So, it’s a new moon in Taurus. What about it?

This week, the Taurus new moon wants us to set some specific intentions in our lives in order to manifest change.

I was talking to a good friend of mine from work, the Taurus, and she was telling me how she went hiking with another Aries friend, who was chalking up all of the current action in his life to the plethora of Aries energy at play in the heavens.  Being that my astro talk has been rubbing off on her, she was able to tell him, “Well enjoy it while you can, because it’s my turn next.”  And she’s pretty much right.  Come next month, most of the planets that have been bringing luck, joy, or perhaps just profound personal awakenings to the Aries clan will find their way to the Taurus party.  Yes, you Taureans will get a lot more action in your lives, but this shift is going to offer something for everyone.  It’s an opportunity for us all to make up our minds about some things that have been swirling in our thoughts and to set a course of clear intentions for ourselves.  How do we move beyond the inspired idea process and into a more solidified realm of action?

This time with Aries has been good for us all in that it’s given us a greater sense of bravery in some part of our lives.  We have uncovered new truths about who we want to be and have awakened to the changes in ourselves that must unfold in order to achieve greater happiness.  But Aries isn’t necessarily the best when it comes to follow through.  He’s merely the instigator, the one who pumps up the crowd but then leaves you to take action.  So how, at this new moon time, can we best utilize the gifts of insight that Aries has been trying to offer us these last few months?

It’s time we ask ourselves some profound questions.

Well, it’s time we ask ourselves some profound questions.  “Who am I really trying to be in this lifetime?”  “How do I express that desire in a tangible way?”  We must move past the confusion, insecurity, and procrastination we easily get caught up in so that we can honor the personal shift that’s ready to emerge.  This week, the Taurus new moon wants us to set some specific intentions in our lives in order to manifest change.  We have to roll up our sleeves and get down and dirty with our desires.  What do you really want to have in life right now, and are you willing to do the work to get it?  There can’t be any fear involved here, only honesty.

Let’s take a closer look at each sign and see if we can clarify where in your life this self-examination can best be put to use.  Remember to read your sun and rising sign, if you know it.

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