So. It’s a new moon in Libra. What about it?

How do we create a life that feels completely balanced and more our own?  

When you take a look at how you spend your time, it can be extremely eye-opening.  I’m talking like breaking it down into a percentage.  Most people spend a third of their day working.  Now if you take away about another third of that for sleep, you’re left with one third of the day for yourself.  Now that doesn’t include whatever commuting you need to deal with, as well as the basics of eating, getting ready, etc.  So then how do we spend those few precious hours that are all our own?  Well, there are movies and TV to watch and things to buy and websites to browse and phone calls to make and gym routines to do.  You get my drift.  It’s fucking hard to balance everything out.  My tired eyes are proof.

I believe that one should live a full life, but it’s challenging when you work so hard to get everything you want in and still feel like you haven’t accomplished much at all.  Maybe I’m an over-achiever in that I have a million aspirations.  Or I am just so good at piling a billion things onto my plate that I ultimately just keep myself from giving my all to any one thing.  Well, either way, I’m struggling to find balance in my life.  I do my best to wake up and get in some ‘me time’ before I have to get into the car and drive to the office.  But there is so much I want to do for ‘me’ that a couple of hours before work barely cuts it.  I want to meditate.  I want to write.  I want to read.  I want to work out.  I want to play with and walk the dog.  I want to cuddle with my boyfriend.  It’s so much to try and split into tiny little pockets of time before my long day of work actually begins.  Sometimes, I think that I need to better organize it all, or I need to get up at 5:45 instead of 6:45.  But then my brain will be so slow from the lack of sleep.  What to do?  It’s a major frustration and one that I know I’m not alone in facing.

So what do we do?  How do we create a life for ourselves that feels completely balanced and more our own?

Libra is all about balance.  It’s concerned with bringing more harmony into our lives so we don’t get too overwhelmed by the constant teeter-totter of our existence.  Or some of us feel the opposite – like we have too much time on our hands, and then stress out about what we should be doing with ourselves instead of catching up with whatever marathon Bravo is running that day.

Sometimes we have to lose balance in order to gain a new perspective.

This new moon is an opportunity to usher balance back into our lives.  It wants us to get clarity on the things that matter most to us, and then make sure that we’re including them in some meaningful way.  We need to look at areas where we may be lacking or even overflowing with energy.  We must also be mindful of and own the fact that we probably have lost balance in some area of our lives.  You’re not expected to be perfect all the time.  And know that sometimes we have to lose balance in order to gain a new perspective on ourselves.

Look, none of us may ever achieve the perfect balance of everything in life.  You may not find out how to master being all things at once – the guru, the parent, the successful businessman or woman, the creative genius, the best friend, and the hot bod.  But, that doesn’t mean you should cease in trying to attain a more enriched life.  You owe it to yourself to try.  Yeah, you get tired.  I do too.  But if you toss in the towel or just decide to accept what is when you know it’s not what you want, then you’ve sold yourself for a dollar and some change.  And I believe you know that you’re worth more than that.

Let’s take a look at how this new moon could be affecting you.  Remember if you know your rising sign as well, make sure to read both!


Call in that more authentic you that may be missing from your present-day life.

Take a moment to reflect on your life and decide which people in it bring out the best in you.  Are there people from your past who you’ve lost touch with who used to make you feel like you could conquer the world?  What about those who you only get to see in a blue moon?  Well, change that occasion to a new moon and make contact with the people who have helped define the ‘you’ that you’re aspiring to be.  Sure, some of them may have screwed you over in the past, but you may actually need to see, for good or bad, who they have become in their lives in order to better understand where you are on your path.  So make a list of the ten people who have most influenced you most.  Reminisce on why these people have touched you.  What aspects do they bring out in you?  Then make some sort of date with them, whether it’s in person, via phone or Skype, or even write him or her an old school letter.  If the person has passed on, have a conversation with the spirit of them in private.  Then take in everything this experience has to offer and utilize your findings to help call in that more authentic you that may be missing from your present-day life.


You deserve to wake up in the morning and feel a confident sense of presence.

Do you love what you do?  I’m talking the thing that you do on a day-to-day basis.  Are you in love with your routine?  If not, then this new moon wants to help you usher in some ideas for how to bring a warmer glow to the life you find yourself currently living in.  Because you are starting to analyze the life you have built for yourself and it may not exactly look the way you want it.  And that’s okay.  Sometimes we have to bring compromise into life.  That’s a key component to balance.  But, we also can allow that compromise to take over and become the life we accept to live.  So then all semblance of the life we imagined for ourselves washes away.  Well, you deserve better than that, Taurus.  You deserve to wake up in the morning and feel a confident sense of presence from the moment your eyes open until that head hits the pillow at night.  Remember all that talk a couple of months back about how this is your year to make all your dreams come true?  Well, it is!  But you need to be an active participant.  And that means making the changes to your daily routine you’ve only thought about.  It might be waking up early to go to the gym.  It could be getting out of that meaningless job.  Figure it out and start planning the steps you need to take to reclaim the truth of your life.


You need to bring the fun back into your life.

Are you having any fun in you life right now?  Has it all been feeling like work and responsibility and bills and unanswered questions?  Yeah, that happens when the fun button on your life feels a little constrained.  Well, this new moon is here to offer a welcome respite.  That doesn’t mean you can rid your mind of all the things you’re a bit worried about.  They are tangible and you need to handle your concerns, whether they are money, career, or relationship related, with a sense of importance and even urgency.  But you may need to tweak your approach some.  See, letting that doom and gloom side of you take on the hard stuff doesn’t tend to work out too well.  It all then becomes a Sisyphean-like climb up the mountain where every success just opens the door to more work and every failure feels like a ton of encyclopedias is getting dropped on your head.  So what can you do?  Try letting that fun, talkative free-spirit side take over for a bit.  You need to bring the fun back into your life.  That doesn’t mean go out and dance and get wasted.  Well, not only that.  Go on a date.  Get creative with a friend.  Go and see a double feature.  Do something that will make you laugh every day for the next seven days.  Then, approach your problems with that same sense of joy.  You may just find that generating a positive outcome comes from heading into it with a smile on your face.


Your home should be the most important thing to you.

Have you done something new to your home?  Maybe there was a move lately or you’ve done some renovations?  You may have just done some internal work that has made your home feel more like you.  Well, if you’re not experiencing a strong connection to your surroundings, this Libra new moon is the perfect time to make some adjustments.  Your home should be the most important thing to you as a Cancer.  And when it’s not, then look no further for why you’re feeling out of whack.  You need a place to curl up in, to entertain in, and to create a family in.  So if you’re lacking a greater sense of comfort, fun, and family in your life, then take the next week to make some changes around the place.  Rearrange that one room you’ve been meaning to.  Plant a garden.  Or maybe you are the Cancer who has moved or done a lot around the house.  Then the Libra new moon wants you to celebrate it.  Bring some people into your space and have them help christen all the beautiful work you’ve been doing.  As the fall sinks in, you’re only going to get busier, so take the time now to make your space a priority.  It will make the upcoming cold months a whole lot warmer.


Your life needs to be your own.

You are so go-go-go right now that you barely have time to think.  Well, that’s what this new moon wants you to do.  Pause, and think.  In fact, I just want you to get real quiet with yourself.  Turn off the noise.  Light some candles.  Shut off the phone.  And ask yourself this: what do I want to be doing with my life?  Then take that answer and ask yourself why.  If you don’t know why, then you need to take this new moon energy in and use it to help gain some clarity on what you want out of life.  But, if you’re firm about your answer, then see if everything you are doing in life is building toward that goal.  If there’s some distraction getting in the way, then you need to make your task for the next thirty days to figure out how to rid yourself of that distraction.  And if that feels like too much work, then that’s all the more reason to do it.  Because, you have a responsibility to yourself to not waste your talents on things or people that aren’t good enough for you.  Your life needs to be your own, first and foremost.  Until it is, you’ll be walking a shaky tightrope of insecurity.


Try operating from a place of knowing you’re worth more.

The worst thing a Virgo has to deal with is fretting about anything that plays a major role in their daily existence, and for you, that time is now.  You’re getting plagued with thoughts around money.  If you have it, then you’re concerned with what has it really bought you and whether it’s going to stick around.  If you don’t have it, then it’s when are you ever gonna get it and will it ever be enough to afford you what you need.  Well, two very different problems but all related to one thing – self-worth.  Ugh.  It feels like such a buzzword, I know.  But it’s so true.  When you’re fraught with money problems, it’s directly connected with how you see yourself.  Because if you have too much and are afraid of losing it, then you’re also afraid of the security it’s afforded your ego.  I have this much so therefore I am this type of person.  Or if I don’t have enough and can’t afford certain things, then I am that type of person and what will others think of me.  Well, the real question is what will you think of you.  If you are judging yourself by other people’s standards, then you’re playing a fool’s game.  Sure, in some cases, it’s more about you having the resources to take care of others, but even then, it might just be stressed by your own mind’s perception.  You can find a way to take care of who needs it.  You may not be able to afford the best right now, but if you try operating from a place of knowing you’re worth more and ground into what you have available right now, you will be in a more honest, balanced place from which to build the greater life that you desire.


Make the big effort to show off all the new pieces of yourself that you have cultivated within.

Believe it or not, you are only at the halfway point of your great transformation.  I know that you probably feel like you have gone through so much already, what else is there in your life that needs to evolve.  Well, the answer is plenty.  As I am sure you can attest to, this life shift over the past year has been an inside job.  Sure jobs and relationships have changed some, but more so it’s been your attitude to them and that internal shift is what has made way for all of the growth you’ve been going through.  And, oh the gifts it has brought to you.  You have become aware of so many aspects of yourself that were dormant before.  New skills, outlooks, and creative techniques have been born.  And you’re the type to always share with whoever comes your way.  But now this new moon really wants you to make the big effort to show off all the new pieces of yourself that you have cultivated within.  You’re proud of the work you have been doing, so connect with those you know deep down would benefit or just get a kick out of what you have to offer these days.  It may just be some of the same people you see everyday, or you need to make some calls, but take the initiative to reach out.  In actuality, you won’t only be spreading the new gospel you’ve been preaching, but you’ll also be inspiring others who may be in need of a major kick-start themselves.


Get in touch with why it is you do the things you do.

You can be so good at hiding that sometimes you end up hiding from yourself without even knowing it.  This also stems from your incredibly stubborn nature.  “What?  Me stubborn?”  Need I say more?  So listen up.  I’ll be gentle.  You have burrowed a bit too far away from your own unconscious actions, that you’re not even aware of them.  Therefore, it’s time to get in touch with why it is you do the things you do.  More importantly, why do you attract or are you attracted to certain types of people?  There is a strong air of movement in your relationship world right now, so the best way to make use of that energy is to dissect whom it is you’re inviting into your life and whether there are healthy or unhealthy tendencies there.  Do the people in your life offer you a safe and honest place to be all aspects of yourself?  If not, then why do you put up with them?  Now maybe you’re totally content with the state of your relationship life.  But, you’d be lying to yourself.  See, you’ve just gotten so used to the way it is, that you just can’t grasp why you would need it to be any different.  So if you’re trying to bring that serious relationship in, make sure that you’re living a life that shows it.  And also know whether you’re truly ready to let your guard down completely.  I mean, if you’re not entirely willing to face your own demons, then how the hell can you expect someone else to?


Get yourself back out into the world.

Where have you been hiding?  Don’t say in your work, because anyone who knows you knows that’s your go-to answer, and they also know that it’s not the truth.  The better question is why have you been hiding.  Inquiring minds want to know.  To be honest, the “why” is not that important.  I think you know the answer to that already and have gone around in circles about what you need to do to make some changes.  But the best medicine for you right now would be to get yourself back out into the world.  You have disconnected from some of the closest people in your life and would actually benefit even more from getting yourself into some group settings.  Are there classes you have been meaning to take?  You need to get out there into a big group where the focus is dance or fitness or spirituality.  You probably have some friends who are already participating in something like this so get on their bandwagon.  It will be a good way to reconnect with that person and will offer you a chance to meet some new people.  Most importantly, this will offer you the much-needed balance to work that you need to infuse into your life right now.  Because, you’re right, work is what keeps you so busy.  But from now on you’re not allowed to get tired solely from work.  Your exhaustion should come from living a life that matches your work ethic with your playtime.


Bring some focus back to the people around you who matter the most

Right now, your life purpose is the task at hand.  For most, that is associated with career, and if you’re hot on the pursuit of one right now, you’re pretty much at the top of your game.  And, if you’re more concerned with your larger life purpose, then your life is also in a place where your heart feels connected to your search for a higher calling in a way that feels new and exciting.  So what could this new moon possibly offer you when you’re feeling so smooth and in your element?  Well, have you gotten so involved with your work, your spiritual quest, or whatever it is you’re consumed by that you’ve forgotten to pay attention to those who have actually helped you along the way?  Or perhaps you have relegated some of them to the side while you’ve been busy relishing in the excitement or getting ‘caught up’ in the action.  It’s time to bring some focus back to the people around you who matter the most, because you’re on the road to some major achievement.  But if there’s no one alongside you when you pull into the station, then you may find yourself asking what was it all for.  Remember – a celebratory party needs guests to actually make it a party.


Don’t be afraid to commit to something.

Now is the time to ponder the idea that you might not actually know anything about how to get what you want.  Or even what it is that you want.  You see, there has been a need to attain knowledge lately, but you have to go a whole lot deeper into anything or everything that you’re interested in, or you’re at risk of just getting surface knowledge of a lot of things as opposed to a deep, profound understanding of one thing.  Now how does this relate to your daily life?  Well, right now, you have the ability to introduce a new routine into your life.  That means new work, a new home, and/or a new relationship to your body.  But if you’re not probing deeply into some of the things interesting you right now, then you don’t know what to fully integrate into your routine.  And you probably just end up not integrating anything new at all.  Been feeling stagnant lately?  Well, that’s why.  So look at all of these potential new projects and interests with the eyes of a curious child.  And don’t be afraid to commit to something.  Yes, it’s scary but if you’re not willing to invest completely into something you care about then you’re not really willing to invest in yourself, or the world at large.  And that is so unlike you.  So get to it.


Make your internal self your focus.

Are you ready for change?  I mean, like for real.  You have put into motion some things that have altered the life you knew for some time, but then you kinda allowed yourself to revert to some old, bad habits that would help you get through the change.  Well, the Libra new moon wants you to take this personal shift to the next level.  You have been able to make some changes to the world around you, but have you really allowed yourself to deal with the internal effects?  The fact that you haven’t fully dealt with some of the emotions around what has gone on in the last few years of your life could be why you feel a bit stalled.  So it’s time to become a detective of your own psyche.  Make your internal self your focus.  Start by thinking on what things have come to an end in your life that you haven’t fully dealt with.  Did a relationship end?  Perhaps you invested a lot of heart and time into a personal, creative project that didn’t offer the outcome you felt you deserved or expected.  We can easily take on the pain of something, process it, and even get to a place where we think we’ve dealt with it, but we still haven’t fully let it go.  So in order to create balance now, plunge in as deep as you can go, excavate the pain of the past, and prepare yourself for that true rebirth you’ve been looking so very forward to.


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