New Moon in Aries. What about it?

Okay.  New Moon in Aries.  What about it?

One of my favorite Aries women, Maya Angelou, once said, “When you know better, you do better.”  Her simple but wise words exemplify my outlook on astrology.  Many look to it as a way to divine their future while others just question its validity.  Personally, I see it as a tool for personal growth.  We can all employ our natal charts to help us better understand what makes our inner clock tick, thus furthering our own personal evolution.  Astrology doesn’t need to be seen as some mystical, hard to understand science.  Ultimately, it should be looked at as a way to know ourselves better, so that in turn, we can “do better”.

Someone recently asked me how I got into astrology.  As I recounted the long story, I felt as if I was recounting a myth I had been told years before.  It wasn’t because I was embellishing it by making myself smarter, skinnier, or hotter in the story.  It just feels like some other lifetime ago.  I have grown into an almost entirely different person since that fateful day twelve years ago when a clairvoyant said to me, “you’re going to be an astrologer someday”, and I hadn’t even opened a book about the subject yet.  Astrology has since taken me on an outrageous ride of self-improvement and spiritual enhancement.  It’s almost as if I exchanged my eyes for a new set – this one allowing me to see beyond the mundane traffic and meetings of life into a world where I could ‘do’ as Maya said.  Better.  I have amazing friends, books, and experiences to thank for becoming the man I am today.  However, astrology has been the always constant guide for this eye-opening life of self-examination and progress.

I’m real, Angel.  Deal with it.

So what does all this have to do with the new moon in Aries?  Well, I don’t hide the fact that I am an Aries.  I can’t.  Aries thrive on infusing a sense of self-identification into everything they do and feel, so it’s intrinsic to my nature to tout my sign.  But accepting that one is a full-blown astrologer is not an easy task.  Some think I’m an idiot for believing in something so unproven.  But alas, they haven’t lived my life, so they haven’t seen the crucial role that it’s played in various moments.  Believe me, I have tried to dispel the truth of astrology time and again, but it somehow always finds a way to say, “I’m real, Angel.  Deal with it.” And over the last few months, it has been knocking hard on my door.  Now I have directly answered its call but with a slight sense of timidity.  However, this new moon (as well as a Mercury retrogarde) in my sign has me pushing to take it on with gusto.  You see, Aries are built to live life with a courageous, ‘headfirst’ nature.  So alas, here is my public, ‘new moon’ oath to commit to this calling.  I’m grateful and honored to share my astrological knowledge with all of you.

Now, enough about me!  What does all this current planetary business have to offer all of you, my dear readers?

Aries, what three words could be used to define you?

My fellow Aries, there’s so much planetary support for us right now that we have no choice but to take life by the (ram’s) horns.  Yes, Mercury is retrograding in our sign, but instead of focusing on how this could be screwing with our internet connections or slightly tying up our tongues, we should re-consider what it is we care the most deeply about.  When you step back and take a macro look at your life, what three words could be used to define you?  They could be basic adjectives (silly, fearless, depressed), they could be your work (writer, dancer, mom), or they could be your dreams yet fulfilled (wife, millionaire, happy).  Take this time to really consider what makes you you, Aries.  Then spend this next month taking steps to bring them further into fruition.  Mercury will force patience on you, but if you can look at that as a blessing and use that time for refinement, you’ll head into this new season more aware of who you want to be this year.

Taurus, one doesn’t need a religion to be spiritual.

Taurus, or those with strong Taurus placements in your chart, you have been pulled…okay maybe forced into a more introspective space lately.  I mean, doesn’t it feel like you have been just living in this space for the last few months?  Well you were just being prepping for what could now be your personal, spiritual revolution.  Sure, you’ve been deeply in touch with your innermost feelings.  But this retrograde/new moon period is an opportunity for you to more clearly define your personal path of spirituality.  Who or what is your greater power and how do you relate to it?  What is your daily ritual?  Is there a place or group of friends who can help support your faith?  You may have answers for these questions, but are they as well illustrated in your mind as they could be?  And remember, one doesn’t need a religion to be spiritual.  One just needs to cultivate a relationship with the greater unknown and a willingness to communicate with it.

Gemini, how can you best share your talents with the world?

Gemini, or those with strong Gemini placements in your chart, you have been feeling pushed to create lately, and Saturn has you really digging in and refining what that actually means for you.  What is your greatest form of expression and how can you best share your talents with the world?  Now remember, creation comes in many forms – from artwork to your own family.  But whatever your greatest type of expression is, it’s time to focus on how you can show others your gifts.  It’s one thing to be doing the work but another to actually get it seen.  Take it to the world at large.  If writing is your thing, show your work to those beyond your Facebook wall.  Is music your thing?  Try and book a live show.  Or if you already play live, go and play where people aren’t familiar with your work yet.  And if raising children is your greatest talent, then maybe it’s time to volunteer with kids, to share your maternal or paternal gift with others.

Cancer, what can you do to make your work and home life feel more interwoven?

Cancer, or those with strong Cancer placements in your chart, this new moon/retrograde time is about you truly becoming at home with your career path.    Let’s face it, you Cancers love to be at home so the ultimate would be something you could do from the confines of your own living quarters.  If that’s impossible, you still need to feel completely at ease in your surroundings.  So what can you do to make your work and home life feel more interwoven?  Do you have a great space at home that allows you to feel focused?  If work and home never mix for you, how can you bring some personal comforts into the work environment?  This time is all about bringing yourself out further into the world, so the more at home you feel at every moment of your day, the more expressive you can be.  It could be as simple as redecorating your area at work.  Life is too wonderful to spend large amounts of it feeling separated from who you really are.

Leo, what would make you happier?

Leo’s, or those with strong Leo placements in your chart, you should be spending this time getting incredibly well-acquainted with your passions.  I have said it before, Leo.  This isn’t about focusing on what you think others want you to do or even what just brings in the money and keeps a fabulous new pair of shoes on your feet each month.  Now is about getting deeply in touch with what activites makes you tick.  Sure, you may be happy in your current state, but what would make you happier?  It’s okay to ask ourselves where we have been short-changing ourselves.  It might be at work.  It could be in our personal lives.  You may say you never want to settle down when secretly all you want is to be married with some kids somewhere.  It’s okay!  Dare to be the man or woman you always dreamed of being.  It’s a simple shift of focus.  What do you want more of in life?  Then look at your answer as a higher calling sent by the Gods.

Virgo, what is it you value most in life?

Virgo’s, or those with strong Virgo placements in your chart, I am extremely proud of you.  You have been working so hard on yourselves, and the work should be starting to show.  If you’re not feeling the positive shift, then it’s time to embrace the intense transformational energy that’s swarming all around you right now.  Your life wants you to make some major changes about how you approach it.  (Those of you already in the cocoon know what I am talking about.)  Okay, so here is some practical advice that may help you move things forward.  Take special note at this time of what it is you value most in life.  It could be your family, your work, or your health routine.  Whatever it is, what is your relationship with it?  How much energy and time do you devote to it?  Now imagine that you had to shift that time and energy completely onto yourself.  By being your own first priority, how would you make sure your needs were met at all times?

Libra, you thrive on integration.

Libra’s, or those with strong Libra placements in your chart, it’s an exciting time for you right now.  You are pursuing some things with your life that are forcing your own impression of yourself to shift dramatically.  But don’t get so caught up in your personal growth that you forget to bring others into your metamorphosis.  Libra, you thrive on integration.  So, you may be learning a ton, but it’s time to balance those new ideas out.  Make a date with some people whose opinions you truly cherish.  Or even better, throw one of those dinner/cocktail parties that you’re famous for.  Then, compile a guest list of your favorite minds and put them all together in one room.  Introduce a topic and just watch the discussion fly.  You’ll find yourself incredibly stimulated by all of the engaging thoughts flying across the room, and there will be further inspiration for the new life path you’re embarking on.  You’re never one to do it alone, Libra, and there’s no need to.

Scorpio, get all spiritual with yourself.

Scorpio, or those with strong Scorpio placements in your chart, I could say this is a good time to get further in touch with your fitness routine and make your health a greater priority.  And it could be.  A friend may even introduce you to a class or new technique that could open the door to a deeper relationship with your body.  However, there are some deeper things going on too that could explain why you’ve been somewhat escaping into things that may be slightly bad for you.  I’m not just talking about booze.  Or boys.  Or constant thoughts of boys.  Work qualifies too.  So what does this all mean?  Perhaps it’s time to add a more mystical quality to your day to day life.  Something that could help you get away from the day to day dramas of your life.  Try finding a moment each day to get all spiritual with yourself.  It’s time to stop covering up the wisdom of silence with substances and people and busyness and try just being.

Sagittarius, what if you took the time to really believe in yourself?

Sagittarius, or those with strong Sagittarius placements in your chart, I know I have been bugging you a bit about bringing more creativity into your life but it’s now time to get down to business.  This retrograde/new moon phase is all about reflecting on how you may be selling yourself short.  Simply put, you may feel a bit like a slave to the world around you.  So how can you change that?  If you had all the resources to take a month off and commit to your own creative project, what would it be?  It might be something artistic.  It could be something more personal, like a relationship or a baby.  Whatever it is, you may need to act as if you have that life now and get to work  It’s time to forge a real commitment to building on something that means a lot to the life you imagine for yourself.  You’re a great thinker and have a plethora of brilliant ideas.  So what if you took the time to really believe in yourself?  Let’s just say I’d be sacred of you.

Capricorn, what does your home say about you?

Capricorn, or those with strong Capricorn placements in your chart, this retrograde/new moon time is all about your foundation.  Home is incredibly important to you, so you’re kind of a mess when you don’t have some sense of structure from which to leap from each day.  Take a look around you.  What does your home say about you?  Is it cold and lacking in personality?  Bright and airy?  Does it reflect the person you are and, more importantly, the kind of person you want to be.  If you’re single but looking, is your house open to having a partner?  Just look at the bedroom.  Is there balance in there?  Are things on the wall inviting romance or solitude?  If you live with others, is there enough of you in the house?  Your home should give anyone who enters it a clear sense of who they’re dealing with.  If you’re afraid to have people over or will but only into certain areas, then perhaps you’re doing that in other aspects of your life too.

Aquarius, you’re the alchemist.

Aquarius, or those with strong Aquarius placements in your chart, there’s so much to think about these days, it’s overwhelming.  You’re always one to attempt a lot of accomplishment in a short amount of time, but lately it’s been so full steam ahead, that you’ve almost forgotten to put your feet on the ground.  Thankfully, you’re used to being a bit in the clouds.  And why stop when so much excitement is coming your way.  Well, you could use a bit of mental downtime.  You don’t have to cancel plans.  Instead, use this retrograde/new moon time as a chance to take stock of all the newness that’s come into your world.  What do you like most in your life right now?  What things do you wish you had less of?  Your energy is so magical right now, that with some specific focus, you can physically manifest more of what you want and banish the evils that no longer serve a purpose.  You just have to believe you’re the alchemist.

Pisces, your life is not going to allow you to slack anymore.

Pisces, or those with strong Pisces placements in your chart, you have been dealing with some real world issues lately.  Perhaps your focus has been pushed to work or money – all things that help you better operate in the world.  However, you can’t escape your mystic, intuitive nature.  You always know the answers to your personal problems Pisces, even when you don’t want to.  So, you can stay in that relationship or job for a while longer, but we both know you know better.  And unfortunately, your life is not going to allow you to slack anymore.  In fact, life is going to take on a more narrative quality.  You could start to feel like the hero or heroine in your own novel as life plays out with a fun, fantastical quality.  So get what you can from some of the mundane business you’ve been caught up in, because soon you won’t have time to waste with anything of an average nature.  It’s time to step up and take on the journey of your life with gusto.

Another favorite Aries woman of mine, Lady GaGa sings, “Rejoice and love yourself today cuz baby you were born this way.”

Accept the life you’ve been given.  Rejoice in it.

With so much going on in Aries right now, it’s no surprise to me that smeone from that sign is leading the charge of self-acceptance for so many right now.  Regardless of what sector of your life this Aries new moon/retrograde phase is hitting right now, it’s important to infuse YOUR self into all aspects of your life. Respect your ideas and be a little more fearless than you normally would be.  And most importantly, accept the life you’ve been given.  Rejoice in it.  Sure, there are parts of it that need work, but that’s why we’re here looking for insights into how to fix it.  I say bravo to you for being a warrior in your life.

Just know that you’re already doing better.

Know it.

Happy New Moon in Aries!


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