So, it’s a full moon in Aquarius. What about it?

Aquarians want nothing more but to live up to the ideals of a harmonious world. 

Aquarians are a free-spirited, fun-loving breed.  I should know.  I was born from one.  A closest friend is one.  And I date one.  So, I am certainly no stranger to the Aquarian nature.  It’s an inspired, athletic, and eccentric energy.  The Aquarius needs to be paid attention to but not entirely out of ego.  They have an excitement for the world around them and need to feel connected to it in a major way.  If their enthusiasm goes unnoticed, they feel a sense of false living – as if they are here without true, concise purpose.  And that is certain death for an Aquarius.

I see this worldly hope in the three Aquarians whom I hold close to my heart.  My mother is one of the most energetic humans I know, but her greatest reserve stems from an almost childlike need to appreciate everyone and everything around her.  However, she can easily slip into a negative place if her excited approach to life isn’t fully allowed or accepted.  Same goes for one of my best girlfriends.  She craves mental stimulation from the second she wakes up in order to properly function.  And my Aquarian man?  Well, he just wants to see the best in everyone, even when they are offering him the worst.  But this tireless desire coupled with an enthusiasm to be a positive influence on the world keeps him pushing toward the best version of himself on an hourly basis.  See, Aquarians want nothing more but to live up to the ideals of a harmonious world.  So how does that translate to this weekend’s full moon?

Let’s take this full moon as an opportunity to align ourselves with that hopeful, Aquarian energy for a better tomorrow. 

As has been mentioned, a full moon is a time for release.  It’s connected to the goals we set for ourselves at the new moon.  So think of the full moon as a representation of the final sacrifice we must make in order to achieve the goal at the end of this monthly hero’s journey.  As we move toward that goal, we learn and must adapt so we can fully enact the new way of being we hope to see blossom in our lives now.  Basically, the full moon is when we have to let go of that crutch we’ve been resting on.  That thing we know in the back of our head is keeping us from truly actualizing our hopes and dreams.  Now, why the hell would we do that?  Fear.  Lack of personal awareness.  Stubbornness.  Habit.  We can go on and on as to why we stay in the hamster wheel.  But why bother?  Let’s take this full moon as an opportunity to align ourselves with that hopeful, Aquarian energy for a better tomorrow.  The Leo new moon asked us to place ourselves center stage in some area of our lives, so let’s see where in our lives we may be holding back from realizing that true metamorphosis.


Be the beacon for those around you, not a reflection.

This is your full moon, and I want you to start acting a bit more like it.  What does that mean?  Well tonight, as you’re out in the world or just from your own backyard, take a moment to commune with it.  The full moon is there, hanging high in the night sky as a beacon for those below it.  It provides light, beauty, comfort, and an excuse for madness or trouble.  Yet, it also holds a pure, meditative stance.  It doesn’t realize that it provides the inspiration for poetry, art, or this blog.  It just is, in all it’s magnificent glory.  The same should be said of you.  Perhaps you have been taking stock of your relationships with others, and you may have even let go of those that were contributing to a less than healthy way of being.  And congrats.  But now it’s time to release the residue of those outgrown relationships.  Honor who you are today without defining yourself through others.  Be the beacon for those around you, not a reflection.  By purifying your own light, you’ll then draw in the people you need to amplify your purest essence.


Are you having trouble committing to a routine?

It’s hard to get a handle on everything going on around you.  This Mercury retrograde is probably doing the biggest spin on you, especially where relationships are concerned.  Who truly means what to you and where can you place your trust?  Well don’t get so caught up that you talk yourself into making mistakes.  Now is actually a good time to turn your focus inward.  See, the reason you may be so caught up in the world around you is that you may not want to go in and examine some of the demons you have hanging out in the basement of your being.  It’s those gremlins that are keeping you from the forward progress you crave, especially in your day-to-day life.  Are you having trouble committing to a routine?  Perhaps it’s getting up early to write or work out.  It could be the place you have to go to work everyday.  A better health regimen or work environment would make you happier.  So it’s time to do some deeper, internal work and figure out why you’re settling for a life that makes you crazy.


You are a valuable being with a ridiculous amount of riches to offer.

You are desperate to sink your creative teeth into a juicy, t-bone project.  If you haven’t been exhibiting it somehow on a daily basis this month, you’ve probably felt the inspiration coming in the form of dreams, witty conversations, and napkin scribbles.  And it’s good to feel especially connected to that power right now.  But if you’re not getting the chance to share your creative flow with the world, then that Aries ego might feel frustrated.  Well, it’s that need to be recognized and trumpeted that actually keeps you from doing your best work.  Because that also means you’re afraid to be ridiculed or judged.  In essence, Aries is the child of the Zodiac, so your ideas come from a place of playful innocence.  And if they work, you’re puffed up with pride.  But if you’re shot down, then you want to take a box of cookies and hide in your room.  Well, it’s time to let go of that habitual response.  Know that you are a valuable being with a ridiculous amount of riches to offer.  So critics, be damned.  Let just completing the work be your triumph.


Perhaps you’re the only one trying to suffocate yourself.

The full moon in Aquarius is about releasing your need to connect with the entire world with the work that you do.  Okay, that’s a bold realization to throw at you.  But think about it.  Are you feeling immense pressure to step your life up?  If so, and I bet you are, then perhaps you’re the only one trying to suffocate yourself?  Of course, none of us want to feel like we’re not here to affect the world at large.  And I am not saying that it’s time to throw the towel in and enroll at a convent.  But it may be time to stop assigning such forceful goals on the work you’re doing now.  Yes, the image of who you want to be in the world is clear.  But, it’s never gonna look exactly the way you imagine it to.  So, before you go tripping over yourself trying to get to the finish line, release how it’s supposed to look.  In fact, reexamine why you chose the current path you’re on in the first place.  If after that, it still feels right, then step forth with a sense of patient purpose.  Then you may actually make some strides forward.


My suggestion would be to shut the hell up.

You’ve been thinking a lot about what it would take for you to get ahead in life.  Actually, you’ve just been thinking a lot, period.  It’s your nature.  But you’ve made some strides on the mental plane and are cutting through the crap a lot more easily.  But, you do have some more progress to make.  So, what’s the best way to get that right now?  My suggestion would be to shut the hell up.  I know, you’re already thinking.  So shut that mind up too.  You need to be doing some hardcore listening right now.  And not in the way you normally do, and by that, I mean listening without your own thoughts operating at the same time.  Take someone else’s words, ideas, and inspiration in like breath.  Read the book on your dresser that was recommended by that respected friend.  Go to that talk about a subject that interests you.  Or hit up a meditation class and learn from one of the best teachers of all: silence.


Honor that urge your soul has right now to paint the sky with your name.

This is the time to release your latest metamorphosis out into the world.  You have been stuck a bit too long in one way of being.  It’s easy to do when you get too comfortable.  But then, everything you put out into the world is filtered through that old lens.  I’m not saying you haven’t grown in any way.  But, you have been buckled down in some habits for a while which has allowed you to construct a certain, specific place in the world.  But what if I told you that you could actually get out into the world in an even bigger way?  See, you have grown used to your perception of how far you can get.  It’s time to let that go and think bigger.  Like ‘name in lights’ big.  I know that the spotlight is like last nature to you, but why not honor that urge your soul has right now to paint the sky with your name.  It’s okay.  You may just end up with a larger nest to come home to, and we all know how much you would love that.


That cocoon is only big enough for one, honey.

You’re on fire right now, but with that dead weight draping from your ankles, you may not be able to get out of that burning building and out into the light where your glowing energy will be healed and absorbed.  And by dead weight, I mean dead relationships.  Even the ones you don’t think are dead but were actually inherited by a dead, old version of you.  I know it’s never easy to say goodbye to an adoring fan, especially when they’re still opening doors for you and asking for your autograph, but trust that it will be the best for you and them.  And you know this!  The Aquarian energy just wants to do what’s best for everyone involved, so there won’t be any carnage from a farewell.  What it will allow for is an opportunity to actually call in new, healthier relationships that can support the transformation on the cusp.  I know you feel like a butterfly is about to emerge.  But that cocoon is only big enough for one, honey.  So move on.  Or when the time comes to fly, you’ll end up in someone’s net.


Introduce a new piece into your regimen that promotes the next better you.

Is there a definition for yourself that you have grown used to?  Perhaps this year was all about being the supportive wife, the crazy party girl, or the workaholic boyfriend.  See if you can boil down what this last year has been about to a label for yourself.  Since your birthday is coming up, you are going to know which version of yourself it’s time to say goodbye to.  And then prepare to perform a ritual of sorts to say bon voyage to this person who served you well but has no place in the next twelve months.  I know you have some big ideas on who you want to be and what you want this next solar year to look like.  So, how do you get this party started?  Well, after finding out exactly what aspects of yourself you’re ready to let go of, enact some change into your daily routine that will begin the letting go process.  Introduce a new piece into your regimen that promotes the next better you and burn whatever relics remind you of that other man or woman you’re ready to leave behind.


It’s time to get comfortable sharing your gifts with others.

Have you been working on a creative project lately?  It may just be a new creative version of you.  Well, it’s time to release the baby out into the world.  No more excuses.  Perhaps you’re not ready to let people see such a personal reflection of yourself.  It may even be that you’re afraid to rock the boat and throw people’s perceptions of you off.  Well, they’re just going to have to get used to it.  It’s time to get comfortable sharing your gifts with others.  And not just a select few who you know won’t judge you.  Screw off fear – it’s just old subconscious mumbo jumbo that has no relevance to who you are today.  You are a confident being with something important to offer, so why let it wait another day to add value to others’ lives?  Have you written something?  Been taking a class that you’re excited about?  Maybe you have just been working hard at the gym.  Your debut has arrived.  So don’t worry so much about who’s buying what you have to sell.  There’s a market.  Now expose the commodity.


Maybe your forced ideal has kept you from connecting to what you already have.

Wherever you are can be home.  Remember this as you embark on the next phase of your adventure.  And know that whoever you meet can be family.  You may have been searching for a sense of foundation and community to the point of exhaustion.  And of course you deserve to have a feeling of comfort and support.  You just don’t have to try so hard to find it.  You’ve already established a good crew and you work hard for the home you live in.  But there may be this feeling that something is missing – that it isn’t good enough.  If only I had the partner or the fridge or the relationship with my parent that I’ve been dreaming of.  Well, those things can be nice but don’t need to be there to find satisfaction.  It’s time to let go of the ideal around what makes a home and family.  Because you already have those things, and I bet they’re pretty darn good.  And if they’re not, maybe your forced ideal has kept you from connecting to what you already have.  If so, now is the time to take in your surroundings and make sure you like what you see.


Allow everything you think you know to be wrong.

I hate to break it to you but the ideas you have about how you’re going to make a splash in the world may be old news.  That’s not to say you’re bound to a life of failure.  What it does mean is that you’re operating from stale ways of thinking and it’s keeping you from recognizing what is actually going on in the life you have.  More importantly, it could be keeping you from realizing the life shift you’ve felt is in your future.  You think big, Sag.  And when coupled with some Aquarian enthusiasm, it can merit extraordinary results.  So my suggestion is to tell yourself you have no idea on how to get ahead.  Allow everything you think you know to be wrong.  This is really just a good exercise to find presence with yourself.  If you’re not caught up in your ideas of how things should be, then you will be able to see what’s right in front of you more clearly.  And some clarity is all you need right now.  So don’t listen to who you normally do for advice.  Especially yourself.  Go to some untested source and allow yourself to be surprised.


With change comes an opportunity to be someone new and different.

You are the hardest worker I know, and it’s all to satiate a greater vision for the future you want for yourself.  However, you can get so caught up in the work that you may have a little trouble pausing for a little ‘me’ time.  And you’re feeling a little stagnant in your life and work could be a big source of that.  So, in order to fully understand what this current transformation is about, you’re going to have to stop investing your time and energy into working for others and start working for yourself.  What’s draining on you right now?  Is there an alternative to it?  It could be work, a relationship, or your house that’s feeling like a drag.  So let’s shift it.  And better yet, how about going a step further and making some changes to the you that’s been inhabiting the last phase of your life.  With change comes an opportunity to be someone new and different, and a new vision of you could help attract that new job, lover, or home you’re feeling ready for.  And besides, who doesn’t love a makeover montage!

Aquarius is geared toward helping the world, but it trusts that its intentions are pure.  So do the same and trust that what you do comes from the clearest of hearts.  (Well unless you’re just a jerk of a person.  Then use this letting go time to let go of that.)

And remember that Mercury is in retrograde, so be extra patient with your process.  You will feel the rewards if you put in the effort.  You just have to make your own growth a priority!  So, do it!

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!


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