New Moon in Aquarius. What about it?

Okay.  New Moon in Aquarius.  What about it?

A new moon is about beginnings.  It’s an opportunity to focus in on an aspect of our lives that requires an infusion of fresh energy.  The clear, dark night sky is meant to inspire introspection and should be utilized as a clean slate for any of our hot-off-the-press ideas for our lives.  So how are you going to saturate your life with more vitality?  And what role does Aquarius play in all of this for you?

Aquarius is independent and eccentric, yet always strives to consider the greater good when making decisions.  There’s an intuitive sense that he or she can change the world, though intense focus must be achieved to ground their slightly manic energy.  The Aquarius also likes to be getting something for themselves through their actions – it’s that Leo opposition in effect.  To paraphrase my boyfriend, The Aquarian, his astro kin will throw an amazing charity event but then remind you all day long whose idea it was to feed the homeless or save the whales.  Oprah is a fantastic example of her sign in action.  She works from a sincere place of wanting to change people’s lives, yet it’s also clear that she’s a major player in all the good will she offers to others.

So how does all of this translate to the new moon, which is in effect tonight (Feb.2nd)?  Well, it’s time to steer yourself in a new direction that will benefit you as well as those around you.  The Aquarius new moon wants you to make changes that are going to put you out in the world.  Let’s take a closer look at how it could specifically benefit you.

Given that Aquarius is an air sign, this new moon will also strongly affect its friends in Libra and Gemini.  It’s a time to shift some of that mental energy out into the physical world.  How can we best exhibit this transformation in a positive way?

  • Aquarius, or those with strong Aquarius aspects in your chart, should be feeling pretty good these days.  Not only are the Sun and Moon shifting through your sign, but so is Mars, the planet of action.  Now is the best time to be taking steps to bring your largest dreams to fruition.  What is the best expression of yourself and how can you utilize it to put yourself out there more?  Do you have a unique idea on how to fix a problem at work?  Have you had a creative idea that has seemed too crazy to share with others?  It’s time to celebrate that unusual you that’s living inside.  The world needs your special kind of crazy, so stop bottling it up.  Go do something that will aid in getting the true you out into the open.  The planets are on your side, so get out of your own way already.

  • Libras, or those with Libra in your chart, are still living with Saturn in their chart.  He’s gone retrograde too, so he’s just hunkered down for some more reflection time.  Thankfully, he’s sparking your creativity during this new moon period.  You’ve been feeling a bit more solitary than your usual self, but now is a good time to bring some others into the fascinating new world you’ve been exploring for yourself.  Reach out to those who have inspired you in the past and encourage them with your own excitement.  Is there an idea you’re enthused about but aren’t sure yet on how to make it solidify?  Perhaps throw a fun little gathering for those you love most that can also serve as your own personal brainstorming session.  Your best ideas always come to life when bounced off another’s reflection.

  • Gemini’s, or those with Gemini in your chart, are also feeling the positive effects of this new moon.  The current energy is probably igniting your hunger for knowledge, and it’s time to satisfy that need.  Gemini’s are always at their best when they have something new to talk about, but can easily fall prey to egocentrism.  Take a note from your astro sibling and explore an interest that will do the world around you some good.  Is there an organization you’ve been intrigued by but haven’t taken the steps to get involved in yet?  Do you have interest in a class that will put you in touch with your more positive-minded self?  Make it a priority to do something for the greater world at large.  Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you’ll also have something incredibly fascinating to talk about at your next happy hour.

Fire signs are feeling some heightened effects from this new moon as Aquarius meets all three signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) at very interesting angles.  Aquarius is also the fieriest of the air signs, so there’s a tendency for fire signs to feel more at home during a lunar phase like this one.

  • Aries, or those with Aries in your chart, will get a special kick from this new moon.  There’s already a harmonious relationship between the two signs, but Jupiter’s placement in Aries gives an extra shot of intensity to your latest great idea.  You need to take advantage of the good luck that’s swarming around you and get that new endeavor off the ground.  Sure, there’s some fear around forging a new path, but you’re an Aries.  You live and breathe by being adventurous.  You’re also a natural born leader, and what better way to exemplify that than by being an example of bravery.  Know that what you do now won’t just be good for you, but for those around you.  Take some physical steps to start that new business.  Break ties with that guy who’s consistently dragging you down.  It’s your time, Aries, so don’t f*** it up!

  • Leos, or those with Leo in your chart, have all of that Aquarian energy opposing you.  This is a test for you to integrate some of that “doing it for others” mentality into your life.  What if you approached all of your relationships for a few days from a completely selfless place?  Yes, I know Leo, you’re always doing everything for everyone else.  But let’s face it, that recognition is what keeps the fire burning, and you’re only doing it if it’s done your way.  The new moon wants you to act as if there’s no reward in sight and as if the client is always right.  Might there be an opportunity to learn something insightful from everyone you encounter?  As homework, make a date with someone you wouldn’t normally hang with one-on-one, perhaps an Aquarius.  This will be a good opportunity to learn some of those new ways of being you need to embody this month.

  • Sagittarius, or those of you with the sign in your chart, are definitely of a similar tribe to the Aquarius.  You’re both truth-seekers who aim to shake things up for the world around you.  This new moon wants you to engage your creative exuberance for life and come up with some new ideas on how you can attain happiness.   Venus has been traveling through your sign too, so you probably have had to connect with a lot of people as of late.  Have any of your acquaintances ignited a new direction for you to consider in life?  Perhaps you’re on the quest for a new job or are out there looking for a new love.  Some of the people in your circle may know someone who knows someone.  Check in with the people in your life and ask for what you need.  Aquarius could very well shoot you an answer from the most unexpected of sources.

Earth signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus) have a natural contrast with some of Aquarius’ more unconventional ways of being.  There’s a grounding that needs to occur in order for them to feel safe in every situation, whereas Aquarius feels at home rolling with the punches.  How do these energies work together?

  • Capricorns, or those with Capricorn in your chart, are asked to look at your sense of value in this new moon cycle.  Where are you putting your focus and is it in alignment with what you truly care about?  Have you been giving a lot of yourself to others as of late, but selling yourself short in some way?  You may very well be rolling in the dough and/or recognition, but are you earning any of it by doing what makes you happy?  You may need to examine whether you’re giving as much to yourself as you are to everyone else these days.  Yes, Aquarius wants you to think of others, but how can you help anyone else if you’re not the best at helping yourself?  It may sound cheesy to say, but take a walk in nature.  Go outside and spend some quality time alone.  Get in touch with you – not with activities or with the world around you.  Just you.  Big internal changes are starting to happen for you Caps, so you need to get adjusted to feeling what you need and want out of my life more deeply than you’ve perhaps been used to.

  • Virgos, or those with Virgo in your chart, need to take this time to get in touch with your physical worlds.  You Virgos are always trying to plan or get things ready for your big future plans, but the new moon is forcing you to interact more with the present.  Is something new on the horizon at work?  Perhaps you’ve been given more responsibility.  Maybe your health routine is taking center stage again.  Is it time for a cleanse or just a simple shift in diet?  Does your workout routine need a jumpstart?  Re-connect with your earthy self and dive into some new routines with a sense of zeal.  This is all very well-known Virgo territory, and you’ve been focused on getting back to yourself as of late, so take whatever the new moon is illuminating for you and integrate it into the next version of you that’s coming into being.

  • Taurus, or those with Taurus in your chart, are feeling the burn to make some changes in your career this month.  You are not satisfied anymore by working to appease a small pool of people.  You crave to be out in the world, and want to be making some money doing it.  What’s the career that will get you doing what you love and making change in the world?  Can you rework your resume to put yourself on that path?  Perhaps there’s an opening at that company you’re dying to work at.  Take some concrete steps towards making this idea of your new life a reality.  Perhaps you’re content with what you do but need to step up to the next level.  What can you do to show everyone you mean business?  Sometimes, it’s just as easy as networking with a new group to get the process rolling.  Don’t wait for permission to transform.  No one’s going to give it you, but you.

Water signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio) are the emotional beacons of the zodiac, so they also have a connection to some of Aquarius’ humanitarian leanings.  Still, the effects of the air sign’s new moon lend a different light for each of the signs.

  • Cancers, or those with Cancer in your chart, are still working through some of that powerful full moon energy from last month.  There’s also that Pluto energy shining from across the waters of your opposite sign, Capricorn, so there’s definitely a sense of emotional overdrive.  What or who are you feeling powerfully connected to these days?  Is there a drive to get a bit more down and dirty when it comes to what’s truly important in life?  Cancers certainly don’t like to live on the surface of life, but there’s an even stronger connection to your sibling, the Scorpio, these days.  Don’t be afraid of the probing you’re intrigued to do these days.  Dive in to the depths of who you are and explore.  Have you been more intrigued by the spiritual side of things?  Buy some books on topics that surprisingly interest you now.  You’ll find that some of these new sources of intriguing investigation can steer you on a path that’s more important than you initially realize.

  • Pisces, or those with Pisces in your chart, are feeling very much in your element at this new moon.  You may already be gearing up for your own new moon next month, as you’re starting to get in touch again with some of the elements in life you truly love.  And it’s time to be fun and creative again, as you’ve spent the last couple of months attempting some healthy evolution.  Now let’s see if some of these new ideas and ways of being can stick and really form the new you.  Take stock of how you’ve been transforming lately.  Do you have some old photos out that recall a time when things weren’t so great?  Are there other relics of a time gone by that don’t need to be remembered anymore?  Replace them with markers for who you are now.  If you’re behind on your personal transformation, then take this new moon as another opportunity to put it into effect and have faith.

  • Scorpio, or those with Scorpio in your chart, are always look for an exciting way to transform, and this time is no exception.  The Aquarius isn’t exactly your best friend as they’re a little too bouncy/cheery for your taste, so infusing some of their energy into your chart isn’t always the easiest task.  The best way for you at this time to inhabit this new moon could be to look at your surroundings, since your home is one of your favorite places to be on earth.  Is there something new you could bring there to inspire some of the change you’re seeking right now?  Are you tired of looking at that broken appliance or the empty space where a chair should be?  Get yourself something new that’s comfortable (and a bit colorful) for your home.  Or fix something that’s been in desperate need of repair.  This could remind you that you’re the one in charge of moving your life forward – not anyone else.  It’s time to re-establish that personal stability, so you can be the powerful presence everyone else knows you are.

The Aquarius new moon is a powerful time for everyone, as we have shifted into that highly spoken of “Age of Aquarius”.  We’re seeing entire regions in the world inspired by that Aquarian energy of revolution and change.  Some are putting their lives on the line to shift transformation into being.  We should be just as ignited to create that level of metamorphosis in our own lives.  Aim high.  As we all strive to be better, we can then mirror that energy out into the world.

Happy New Moon!


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