of excitement ahead and so much further to go.  So do yourself a favor and pretend like you haven’t learned anything about yourself.   Enter into this weekend like a newborn.  See the trees, the stars, your friends, and even yourself as if it’s for the first time.  And revel in the wonder that life brings you when you’re forgetting to pay too much attention.


Figure out the part of you that needs to go.

It’s time for you to release an old self.  If you ever even thought of giving yourself a name change or just some sort of personal transformation, now is the time.  I mean, you could totally shift your persona in a large way, and people would totally buy it right now.  You don’t have to become Lady GaGa.  This could be as simple as letting a dormant part of your personality out more.  Do you need to be more aggressive?  More sensitive?  More honest?  This full moon is here to help.  It wants you to release any parts of yourself that have kept you from the greater growth you are after.  It may be attributed to some subconscious belief that has been festering inside or that you had distant parents or someone made fun of you when you were little.  But that is not who you are now, so why is it manifesting itself into the life you live now?  This weekend, figure out the part of you that needs to go.  Then ritualize this change.  Burn an old picture.  Give away those clothes.  Call someone and forgive them.  Then move onto the next phase lighter and ready for greatness.


It could be time to take a new approach to how you meet people.

There are some relationships that last forever, especially for your crew.  You love to make friends and hold onto them for dear life.  This is one of your best traits.  But this trait could also give you trouble making new friends.  That’s because you did so well the first time around in accumulating a tribe that you approach every new meeting, date, or hangout with the same attitude and demeanor.  But now you’ve grown up and evolved.  You’re no longer twelve.  You have to let the ‘relationship you’ catch up with the rest of who you are now.  Whether you’re single or have been married for centuries, how you approach your loved ones and prospective new cohorts might be stale.  So it could be time to take a new approach to how you meet people and foster those relationships.  It may be okay to meet your buddy for tacquitos down the street, but is that really where you should take this weekend’s blind date?  In fact, to practice, change up where you usually go with your usual posse.  It will help you clarify how to take steps the next time you have to entertain someone new.


You don’t need to program every moment of daylight.

Hopefully you have been taking the last few weeks for some much needed personal time.  Of course, this has been hard because you’ve been busier than hell.  So most likely, you got a little downtime but couldn’t muster the power to do it alone.  And that’s okay.  More than anything, you just needed to relax.  Now let’s also hope that you then got the chance to step back from your busy life long enough to take a picture of your current routine for some true examination.  Were you able to see if you were putting way too much on your plate?  If you didn’t, let me help.  You have been putting way too much on your plate.  You don’t need to program every moment of daylight.  Yes, you are a sun baby but this sunrise to sundown and then some schedule is going to put you in the hospital.  So, it’s time give up something.  Maybe it’s the show that adds an hour to your schedule.  Or the creative project that just needs to die.  Or the relationship that no longer serves its purpose.  I know the Leo doesn’t like to lose, but you have to raise and wave the white flag every now and then.


It’s time to craft a new relationship with your spawn.

You are a caretaker.  It’s in your cosmic blood.  But this means you have a hard time letting go when it comes to your creations.  It can be your children or your paintings.  Even an e-mail.  Anything you give birth to is a close part of who you are.  But right now, it’s time to craft a new relationship with your spawn.  Whether it’s an actual person or a piece of artistic work, it may be time to let him, her, or it go in some way.  If it’s a child, it may be time for him or her to grow up.  They may not be pushed out of the nest right now, but in some way, you have to allow your child to take the next step in his or her personal evolution.  Now if we’re talking something non-human, well it could be time to just put it out into the world.  You can hold a piece of work to your chest forever, but all it’s going to see is the cloth of your shirt.  It’s painful to let go, especially of things that are so much a part of you.  But in allowing something or someone else to evolve, you are also offering yourself an opportunity to move forward in your own important personal growth.


Make sure that everyone that you consider home understands that they are just that to you.

You have gotten used to a very specific relationship with your home life.  And lately, you have had to make work more your home because you’ve been putting so much energy into it out of the excitement of your recent self-realizations.  But, that means your house and the people who live there may be suffering a bit.  Now, you are always concerned that everyone is happy and taken care of, so I’m sure you’ve done enough to make sure everyone is content.  However, you may still have become a tad blinded to what’s going on.  And they may be so supportive of your current transformation that they don’t want to ruffle your feathers.  Well, it’s time to make sure that everyone that you consider home understands that they are just that to you.  Reach out or sit some people down to do a proper check-in.  Or invite your favorites to a dinner party.  Or create a quiet night in for you and your partner.  Again, they may not even be aware of any disconnection out of their sheer love for you.  But guarantee you will surprise them and find gratitude when even those cookies you bake him or her end up burnt.


You have to let go of how you did things in the past.

I’m not going to say that you’ve had it all wrong, but I will say you’ve had some of it wrong.  And you’re awakening to this.  Yes, you revel in the slight fact that you’re somewhat smarter than everyone else, but not in every area.  You are an internal creature, so you can be a tad behind in the social arena.  You intimidate people.  Okay, you freak some people out.  But you’re learning to curb that, and that’s progress.  So, I would say don’t put the brakes on yet to this fascinating new direction you’re taking when it comes to the relationships in your life.  Continue to forget how you used to approach them.  You have an idea of the types of people you want to be around right now and the new ones you want to be attracting.  So you have to let go of how you did things in the past to get the new outcome you’re hoping for.  Not only is this shifting how your social life looks, it’s also changing how you view yourself.  And I bet you’re welcoming new people in with a gusto you never had before, and even some of the old ones that didn’t get top billing before are having a resurgence.  It’s a fascinating time of growth, even for you constant agents of change.  So give over to it, and enjoy!


You may have built your self-assurance on weak foundation.

This full moon weekend is the perfect time to let go to an outdated sense of self-worth.  Now, you’re a confident beast.  That’s not in question.  But, you may have built your self-assurance on weak foundation, meaning that some of the faith you have created in your abilities or feelings may actually stem from a place of ego.   Consider this.  Perhaps you didn’t want to be hurt or thought wrong, so you created a position for yourself that would negate any arguments otherwise.  Maybe you took a job you say you love but in truth did so only to give others complacency.  But over time, you have created a sense of self around it that has made you feel good about yourself.  It might offer you a good living, so it can’t be all that bad.  However, if it’s keeping you from honoring the truest sense of who you are, then it’s only a detriment to your life growth.  The same can be said about a relationship.  A move.  Anything.  So take this weekend to take stock and see – have you talked yourself into anything? If so, it may be time to consider counting your losses and moving on before they add up to more than you can eventually chew.


Real release comes when we offer ourselves to the present.

Let’s remember my above-mentioned friend, the Capricorn, who initially felt that in order to achieve success and structure he had to settle down and succumb to what others saw as logical or right.  Instead, he chose to embark on a life of vagabond travels and has now seen things he never quite imagined for himself.  I’m not talking just old churches and statues built long ago.  I’m talking about pure personal transformation.  And he decided to go on this trip when he finally got present to himself.  I remember when he made the choice.  To some, it seemed like a silly whim.  But it really came when he allowed himself to die to the idea of what he thought he should be.  And in that, he found who he truly is.  That is the fine art of letting go.  Real release comes when we offer ourselves to the present.  We’re all capable of it.  We just have to let go and be.  Welcome magic and wonder.  Yes, I said magic and wonder.  You know you want some.

Jessie J says it simply and well.  “Just be true to who you are.”

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!


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