Full Moon in Cancer. What about it?

Okay.  Full Moon in Cancer.  What about it?

The full moon is an event of culmination – of putting things down for the final count – making sure that we’ve seen our way through a process and are ready to mentally prepare for the start of a new one.  It’s also about integrating our opposing energies — our light and dark, good and bad, the challenging and the effortless.  So how does Cancer affect all of this and what does that mean for each of us?

Let’s take into account that the moon is at home in Cancer.  It’s her natural habitat.  The moon’s sensitive and intuitive nature is a compass for those with Cancer in their astrological makeup.  So when the moon passes through her native sign, it’s like she’s coming home from a month of world travel.  And returning home at the time of a full moon means she’s been working hard and needs to invite her best girls over for a night of celebration.  She’s serving Viognier, her favorite white wine.  It’s crisp and comforting, just like her.  Every sign has been invited and is going to get a big pour upon arrival.  She’s all emotion and so is her wine, so a big sip is always an opportunity to expand or contract on that level.  How is it going to affect you?  Will it be the time of your life?  Or a prelude to the worst hangover ever?

Cancer is a water sign, so she and her siblings Scorpio and Pisces see some of the more powerful aspects of this full moon.  These three are always emotional forces to be reckoned with, but the full moon’s light offers them a chance to integrate these powerful emotions into a physical state of manifestation.

∙Cancers, or those with strong Cancer placements in their chart, reign supreme on this day.  You are in your element and can succeed on this day if you do what you do best – get in touch with your innermost feelings about the thing you’ve been passionately trying to manifest in your life.  Is there a new love circling?  A new career path that’s been bubbling under the surface?  The full moon asks the Cancer to take the internal and make it external.  This isn’t usually the easiest for the crab, who is most comfortable burrowing into him/herself.  But this is your astro-moment!  Tell that person you’re ready for commitment.  Sign up for that class you’ve been flirting with.  Book the ticket to that spa you’ve been browsing online when you should be working.  It’s a chance to make a statement and put an emotional stamp on something that’s been exciting you since last year’s end.  Now make it real.

∙Pisces, or those with strong Pisces placements, are getting some additional help on this full moon day.  Jupiter and Uranus are indulging in some cosmic love together which brings luck around creativity and inspiration, and this duo is directly illuminated by the Cancer moon’s bright light.  Open the doorway and let of all of that positive planetary energy in.  You Pisces will have pure emotional heft and a wellspring of divine knowledge at your fingertips.  What’s that creative project that’s been bursting up towards the surface as of late?  Are you ready to take it out of the cerebral and put pen to paper?  Brush to canvas?  How about that meditative practice you’ve been struggling to commit to?  Now’s the time to get out the candles, sage the house, and get in touch with the inner Hemingway, Da Vinci, or Buddha inside.

∙Scorpio is  also feeling the love on this full moon and may need to wear her best dress out tonight.  Or sexiest whatever for you guys.  Feel like your best self again and shake off those doldrums that have been skulking around the fringes.  Seriously, shake it off.  Use tonight’s full moon energy to meet the night and have some fun.  What, you work the next morning?  That’s no excuse.  Invite your favorite people over once the sun sets and host a small dance party under the night sky.  Just make sure that you invite that guy or girl you’ve been crushing on to be your dance partner.  Don’t have someone in mind?  Then tell your friends it’s time they hook you up.  You need to put it out there more, even if you think you are.  Your stinger is always showing, so tuck it in and soften yourself up some.  Perhaps you have someone already.  Then host a sexy night for your loved one that reignites the flames.  It’s time for you scorpions to manifest some real love in your life but you’re not going to get far curled up on the couch with your pillow.

Earth signs tend to be the opposite of the water sign.  They’re all practicality where the water is all intuitive.  They have to see it first to believe it, so their relationship with the mooshy Cancer moon can vary.

∙Where Cancers like to generally learn and experience from the comfort of their own home, Capricorns, or those with strong Capricorn influences, are all about going out into the world and attaining knowledge through the external.  So a Cancer full moon will test you to go inside and really touch the burning feelings that have been passing through like ships in the night.  You’ve made some major headway over the last month in some capacity as a lot of planets have danced through your personal hemisphere, but what’s really going on for you?  Let Cancer shed her emotional light over you to really get to the root of your recent changes or realizations.  And make sure to share your findings with someone.  Cancer wants you to feel the love in your life.  You may be the independent one, but tonight take a hug.  I mean, really take a hug.  It will feel good to anchor yourself emotionally before you plan your next adventure.

∙Virgos always feel like they have to work and the full moon is no exception.  For you Virgos, or those of you with strong Virgo placements, this full moon is going to feel more like counter-intuitive work.  That Piscean Jupiter-Uranus team is challenging you to let loose and let the day take you.  Put down the calendar.  That laundry can get done tomorrow.  It’s time to stop thinking about everyone else (It’s hard, I know) and remember who you really are.  Get in touch with that old self you miss so much.  In fact, pretend to be a Pisces today.  Take a dip into your own ocean and use some of that natural Virgo healing energy on you.  Bubble bath?  Yes, please.  That bottle of wine you’ve been saving?  Crack it open.  Put on that CD you loved when you were a frivolous teenager and go back to you.  You’ll come out rejuvenated and inspired to integrate some of that energy back into your life.  Perhaps take that newfound inspiration and put that Virgo thought to action by writing your heart a letter.  Your freshly merged self should have a thing or two to tell it.

∙You Taureans, or those with Taurus in your chart, are also taking on the emotional challenge of your fellow earth signs.  Emotions are being called upon when you just want to relax.  Unfortunately, it’s not break time for you yet, but that doesn’t mean this lovely full moon has nothing good to offer you.  Let’s face it, you’ve been stuck in a bit of a rut and perhaps feeling like it’s all one step forward, two steps back.  Well you’re not wrong.  But some of that lucky energy is passing through your place in the sky, so it’s time to give over to that emotional wave and let it on.  Get washed away tonight.  Ever written a poem to the lover you deserve in your life?  Well you should.  Even if he or she doesn’t exist in your life yet.  It’s just out there now so the Universe knows what to order.  If he or she does exist already, then you just have yourself an early Valentine’s gift.

Those of you who live in the air (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra) have a variety of energies affecting you as the full moon sets in this month.  You have to believe in something for it to truly affect you on an emotional level, so the Cancer full moon is a time to commit to what in your life you’ve recently deemed important.

∙Aquarius, you are probably the most passionate of your brethren as you not only have yourself but the greater good of the world in mind with everything you do.  That’s a lot to take on!  This full moon is also setting off Mars, who just entered into your sign.  He wants you to get aggressive and make some serious things happen.  Have you become inspired and passionate about something relatively new?  If so, it’s time to take it to the next level.  Consider the bigger picture of how you want to make your mark on the world.  It’s something you’ve been thinking a lot about so you probably know the answer.  However, you need to show the Universe by getting some of those ideas out of your head and into the physical.  Stop planning and start acting.  The world needs you and you want to share, so get out of the way.  You’ll have this all month to generate some movement, so don’t feel you have one day to make things happen.  However, every great day starts with one breath, and it’s time for that giant exhale.

∙Gemini’s, and those with a lot of Gemini in their chart, had a bit of a busy time at the end of 2010, so this is a time to take some personal stock and go within.  Think bigger than the day or the month.  What big changes do you want to make this year, Gemini?  Join those two mentalities you’re so famous for and make some bigger decisions.  You’ve probably been itching to travel a bit too, so how can we make that happen?  What can you shift around to make room for more play money this year?  Take this time to let go of some Old so that New can find you.  Clean out the closet time?  CD/DVD collection a mess?  Hey, you may have a thousand dollars of crap just sitting around the house that could turn into that trip to Paris.  What are you waiting for?  Spring clean early this year and fantasize about all the great new possessions and experiences you’re making room for.

∙Libras.  Oh Libras.  That godfather of change, Saturn, has been slowly gliding through your sign so you know and I know that you’re all a bit wiser than everyone else right now.  And the external shifts you have been making in life aren’t just cosmetic but reflect the deeper internal shifts that have been going on.  So inhabit some of that Cancer energy, relax into some hot tea and a comfy chair, and reflect on all of the changes you’ve been manifesting and experiencing.  And yes, you’re good at pondering but really get in touch and feel what’s been going on.  Do you keep a journal, Libra?  If so, then you know how rewarding it can be to release all of those thoughts somewhere.  If not, then you need to start one.  Make tonight a time to share with yourself everything you have been feeling and really show you the love you normally show to everyone else.

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are used to emotion but more from a place of inspired passion than deep sentimentality.  The fire needs to be ignited or else it just lays dormant.  The Cancer full moon is a time for fire signs to connect to something in a way that generates change.  They just have to dig a little deeper than they’re inclined to.

∙Poor impatient Aries.  Your favorite time of year, your birthday, isn’t coming fast enough and you’re probably sensing the expansion that Jupiter promises to bring when it enters your sign later this month.  The full moon is shining a light on the lucky planet for your neighbors in Pisces, so feel some of their glow and know that your time of positive growth is on the horizon.  Now what about the Cancer full moon?  Well, it’s time to put to bed some of those internal demons that have been tagging along for far too long.  Get underneath to the roots and go on an excavation.  You’re going to need a firm foundation to stand on for this next year to truly deliver all that it promises.  Throw out some of those childhood remnants you’ve been carrying around to remind you of better or worse times.  Either way, you’re being a masochist.  Sure, we should hold onto some of our personal history, but who needs old love letters from grade school when you have new ones to write to the great boyfriend you have now.  Move on and dream forward, my friend.

∙Dear Leo, or those with of you with Leo in your chart, the Cancer full moon finds your emotions coming on strong and from places much deeper than you usually prefer.  However, this is a fantastic opportunity for you to steer your internal fire towards what you want to cleanse from your life.  While some of your astro-friends are cleaning out their cupboards, you need to be digging into that basement.  Big change has come into your life from almost out of nowhere, but you must trust that it’s all divine.  There are forces larger than you forming new structures for your life.  I know, nothing is usually larger than you, but you have to trust that when something looks like it’s falling apart, it’s actually just morphing into a more useful configuration for the life you’re meant to be living right now.  So, take a break from the out and about you’re so famous for and get into some deep meditation.  Be quiet with you.  Breathe.  And know that the passion you’re so famous for is coming back into action.

∙Who matters to you the most, Sagittarius?  The Cancer full moon allows you to look deeply at your relationships as Venus, the planet of one-on-one connection, sits center stage in your sign.  You’ve probably been evaluating who you have and don’t have in your life.  You’re a warrior indeed, Sag, but you need people to come home to once the fight settles.  If you’re coming home to an empty house, something isn’t working.  Who’s going to listen to all of your exciting theories and revelations, right?  So take this day to examine the state of relationship affairs in your life right now.  What’s missing?  More importantly, who’s dragging you down?  It may be time to release some of those friendships that aren’t serving you.  Take emotional stock of who you’ve been giving your energy to.  Are they giving back to you?  Connect with those who mean the most to you and open up about where you’re at.  You’ll be surprised by the honesty that comes out of you.  And even more surprised by just how loved you really are.

I hope that through my ramblings you find yourself a little more prepared for the full moon.  Sure, it may just seem like another day of the month, but there is something to be said about its energetic effects.  That’s all we are, correct?  Energy.  So if you consider that the ebb and flow of our great oceans is influenced by the moon, perhaps it also has some relationship with our own personal tides.  All it takes is some openness and an awareness of these cycles to help manifest the changes we seek.

So what the hell are you waiting for?

Happy Full Moon!



3 thoughts on “Full Moon in Cancer. What about it?

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  2. You wrote this 4 years ago, but it was meant for me to find as we lead up to the Cancer Full Moon of 2015. Thank you!

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