So. It’s a full moon in Pisces. What about it?

We have to allow ourselves to go beyond the beyond. 

A few days ago, I was chatting with my friend at work, the Taurus, about this upcoming full moon in Pisces. We were talking about doing some sort of guided meditation to commemorate it and given that my guru friend who is excellent at leading them was going to be out of town, we started to think on other options.  I felt like she was fishing a bit for me to offer to lead one, since she’s always pushing me to embrace my spiritualist side more.  But I didn’t want to cave.  I’m not the guy that sits in front of others and guides them into the inner depths of their souls.  But almost as if someone else spoke for me, I heard myself offering to do it.  I riffed on what a full moon in Pisces could be about and in moments had a firm concept for a guided meditation.  However, I left our chat with some major trepidation about the whole thing.  Sure, it’s just going to be me, and a few of my friends, but still I didn’t want to fuck it all up.  Was this going to be a huge mistake?

Since then, I feel like I’ve received signs that have confirmed my thoughts on this full moon.  First, I got deeper into planning the meditation, and in talking it through with my boyfriend, the Aquarius, found myself to have some own inner breakthroughs about it.  Then, I received some intriguing, slightly frantic texts from a Pisces/Aries friend who was in need of some spiritual therapy.  As we hopped on the phone and I pulled some cards for her, we were able to unearth some truths that were in total alignment again with what I thought the full moon was trying to bring on.  And the Aquarius has a Pisces rising, so he too was digging into places that only felt amplified by his full moon task.

If you had such a strong, together sense of your inner self, you wouldn’t be reading this.

So what the hell is my grand thought?  In actuality, it’s nothing incredibly profound.  My basic idea is that in order to gain the most release from this Pisces full moon, we have to allow ourselves to go beyond the beyond.  Many of you reading this are already spiritual warriors in your own right.  You are attracted to writings like mine because you know that there is something more going on here than just the mundane reality of what we see.  And you’re anxious to be on your own path toward the greater self you know is within you.  So you have probably read countless self-help books, met with a few psychics of some kind, or have been to retreats and wellness centers.  Or you may have just begun the process and are looking for more ways into going beyond the veil of your life.  Now those of you who have been at it may feel like you have a firm grasp on the inner workings of your ego.  But this full moon asks you to relinquish that thought.  If you had such a strong, together sense of your inner self, you wouldn’t be reading this.  The same goes for me.  I wouldn’t be writing it.

We are all seekers.  And this week, it’s time to get serious.  Those who are ready to get a little bit deeper into the study of self, read on.  Those who aren’t, turn back now.

Intense self-work of the spiritual kind is not for the faint of heart.


This is time for a soul cleansing.

This week, I’ve decided to embark on a week of wellness.  Essentially, I am going to stop eating burgers, drinking wine, and sleeping in so that I can focus on getting my body and mind back into healthful alignment.  Without realizing it, I am actually taking on the perfect Aries prescription for this full moon.  It’s time for us Rams to reconnect to a strong daily routine that can better support us as we ascend to a greater spiritual stance.  Our bodies are the physical manifestation of our inner selves.  It’s what transports us from one earthly lesson to the next, so if we aren’t giving it the proper love, nutrients, and physical activity, then it will falter.  And that is a reflection of how we’re treating our insides.  Now, this isn’t a weight loss program.  This is time for a soul cleansing.  The goal here is not to shed pounds but to become more mindful of what you’re feeding yourself.  As you start to question whether that frozen yogurt is doing you any good, you may also ponder the same about those negative thoughts, critiques, and excuses you’ve being feeding yourself.  And that’s where the real purging needs to occur.  It’s whatever inner turmoil you’re dealing, or not dealing with, inside that’s causing any imbalance you see on the outside.


Why are you keeping yourself from connecting to the world in a bigger way?

You have an idea or project that is meant to help connect you with the greater world at large.  It could be a work or creative project, or it could just be a newer vision of you that is achingly trying to manifest itself.  The good news is you have been doing the work this summer to help bring it to light.  However, the last few weeks have had you stuck on pause in reassessment mode.  “Is this a good idea for my life?”  You see, in a movie this is that mid-way point where our hero or heroine suffers a setback and he or she must reconsider the goals at hand.  But, trust that your goals are noble and you are meant to really get ahead this year.  Or else, Jupiter, the planet of luck, would not be spending most of this year in your sign.  So take this time to ask yourself a larger question.  Why are you keeping yourself from connecting to the world in a bigger way?  You can blame it on timing or circumstance or even the rain, but none of that is going to help move you forward.  Instead try re-connecting to why you want this idea, project, or vision to succeed at findings its place.  Because it’s fun and makes you happy.  Reconnect with that and you’ll find that the work you need to do doesn’t feel like work when you love it.


You have convinced yourself of reasons why you pursue the goals that you do.

Have there been questions about whether you’re on the right path?  If you feel like you’ve been at a bit of a stand still, then you’ve certainly wondered if it’s because you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Well, that actually may be true, but here’s a way to help you find out.  Why do you want the career, relationship, or home of your dreams?  After you get through with your, “well duh, it’s because…” answer, then you can really get to the bottom of it.  See, you have convinced yourself of reasons why you pursue the goals that you do.  But beyond those firm beliefs is the truth.  And being that you like to spin your thoughts around like a hamster wheel, the essence of why you do what you do just waits on the sidelines for the right time to emerge.  The time is now to get to the bottom of why you’re after certain successes so you can make your intentions clear.  Because if those intentions aren’t pure and honest, then you need to abandon ship and find out what it is you’re truly after.  My suggestion is get another air-sign friend or confidante together, buy them dinner and/or a bottle of wine to share, and let he or she be a witness to your deeper ponderings.  Then, you’ll have someone besides your inner ‘twin self’ to help motivate any necessary changes that need to occur.


It’s time for you to get into deeper touch with your mental abilities.

Because you’re so anchored in your emotions, you can at times question the workings of your mind.  That even comes down to sometimes not feeling like you’re the smartest or wittiest one in the room.  And being that you naturally shy away from attention, you keep your thoughts to yourself and unfortunately never give birth to some of the brightest ideas.  Well, these days that inherent way of being is feeling tired and in need of a break.  So why The Critic is off on vacation, it’s time for you to get into deeper touch with your mental abilities.  In fact, you have the ability to write or say some things that could touch the world in a larger way, and all the tools to do so already lie inside you.  There’s no need to take a class or attend a lecture – your life has been the training ground.  And if you don’t feel like you’re prepared enough to take on the larger tasks at hand, then it’s time to wonder why you feel you’re lacking something.  It’s only your own belief that you might not be good enough that ever keeps you from fully pursuing a goal.  So, book your Insecurity a one-way ticket to join The Critic as they tour the ruins of your fractured past.  I hear it’s lovely this time of year.  You presently have some things of value and merit to do.


You’re operating from a very subconscious place.

Right now, you are embroiled in some interesting activities and situations that are pushing you to operate in a very different way than say six months ago.  It may be a new job pursuit, creative project, or relationship that has you readjusting your life’s routine.  It may even involve every aspect of your life.  Just what a Leo craves – excitement!  However, you need to take into account what has driven you to this point in your life.  Right now, you’re operating from a very subconscious place, which has its plusses and minuses.  For instance, you could be taking that singing class because you’re finally allowing yourself to get in touch with an art form that brings you immense joy.  Or, you could be doing it because you desperately want your voice heard and can only do so in front of total strangers.  Or it may impress someone you care about.  Or you just can’t stand to be alone with your thoughts.  Do you see where I’m driving at?  This full moon is offering you a greater transformation than some of the other signs, so utilize it by having a deeper conversation with yourself.  Who knows, you may find that you are actually in firm alignment with your spirit’s calling.  But wouldn’t it be nice to learn and own that for yourself?


Reintroduce yourself to the healing guru that lives inside you.

This full moon is happening right across from you in your opposite sign which allows you some distance from its immense energy but certainly doesn’t halt its inner effects.  You have so much planetary action going on right now, as the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all transport through your sign, so that means it’s time for a full steam “Me” attitude to emerge.  Reintroduce yourself to the healing guru that lives inside you.  Virgos have a bad rep for being controlling head-cases and that’s cause when you fall too far away from being in touch with the piece of you that matters most – the inner quiet – you lose your footing.  So now the planets are offering you a chance to strike your best yoga pose and feel your best self again.  The answers to all of your current questions and life situations lie in the stillness that your best self knows rather well.  A good way to re-acquaint yourself is actually through your closest relationships.  I bet those you love most embody that guru quality you cherish so deeply.  Well, you attracted them as mirrors to your deepest spirit.  So take a note from these living, breathing mirrors and become that stillness you admire in them.  Then, you’ll see your worries dissipate into thin air like the thoughts of a Buddha.


You’ve really only seen a small piece of what all this self-improvement has in store for your life.

You are still in the midst of your intensely major Saturn transformation.  It has you squaring off with what could be your life’s greatest personal evolution.  (And it’s scheduled to go for another year)  Because of this massive shift, you’ve been taking major strides in reclaiming aspects of yourself.  Recently, your focus has been geared toward making your career and work life more your own.  You’ve also been alerting more of the people in your personal sphere about the changes formulating the new you.  But you’ve really only seen a small piece of what all this self-improvement has in store for your life.  Yes, you have a very close relationship now with the person you are interested in being, which isn’t easy for everyone to do.  But to really stay on track and capitalize on the great work you’ve been doing, you need to dig in even further into what motivates you in this progress.  Why exactly are you making these specific changes to your life right now?  What has you shaken to the core that you feel like you must overthrow life’s current routine and agenda?  Is there something personal and specific that you haven’t really dealt with that has you questioning who you are?  Take the time to pursue thoughts about the deeper you, and let’s see just how quickly you change track or jobs or partners or lifestyles or anything that has kept you from owning this new incarnation of you.


You Scorpios are the master of extreme.

This full moon needs you to think on how it is you like to have fun.  You do know what fun is, right?  Or you know all too well what it means to have fun, especially when you get caught up in the excitement of being with the members of your closest tribe.  Since you Scorpios are the master of extreme, you are either a shy, bookish flower with a passion for alone time, or a drunk.  So yes, let’s probe this.  Let’s take into account that you have an amplified interest in educating yourself about the deeper aspects of you.  Well, all we need to do is get deeply in touch with why you are manifesting in either of these ways, because neither expression is healthy.  So, you’re trying to hide out of fear or insecurity.  Or you need to drown your sorrows in a nice Jack and Coke.  I throw those options out flippantly, because I think that’s how you treat them.  Because there is something even deeper than that you need to conquer.  It’s the fact that you know about your own destructive behavior but still do it.  What does that say about your relationship with yourself?  Why would you treat yourself so harshly?  Don’t you deserve better?  If you respond yes, than the real work can begin.  Or you can just see what’s on Bravo or have a glass of wine.


You must remember that there’s no place like home.

So, for a while now you’ve been a bit of a cocooned butterfly, yet still forming the last of its wings.  Well, let me be the one to tell you – them wings is ready.  Nudge a crack in the shell and get to pushing.  Because you have no time to lose.  Right now is the perfect time to actually make some serious progress in the department of self-love.  Stagnancy is something we can easily get used to.  But work is picking up for you and your daily life is starting to find a shape you can get behind.  So how do you marry this outer movement with that ready-to-fly inner monarch?  First, you must remember that there’s no place like home.  So, if you have had a problem with where you’ve been living, ask yourself why you have put up with it for so long.  Shouldn’t you demand a home life that mirrors your dreams and ideals for yourself?  And ‘home’ goes beyond where you do your facemasks and watch Hoarders.  You know deep down what the idea of home means for you.  So make sure that everything from the office you work from to the man or woman you curl up with at night are giving you the same fuzzy feeling that a glass of wine with mom does.  Or else take it out to the curb for trash day.  Now click your heels three times.  And you know what to say.


Try your best to let go of your connection to the real world.

First off, you may not read this for a bit since you can’t seem to sit still these days.  Travel is afoot.  And with that comes a greater knowledge of the world around you and how you relate to it.  I imagine you’re getting the bug to log even more airline miles too.  That’s because you’re desperate for some inspiration.  Sure, you love the people in your life but you see them everyday and you go to the same places and it all starts to feel the same after a while.  Now, some of this jaunting about is going to help heal that.  And the same goes for career, family, or money issues.  When you get some distance from anything in life, you also gain a new perspective of it and either learn to love it again or know with certainty that it’s time for a swift change.  So trust that you need to be out and about, and try your best to let go of your connection to the real world.  You really need to unplug from it all.  That’s the only way you’ll truly be able to find soulful presence in each new and unchartered territory you visit.  Otherwise, you’ll miss the opportunity for some growth as well as that important, creative spark you need to tackle the next big endeavor for your life.


Make yourself your latest cause to take on and champion.

You’re usually so concerned with the world around you, but the most important thing as of late has been your own self-worth.  You’ve put yourself out there in a big way as usual, but now all of your situations, relationships, and occurrences are filtered through the question of, “Is this good enough for me?”  And cheers to you.  It’s time to own your inner god or diva and make sure you’re generating all that you deserve out of life.  And it hasn’t been easy to get to this place, especially as of late.  You’ve suffered some setbacks.  You were feeling so ready to move forward from a place of solid ground.  But then that foundation cracked, and you toppled to the side a bit.  But now, you’re once again focused on some exciting internal work.  You love a challenge, especially of the mental kind.  So make yourself your latest cause to take on and champion.  Continue on with asking yourself whether everyone and everything in your life is up to standard.  And be open to the answers, even when negative.  You have kept some unnecessary things around out of misplaced opinions about yourself.  Now cut those chords to them and prepare for a fun ride into your best-intentioned self.


You’re now below the ocean floor, in waters never traveled.

We save the best for last.  Pisces, this is your full moon.  It wants you to get in touch with that crazy, slightly dangerous, and extremely free-spirited self that the more controlling, paranoid side of you can learn a whole bunch from.  You’ve somehow let that headcase-y drama queen side of you take over a bit more as of late.  It’s probably because you were pushing ahead at such a steady rate and then found yourself with a little too much time to think.  So what can you do to unleash the fish from the kelp bed it’s been stuck in?  Well first realize that there is no kelp.  It fell away a long time ago, why you were busy lamenting about something or the other.  So you are free to once again swim across the cool ocean floor bottom.  Now imagine there is a cave ahead that you can swim into.  It’s dark but for a pin-spot of light.  You may have to arch downwards to get there but you trust that it’s taking you somewhere bright.  And sure enough, you come out into a place you’ve never seen before.  You’re now below the ocean floor, in waters never traveled.  And down there lies the version of you that you see on the other end of your next complete transformation.  But how do you take that vision back up with you to the surface?  The answer to that riddle lies within asking the self you want to be for advice on how he or she got there.  And then closely mirror each step of their journey.

In writing this  (advice column, I don’t know), I have certainly gotten more excited to lead this meditation.  I have realized that part of my own Pisces journey is to bring my spirituality-based ideas, thoughts, and words to the world at large.  And, you gotta start somewhere.  This blog is one place – (and thank you all who read it!) – but a small personal space with some good friends is another.  And, let’s face it, I love an audience.



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