That Bad Ass Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn New Moon. A time to get in touch with the bad ass boss you that sits ahead of you, in time. The Oprah or Rupaul existence at the end of the tunnel. The place you wholeheartedly vision yourself to be.

Maybe you already feel like you’ve come through to the end of a tunnel. A journey ended. A success founded. Or have endured what feels like a failure or a loss that your heart is pushing you to exhale from and move on. Either way, what we all come to realize is that no matter what you accomplish, whatever challenges engulf you. Whatever heartbreak or whatever celebration finds its way to you, there is still always a whole new yellow brick road to embark upon.

So this new moon wants you to dig deep and consider making this next step on the new path a downright plunge. A deeply committed move forward. So what dream, new or around since childhood, are you ready to say “Yes” to? The energies at play want to help you manifest what’s needed for you to accomplish the goals you’ve got inside and that want to emerge into existence. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, from the Universe or from those in your life who can lend the support. The road feels long but you don’t have to walk it alone.

Dream big. Believe big. Manifest big. And remember that change is good. Change is constant. And you must be open to change so that the bad ass boss version of you can find his or her way home.


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