So. I love astrology. What about it?

Approach life with a sense of curiosity rather than with fear, doubt, or annoyance.

I don’t remember all of the details around the first time I saw my astrological birth chart, but I do remember the feeling it gave me.  It was like that moment in a blackout when someone first turns on a flashlight or lights a candle.  Illumination.  Suddenly, you can see.  That was me as I sat in a tiny, dimly lit room at the Psychic Eye Bookshop in San Francisco.  Aeion, the most jolly, teddy bear of a man, was giving me a reading.  He kept saying things like, “Whoo!” and “Oh boy” as he studied the intricate, colorful spider web of a pie chart that was presumably my star make-up.  Now to some skeptics, and I was one myself in those first few mysterious moments of his verbal assessment of ‘me’, this show was just meant to lure me in and hook me into thinking he knew something about me that I didn’t.  But what eventually came out of his mouth wasn’t some general or vague evaluation that could apply to just anyone.  It had very specific meaning.  Not only to my personal history but to the exact state of my being at that time.  I mean the shit that just kept me up at night.  That’s what Aeion was tapping into.  And yes, those same skeptics could also say I was desperate in my search for answers to hear anything that may be close to a solution for my confused, early-twenties life.  But, in all honesty, I had simply entered into that room and the reading as a curious person.  And funny how when we approach life with a sense of curiosity rather than with fear, doubt, or annoyance, that the world then opens a doorway to possibility, awakening, and complete, unabashed transformation.

I gave my life the freedom to wonder and create.

That was twelve years ago.  Twelve years since I sat in a room and had a man tell me how years later, I would have to make amends with the family I had grown distant to (and since have).  Twelve years since my sweet but intense boss and later friend would tell me that someday I would be working as a full-time astrologer, a prophecy that came true just two years later.  It all occurred at a time when I completely allowed myself to give over to flow.  I abandoned my ideas of what I thought the rules of the world were and allowed myself to trust beyond what I could see, taste, and touch.  And it was then that I gave my life the freedom to wonder and create.  Magic entered my life.  I mean, literally.  I would write things down and they would appear weeks later into my life.  I was an urban alchemist, free of the worldly confines that bound everyone else around me.  Faith became my mantra.  My essence.  And astrology was my roadmap.  I would study my chart to understand what energies were more strongly at play in my life.  Astrology helped me to see where in my life I needed to let go and gave me the strength to do so.  Sure, my life wasn’t always perfect, but it was ultimately made better because I swallowed the red pill of metaphysical study.  And the rabbit hole journey that has since unfolded has been surprising, enlightening, and extremely invigorating.  But I have to admit something to you, dear reader.  I have slightly lost my way.

It’s easy for each of us to get bogged down in the minor catastrophes of our day.  And I call them minor with all due respect.  Yes, we lock ourselves out of the house.  We forget to call someone important on his or her birthday.  We show up late for work and get a talking to.  Larger things also occur.  We can’t pay a bill or our rent on time.  We have a fight with a loved one.  Lately, I have easily gotten caught up in the drama of my daily existence to a point where I can’t sleep.  I can’t even breathe.  Gone is the master of flow, the shaman.  But I have since built as life that makes me more ‘of the world’.  And I don’t regret it.  Because thankfully I also still have the grace of spirituality in my life.  So when shit hits the fan, I am able to take a moment and realize that, wait, I have breath.  I have existence.  I have feet that touch the ground and hands that can feel.  I have people who love me regardless of my situation.  Who don’t judge me based on appearance, financial state, or where I went to college.  It takes me longer now than in those faith-filled twenties to get back into that space of calm.  To trust.  But with some focus and sympathy, I do.  I remember that I am a human being, deserving of the life that I dream of living.

And so are you.

Now what does all this have to do with astrology?  Everything.  See, astrology is my gateway into a deeper life.  That hour spent with Aeion and my birth chart put me in touch with what felt like an old friend.  It gave me a language that has since allowed me to comprehend myself in a profound way, and has also helped me guide others to their own path of healing.  It has also painted a picture of the type of man I know I can be and the one I strive to be.  (Yes, they are slightly different.)

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” 

It’s important that we each find a language that our spirit can understand.  For some, it’s yoga.  For others, it’s tarot.  Or shamanism.  Or art.  We each need an outlet that allows us a deeper connection to a world outside of ourselves.  Yes skeptics, I’m losing you.  But I believe if you are finding resistance to this idea, then you’re more in need than others.  None of us should be afraid of looking into who we are deep inside, no matter the avenue.  Astrology is just one way of accessing that piece of ourselves.  And we must access that part.  For the sake of our beings.  Trust, I was a hateful man before I welcomed astrology and then other forms of divination and spirituality into my life.  Socrates was no joke when he uttered, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  It’s just not as fun.

So get to it!

Find a way to look beyond the self you see in the mirror.  Admit that you too may have just lost your way and need to get more closely in touch with a time when you were more in tune with a better, greater version of you.  Or perhaps, you are found.  You wake up every day and meditate to the sky about all you love and have gratitude for.  Then open your heart to some others today who may be searching, and do so without any need for personal praise.  Whatever the case, commit yourself to being a more graceful being.  Have patience with people.  Tune into the intentions and feelings beyond their words.  Let your heart lead a bit more than your head.  And remember to cultivate curiosity for your life.  You may just find yourself wandering into a dark room where a lit candle has the next steps for your life written in its smoke.


5 thoughts on “So. I love astrology. What about it?

  1. what a touching and sincere sharing of yourself, thank you. i hear wisdom, courage, strength, determination, authenticity, acceptance, honesty and oh so much more! you rock!!

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