Okay. Full Moon in Leo. What about it?

Okay.  Full Moon in Leo.  What about it?

As we’ve discussed before, a full moon represents a time of release, whether it be around emotions, items, or relationships.  And everyone has their own specific way of letting go.  Some have to physically throw something out to signify an ending.  Others have to communicate their issues and have that well-known “closure” talk.  There are those who have to create a piece of art to surrender their stress.  Then, there are many who don’t even deal with releasing or letting go of old business.  They perform some sort of “top kill” on themselves by piling “more important” things (events, the kids, work) on top of their emotions.  A Leo Full Moon is certainly not a time for the latter.  Leo is that loud, dramatic energy that needs to shout from the mountain tops.  So what happens when it meets up with the soft, sensitive Moon?

Take a page from my favorite famous Leo, Madonna… Maybe it’s time you wrote your LIKE A PRAYER.  The world needs your unique voice, but you need to purge that little monster that may be holding you back.

Leo definitely has an emotional component to it, but it comes from a “what about me?” mentality.  Whether the climate is happy and exuberant or miserable and depressed, Leo wants the world to know what’s going on.  So when the Moon is in Leo, it wants us all to feel something and share it with the world around us.  Where in our lives may the Leo full moon manifest for each of us?  Let’s look into each sign and see how we can all best minimize the drama.

Leo is that bold, sometimes warm, sometimes destructive energy that feeds off of attention.  The other two fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, also need that attention to thrive, but they utilize it towards different gains.  The current full moon energy offers an opportunity to acknowledge this personal need and use it to their benefit.

Leo’s, or those with Leo in your chart, have been feeling that motivation to execute big changes in your lives, and opportunity has shown itself, yet something’s been holding you back.  Has the world been trying to put you on pause while at the same time pushing you to work harder?  You Leos do not like to be shown the golden ticket and then be asked to wait.  So, what to do?  Well, Leo, it’s time to face the fact that the world isn’t holding you back.  You are.  It’s time to get in touch with that powerful Leo creativity and face that emotional demon that you’ve been putting on pause.  Take a page from my favorite famous Leo, Madonna.  She creates entire albums that represent a full moon release in her life.  Maybe it’s time you wrote your LIKE A PRAYER.  The world needs your unique voice, but you need to purge that little monster that may be holding you back.

Sagittarius, or those of you with Sag in your chart, may need to be have that much-needed conversation you’ve been putting off.  “What is he talking about?  I always tell everyone what’s on my mind?”  Yes, that’s true when it comes to that new restaurant you tried or that exciting book you just read.  But when it comes to that emotional conversation, you can admit it can feel at times like going for a root canal.  So why is the time now to engage someone important on a deeper level?  Well, it’s because you’re also in the midst of a spiritual revolution, and a large part of manifesting such a powerful metamorphosis is keeping the mind clear.  So fess up to what it is you need to get off your chest and initiate that talk.  Not only will it get you closer to someone you love, it will get you closer to the version of you that you love.

Aries, or those with Aries in your chart, you have been feeling pulled out and about into the world with little time for rest.  Whether it’s been at home, with work, or in your social calendar, everyone’s been looking at you to take the reigns and make things happen.  And, it’s certainly nice to feel liked, right?  But you might have forgotten to include one little thing in all of this exciting activity.  F.  U.  N.  Yes, even those parties as of late have felt like reporting for duty.  So, what’s your task for this full moon weekend?  Well, it’s time to remind yourself that there’s a fun-filled, free-spirited beast lying inside you that occasionally needs to let loose without a feeling of responsibility lurking around the bend.  You need to channel your fellow sign mate, Lady GaGa.  Get creative with your self and let others awe at your amazingness without you having to try so hard.  You were born this way, Aries, so own it and work it.

Now is the time, unless you want to be stuck holding on to that outdated piece of you for another whole year.  I mean, no one wants to get caught wearing last year’s issues.  It’s so not cute.

Air signs can relate to the fire sign mentality.  They have a lot of passion inside of them too, but most of it lives in their ideas.  How will this mental interplay be affected at this full moon time?

Aquarius, or those with Aquarius in your chart, you’re experiencing a lot of action right now in the sky.  This birthday season has probably given you a strong shove towards being that better version of yourself you’ve only been toying with for the last year or so.  The relationships that have risen to the surface at this time are the best reflection for you of that direction you need to be heading in.  Who is currrently most important to you in your life?  Why?  Is it because he or she embodies some aspects of yourself that you want to bring into being?  Spend some quality time with those who encourage that rebirth you’re in the process of, and let he or she show you what that next piece of the cocoon is that you’re ready to shed.  Now is the time, unless you want to be stuck holding on to that outdated piece of you for another whole year.  I mean, no one wants to get caught wearing last year’s issues.  It’s so not cute.

Gemini, or those with Gemini in your chart, are feeling some of what your cousin Sagittarius is feeling right now.  You need to communicate.  But come on, when isn’t that the case.  You Gemini’s don’t have a problem facing those cold hard facts about yourself when it’s necessary, but you also feel the need to tell everyone around you about your newfound personal discoveries.  Lately, life hasn’t allowed you the amount of time you usually desire to share your innermost thoughts with others.  Perhaps that’s because it’s time to focus more on cmmunicating with yourself.  You can analyze your emotions for days and intellectualize them with your friends over a glass of cabernet, but unless you’re really sitting still and taking it all in, you’re not growing.  So, have that serious conversation with yourself.  If you need to talk out loud, videotape yourself.  Or put it into writing.  Release what you’ve been feeling lately but in a manner that’s only for you.  Then the truth can come out in a more emotional way that will allow you to step forward in your own personal growth process.

Libra, or those with Libra in your chart, now is the time to release yourself back out into the world.  You have been doing some serious self-reflection as of late, and it’s making you a more grounded, invigorated person.  However, you’re a social being.  You need to be stimulated by those outside of what you know.  So, find a way to release that current sense of “I know all that I need to know right now” and immerse yourself into a setting you may not usually frequent.  Your mentality is expandiing, so let it explore a corner of your brain where the lights aren’t on at this time.  You’ll find that by letting in a different group of people or another view of life, you’ll only be broadening the current mental shift you’re experiencing in a way that will alter you for the better.

Take this weekend to do something you enjoy doing, and see if perhaps it’s what you should be getting paid for in more than just compliments.

Water signs, you’re the always important emotional core of the Zodiac.  You’re also a little more comfortable in the shadows of life, so a full moon like this one may not be your most comfortable chair.  How exactly might it affect you?

Cancers, or those with Cancer in your chart, you may be feeling some of that Spring cleaning energy that’s creeping up on us as we head closer to March, and you should definitely go with it.  You’ve been making some personal headway and feeling more empowered lately, so clean out those closets to make room for the new, exciting life you’re manifesting right now.  Literally though.  The closets.  Now’s a good time to put that bag of old clothes together for that charity you love.  Do the kids have a ton of toys they don’t play with anymore that are just cluttering up the floor?  Make this a family affair and have everyone pitch in.  Yard sale perhaps?  This purging of your physical items will be good for your home but will also feel good for your soul.  And if you sell some things, it might not hurt your wallet either.  Then perhaps you can go out and get those new shoes you’re loving on.  Hey, a step forward in life should never be made in shoes we’ve worn before.

Scorpios, or those with Scorpio in your chart, this full moon energy is shining over the career sector of your life.  Whether you’re happy in the job you have or don’t have a job at all, there may be a slight curiosity about whether the type of work you’re pursuing is where you’d be most at home.  It may be time to release some old ideas around how you make decisions for your work life.  Have you been motivated more from a place of what you should be doing rather than what you want to be doing?  You are deep people Scorpios, so sometimes it’s hard to decipher your true desires from misguided directions others have implanted in you.  Focus on what it is you like to do when you’re at home.  No, you can’t make a living watching home improvement shows.  But, should you be renovating homes?  Cooking shows are fun too, but maybe it’s just that “ridiculous” dream of culinary school that’s calling.  Take this weekend to do something you enjoy doing, and see if perhaps it’s what you should be getting paid for in more than just compliments.

Pisces, or those with Pisces in your chart, you’re feeling this full moon energy culminating in your day-to-day work life.  Are you in need of a three-day weekend more than anyone?  Yes, you are.  You know it’s easy for you to get consumed by things: work, a man, a good song.  So, this Leo energy wants you to do everything you can to break up that daily grind you’ve been slaving to.  Do everything in your power to make the next few days about what you need and express it in ways that are completely out of your ordinary.  Do you ever splurge on massages or facials?  You need to now.  Has a night out dancing only become something you remember doing when you were younger.  Well, get them glow sticks out and go dance it up until the sun rises.  Along the lines of what your fellow sign mate Rihanna says, make yourself feel like  “the only girl (or guy) in the world”.  You deserve that long swim in your own personal Piscean pool.  If people think you’re crazy, fine.  Maybe you are.  It’s a good thing.

So let that fire ignite you.  Sure, some of us may get burned a bit.  But, it’s better to release on your own terms than have something yanked away from you later.

Ah, my grounded Earth sign friends.  Leo’s fiery, exuberant energy isn’t the most agreeable to your more usually structured ways.  But maybe this should just be an opportunity for you to let yourself loose a bit more.  Let’s see where this energy is trying to emerge in your personal hemisphere.

Capricorns, or those with Cap in your chart, you’re actually all about letting go right now.  You’re sensing the end of a chapter in your life, so this full moon is all about doing something that will symoblize the closure you’re working on.  Are you preparing for a move somewhere in your life?  Is it time to pick up roots and get a new home?  A new job?  A new relationship?  You don’t have to do anything drastic, even with this Leo influence, but it could be good to at least steer yourself towards some exploration of what could be next.  Is it time to start seeing what’s out there beyond the horizon?  Perhaps you’re even further along and are packed and ready to go.  So, how about using the current energy to tie up some loose ends.  Focus on what you need to release that’s going to allow you to feel at home in your next incarnation.  The only baggage you want for the next phase is what will help build your new life.  So shed anything that could hold you back and know that the time is upon you for some profound transformation.

Taurus, or those with Taurus in your life, this full moon time is a good opportunity to stay at home.  Yes, this advice is blunt but isn’t necessarily literal.  Sure, you may feel a little more homebody-ish for the next few days and that’s fine.  Honor it.  You may just need the alone time to finish up an important project you’re been working on but haven’t had the time to focus on.  You may also just need to get away to a place that allows you to feel more at home in your skin.  Is there a hobby you love that you could be exploring but haven’t felt like you’ve had the time to pursue?  Now’s the time to let go of this mentality that there’s never enough time.  The things you feel are necessary for your life’s happiness are a priority.  Your lifetime isn’t about everything else that others need from you.  It’s ABOUT you.  So, know you’re being supported to make yourself the priority right now.  Conquer that current undertaking and remind yourself what you’re capable of so you can move onto the next victory.

Virgos, or those with Virgo in your chart, it’s been a deep time for you.  There’s a lot of internal work trying to happen while war is waging outside.  You have so much going on right now that it’s hard to settle into what’s really at stake here, your personal well-being.  So what can you do to get centered when you’re also being asked to juggle a lion, a sailboat, and a piece of cheese?  (Difficult, I know!)  Well, you need to remember that everything is going to operate smoothly, even if you’re not there.  Are there responsibilities you have that could go to someone else?  Your usual mode is to handle everything because it’s just easier that way and will get done the way you believe it needs to.  But alas, others are just as capable.  So, give up that task you don’t need in your daily life anymore and figure out what you could do with that little bit of free time.  Oh snap, you could do something for yourself?  I know, it’s foreign at times, but with practice, it gets easier.

“In the midnight hour, I can feel your power”, Leo Full Moon.  She is definitely calling us all to action.  (Leo, not Madonna, though she is also usually calling me to action.)  Leo wants us to get more active in our lives and to take center stage in some way.  So let that fire ignite you.  Sure, some of us may get burned a bit.  But, it’s better to release on your own terms than have something yanked away from you later.  And you may just end up with a sexy scar to show for it.

Now get to work.  And Happy Full Moon!


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