New Moon in Scorpio.

When our inner desire for change, for growth, for passionate exchange can be reflected outward, into our external life.
We all have prayers, or hopes, for this world we live in.
But what have you been dreaming would manifest in your own life?
Look for the opportunity to seize the day on some of those dreams.

This new moon window opens the portal for you to speak up, act out, make that call, share that idea, put yourself on the spot.
Abundance is challenging us to see if we’re ready to claim what’s ours.
And it may bring to light pieces of ourselves or our lives that we didn’t want to see in the clear of day.
We may have to see that we haven’t prepared ourselves enough, or that the team we’ve put in place isn’t one of full support or similar mindset.
But that’s part of this energy too.
It may be time to pivot and step into a new direction, one that is in line wit the inner vision.

Pay attention to the relationships. Who’s creatively inspiring versus who’s still around because we just want to keep the peace and not rock the boat.
Some old flames, friends, or foes may come back around too in a way that allows you both to see how you’ve grown. Do you like what you see? What outdated pieces of you are you still holding onto from the time you knew them before that now need to go?

This is a new moon, so new beginnings.
But it’s tied to what we’ve stashed in the closet.
So pull whatever you’ve hidden in the shadows out and either integrate it into the new you, or sell it on eBay because it’s time to purge and get real clear on the version of you that you will be taking into tomorrow.

Much love to you. And go get ’em.

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