New Moon in Pisces

Okay.  New Moon in Pisces.  What about it?

A while back, a friend of mine gave me a Deepak Chopra book entitled “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence”.  In it, he speaks about how coincidences are actually messages from the Universe designed to help us all achieve our personal destiny.  Chopra also references the world of archetypes, and how in all great story-telling, both fiction and non-fiction, there’s a mythic, hero-based structure that frames the narrative.  These concepts aren’t anything new – that we all have a larger purpose that we can actualize once we give over to the path laid out for us by a greater source.  It’s STAR WARS.  HARRY POTTER.  OPRAH WINFREY.  But it isn’t a belief we all subscribe to for our own lives.  So, what would happen if we all surrendered our egocentric drives and humbly followed the signs planted in front of us?  Would we be any closer to fulfilling the dreams we hold deep within?  Or would we just wander off into the deep end, never to be heard from again?

I find it no coincidence that on the eve of a Pisces New Moon, I’m compelled toward ideas around our universal interconnectedness.  Pisces wants us to connect with a higher source, whether we believe it to be God, a spiritual entity, or just a nexus of greater energy.  We all have to admit the fact that we’re simply molecules and energy formed into being.  As is the chair you sit in, or the computer you type on.  (Yes, I’m saying we all have something in common with a Mac.)  That illustrates the point that everything is connected on some energetic level.  The difference for you is that you incarnated into this lifetime as a person and therefore possess the ability to reason, love, and generate change.  So a new moon in Pisces offers a chance to reconnect with that deeper part of you that exists beyond the labels of your job, financial situation, and relationship status.  What makes you essentially who you are?  Are you in touch with and living out your personal legend?  If so, which fork on the road should you focus attention towards?  And if not, how can you get yourself on track and closer to the life you’re meant to be living?  Let’s see how we can each use this Pisces new moon time to reconnect with and enliven our truest selves.

Water signs should feel a special connection to this new moon, as it happens to be in their element.  Pisces represents the deepest emotional depth, a place all water signs are comfortable going when need be.  How will this play out for each of the three signs?

  • Pisces, or those with Pisces in your chart, will be feeling this new moon at a core level.  You should find yourself energized now that it’s your personal new year.  It’s the perfect time to ask yourself what it is you want to accomplish this year.  Not what you think others want you to accomplish.  Not even what you think you want, because odds are, those are also the things others want you to accomplish.  Or perhaps, you’re one of those Pisces that is incredibly in touch with yourself.  I bring this up because Pisces have a tendency to get lost in other people’s ideas and lives.  It’s not out of a lack of confidence.  Pisces simply feel everything deeply, so they easily get pulled this way and that way – it’s all so interesting and exciting, it’s hard to differentiate at the end of the day what is yours.  So, this weekend is a time for you to spend some quality alone time.  Turn off the lights.  Get comfortable with silence.  Ask yourself some basic questions.  What do you want for your life?  Listen deeply to what comes up because that is your compass for success in 2011.  Believe in the intuition of your solitude.  It’s where all truth lies for you, Pisces.
  • Cancer, or those of you with Cancer in your chart, you are being pulled out of your shell these days, so there’s no excuse to spend these next few days indoors.  In fact, this new moon time is the perfect excuse to take a day off and explore a new-ish hobby or interest of yours.  Have you been toying around with a language or computer class idea?  Maybe you’ve even been considering the thought of starting a business of your own.  If you’ve been pondering the prospect of a career move, now is the time to expand on your options and get a broader sense of what that could be.  Could one of these pastimes you’ve been meaning to explore be the thing that could bring you immense wealth and happiness?  It may not be a coincidence that multiple people have mentioned how you should be selling those amazing cookies you bake or the scarves and hats that you knit.  Are there stores or people doing the types of things you want to be doing?  Go and visit them.  Ask some questions.  You may just find that this initial step is actually what propels you forward on your path.
  • Scorpio, or those with Scorpio in your chart, you have an opportunity with this new moon to celebrate with your friends and make some new ones.  You’ll have the chance to get back out into the crowd and dust off those dancing shoes.  When was the last time you just had some good old fashioned fun?  Put on that outfit you love.  The one that makes you feel about a foot taller and ten pounds lighter.  Make sure you talk to that guy or girl who’s sticking out in the crowd for you.  This is certainly not the time to go unnoticed.  Seize one of these upcoming nights and remind everyone why you’re such a magnetic, powerful being.  You’re also looking for some inspiration in a big way, so let a night of revelry revitalize your imagination.  If a new person doesn’t enter the fray, perhaps one of your longtime friends has the key to that next enthusiastic dose of creative stimulus you’re seeking right now.  Work is going to play a key factor in the month ahead, so let some fun dictate what it is you want to be working on next.  You deserve to be playing and working at the same time, so make it so.

At this time, Fire signs are feeling the effects of some exciting movement in Aries, and it will only gain momentum as the month move on.  So how can you harness this very different Piscean energy in a way that won’t dampen the heat of the moment?

  • Aries, or those born with Aries in your chart, you’re living a life full of energy and fervor right now as things seems to be happening at mock-speed.  However, it’s easy to get lost in the rush of excitement without taking a moment to replenish and renew yourself.  This new moon is all about getting in touch with that inner warrior inside and letting him or her come home from that recent stint at battle.  How can you expect to win any fights without an arsenal of ammunition?  Now this doesn’t mean you have to hide away from the world and take shelter?  You’re an Aries.  That’s practically impossible.  But, what can you do to revitalize your energy?  Take some much needed time for yourself in the next couple of days.  Reconnect to what your current goals are so you can have a clear head going into this next phase of action.  There may be a bath or a massage in your future.  Let your cares wash away so that you’re open to the messages trying to come through about where to go next.  You’ll feel connected again to the source that guides you, and your path will be more brightly illuminated as you step onto it again, refreshed and ready to play.
  • Leo’s, or those with Leo in your chart, you are feeling the urge to manifest some transformation in your life.  You’ve been making a lot of positive changes in your life and are excited to learn new things that can stimulate your mind and be useful in your career.  Now is a good time to focus some intention on how you want to make your mark on the world.  Are you steering course for the type of career that you want?  Maybe you have been successful, but do you think you’re doing enough to sustain the confident, electric beast inside?  Perhaps so, but remember that you’re the actor/actress, Leo.  It’s easy for you to play any role that you’re offered.  But when it comes to your life, have you spent a little too much time playing someone else’s idea of you.  Sure, the applause is nice, but you want to be sure that when the curtain comes down, you’re not left standing in the dark, wondering what just happened.  You’re brave, Leo.  So face these necessary questions and take on the role of your best you.  This month could be the start of a shift that will bring the ultimate curtain call that you’ve been waiting for.
  • Sagittarius, or those with Sagittarius in your chart, you need to settle in and make a home for yourself this month.  Have you been out and about so much lately that you don’t even know where to hang your hat anymore?  Let’s face it.  You’re always incredibly social, and can be extremely dependable when it comes to work.  That’s why you’re the one to call when someone needs an answer.  However, it’s time to return the focus to your foundation.  Take back control of your life.  To feel so powerful and determined, you’re going to need both feet firmly on the ground.  Spend some time at home this weekend, but not in front of the T.V.  It’s time to open those windows, put on some of your favorite tunes, and enjoy your space.  Do you need to rearrange some furniture?  Perhaps you finally just want to clear out that closet in the hallway.  It could even be time to paint that kitchen.  It could very well be inviting some friends over for a cocktail hour.  However you choose, just make sure that your home feels like a creative sanctuary again and better reflect the next phase of your life: clear, organized, and open to possibility.

Earth signs, what goes on for you at this new moon time?  Pisces can feel a bit too out there for you, but you can turn your perception on its head and make this time an incredibly useful one.  Let’s look more closely on where you can focus your intuitive energies this month.

  • Taurus, or those with Taurus in your chart, you’re getting ready for the sun to shine on your birthday season, but it’s not quite time yet for you to send out those invitations.  You still got some personal soul-cleaning to do, and now is the perfect time to look for others who share your intentions.  Yes, your day-to-day routine has possibly become so mundane, that you want to jump off a bridge.  And perhaps you’ve been sitting up late at night, spinning your wheels about what you want your life to look like.  But guess what?  You can start to get your life looking the way you want it to right now.  What is your greatest intention this month?  Is it to find a new job in a different field?  Are you thinking that this is the year you meet “the one”?  Maybe you finally want to bite the bullet and move to that city you’ve always dreamed of.  Well, you don’t need every single tool yet to start building that ship.  What you do need is help.  So, enlist some people who can help you create a mini-version of what is you want.  Sure, you can’t make that Hollywood feature just yet but you sure can make a short film with the help of some friends.  And maybe you can’t move to New York right now.  But you can gather a couple of friends and plan a trip there.   Start living the life you desire, even if it’s on a smaller scale.  Every great novelist started writing that classic with just one word.  So figure out what your first word is, Taurus, and put it on the page.
  • Virgo’s, or those with Virgo in your chart, there’s a focus on your relationships this month.  If you’re feeling a little off track these days, it may be because you’ve lost touch with those who have been your greatest guiding force when it comes to your path.  Is there someone you’ve been thinking about lately but just haven’t had the time to see?  Well, it’s time to scroll to their name in your phone and call them.  You’re in need of some serious transformation right now, which isn’t always easy for you to do.  Change isn’t something we can actually plan out and schedule.  But you need to make a greater effort to surround yourself with the people who remind you what it is you love most about life.  Are you in a relationship right now?  If so, are you two communicating as well as you should?  Perhaps it’s time for a date night in the next few days to reconnect and reminisce on what it is you set out to achieve together.  Make sure you’re getting what you need out of the partnership.  If you’re single, it could just be that you need to touch base with one of those best friends who have been out of the picture as of late.  Take these few days to really seek out the people you love, and it will open the door to some always needed self-love.
  • Capricorn’s, or those with Capricorn in your chart, you have been a bit more focused on yourself these days, and this new moon energy can help you to explore some of the new, more fun creative ideas you’ve been playing around with in your head.   Yes, you don’t like to share anything that seems half-baked in your eyes, but perhaps a positive next step for you would be to open the door to others when it comes to your internal madness.  Is there an artistic project you’ve been considering, either at work or at home?  Perhaps it’s just something personal for you.  Now is a good time to take in that second or third opinion.  You may find that articulating your ideas could help clear up the blocks you’ve been dealing with in getting it to the next level.  Or someone may be able to offer the missing link to its completion.  You Capricorns pride yourself on climbing the mountain all on your own, but it’s not as fun a success if there’s no one to celebrate it with – so gather some good friends together and take center stage.  It’s not always easy to put your thoughts and ideas out there, but it could just be what you need right now to move ahead.

A Pisces new moon tends to bode well for you Air signs, as you each share a border with a Water sign in the Zodiac.  You also have similar tendencies in that you’re powered very directly by a personal element: the Water by emotions and Air by the mind.  So how does this Watery moon affect you Air signs?

  • Gemini’s, or those with Gemini in your chart, you’re going to see a pull towards your careers during this new moon phase.  It may be time to get even more creative with how you approach it.  I know that you’re doing everything in your power to make things happen, but that doesn’t mean that the Universe has no new answers to offer you on how to get ahead.  Are you also getting a bit more in touch with your spiritual side these days?  If not, it might be interesting for you to explore what being spiritual means to you.  These two could have something more to do with each other that you would imagine.  Is there a religious or spiritual group you’re either a part of or have been intrigued to check out?  Perhaps you just know of a place where people gather to meditate.  I’m not saying that you should use someone’s god to network, but it may just end up happening that way.  You may end up next to someone who could use what you have to offer.  Or there may just be some insight in the silence into what your next great plan should be.  Don’t be afraid to dig deeper into who you are beyond just the physical.  It very well could help you manifest some positive changes in both realms.
  • Libra, or those with Libra in your chart, this new moon could be a good time to integrate some of the deeper personal transformation you’ve been going through into your daily life.  Have you been feeling the urge to change up your routine somehow?  It may come in the form of a job change, or even just a new way of working out.  Or maybe you just need to start working out altogether.  Whatever the shift is, it’s probably tied to some greater internal revelations you have been experiencing as of late.  Find ways in the next few days to demonstrate who this new you is that’s been coming together inside.  Show your life that you mean business when it comes to this new version of you that you’re working on.  Perhaps you can try living as if you already have the life you daydream about.  Whether you just want more time for yourself, crave more physical activity, or plan on being a famous diva, do your best to manifest it on some level.  Libras, you are an expressive bunch, so express yourself in a bigger way.  Others will notice and start to relate to you in a whole new way – the way you want them to from this point forward.
  • Aquarius , or those with Aquarius in your chart, this new moon is a time for you to meditate on where you’re placing the most value in your life, both on an external and internal level.  Take the next couple of days to see where you place your focus.  You can use one of the most external means of measurement possible: your money.  How are you spending yours and on what?  Is it all going toward things for you, or for others?   Are you buying things you can’t afford, thus just causing yourself stress later?  Perhaps you’re focusing your money on things that are healthy, or completely horrible, for you.  The same could be said for your time.  Are you making time for everything you need for balance in life?  Is all of your time going toward one place or to a certain person, therefore causing you to lose sight of the other important things in your life?  Now is a good time to get on a more harmonious track.  Take note of where you’re gearing your focus and reassess.  You have a lot of great ideas for your life brewing at the moment, and you’re craving a strong foundation from which to build it from.  So make sure that you are your greatest priority right now so that you can achieve everything that you have planned for the coming year.

The Pisces new moon is the end of a larger Zodiac cycle, as we gear up for the Aries new moon next month.  Therefore, it’s a good time to review the entire last twelve months to see where we were on our hero’s journey at this time in 2010 and how we have transformed since.  In fact, we should all try to look at our lives as a mythical quest with the world around us as our compass.  Sure, we can just choose to brush coincidence off as a random, meaningless occurrence.  But why not try observing your life as something a bit more special than random and meaningless.  View yourself as the Adventurer, the Diva, the Saint, the Star, the Warrior, or the Catalyst.  Guarantee that once you start believing in yourself as being larger than life, than life will rise itself to meet that challenge.

Happy New Moon in Pisces!


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