March Ahead

Okay.  March is coming and the planets are moving.  What about it?

When the Sun goes into Aries on March 21st, it marks the start of a new Zodiac cycle.  I look at this transition from softer, emotional Pisces into swift and energetic Aries as the astrological New Year.  It signifies the time for us to come out of our winter slumber and get active in some area of our lives.  We’re meant to be on our toes this month as the world’s natural shift out of hibernation mirrors our own sense of awakening.  The recent Jupiter shift into Aries already got this particular ball rolling, but March will now cement that forward momentum we’re all starting to feel.  These days, you may actually feel as if time is speeding up, which could be true on some energetic level, but it also resembles Aries’ usual nature of rapid activity and inspiration.  March also offers some planetary shifts in the signs of Aquarius and Pisces, so it all won’t be full throttle propulsion.   Let’s take a closer look at what the planets have in store for us this month.

…it’s not that easy at times, especially when we’re stuck in traffic and want nothing more than to watch that Oprah we have tivo’d, but we should all make the additional effort to be more compassionate in every situation that we encounter.

On March 3rd, Venus moves from the more internally focused Capricorn into the universally-minded sign of Aquarius.  On some level, this transition forces us out of our personal shells and asks us to look at the current state of our lives in relation to the world around us.  How are we communing with others in a way that improves our own personal situation?  At this time, you should make an added effort to interact with everyone in the way that you want to be treated, and approach every situation with a sense of love for humanity.   Yes, it’s not that easy at times, especially when we’re stuck in traffic and want nothing more than to watch that Oprah we have tivo’d, but we should all make the additional effort to be more compassionate in every situation that we encounter.  Whether it’s in our personal relationships (you Sag’s and Leos take note) or with the people at work (Taurus and Virgo in particular), let’s take the high road and be open and honest in every one-on-one encounter we have this month.  We’ll have more energy to offer to those around us, and to ourselves.

Mercury and Uranus are both moving this month into the fiery, creative sign of Aries.  Uranus’s shift into a new sign is a huge one, as it’s waded through watery Pisces for about seven years.  This planet’s job is to inspire liberation through chaos, so it’s meeting with Aries could be a surprising one.  Let’s all try to hear and trust those quick hits of inspiration we receive as we aspire towards natural growth in our lives.  Uranus wants to free you up from the chains you’ve placed on certain areas of your life, so it’s time to wage war with some of our old ways of being and to awaken the unadulterated self inside of us all.  Don’t worry.  This isn’t something that should happen overnight.  As mentioned, Uranus takes his time.  Mercury will assist this month by gearing our minds toward the area in our lives where we can attain some forward motion right now.  Aries, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, you’ll be starting this process by looking for more personal insights into what makes you tick, while Sagittarius and Aquarius will be exploring this energy in a more creative capacity.  All of you mentioned signs need to be journaling now, or writing something.  As far as everyone else is concerned, see where movement is happening in your life and go towards it – momentum is the key to where your attention should be.

…romance can also include some drama, so be wary of getting emotionally overcome by some of your closer connections.

The sun shifts into Aries on March 21st, officially welcoming us into Spring.  As mentioned, it’s the beginning of the new Zodiac year, thus it’s a time of new beginnings for each of us in some part of our lives.  Whether you’re an Aries, like myself, who will be feeling ready for a makeover (I already am), to a Libra who will be ready to give the way you live your life a new look, we’ll all be feeling a need to reboot an area of our lives.  Be aware of unexpected and inspired insight.  Cancer’s, the career you never even pondered before could suddenly invade your existence in an instant, and you could make strides to manifest it.  Capricorns, you could be shocked into a whole new living situation.  All you Gemini’s may find yourselves immersed in a new group or organization that is shifting your ideals in a big way.  We should all plan to go with the flow this month and know that the new structures we’re welcoming into our lives are shedding light on where we’ll see growth in the year ahead.

The month ends with two very different occurrences.  On March 28th, Venus ends its quick jaunt through Aquarius and moves into Pisces, which should give our relationships a fun, romantic quality.  Of course, romance can also include some drama, so be wary of getting emotionally overcome by some of your closer connections.  This goes especially for you Cancer’s, Capricorns, and Virgo’s.  Your relationships may have a surreal, dream-like quality, but they might also become a bad addiction you need to kick.  Be aware of the difference.  (Scorpio’s, I’m going to call out you too since you love a good addiction, especially in the form of a hottie.)  On the 30th, Mercury moves into retrograde.  Now, some of us have a nervous breakdown when we hear this particular time is coming, and it gets blamed for everything that goes wrong in life.  Yes, if you can stall that trip until April 23rd, that’s not a bad thing to do (especially you Leo’s).  However, it’s not all bad news.  Mercury will be in Aries, so some of those new ideas and projects we’ve begun to undertake will stall a bit, but perhaps it’s just so we can reconsider them and make sure that they have the firm foundations necessary for success.  Make good use of this reflection time, and your work and ideas will only be sounder as they come together.

March is definitely an exciting time to make some things happen in your life, and it’s our responsibility this month to go into that always important metamorphosis from cocoon into butterfly.  So give over to the cosmic tide, and the Universe will pull your ship safely into shore.


2 thoughts on “March Ahead

    1. Well Venus is moving into Aquarius, which means you’ll be the most attractive one in every room. But then, how does that differ for you from the rest of the year?

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