Personal Readings With Angel

Get a personal reading from ANGEL!

Readings are done one-on-one in the L.A. area, over the phone, or via Skype.



I’m here to offer you some astrological truth with a dash of humor and a side of empathy. My interest in astrology started at the age of five, when I started reading my daily horoscope in the local newspaper. However, it took me years to realize that I had an actual gift for it, and I’ve now been a professional astrologer for over fifteen years. I’ve read for clients from all around the world, and I even hosted an AOL show called ASTRO TALK WITH ANGEL. I am always excited to work with those who are intrigued by astrology and love to move people toward manifesting their greatest potential.


You are born with specific lessons, gifts, and life possibilities. By using your exact birth data (date, time, place) to generate your astrological birth chart,  you can uncover what these are and learn how to make the most of your personal planetary energies. As an astrologer, my goal is to help you gain greater clarity about who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going with your life.



A first time chart reading with me is $150 and goes for about 75/80 min. With this, you get an overall breakdown of your birth chart, which offers insight into the strengths you should be utilizing as well as the inherent challenges that you face. This reading also covers how the planets are affecting you now and what areas of your life they’re heading toward in the coming months.

Returning clients can see me for $110. These readings cover what’s going on now and what’s to come in the next 1-12 months, depending on your chart’s current landscape. These can be great to do around birthday time!

Email to discuss setting up your reading, or if you want to gift one to someone else!


What some people are saying in response:

“Thank you so much for the reading! I feel invigorated and ready to create and take on a plan that identifies my greater purpose and legacy. I’m excited for the process and am thankful for your overview and recommendations. Thank you again!”   — Amanda, Los Angeles, CA

“A short note to say thanks for your great advice, for being a truly inspiring person and for sharing all your professional knowledge. Also thanks for being so connected and making me feel great. You made my day.”   — Linda, Miami, FL

“Your reading literally changed my life and just in time for my Saturn Return!”   — Justin, Los Angeles, CA


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