That Full Moon in Libra Life, 2016


The Libra Full Moon, a time when we are called to release anything from our lives that is pushing us off balance

So, I’ve been gone a while from the blog. Checked out, if you will. Not because I fell out of love with you, dear readers. And not because I lost touch with astrology. Well, entirely at least. I still had some personal clients here and there. But mostly I was immersed in other areas of my life to a degree that I just wasn’t able to balance it all. Or at least that is what I told myself. I just didn’t have the time to write the blog. Now is that entirely true? No. I could’ve made the time. But anyhow, this isn’t my time to explain or apologize. Now is the time to dive back in. And funnily enough, we find ourselves at the Libra Full Moon, a time when we are called to release anything from our lives that is pushing us off balance. That way we have no reason to say we can’t find the time to balance it all. From this point forward, we have the opportunity to see that thinking like this is just a mentality of procrastination bred from our fears to commit.

Moving forward, we all must make balance a priority in our lives. You already know the thing, the habit, the relationship that is holding you back from attaining it. But before you go fully exorcising those demons, get clear on what balance means for you. It’s a broad term and means something different for each of us. Thankfully, Mercury, the planet that rules the mind and all things communication, is a part of this Full Moon. It’s there in the action to say, “Hey, you know what shit you need to fix. Don’t try to meditate to the answer. Don’t hope someone else is gonna come along and tell you what you need to fix. You KNOW the answer so get to fixing it!” Well, that’s how my mind talks to me at least. Anyway, all this is to say you have the answer available to you, right now. It’s the thing you’ve felt nagging you. Whether it’s something you’ve been doing too much of, or something you haven’t been doing enough. It’s that person you’ve been giving all of yourself to in lieu of giving anything to yourself. Or substitute that for a job. Or your family. What else is getting more time than YOU in your life? The balance must shift.


Make the changes you need to restore order to the kingdom of your life

This isn’t just a simple shift either. Let me guess that you may be feeling a little do or die these days. You may be feeling like what you do now will have ramifications that echo out into your future in a big way. Well, it’s because they do. So don’t sleep on this cosmic chance to shift and change the balance and flow of your life. Get woke! Utilize this Libra Full Moon energy to jump off the lazy train and make the changes you need to restore order to the kingdom of your life! NOW IS THE TIME!

Some more details to help you:


Look at your relationships. If you’re off kilter in those, then you’re off kilter everywhere. So restore balance in that area. Give more time to those that merit it and release the ones that aren’t supporting your best you. And then remember that your most important relationship is the one you have with you, and make sure that it is getting more attention that any of the others.


Look at your daily routine. Do you have daily rituals for yourself that you haven’t been keeping to? Consider specifically in regards to your health. Are you supporting the healthiest version of you, or are you slouching? It’s easy for you to sit on your butt so make sure your health isn’t taking aback seat these days.


Look at your creative life. What’s blocking you from accessing your strongest creative flow? Pay attention to the friends in your life. Are they pushing you to be your most creative self? Spend more time with those who are, because they will help you make the greater changes you feel you need in your life. The party friends aren’t doing a damn thing for you.


Look at your home life. Are you spending a little too much time there but not in any sort of productive way? Sure you go there to unwind but have you lost your connection to it in a deeper way. You may want to get rid of some old, outdated things in your home. Really do that spring cleaning so you can get some new energy in there, and feel more in touch with your core self.


Look at your mental life. How clear is it? What bullshit are you spewing to yourself? Are you whispering fears to yourself, causing you to suffer anxiety? Are you spouting off negativity about everyone and everything, just to distract from the things you don’t like about yourself right now. Clear the head and start anew. No more old ways of thinking. From now on, think yourself into happiness. It’s not hard.


Look at your self-worth. And by that, I mean your self-doubt. No one is better at worrying him or herself into a corner that you, my Virgo. So it is time to let go of whatever self-doubt you have that is holding you back from pursuing the pieces of your life that are not getting enough attention. Yes, easier said than done. But consider what aspects of your life are contributing to your lackluster self-worth, and do your best to cut them loose.


Look within. I almost don’t want to write you anything because all I want is for you to clear your head from everyone else’s impression of what you should and shouldn’t be doing. You need to let go of making everyone else happy. It’s bogged you down and put too much on your plate. What would make you happiest right now? Release whatever stands in the way of that.


Look to your subconscious. What do you fear the most? Get deep like I know you can and think big. Do you fear abandonment? Failure? Loneliness? How are these fears causing you to focus too much attention on things in your life that are, in some way, keeping you from these fears? Well, what if told you that you could let go of whatever job, relationship, or activity you feel chained to due to those fears? What if I told you those fears aren’t real and you will be okay? What would you cut of your life then?


Look to your friends. In fact, with Saturn in your sign, you may feel a sense of loneliness, so your friends may feel a little like strangers right now. But that’s okay because you need to be focusing on getting serious about who you truly feel yourself to be. You’re embracing a new sense of self, so you may need to release yourself from old ideas of who you thought you should be, and the people who held the same beliefs about you.


Look to your career. I am sure it is going like gangbusters but is it the main thing that defines you right now? If so, it’s time to loosen the reigns and relinquish some of its hold on you. You may just be feeling the need to be home a bit more right now, and that is a good thing. So shine a light there, invite some people over to warm it up, and let some others worry more about work for a bit.


Look to your sense of knowledge. Trust that you have attained quite a bit of it, and know that now you need to be the teacher in some areas of life. How can you release some of what you’ve learned about the world in a way that will help others? Or what would you consider yourself to be a master in? How can you create ways in your life to offer others your teachings so that they can gain the wisdom you’ve been picking up? Surprisingly, this will also help to boost your self-esteem, so win-win.


Look to your quest to change. What piece of you have you been resisting from changing? It’s easy to convince ourselves that certain ways of being are just who we are in life. We just can’t change. However, we are sometimes just afraid to admit our faults, and we want to stubbornly hold on to pieces of ourselves because it’s easier than admitting that a piece of us is old and outdated. It’s time to face that certain piece of your puzzle and remove it so you can continue to evolve on your path.


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