The Full Moon in Pisces 2019


Are there revelations at hand you need to face in order to move forward?

A strong moment comes for us all in the wee hours of September 14th when there’s a full moon in Pisces. The full moon is a time when the sun and moon oppose, which gives us the chance to release what isn’t serving our personal evolution. The moon will glow brightest with Neptune, the planet of spirituality, right beside it. This amplifies your intuition and sense of magic, giving you a chance to see beyond the mundane and into your soul’s goals. But this could also highlight some circumstances in a way that shows you people or situations that don’t truly support or respect you for your true self.

The best thing to do at this time is to pause a moment and reflect. Take stock of where you’re at on your path. Do you need to make any life adjustments to help better focus you toward your greater goals? Are there revelations at hand you need to face in order to move forward? Maybe something, or someone, isn’t working out and you’re finally able to see that more clearly now. The question is, are you able to release them, knowing that it’s for the ultimate good of your life? Can you have hope that there’s a new, different, and better version of your life that doesn’t include something that, up til now, has been a defining piece of you?

We all may be having a tricky relationship with hope these days. The world easily shows us how it’s hard to hold tight to it. But it’s important to note that there are things standing in the way of your hope that you can actually help to demolish. You just need to finally admit to yourself that you’ve played some part in creating the structures that have nurtured this hopelessness. As a world, we’ve all created or have at least enabled the pollution and the gun laws and the racism, even if just from keeping silent while others were screaming for change. So, it’s important to stand up and do what you can. Uniting with others toward a common goal is what can breed hope. The same can be done in your own life. You can unite your heart and soul to turn that hope on. It’s easy to feel like you’ll never get to the other side of your dream. That you’ll be able to crack that habit or halt that addiction. That you can’t let go of the toxic partner or situation. But rebirth is possible. It takes work. It takes drive. But it is possible. So, even if you’re not entirely where you want to be in your life, take notice of how far you’ve come, and double down on committing to yourself.


Do the work that scares you

This full moon will also involve multiple planets, creating an obstacle course for both confrontation and growth. With Mercury and Venus palling around, this could be a good time to have any measured heart to heart’s that need to go down. You can remove some of the emotion from the conversation and get down to the nitty-gritty. Mars and Pluto are also being activated, which comes with an urgency to get things done. To be busy. But sometimes a busy calendar is just an avoidance tactic, to keep us at bay from the deeper issues at hand. It’s a good opportunity to get busy with some healing. If you feel like you gotta do something, make it with someone who you need to mend a bridge with, or take a step forward in an area that has previously scared you. Do the work that scares you. Jupiter is pushing that agenda too, challenging you to grow. To keep pushing further toward the goal, even if it feels like too much work. Without the hard work, there is no reward. You know this. So, why give up now? Let the current energy push you toward being the bigger version of yourself you know you need to move into becoming.

Your power lies in your determination to commit to yourself.

Your power lies in showing care to the details that make you unique.

Your power lies in loving yourself enough to rest when you need it.

Your power lies in the entirety of you, in your heart, you mind, your body, and your soul.


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