That Gemini New Moon When You Got Real With Yourself


We have to get down to releasing our self-made soap operas so that we can focus on the lives we want to be living for ourselves

I recently got over a conflict I was having with a friend, except the friend wasn’t entirely aware that there was even a conflict at all. Yes, that reveals me to be somewhat of a passive-aggressive headcase. I can admit to that. But there was also real hurt and sadness there, and I had constructed all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t directly confront the problem. Some of it I even construed as being considerate on my part. But of course, it was all just fear-based. And in hindsight, I think some of the drama I was creating in my head, and in my relationship, was just stifled creativity withheld by resistance.

In his masterful book, THE WAR OF ART, Steven Pressfield writes, “Creating soap opera in our lives is a form of resistance.” And resistance is what keeps us from living “the unlived life within us.” We can so easily get caught up in what he’s doing or what she said or how so-and-so and so-and-so did such-and-such together and they must not care about me, but in the end, it’s almost always just some bullshit that doesn’t need to affect us. As Pressfield suggests, we have to get down to releasing our self-made soap operas so that we can focus on the lives we want to be living for ourselves.


This Gemini new moon wants you to get real with both the person you are inside and the person you’re expressing out into the world

The Gemini New Moon is all about unifying the conversations that our heart selves and our personality selves are having, so that we can clear a path for a more authentic expression of being. Sometimes we just feel some kind of way about something, but we don’t express it. We internalize it, like I did with my friend, causing a split in our life continuum. We resist the urge to speak our truth, thus leaving ourselves to suffer in silence. And it’s usually for no good reason. So this Gemini new moon wants you to get real with both the person you are inside and the person you’re expressing out into the world. Can you see if there’s any disconnect there? Are you suppressing a part or parts of yourself in some area of your life just to keep the peace? Is there a hole in your heart that you’ve been resisting to fill?

Remember, this is the launch of a new month-long cycle. So let’s take a closer look at each sign and how to work with it.


You really have something to say. Whether you’re holding back on some serious conversation you’ve been meaning to have or you have some great creative project that needs to spout from your lips or fingertips, you are about ready to burst. Now is the time to dig deep and speak the truth, making sure that what you have to say is truly coming from the depths of your heart. You very easily suffer from foot in mouth syndrome, so be really emotionally connected to what you speak.


You are in the midst of a greater transformation, pushing yourself to release old habits and formulate new, better ones. With the Gemini new moon, the focus is on how you express and communicate your truth to the world. You can see the power in being one hundred percent you, so use this time to make sure that you’re giving focus to every single thing that you value in life. If there is an area that is suffering, you need to pay it more attention, so that you don’t end up with a fractured existence.


You are in the question mark of pondering how well you love yourself. As Gemini’s, you already have been tasked with mastering the trick of dual inner communication. What voice of yours is truth and which one is fear? How do you get that truth voice to be stronger so that the fear one isn’t in control? A good way to measure where you’re at with this is in your relationships. How do those closest to you treat you? If you’re not being fully loved from the outside through kind words and gestures, it may be time to fully overhaul how you talk to yourself within.


You are in the perfect place in life right now to meld your heart, mind, and spirit. All of these varied pieces want to be communicating as one so take this moon cycle as an opportunity to withdraw and make sure that you aren’t splintered in some way. The greatest challenge to this is simply the day to day routine of your life. Work may be too busy or home life may not feel like it can slow down. But you have to choose to make some quiet time for your own reflection. It will make you better equipped for the here and now and better prepared for the future busy-ness to come.


You are being asked to put yourself out into the world in a bigger way and the key to this is taking responsibility for your own creative output. What do you want the world to know about you? Do you have ideas on how to make our crazed world a better place? Instead of waiting around for someone else to come along and give you the go ahead, how can you take some steps toward manifesting your own vision for the future?


You are able to contemplate your career right now in a way that also allows you to take some steps forward in it. The goal is to make sure that your heart is fully invested in the career that you’re working in so that your most authentic self can shine through in it. If what you’re doing doesn’t feel a hundred percent in alignment with what you feel is your life purpose, then you may want to find a trusted person who can help you talk this through. Start by forgetting what you think you should do and remember what it is you want to do.


You may be in need of some new people in your life. Or at least you need to get out of your comfort zone and explore some places or pieces of you that you haven’t been to before. It may be hard to make some clear decisions right now because you are so consumed with doing the right thing. So changing your routine and exposing yourself to some new perspectives may just be the thing that can help you get a stronger sense of who you want to be and how you want to get there.


You are primed for a solid transformation right now, if you’re willing to shift the way you think about some things. Are you able to let go of some of your old communication habits, both with yourself and with those you cherish most? It’s time to understand why you think or speak the way you do, and if it’s actually translating the truth of your heart. Start with who and what you value most in life so that you have a safe place to begin shifting the way you think, feel, and talk about all things of the heart.


You are always the life of the party but now is the time to really open up to the folks who matter who to you most. You’ve been facing some demons that have pushed you to shift parts of yourself you didn’t even know needed changing, but the fire sign happy face hasn’t entirely let others in. Consider allowing some other folks in beyond the velvet rope so you don’t have to feel like an island to yourself all the time.


You are looking to lay the foundation for a new personal structure. Your routine needs some retooling. Your health could use some paying attention to. But most importantly, you are trying to get a clearer understanding of where you stand in your closest relationships. You care deeply about some folks and they may need to hear it, even if the truth may hurt or be challenging to get out. In all, it could lead to the most beautiful and emotional catharsis of your life, and what better way to launch a new beginning.


You could stand for some stimulating, creative conversation to help remind you that you have a place in this world. You just have to take responsibility for how that place in the world is going to manifest. Allow some good, inspiring back and forth to help you get some clarity on which of your many ideas to pursue and use this new moon cycle to put some work into the one that wants to jump to the foreground.


You want to get all of your ideas out and be using them for good right now, but your career doesn’t seem to be entirely receptive to maximizing your potential at this time. Well, we all need a downswing to get clear on what truly matters to us. So what truly matters to you? One thing that should matter is clarity. With all of these ideas and thoughts, how do you know which step forward to take? As a metaphor, clear out the clutter in your home space. Starting there could help launch you into de-cluttering, and clarifying, other areas of your life.


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