Uranus in Aries. What about it?

Inspiration comes in the blink of an eye.  It can come from a stunning view of nature, an overheard conversation, or a twinkle in your boyfriend’s eye.  It can surprise and delight.  It can change your life.  Inspiration also shares a similar quality to that of an accident.  They are both sudden occurrences, surprises unforeseen that are able to completely transform the course of one’s existence.  Both force us to be creative with our lives and improvise from that point forward.  We either have to act on our mental impulse to paint that room, buy that car, or eat that chicken OR we have to get to the hospital, clean up that mess, or exchange driver information.  One is usually much more enjoyable than the other, but both offer an opportunity to make a shift in our path.  We also call both of them into our lives on some level.  Have you ever felt like you needed to shake things up, only to have some event occur that forces you to do just that?  However, why wait for something to come along and make us change, when we can read the signposts that are trying to tell us where we need to change?

Uranus is the planet that governs all things inspirational and accidental.  It pushes us to find innovative ways to bend to our unique selves and presents opportunities or challenges in an area of our livess where we need to grow.  It’s associated with Aquarius, the sign that prides itself on being an individual.  Uranus and Aquarius want you to forge your own path, but in a way that is consistent to who you inherently are inside.  Unfortunately, you may not be entirely in touch with that true inner self, so Uranus can sometimes supply some uncomfortable trials for you to endure along the pathway to self-discovery.

We must learn to accept our innermost desires to go against the pack, or we dishonor our truest selves.

Wherever Uranus is in your birth chart is a place where you can expect to always need some consistent originality in your life.  For some, it can sit in the 4th House, the house of family and home, which means that person will constantly strive against conforming to the societal norm of where they should live and with who.  Those with Uranus in the 10th House will have an ability to find the most singular approach to a seemingly familiar career path.  Of course, if a person isn’t comfortable with their uniqueness and tries to conform in these areas, their lives will present challenges in that section of life.  We must learn to accept our innermost desires to go against the pack, or we dishonor our truest selves.  We also may find some slight heartache until we do.  (If you’ve never had your chart done, look into it.)

Uranus has been spending the last seven or so years in the sign of Pisces.  These energies are not entirely the most compatible.  Pisces is slow, sensitive, and day-dreamy, so channeling an energetic planet like Uranus through it can be aggravating.  Uranus wants you to take the kind of action that supplies you with a deep, personal shift in your life, and unfortunately Pisces didn’t always make that easy.  Therefore, these last seven years became a test of patience for us all in some aspect of our lives.  We have been presented challenges, some even heartbreaking, that have made us stew in that Piscean emotion, asking the greater questions about who we are.  Some of us have been put onto interesting career paths that we never saw coming, or have entered into interesting relationships that have allowed our creative uniqueness to flourish.  However, we haven’t quite gotten to fly our own personal freak flag as high as we should.  It’s time for that to change.

So open yourself up to change.  In fact, start looking for it.  Grow hungry for it.

Aries’ seven year dance with Uranus started this week.  Actually, there was a short period of it last year, but then it was swept back into Pisces for a hot minute due to a retrograde.  Now it’s full steam ahead, and Uranus plays much better with Aries than it did with Pisces.  They are both aggressive energies who get ideas and want them actualized in that moment.  There is a pressure that mounts when they want things done, but it’s only out of the excitement of the moment.  And as mentioned, we can either sense that pressure and work with it in our lives to manifest change.  Or we can wait until it bursts and be forced into change as we pick up the pieces.

This shift will affect every sign in a general sense.  Let’s see how it could affect you in the coming years:


Aries, this transit is going to hit you in a big way.  You’re already meant to be a pioneering force, but every move and idea you begin to undertake will have it’s own unique flair.  It’s time to own your individuality.  A makeover is a good way to start.  Let your look start to reflect the real creative soldier inside.  It could change so dramatically that you may be left wondering who that gorgeous, brave warrior is looking back at you in the mirror.  And then, you’ll be forced to live the part.

Leo, this cycle will have you craving knowledge in a big way.  Don’t be surprised if you’re drawn back to school, or even gravitate towards becoming a teacher.  Yes, your passion for a subject could blossom where you become a master at it.  And that diva side of yours who loves center stage will have the satisfaction of knowing there are eager minds out there who are hungry for your expertise.

Sagittarius, it’s time to be feeling that fun, creative spark again.  Gone will be the time of living by society’s normal standards.  Your approach to life is going to become highly inventive.  You’re already a born trailblazer when it comes to thought, so direct that innovation towards the way you’re conducting life.  Remember, your personal world is your canvas, so start designing the life you’ve always wanted.


Pisces, you’re currently starting to have a better relationship with your finances, and Uranus will keep that train rolling ahead for the nest few years.  With this shift, you will get more creative with how you earn and spend your money.  Don’t be surprised when you find there’s more than one way to generate some income.  And have you thought about investing your money before?  Now’s a good time to start looking into it.

Cancer, have you been living up to your true calling?  You may think the answer’s yes, however be prepared to see that change.  In this cycle, you’re going to have some surprising personal revelations around your career.  Be flexible.  You’re meant to make a major mark on this world, so be open to how that happens.  It may not be exactly how you initially planned it, but it could also be something that provides you with more joy than you’ve ever deemed yourself worthy of.

Scorpio’s, you should be having more fun on a daily basis.  Don’t be shocked if what you’re doing for work changes over the next few years.  In fact, it may be best not to get used to a day-to-day type gig.  Your schedule will get more fluid in the coming years.  It’s only so you can explore and figure out what really engages you.  Once you find the thing you’re meant to really do, you’ll know.  Try using your body as a compass.  If you’re feeling strong and healthy in the work you’re doing, than that’s a sign to stick with it.


Aquarius, Uranus is your planet.  It’s what makes you all excited to come up with the ideas that no one else is thinking about yet.  With the influence of fiery Aries, it’s going to specifically help you become more intensely creative with your thoughts.  You’ll actually be the ones offering up the most extraordinary ideas that could help shift the way our world heads in the coming years.  Yeah, no pressure, right?  Seriously, it’s time to put your greater self to the test.  Be the change this world needs right now, and the rest of us will follow by example.

Gemini’s, this shift will have you feeling like more of a leader for the greater good.  Don’t be surprised if you become drawn to working with organizations with a humanitarian edge.  That could mean at a nonprofit or with an artistic group whose goals are to inspire and empower others.  Or, you’ll finally be ready to share your own work with the world so that it inspires others to aspire higher with their lives.  Either way, it will have you feeling more confident and purposeful in your life as you get out of your head and into the world.

Libra, you will grow more focused on your personal relationships.  Don’t be surprised if some of them come to a sudden end.  However, it’s only to make room for new, more inspired ones in your life.  You’ve been doing a lot of personal transformation, so this time will be about surrounding yourself with people who are also rising to the challenge of becoming their best selves.  Don’t settle for frivolity in your relationships.  You just won’t have time for it anymore.


Taurus, you will be diving further into the depths of who you are.  It may be time to get in touch with your inner guru.  You’ll find yourself growing more meditative as you come to terms with those demons from the past that have held you back.  Go into this internal exploration with enthusiasm.  Therapy or any other means of getting more deeply connected to your psyche will be extremely beneficial.  The quicker you allow yourself to recognize those personal gremlins, the quicker you’ll be able to let them go.

Virgo, you’ll see some major, unforeseen transformation start to occur from the inside out.  You may be compelled to start probing more deeply into studies of a metaphysical nature.  Perhaps your passing interest in astrology could become a passion.  Start to explore what your connection to something greater could be.  You’ll need it to gain a larger perspective on the little annoyances that come up in life.  And you’ll find yourself growing more into the natural healer you are meant to be in this lifetime.

Capricorn, you’re going to get incredibly inventive with how you define the idea of home.  You may find yourself moving around a bit at this time, or even moving to another part of the world.  Be bold and follow those instincts to change up your environment.  You won’t lose the long-term goal you’ve always had for yourself  This shift in foundation will still allow you to get to that personal destination but perhaps in a more creative and fun way.

Uranus is essentially a planet of change.  And let’s face it, change is pretty scary.  It’s nice to get settled into a routine and feel secure in your life, but life is just unpredictable.  The more we accept that truth, the easier it is to be fluid with life.  So open yourself up to change.  In fact, start looking for it.  Grow hungry for it.  The more you allow change into your life, the less you’ll be manifesting those accidents that force it into being.  Trust.  It’s much more fun to be surprised.  So bend to the creative inspiration of life and be open to its necessity for change.  With that initiative toward growth, we can take charge and transform ourselves in exciting and ultimately healthy ways.



7 thoughts on “Uranus in Aries. What about it?

  1. I have been struggling with my career choice and was so glad to see that I am not crazy to think that I have been on the wrong path. Thank you!

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