So. A full moon in Sagittarius. What about it?

 If we look back on the life we have lived thus far, we are able to see what chameleons we each can be.

If we look back on the life we have lived thus far, we are able to see what chameleons we each can be.  In my 34-ish years, I have already lived so many lives and have been an array of different people.  Some versions of myself have been angrier than others.  Some have been less responsible.  Others have been more frugal, more creative, drunker, and poorer.  But at the core, they have all been me.  Over the years, I have been able to let go of aspects of myself that were not working or have forced myself to change them when the going got tough.  I mean, we’ve all done it.

Take a minute to look back at your life ten years ago.  For me, I was living in San Francisco, working as a full time astrologer and tarot reader.  My schedule from day to day was never the same.  I had seven roommates: three humans and four cats.  And I was probably out dancing instead of at home typing.  I also was incredibly insecure, secretly fearful, and believed I was meant to rule the world.  Who were you?  Which aspects of you were working and which weren’t?  Did you like the you that existed then?  Have you changed much?  I look back and have you ask all of these questions in honor of this week’s full moon in Sagittarius.

We need to look more closely at how we have let our realities dictate what we tell ourselves to be factual.

See, Sagittarius is the truth seeker.  It wants us to look deeply at the world around us to uncover hidden truths about ourselves.  When combined with a full moon, it asks us to take a grand look at the life we have accepted for ourselves as fact.  But, what we have accepted may not entirely be the truth about the life we’re meant to live.  We need to look more closely at how we have let our realities dictate what we tell ourselves to be factual.  Yes, things like our jobs, homes, and financial situations seem like very tangible definitions of what our lives are.  However, like we have shifted our weight, career, relationships, and hair styles in the past, we too can shift our mentality.

This full moon wants us to see and question that truth we have grown accustomed to.  It actually may be so deep, that we just think it’s our face in the mirror.  But, if you stare more closely at that reflection, you will see that what you’ve grown used to is perhaps just another mask of illusion to hide the fear, anxiety, and inner chaos you just grew tired of having to deal with.  This week, take the opportunity to rip that cover off.  Take the mirror off the wall and shatter it into a million pieces.  Maybe it’s time to return a part of yourself that went missing ten years ago.  Or it could be the time to meet a new you that has only existed in your dreams and journals.  Let’s look more intently at where this full moon could be affecting you and how you can accept this gift of transformation and growth.

And here we go:


No more looking to the outside world to dictate your sense of approval and confidence.

This month has been all about creating new ideas of yourself.  You have been coming down from that overwhelming Jupiter cycle that gave you tons of insight, growth, excitement, and even some disappointment.  And these last few weeks have allowed you to step back and see what you have learned about yourself and where internally you need to focus in order to grow into the next, better version of yourself.  This full moon wants to offer even more insight.  No more looking to the outside world to dictate your sense of approval and confidence.  It’s an easy Aries thing to do.  “Tell me I’m doing good and therefore I am.”  But, you need to gain that sense of assurance from within.  Perhaps you were taught at an early age to gain esteem from a parent or overbearing teacher.  Well guarantee that he or she probably bears little weight in the the life you live now.  However, you may have since transposed that authority onto a boss, partner, or friend.  It’s time to let that go.  Start to see yourself as the only badge of affirmation you need.  No one else holds the power when it comes to the state of ‘you’.


This week do something that truly proves to yourself that you mean business.

You should already be aware of the great shifts you’re currently going through, but this full moon in Sag wants to challenge you to think in an even grander way than you have been about the life you’re looking to create.  See, you have this mentality that spins your mind into webs about the new you that’s destined to be.  This next incarnation has different clothes, a killer body, a sexy mate, and a fantastic home that is all thanks to the great job you now work and love.  But, again this all exists in your head right now.  There’s definitely heart in it too, but it’s currently just a lot of thought with only some mild action behind it.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this is the time of the Taurus, so have no fear when it comes to making changes in your life.  Perhaps it may be time to start living the new you beyond the confines of your brain.  Sure, you’re taking steps and putting ideas out into the world.  But, this week do something that truly proves to yourself that you mean business.  In fact, pick one area in your life to focus on and make a bold step that shows the world exactly who they’re dealing with now.


Your life just doesn’t have room for frivolity anymore.

You have learned to approach relationships from a certain angle.  Not just in love, but with family and friends too.  Well, it’s time once again for a grand overhaul.  Your life just doesn’t have room for frivolity anymore.  Gone is the time when you could be carefree and just flutter in and out of people’s lives.  You want some grounded folks around you who say what they mean and mean what they say.  That’s because you are feeling more ready to commit to yourself on an emotional level, so you can’t be wasting your time with half-assed people who want to give you solely what they can on their time.  Now, what can you do to speed this relationship rebirth along?  I suggest you get a bit sacrificial.  Look at the relationships in your life.  There must be one or two that hop to mind when I use the words flaky, noncommittal, or just downright depressing.  You got someone in mind?  Now de-friend them from your heart.  No drama.  Just stop texting, calling, and e-mailing that person.  Show that you are dedicated to your personal betterment.  This clearing will only make room for the new and the better.


It’s good to be scheduled and responsible, but have you gone a bit overboard?

Your life has been incredibly work focused for a while now, but it’s finally been clearing up a bit which has allowed you some room for play.  And that shift toward the lighter side has needed to be your focus lately and should continue to be so, even when work picks up again.  To help inspire that lean towards levity, I would suggest you take this full moon time to really look at where mundaneness has seeped into your life.  You may have picked up some bad habits from that heavy work time that has somehow painted your day to day life into a corner.  It’s good to be scheduled and responsible, but have you gone a bit overboard?  You may have gone so far, that you’ve created a version of yourself that is slightly rigid and lacks spontaneity.  It’s dangerous to get so enveloped in an incarnation of yourself when another may be trying to burst through.  How about taking a night this week to really turn your current perception of yourself upside down?  Do something you normally wouldn’t do or haven’t done in ages.  It could be extremely inspiring and eye-opening to shoot out of a cannon just for one night.


Have you grown strict about the path you’re meant to take?

Leo, it’s time to let go of that old creative genius you’ve been coddling.  He or she has since withered up and died anyway.  Yes, you may be in a creative field that you love, but there is still a vision inside of what you were supposed to be.  That’s the creative genius I’m talking about.  I’m not saying give up on your dreams.  What I am saying is give up on how you think your dreams are meant to manifest.  Have you grown strict about the path you’re meant to take?  That if you do this or work with this person, that you’ll attain this or get to this level?  Bull.  Get rid of what you thought you knew about gaining the success you want.  Accept change.  First off, make sure you know what it is you want to do to express your personal creative spirit.  Is it writing?  Acting?  Design?  A family?  Next, commit to it, but for yourself.  Not for your spouse or your mother or your writing or scene partner.  Commit to it for your own sanity, because it’s all you know or feel will make you whole.  Then, let go of how it’s supposed to come into existence.  I imagine when you stop trying so hard, the true path will reveal itself.


Take a firm look at how you’ve allowed your home life to define you.

You have been doing some magnificent transformation work as of late.  It’s all been a very powerful internal process, and thankfully you have had a great foundation to rest on.  In fact, I bet that’s it’s shifted your perception and appreciation for your family and home.  If it hasn’t yet, take this full moon time to really take a firm look at how you’ve allowed your home life to define you.  Perhaps you’ve become the husband, wife, mom, dad, partner, roommate, or child to someone else.  And that’s it.  Everything has been about that other person or persons that share your most private space.  Even if you live alone, you can easily become defined by your own seclusion.  Well, summer is here and it’s time to get out into the world.  Don’t create a small personal definition for yourself.  You’re an explosive being with a lot to offer beyond your four walls at home.  So let go of that apron, dish rag, or remote control.  Maybe you need to invite some friends over to shake up the energy of your place.  Redefine it for yourself, and those who you share the space with will follow suit.


You still may be using some outmoded ways of thinking.

You have been working so hard and you have positive life changes to show for it.  However, there are still old remnants of who you used to be toggling around inside of that brain of yours.  And you are not the same man or woman that ushered in this new year back in January.  You can look in the mirror, your calendar, your wallet, or at your waistline to see how things have shifted for you, and mostly for the positive, but you still may be using some outmoded ways of thinking.  It’s time to take stock of all the mental dialogue and phrases you may be continuing with yourself that are no longer of use.  Your metamorphosis could actually be stalled because you’re unaware that you’re still communicating with yourself the same way you did a year ago.  It’s not that you’re getting entirely rid of who you’ve been completely.  Now is simply a chance to give over to the new beginning you’ve been working so hard for.  I suggest using a journal or some quiet meditation time for a meet and greet between the old and the new you.  This will show you what still works and what really needs to go for good.


Rid yourself of those responsibilities to be great for others.

You have placed some heavy value on a part of your life that actually bears no weight on the person you are currently trying to become.  Perhaps you think that in order to get the job you want, you have to take this class or know this person.  Wrong.  You may think that in order to get the man or woman you want, you have to train this way or wear these clothes.  Don’t.  You’re already a master at transformation, so it’s easy for you to put on a costume and play a part.  But strip it down.  If no one else was watching or had any say in what would truly make you happy, how would you spend your days?  What would you look like?  Think like?  Read?  You have incredibly strong convictions but when weak (and yes, it happens), you easily swing into a mode of pleasing others to feel emotionally at peace.  Well, use this full moon to rid yourself of those responsibilities to be great for others.  You’re already amazing to the ones who truly matter, and those others you may be trying to woo, they may just like you even more when they glimpse the pure you.  Or they won’t, and that’s okay too.


You don’t have to see yourself the way you did yesterday.

As mentioned, you are the truth seeker, so with this moon you have no choice but to dig into your own personal depths and ask yourself some very personal questions.  But don’t fret it.  This is an amazing opportunity to shed some skin.  You don’t have to see yourself the way you did yesterday.  What if you woke up and looked in the mirror with the mentality of, “Well hello there, who are you?”  How fun!  In fact, try that as an experiment.  Take a day to get to know yourself.  You don’t have to erase the old life.  You can still have the same friends and interests.  But what if you could be a hundred percent in control?  Who would you call?  What would you do?  Where would you go? It may be tempting to lie on the couch, because you’re just so tired from everything…but then that’s just a response to the life you have been living.  Let it go.  You have a glorious moment here – to redefine and rediscover yourself, without the baggage of yesterday.  So get excited to uncover truths about life’s greatest wonder: yourself.  Start by seeing yourself and your life as just that.  A pure wonder to behold and nourish.


Let go of the structured self you have grown so used to.

You are in such a fascinating place right now, and I hope you’re taking advantage of it.  For you, life lately has been about creativity and how you can infuse more of it into your life.  But this shift is truly in response to how challenged you have felt by your world.  You are so used to being in control, and life just hasn’t been offering you that luxury.  There has been questions around career and more greatly about the legacy you want to create for yourself.  You are usually so focused on the finished line, but this current space has you uncertain about the path you’re on.  Well, please know that you are on a sacred pilgrimage to the necessary place for your life right now, and it’s necessary for you to feel on uncertain ground.  You shouldn’t always be the one in control.  Otherwise, how are you supposed to grow?  So welcome in whatever fears and demons may be surfacing and allow yourself to let go of the structured self you have grown so used to.  This shift will allow a lighter, happier you to push forth, and the parts of your life you’re currently stressed about will soon find their own metamorphosis.


Leave your own glory at the door.

Sagittarius is a friend to you.  Your signs share like-minded goals: you both want the world to be exposed to the truth.  However, Sag likes to investigate out in the world for truths to share, while you like to share the truths you’ve uncovered for yourself with the rest of the world.  And your insights can be incredibly inspired and insightful.  But they can also borrow at times from your opposing friend, the Leo, and get a little caught up in their own grandeur and enthusiasm.  As in, “Man, this idea is so great, it has to be right and worthy of the world’s attention.”  When, well, it’s not.  So it may be time to reexamine your relationship with the world.  What role do you want to play in it?  And how do you want to get your message heard?  You are an Aquarius, so by default, you have beautiful thoughts and ideas to share.  However, you may need to let go of any ego that’s grown attached to them like barnacles.  Remember why you truly aim to offer your sageness with others: to make them and the world around them better.  For now, leave your own glory at the door and more profound wisdom will flow.


Let go of that side of you that offers up the pushover card.

You have a tendency to be seen as a flutter-bug, but there is also a ferocious nature to you that when enacted, can be unstoppable.  However, it’s not your go-to mode and it’s easier for others to recognize it in you, so you don’t always know when to use it.  It’s probably why you have luck around your career.  People see that you can be decisive without being threatening and that sort of congeniality makes you great to have around.  But you can also then be easily pushed into doing things you don’t want to.  Like take on that extra project or go to that meeting for your colleague.  This full moon is an opportunity to let go of that side of you that offers up the pushover card.  You don’t deserve to be taken advantage of and you have a lot more to offer than you admit.  Now, if you don’t want to offer more in your current job, than it may be time to let go of it altogether.  But if you do enjoy it, then let that aggressive side out.  Let those around you see that you can take a stand.  Don’t let your career just get handed to you.  Make sure it’s something you want and you’re playing an active role in it.

I loved me some SEX AND THE CITY and at least once per episode, that crazy Aquarius Carrie Bradshaw had some major truth to share.  Sure, some may have found the show to be unbelievable or overindulgent, but I imagine that most of you, like me, always found yourself huffing out an “Amen girl” at some point while watching it.  As I was starting to organize my thoughts for this week’s full moon post, I was reminded of one of my favorite moments and quotes from the show.  It came at the beginning of season 5, when Carrie, still freshly single, went out to a Navy party during Fleet Week.  She had been invited by a very cute sailor and got Miranda and Samantha to join her.  While those two were off frolicking with some random men, Carrie couldn’t find her supposed-to-be date, and his absence was leaving room for some emotional realness.  Maybe she didn’t need to be that girl looking for a one night stand story to tell her girlfriends the next day at brunch.  Now of course, upon rushing out, she ran into the hot sailor and they shared a steamy dance.  But outside, they chatted and his less than glowing review of New York City caused Carrie to leave.  In that moment, she realized that she didn’t need a man to have a relationship.  She had the city, and for now, that was good enough.  In that moment, she allowed her mentality to shift  – an old version of herself to die.  We had grown used to the love-sick Carrie who could only be defined by the man in her life.  But as she ran off in search of a cab, she pondered some Sagittarius full moon truth:

“Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back.  Maybe you have to let go of who you were…to become who you will be.”

Amen, girl.

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!


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  1. Good Morning my beautiful son,

    Wow, you are an amazing man mijo, I love you too much, Your words have such wisdom, i always knew that you were meant for greatness. You amaze me, you make me proud.

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