Full Moon in Virgo. What about it?

Okay.  Full Moon in Virgo.  What about it?

There has been so much talk about the upcoming full moon on March 19th, also known as the “supermoon”.  Apparently, it will be 8 percent closer to the earth than most full moons, so it may appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual.  Some are speculating that, due to gravitational forces at play, it could also end up causing more environmental catastrophes around the world.  At this point, who can be sure about what the world will bring us and what will be its cause.  I just think that there’s so much pent-up fear and frustration around the recent global events that people are looking for some way to feel in control of what’s to come.  They want something to believe in so they know where to place the blame.  And that’s natural.  We don’t all want to feel at the mercy of some unknown entity, so if we can make anything the moon’s fault, or your mom’s fault, or Britney Spears’s fault, then at least we have a picture to pin on the dart board.  But is that a real solution for the inner anxiety that is guiding our thoughts, actions, and ideas?  Not really.

Fear is the cheapest room in the house.  I would like to see you living in better conditions.

Sure, let’s face it.  Life can be frightening, especially when we’re forced to comprehend how unruly the Universe can seem.  I certainly lose sleep pondering how I’m going to face my own personal struggles as well as the unforeseen ones still to come.  Yet, I have to take comfort in the thought that this is all a part of my growth path, as well as work hard at facing these little fear-mongering gremlins head on.  It’s that, or I don’t leave the house.  And that’s just wrong, because I’m too charming and cute to be locked up.

So what does this all have to with this weekend’s full moon in the sign of Virgo?  Well, Virgo is very methodical.  It’s all about making plans and getting them accomplished with strict attention to detail.  Virgo also rules health and healing.  The sign’s analytic energy, when focused, can help you see where there’s discord in your life and therefore points the way to what needs healing and more so shows you how to heal.  So, with a full moon in Virgo, when I think its regenerative energy just intensifies, it’s a perfect time to be turning inward to see how you can bring ease to some of your internal frustration.  Where have you been feeling fear or anxiety in your life?  How have you been letting it hold you back?  And what can you do to help get in touch with that part of you in need of forward motion?  Let’s take a look around the zodiac and see how your sign could achieve some growth this weekend.

ARIES, or those with strong Aries placements in your chart, you’re going to have an opportunity to do some personal healing work on yourself.  Life has been incredibly hectic, which is how you like it, but you’ve been giving a lot of your energy away to others without really saving up enough for yourself.  Now is the time to make your own well-being a priority.  Have you been giving your health enough attention?  It could be a fantastic time to revisit that yoga or pilates class you love.  Or, if weather permits, get outside and take in the fresh air.  You may also be feeling pulled toward some internal healing.  What can you do to find some soulful welfare?   Have you considered spiritual counseling before?  Maybe it’s time to make a date with that energy healer, astrologer, or intuitive reader you’ve been hearing about.  The rest of this moon cycle is all about clearing out old energy patterns that no longer serve you, so be creative in how you do so.  The season of Aries is almost upon us, and you’ll be out and about more than ever.  So take some downtime to prepare for the greatness that’s so close, you can taste it.

TAURUS, or those with strong Taurus placements in your chart, you are in need of some creative therapy.  You are inherently one of the most artistically-inclined of all the signs, but now is the time to really own that trait.  How many interesting ideas can you entertain before you explode?  Choose one of them and utilize this current wave of super energy to activate it into supreme existence.  Even if it’s just getting a meeting down in the books to discuss something you’re excited about, it’s a step.  There may also be a lack of romance in your life right now.  Well, there’s been a lot of focus on you and what you should be doing with your life.  But, that fun, playful side of you is ready for some attention.  Put yourself out there.  You may see some flirtatious energy come your way.  This could also just be the time to reconnect to your idea of romance.  Is it sitting at a cute, corner café?  Perhaps a candlelight dinner?  Shoe shopping at Barney’s?  Call me crazy, but maybe you need to remind yourself what it means and go on a little play date for one.  And leave the “Woe is me” attitude at home.

GEMINI, or those with strong Gemini placements in your chart, you need to connect with that ‘home is where the heart is’ mentality.  The pace of life is starting to pick up and will only continue to do so as we move into the next few weeks.  So, it’s important for you to have a home base that feels secure and healing to your well-being.  I know you Gemini’s like to have a bit of a mess and no one organizes chaos better than you do, but how about you organize in a way that almost feels alien to you?  And by that, I mean actually putting things in drawers that actually go together and cleaning underneath things, not just around them.  Make a list of what needs to get done.  That will be your first accomplishment.  Have you also been meaning to buy some things that would make your home more comfortable?  Now is a good time to burrow in and really feel like you have some security.  You may actually find that your relationship with your home mirrors some of your feelings toward family.  If there’s neglect in your kitchen, is there also a sense of neglect around a relative?  This could be something interesting to explore as you wipe away the cobwebs and make way for the coming spring sunshine to find its way into your home.

CANCER, or those with strong Cancer placements in your chart, you should use this full moon energy to organize your thoughts and get busy communicating.  You may be exchanging a lot of ideas and information for work these days, and some of that can be amplified at this time, but you should also be aware of those in your life that have fallen a bit by the wayside.  You Cancer’s are a sentimental breed, so make sure you’re not losing sight of those who hold that special place in your heart.  Pick up the phone and make some calls.  Or shoot off some emails to remind people you’re still around and care.  It will help to bring you back in touch with that deeper part of who you are.  You may also find that now could be a time to write something personal to the one who matters most in your life: you.  Do you journal?  Whether you do or not, consider the following assignment.  Write a letter to yourself that explains the type of person you are.  Start each sentence with, “I am someone who…” and see what comes up.  From being someone who likes ice cream to someone who cherishes their friends like diamonds, you’ll be reminded of just how magnificent and unique you truly are.

LEO, or those with strong Leo placements in your chart, you need to remember what you are worth, baby.  Let’s pretend that you are for sale in a shop window.  What store are you being sold at?  Is the store in a mall somewhere or on Rodeo Drive?  Are you on sale or are you the latest fashion?  Do you come with accessories?  Are you mass-produced or one-of-a-kind couture?  Fun, right?  Now go look into the mirror and see if what you see and how you feel reflects your answers.  If so, you’re on fire Leo and can spend the rest of this week relaxing on the couch in front of a good book.  Unless, you had yourself on clearance at Kohl’s.  If so, keep reading.  Why doesn’t that high-price vision of yourself match the life you’re living?  How can you rise up to that strong sense of worth you know you have inside?  This isn’t all about money, either.  I mean, it is a little bit, because you may be spending it all on everyone else while you’ve been stuck in last year’s look.  But more deeply it’s about how much you value yourself.  Don’t sell yourself short for a fun night with a guy or an easy paying job.  There’s more to life than this.  So take on the challenge to get it.

VIRGO, or those with strong Virgo placements in your chart, this is your time to shine.  Now firstly, I know you Virgo’s get a bad rep.  People feel like you can be all cold and mental and hard to deal with.  And well, at times, you can be.  But, it’s only because you want to make sure that every detail is in place and that no one gets hurt.  I’m sure it’s hard to be the one who has to pay so much attention when everyone else seems like they’re having a more frivolous time.  So what do you do to get away from that stereotype?  Well, it’s important to channel that energy of precision for good.  That is why you Virgo’s are also considered to be the healers.  Who doesn’t want to be helped by someone who is crossing every ‘t’?  This full moon time is an opportunity to really ground into that energy.  How can you best get in touch with it?  Well start by tuning into what heals you.  Do you need to eat well or work out?  Perhaps it’s dancing or painting.  What is that thing that makes you feel most in your element?  Make that a priority in the next few days and see not only how you shift away from that easy to go place of mania but how you inspire others, Virgo or not, to do the same.

LIBRA, or those with strong Libra placements in your chart, this full moon energy will be best expressed in a more internal fashion.  I almost see your life as a limbo dance right now, though instead of the question being how low can you go, it’s how deep can you go.  And you’re learning that you can go pretty deep these days.  You’ve been carefully exploring the landscape of your current life.  Whether you have recognized it yet or not, there is potential for new work options and your relationships are shifting in ways that are in alignment with the healthier lifestyle you’ve started to live.  Now it’s time to pause and take stock of it all.  Really stand at the mount of your life and take a look around.  What major changes have you made to your life?  How have they affected your well-being?  Are there more changes to be made or do you need to take a break?  Get quiet and bring your spiritual self into the conversation.   You’re really on the verge of seeing your life shift in a major way, so make sure that the core of you is on board with everything you’re doing right now.  If so, regenerate and listen closely for your next step orders.  If not, then get even quieter.  You have the opportunity now to get some divine guidance, so tune in and have no fear.

SCORPIO, or those with strong Scorpio placements in your chart, this full moon time is a chance to get in touch with your inner Mother Theresa.  Yes, you have been busy getting back out into the world after a bit of hibernation time.  And, you have to continue to stay out in the limelight because there is still more work-related business to attend to, and maybe even a date or two.  But this time is about self-healing, and for you, it’s good to get out of your head, and your world, and step into another’s to gain some perspective on your own hectic life.  When was the last time you did something charitable for another?  Maybe you have donated some money online, which is certainly a good deed, but what about getting personally in touch with someone who needs some assistance?  Sure, there’s not enough time, but you can make some for those in need.  Go out and find a volunteer opportunity.  It could be painting with kids, walking sheltered dogs, or donating some clothes even.  Putting yourself in contact with those on the front lines of a humanitarian cause will remind you about what’s truly important and may inspire you as you dig into how you want to focus your work life in the weeks ahead.

SAGITTARIUS, or those with strong Sagittarius placements in your chart, you have been grounding down as of late.  Life has been about giving yourself a greater foundation, and you may have been bitten by the creative bug too.  Now that you have your feet better planted on the ground, you can focus this full moon energy into your career.  The question is, are you doing something with your life that holds as much appeal for your soul as it does for your bank account?  Of course, we all want a reliable pay check.  But we shouldn’t want one at the expense of our true purpose.  We’re here to illuminate the world with our gifts.  And we shouldn’t compromise with that.  So, here’s a test for you, Sag.  Go to work and give it everything you’ve got.  If you peter out after ten minutes, we may have a problem.  It may be time to get in touch with a career counselor or just accept that you want to do something out of the ordinary and make it happen somehow.  If you love it, then how can you attack your work in an even bigger way?  Finally, if you’re not working right now, this is the weekend to explore.  Maybe you’ve been barking up the wrong tree all this time?  Is there something you’ve secretly wanted to do but never had the ‘cojones’ to try?  Now is the time to approach life in a big way.  Let that supermoon inspire you!

CAPRICORN, or those with Capricorn in your chart, you have been focused a bit towards your home and family life, or lack thereof, but now is a good time to back off from yourself and take a healing siesta.  I know that you have SO MUCH WORK TO DO.  And there is SO MUCH TO ACCOMPLISH.  But chill it for a minute.  Can you actually get out of town for a bit?  It would be incredibly invigorating to travel to a place where you could immerse yourself in another way of living for a while.  Even a day trip would be restorative for your well-being right now.  A museum.  Something!  Do anything to break up the routine and stimulate a part of your brain that isn’t used to scrutinizing yourself and everything around you.  Because, dear Cap, what you’re most in need of right now is some personal inspiration.  You’re going to be moving into a space of massive creativity soon, so start to stockpile some artistic stimulus to draw from.  And have fun in the process.  Everything doesn’t have to feel like work.  In fact, you’ll be surprised that when you approach something looking for sheer enjoyment, you could find the key to your next creative endeavor.

AQUARIUS, or those with strong Aquarius placements in your chart, you are in the midst of some personal transformation right now.  Lately, it’s been about looking at your relationship with money as well as analyzing how you communicate, or don’t communicate, with those around you.  Now you’re starting to feel some energy shift around your home life too.  All of that on top of being the most innovative and creative person in the room.  So how can you focus and best take advantage of this powerful and healing full moon energy?  Well, you can dig even deeper into now’s current metamorphosis occurring in your life.  In fact, it would do you do good to embody some ‘out with the old, in with the new’ mentality.  Are there some physical items you could let go of/give away that don’t suit the life you live now?  Getting rid of things can be a good way to ritualize your personal shift.  Similarly, is there something you can do to commemorate the new person you’re growing into?  Do something to signify to yourself that this new version of you is here to stay.

PISCES, or those with strong Pisces placements in your chart, you can focus this full moon energy into your closest relationships.  Lately, you’ve been dealing with some strife from the world at large.  In fact, you’re probably feeling a bit like you’re under some unseen bigwig’s thumb at times.  But, this current energy offers a good opportunity for you to connect with those closest to you who ignite your creativity and get you excited for life.  Our closest relationships are a great reflection for ourselves, so put time aside to make a date with those who are most special to you.  The state of your relationships is a good indicator for where you are emotionally in life.  Are you actually having trouble with someone you’re close to?  If it’s a bit rocky right now, then it’s time to clear the air so you both can mend.  If things are going well in your relationship world, then perhaps you just need to connect with those you love in a fun, care-free environment.  Nothing work-related.  You Pisces can give and give and give, so make the effort to make these next few days about being receptive to those you love.  You’ll find that a natural healing will come just by reaching out and reminding your friends and loved ones that you’re here.

Hopefully some of this resonates with you and you’re able to make some quality time for your own self-healing work this weekend.  Whatever the case, just make sure you look up into the night sky and recognize the grandeur of our celestial satellite.  If anything, it reminds us just how great this Universe is – so vast and enigmatic.  And it may not guide anything more than our oceans’ tides.  But it is interesting to ponder that if it has an effect on that massive, natural body, why wouldn’t affect ours?  So, for the sake of curiosity, try getting in tune with it this weekend.  And aspire to live that life void of fear.  As the Persian lyric poet, Hafez, wrote:

“Fear is the cheapest room in the house.  I would like to see you living in better conditions.”


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