So. It’s a new moon in Scorpio. What about it?

Ready or not, Scorpio is here.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain trickling down against the pavement outside my apartment.  As boyfriend, pup, and I stirred against the 6:30 am wake-up call, I found myself drifting amongst the scattered images of my just-concluded dreams.  The visuals were so clear that they almost felt like memories of real instances.  I honestly had to pause and deduce whether I had just walked the dog or not, while he was carrying his own umbrella.  As I let reality sink in and focused my eyes on the still dark room, I felt a haze drift over me.  It was cool and rainy out.  My little family and I were all snuggles under the covers.  I thought, fuck the gym.  I can sleep some more.  The pact that the Aquarius and I had made the night before to shake each other awake seemed void when the snooze button was hit.  Ah, sweet dreams, round two.  Well, all that laziness was put to an end when the man shoved the covers off and jumped out of bed.  In a flash, he was in gym clothes and ready to hit the door.  I didn’t have time to truly reflect on his commitment.  All I could do was respond.  I jumped up too and got the day going.  There wasn’t room for a Libra-like response: somewhat wishy-washy or indecisive.  I could’ve stayed there, scratching the puppy’s belly and pondering the pros and cons of missing my date with the elliptical.  But there was an underlying urge once my feet touched the ground to get the ball rolling.  Ready or not, Scorpio is here.  And for some of us, it’s here just in the nick of time.

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So. It’s a full moon in Aries. What about it?

As my boyfriend, The Aquarius, and I were walking through the quiet, charming community where his mother lives, we stared up to the vast sky and took in the burgeoning moon.  I wondered aloud what this upcoming Aries full moon would be about.  Thankfully, I’m graced with a man who totally gets it and has not just an interest but also an understanding of the way the cosmos operate.  So we talked it out and hypothesized, all while taking into deep consideration that a full moon brings the need for release while the Aries nature is all go-go-go and interested in new beginnings.  We came to some conclusions, but I still didn’t feel like I completely comprehended its message.  I blame the wine.

Later, I continued pondering this interesting dichotomy and tried to apply it to my own life.  Being an Aries, I am greatly in touch with the fact that we, as a Zodiac race, like to start something new before finishing up the last thing.  In fact, I was in the middle of reading something that I am desperate to get through when I received the inspiration to start writing this piece.  What are you gonna do, huh?  Anyhow, an Aries full moon is a time then when we must resist the urge to begin some new direction, project, or task.  Instead, we need to place our focus onto the thing we have been working so tirelessly at pushing up the hill to completion.  Whether it is the quest for a new home, job, or pair of shoes to go with that new jacket you got at the outlet mall, you can’t give up too easily, especially when you have come so far and invested so much time and energy into it.  So how do we know what part of our story needs a proper conclusion during this full moon?

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