So. It’s a new moon in Leo. What about it?

Be a larger presence in every room.

Many moons ago, when I was first introduced to astrology, someone looked at my chart and said that I had Leo problems.  “What the hell does that mean”, I asked her.  As far as I knew, the last guy I had dated (and by dated, I mean made out with for a week) was named Isaac.  “You have a problem with letting yourself take center stage”, she said.  Now those who have known me long enough can confirm that though I have never been shy, I certainly have found myself being more comfortable in the background.  Well, in the past at least.  Nowadays, I still have some trouble leading with confidence, but I certainly do enjoy the spotlight a bit more.  However, that took some work and time.

See, my Leo problems stemmed from a rocky childhood that forced me toward seclusion.  I grew up in the type of household where I didn’t want to be noticed, so I dug into my bedroom where my imagination and creativity could come alive.  In there, I was a showman.  A diva.  A dancer.  But outside in the world, I didn’t really want to be the one who had all eyes on me.  I guess in some way, I didn’t think that I deserved the attention, so I didn’t strive to attain it.  So at age 23, when a woman I barely knew said that I needed to get comfortable being “center stage”, I listened and made it a focus to blossom in areas where I had been hiding out.  I allowed myself to express my inner feelings more and made an effort to be a larger presence in every room.  It was actually soon after that I started doing professional readings.  And let me tell you, when you’re in charge of giving someone some serious life advice, there’s nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.  The reading may be about them, but their attention is on me and I can’t be afraid.  Thankfully I’m not anymore, or else I would have missed out on the opportunity to share my astrological gifts with others.

It’s okay to demand the spotlight. 

Madonna is a core essence Leo.  She is bold, creative, sexy, and in need of a spotlight.

Now, one of my celebrity idols would have to be Madonna.  I have been a huge fan since my neighbor turned on MTV for the first time and the video for Like a Virgin was on.  Since then, it’s been a massive love affair.  So when I started studying astrology, she was the first person who I didn’t know personally whose chart I studied with a fervor.  And finding out that she is a Leo easily explained my immense attraction to her.  Madonna possesses this almost violent confidence that inside I desperately want to achieve.  Her inspiring candor and lack of apology makes for the type of person I want to be in my life.  Madonna is a core essence Leo.  She is bold, creative, sexy, and in need of a spotlight.  And thanks to my ‘relationship’ with her, I am more aware of how my “Leo issues” can easily keep these important qualities at bay in me.

As we know, the new moon is all about beginnings, so this Leo new moon should be seen as an opportunity to be more of a Madonna-sized star in your own life.  Not everyone needs to be a pop diva, but we all need to feel recognized and admired.  Perhaps you’re a killer cook or run the smoothest household.  You may have done something at work that brought you into the forefront, or you could be getting married or having a child soon.  These are all ways that we become the center of attention in our lives, and it’s necessary for us to feel seen, heard, and cared for by others.  Now is an excellent time to recognize your desire for acknowledgment.  It’s okay to demand the spotlight.  Make this next month about connecting to the powerful creator inside of you who has something important to share with the world.  And force change to occur, because, well, you deserve it!

So let’s see specifically how this Leo energy may want to manifest in your life.  And I’m adding a Madonna song that could help inspire you along the way.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the end too for a tiny little wrap-up.


There is a party out there with your name on it.

Over these last few months, you have done a solid job of establishing a more stable foundation for yourself, and the right people are taking notice of your inspired ideas and more focused outlook.  You should feel proud but not to a point where it all goes to your healthy ego’s head.  And also don’t get so caught up in trying to impress either.  It’s unnecessary.  Enlist trust and know that everything is in perfect motion.  So where does that leave you and all of this ambitious energy?  Well, how about putting responsibility down for a bit this month and connecting to good ol’ creativity and fun?  I’m not saying to put your slacker face on.  But the overworked and tired face is, well, tired.  It’s time to let loose a bit and bring play back into the center of your life.  You remember how to play, right?  So put more effort into enjoying the gifts your hard work has offered thus far.  There is a party out there with your name on it, so find it.  Joy will relax you and could infuse some new inspiration into work, romance, and home.

Recommended listening: WHERE’S THE PARTY?



It’s okay to seek out support.

Your surroundings are the foundation for your hopes and passions, so it’s time to focus on placing more value there.  And I’m not just talking about where you lay your head at night, but also where you spend most of your time.  Is it a desk?  A retail store?  A bar?  Whatever the case, is your ‘home’ reflecting the best of you?  If not, what can you do to make these places a better expression of your essence?  And if so, then it’s time to make where you hang your hat a larger player in your life.  Find ways to maximize the energy you bring.  Your home should be a place of security and a contributor to your optimum potential.  Family is another key.  How can they play a greater part in your world?  Perhaps it isn’t the one you were born into but one you’ve created for yourself.  Or you may be ready to house a project that will help formulate a new family for you.  Either way, it’s okay to seek out support.  You just need to create a space where you can feel safe to ask and demand the attention you need.

Recommended listening: KEEP IT TOGETHER



Put your truth in the limelight.

Life is asking you to push yourself in a major way.  There is a strong urge to achieve that is driving you like a freight train, and driving you towards some slight insanity too.  In fact, you may just feel a little bit like a crazy person these days as you have the urge to talk with everyone about what you want, need, or are tired of not having in life.  Well guess what.  That’s okay.  In fact, now is the perfect time to make your much-loved need to speak a major player in your days.  Actually, I say the more communication, the better.  Just don’t get to a point where you let that nagging, weighty voice take over.  This new moon wants you to put your truth in the limelight more, but it also needs you to infuse a sense of confidence into your interactions that may at times feel forced.  Well, practice makes perfect.  So talk with strength to others about your current goals and aspirations.  If you actually sound focused and determined enough, they may have and want to give you exactly what it is you’re looking for.

Recommended listening: LIVE TO TELL



You deserve better than last year’s hole-filled socks.

Now is a perfect time to be advancing your personal evolution.  A good way to make strides is by becoming a more worthy commodity.  No, I am not advocating that you become a streetwalker.  What I do mean is that you may need to broaden the view of yourself that’s existed for a while now.  See, you Cancer’s can latch onto a moment in time and hold on to it for dear life.  That may even be true when it comes to the idea of who you are.  Your life has probably gotten bigger and even better in a year’s time, so why don’t certain parts of you reflect that.  This month, be a sugar daddy for yourself and treat your inner diva to some makeover time!  Shift your inner relationship by changing how you visually see yourself.  Have you been wearing the same shirt for years?  Well, it needs to go.  You deserve better than last year’s hole-filled socks.  Leave old baggage and outdated things/looks/hairstyles on the curb.  This is a matter of self-respect.  You deserve to feel better with some ‘out with old and in with the new’.

Recommended listening: MATERIAL GIRL



You are the star of this damn show.

You have been remarkably busy doing a lot of things for a lot of people.  Now, they are necessary things and also when you set out to accomplish something, there’s always a bit of personal achievement and gratification at the other end.  But these last couple weeks have really been a struggle.  Well, no mas.  This new moon is all you baby, so don’t waste it.  If you have been relying on others to tell you what to do, how to do it, and whether your results are good enough, well it’s time for them to exit the stage.  No more giving others the power to tell you what’s right and wrong for your life.  You are the star of this damn show.  We all paid to see you.  So get into that spotlight and take control.  No one should have to tell you how to make a decision.  You know these lines.  You’re a Leo, for crying out loud.  So act like one.  Those who truly respect you will marvel at your power, while those others who don’t like the proud, capable you…well sorry, but this show is not offering refunds.  And you’ve got a show to do.

Recommended listening: LIKE IT OR NOT



This new chapter may have a few more pages on it before it goes to press.

This new moon will cause a bit of a tug-o-war in you.  You finally have a sense that you’re getting back in touch with that grounded frame of mind you love so you’re feeling more ready for action.  Your will feels stronger and you’re gaining a bit of outer momentum after some months of self-reflection and growth.  Well, I’m sorry to say that this new chapter may have a few more pages on it before it goes to press.  See, you still have some reconnecting to the spirit to do before you dive off into the next phase of your life.  I actually have a feeling that what you think you’re supposed to be doing right now may not be entirely in alignment with what you should be doing.  So, take this month to get deeply meditative with what you want to be doing with your life.  And think long-term.  You currently have an opportunity to make some valuable changes to the major areas of your life, so why not take the time to get quiet and clear and be sure that your soul is making the decisions and not your ego.

Recommended listening: SHANTI/ASHTANGI



Help others be their best selves.

Inherently, you are about bringing people balance, so it should be easy to use this new moon energy to the strength of your abilities.  Your goal this month is to help others be their best selves.  The personal work you have been doing has pushed you to hone your excellent people skills even further, and now it’s time to push it to the limit.  Be selfless.  Find ways to share your gifts with others in a way that will help them gain confidence.  Pretend you’re a guru of sorts (or just be the guru you are) and enact a spiritual quality that will show others where they need to grow.  Even if you’re working at a bank, mall, or grocery store, there’s a way to invoke transformation in others.  Your own recent shift can act as a mirror and will offer everyone you come into contact with a greater sense of hope for the lives they are trying to achieve.  So go lead a hiking group or put together a field trip to a yoga class.  You’ll feel better knowing you helped someone step into the spotlight they deserve to stand in.

Recommended listening: SPOTLIGHT



Commit everything you have to achieving a goal.

It’s time to get very serious about your life purpose.  Yup we’re going there, so let’s look at the facts.  You’re open to relationships in a greater way and are inviting more interesting and inspiring people into your life.  You’re feeling an internal shift that is manifesting through a confidence in the way you communicate (or as a Scorpio, decide not to communicate) with certain, key people.  And you’re excited to attain new tools of knowledge through a variety of avenues, whether it is new music, a class, or a trip.  So, take this inspired excitement around this new chapter and apply it towards the actual thing you want to be doing with your life.  I know you have a strong idea on what you could be giving your energy to that would bring you more happiness.  So take that Scorpio “all or nothing” attitude and just go for it.  Commit everything you have to achieving a goal.  And do whatever it takes to give your all to it rather than just a little more than nothing.  Your commitment may actually surprise you.

Recommended listening: RAY OF LIGHT



Change never happened while sitting in a corner.

I’m just gonna say it.  You’re bored.  You have been kicking around the same old ideas to the same old people at the same old place.  Or you’ve been planning the same goals only to see another year pass without accomplishing any of them.  Well, this Leo new moon is the time to remind yourself what a creative, brave warrior you can be when you let a little more ingenuity in to your days and truly let a spark turn into fire.  What you need right now is some unforeseen and imaginative stimulus.  Is there something you’ve toyed with learning lately?  Perhaps a friend has mentioned a class or is going to a new center, club, or part of town that you’ve resisted tagging along to.  Or it could be that you’ve been drawn to attaining a new skill that has seemed unnecessary or time-consuming.  Well, change never happened while sitting in a corner (except for Baby), and you’re not that impressed by what’s around you now.  So shift it.  You have the power to generate the change you need so do something about it.

Recommended listening: JUMP



Explore the alternative reality for your life.

Creativity is alive within you, and your life is the art project.  You’re seeing an opportunity to shift the details of your daily existence and have immense power to be in charge of the direction it’s heading towards.  And you’re also surrounded by a solid support system.  It’s great!  So, what’s the holdup?  Well, you’re a person with larger goals and all this creative energy is cracking the foundation you have spent years building upon.  These last few weeks have also given you a peek at another version of your life that doesn’t exist yet but easily could, and it’s not entirely in alignment with what you’ve already been working so hard at achieving.  So what would happen if you used this new moon energy to start over in some larger way?  Well, it won’t set you back as far as you fear.  Actually, it could allow you to shed the rough skin you’ve been wearing for too long.  You know, the one that’s sort of kept you from showing the world your true colors.  I say explore the alternative reality for your life a bit further.  It could be fun.

Recommended listening: NOBODY KNOWS ME



Bring yourself and your needs center stage.

You’re naturally concerned with making sure that everyone around is you pursuing their best selves, but your usually patient and easygoing nature for others could be hitting its crescendo.  In fact, you could be hitting a wall when it comes to some of your closest relationships.  This stems from your desire to plant down roots and create a stronger sense of home for yourself.  And that may feel impossible if you’re surrounded by people who lack the enthusiastic, creative spark that drives you to achieve.  You’re also pondering your next great personal transfiguration, and you’ll need some like-minded souls around you to help promote inspiration.  So take a note from the Leo, and use this new moon energy to bring yourself and your needs center stage when it comes to your more important relationships.  Recognize that you deserve to be the shining star of your life, so treat yourself that way and those that love you will recognize that confidence and follow suit.  And if they don’t.  Then perhaps their time is due.

Recommended listening: EXPRESS YOURSELF



Find a way to cease being caught up in the chaos of the current moment.

I imagine these days that you feel like a caged animal, intrigued by the changes going on around you but slightly unable to participate in the process.  Well, that stems from feeling overwhelmed by the different ideas and possibilities you have for your future, and it’s hard to discern what’s right and what’s wrong.  And though you are fluid, deep personal change can be a harder emotional challenge for you than you care to admit to, and you might not feel strong enough to take another life shift on right now.  However, the new moon carries a blessing.  To take advantage, find a way to cease being caught up in the chaos of the current moment and just step in front of it.  Picture you’re Bugs Bunny, who casually steps out of a whirlwind fight to whistle and tap his foot while the other character spins himself silly.  This more playful, zen nature will help you rise above any daily drama.  And then you’ll then be better able to read the signposts more clearly and could find yourself directed toward a more stable, happier existence.

Recommended listening: SKY FITS HEAVEN

 It’s time to stop hiding the diva, dancer, poet behind closed doors.

So, the Leo new moon can certainly bring on its fair share of drama.  Leos need to be noticed, so they can raise a bit of a ruckus to make sure you’re watching.  So don’t resist whatever shifts needs to come into your life at this time.  Embrace it with flair, creativity, and a sense of confidence.  It’s time to stop hiding the diva, dancer, poet behind closed doors.  Let him or her out into the world and make no apologies.  And if ever in doubt, do what I do.  Ask WWMD.  What would Madonna do?

Now, strike a pose.



2 thoughts on “So. It’s a new moon in Leo. What about it?

  1. What you said about libra is completely right! For the past few days OMG my phone hasnt stop ringing with all my friends asking me for advice… wow!!! and the worse part is I’m playing so good the guro part!! lol!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment! So glad to hear that you’re feeling so connected to this new moon. Feels good to be there for others. I appreciate you reading and please feel free to share the blog with friends. Xoxo.

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