The Full Moon in Aries 2019


Nothing phenomenal ever came of simply standing still.

And don’t you want to be phenomenal?

The full moon occurs in Aries at a peak moment in Libra season, inviting you to proclaim “I Am”, and to find creative ways to release these truths out into the world. And we have no choice but to connect to our truths, the good and the bad. Some of our truths are in fact just lies that we’ve allowed to masquerade as our truths for far too long. For one, it’s easy to tell someone, or even yourself, “I’m happy”, when you know that you’re not. And maybe it’s not that you’re unhappy, but perhaps just unsatisfied with some area of life. A relationship. Your work. The health routine you’re bored of or can’t simply seem to hold onto. A bad habit you can’t break (sometimes also a relationship). That fight you had with a spouse, parent, or sibling. This full moon day (and the couple days following) can be an energetic window of opportunity. A time to say, “I am ready to take responsibility for my own personal growth, and to change.”

The Libra Sun and Aries Moon share a square with Pluto, the planet of deep psychological growth that does a soul good. Change wants to come, but it’s an inside job. We can resist the way our soul’s growing and stay in the job, relationship, environment, way of being that is no longer serving our highest good, or we can choose to step toward the growth. But that usually does come with a jump off a metaphoric cliff without the assurance of a soft landing. Still, nothing phenomenal ever came of simply standing still. And don’t you want to be phenomenal? You have every right to be. Yes, it takes confronting some feelings of discomfort, which could trigger old wounds. And possibly you need to have some challenging conversations. But know that the outcome is there to serve you in a far greater way than you know. Just be strong in yourself. Be an inspiration to yourself.


artwork by Danny Frank @cosmoctopus // @thefrankbrothers

This full moon also has a strong, optimistic connection with Jupiter. So, know that through all the shifts, there’s a guardian angel by your side. You just need to get quiet enough to hear its guidance. The gorgeous trine, an astrological configuration that invites positivity and promotes cooperation, is happening between Neptune, the planet of spirit, Mercury, the planet of communication, and the North Node, a section of the cosmos tied into our fate. This creates a gorgeous opportunity for divine intervention. Be still. Meditate. Pay attention to signs. Journal. Pull some tarot cards on a question. Anything that connects you to your personal level of cosmic consciousness. This full moon time wants you to get witchy as all hell.

You are a healer. Even if it feels like you’re a mess. Or you’re in a mess. That’s all part of the process. And Aries energy can be aggressive. You can feel impulsive to do something right now. But try to harness this energy for good. Honor the work, the lessons, the phone calls, the chats, the moves, the “goodbyes” that want to happen now. But take that moment to pause first. To get quiet and ask yourself, to ask spirit and your soul, “What is the best way for me to proceed in this?” Then go out there and speak that truth.


Proclaim, “I am… And I am ready for whatever evolution is calling for me.”


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