So. It’s a new moon in Scorpio. What about it?

Ready or not, Scorpio is here.

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain trickling down against the pavement outside my apartment.  As boyfriend, pup, and I stirred against the 6:30 am wake-up call, I found myself drifting amongst the scattered images of my just-concluded dreams.  The visuals were so clear that they almost felt like memories of real instances.  I honestly had to pause and deduce whether I had just walked the dog or not, while he was carrying his own umbrella.  As I let reality sink in and focused my eyes on the still dark room, I felt a haze drift over me.  It was cool and rainy out.  My little family and I were all snuggles under the covers.  I thought, fuck the gym.  I can sleep some more.  The pact that the Aquarius and I had made the night before to shake each other awake seemed void when the snooze button was hit.  Ah, sweet dreams, round two.  Well, all that laziness was put to an end when the man shoved the covers off and jumped out of bed.  In a flash, he was in gym clothes and ready to hit the door.  I didn’t have time to truly reflect on his commitment.  All I could do was respond.  I jumped up too and got the day going.  There wasn’t room for a Libra-like response: somewhat wishy-washy or indecisive.  I could’ve stayed there, scratching the puppy’s belly and pondering the pros and cons of missing my date with the elliptical.  But there was an underlying urge once my feet touched the ground to get the ball rolling.  Ready or not, Scorpio is here.  And for some of us, it’s here just in the nick of time.

Scorpio must feel that with each life project, they are going to come out reborn from the process.  

Scorpio is that ‘go big or go home’ energy.  It’s driven by intensity and the need to get to the bottom of things.  When its influence falls upon you, there’s no escaping its hypnotic gaze. Are you close to any Scorpio’s?  They tend to be a pretty dynamic, passionate bunch.  Back when I was living in San Francisco and learning about astrology, I lived with Scorpio twins, who also happen to be two of the coolest artists I know.  They were incredibly motivated by their creativity and would sometimes work all through the night and into the morning on a painting.  I had never met people with such aliveness and still to this day, I thank them for setting that example and pushing me to dig into my own metaphysical studies with such determination and verve.  But for them, it wasn’t entirely about the art.  Their enthusiasm was a reaction to the creative energy bursting through their eyes and hands onto the canvas.  I’m sure they wanted sleep.  But their inherent Scorpio energy, that they were unbelievably tapped into, pushed them, beyond comprehension, to work and create.  Because with each new creation, they were also able to release a part of themselves and enact another important part of being a Scorpio: transformation.  Scorpio must feel that with each life project, they are going to come out reborn from the process.  Otherwise, they won’t even bother in the first place.

So with all this, what can we assume about a new moon in Scorpio?  Well, this time is all about new beginnings, so if we couple that with an intense drive and passion to transform in some way, we can see where our focus should be.  It’s time to take a deep, penetrating look at yourself in the mirror and decide where you may be lacking in commitment to growth and change in your life.  Sure, you can choose to push the snooze button until lunchtime, but that isn’t necessarily going to help you achieve any sort of greatness.  And isn’t that our goal here?  We should be pushing ourselves to pause and ask why we’re stalled in certain areas.  Or why it is we are afraid to commit to our careers, boyfriends, girlfriends, homes, or personal well being.

Scorpio is officially here to stir the pot and urge you toward making some shit happen for your life.  You deserve to have more than your narrow perceptions have allowed you to manifest.  So let’s see what areas this new moon may be affecting and how you can take advantage of its strong, enticing energy.


This is your opportunity to get the next incarnation of you on track.

You smell a major shift in the air.  It’s been building up for a while and there is no denying it now  – you feel the burn to transform something major about your life but don’t quite know how to go about it.  Well, the time is ripe to dig in and ask yourself the greater questions about why you’re stalled when it comes to changing something about you or the world you live in.  There isn’t time anymore to wallow in the sadness or look to others for an answer.  In fact, you already know what it is you want to change and have started to see signposts in the form of new friends, conversations, or ideas that can help steer you in the right direction.  So what are you so afraid of?  Yes, you will have to let go of a life you worked so hard at creating – a version of you that you’ve worked so hard at becoming.  But does it all reflect who you really want to be?  Now, how do you take the next step?  It’s time to get creative.  You have the ability now to create something wonderful, whether it’s an actual art project, a new living space, better relationships, or a clearer state of mental health.  This is your opportunity to get the next incarnation of you on track.  So use your creative skills to help manifest this next shift.  You may find the greatest work of art becomes your own spiritual wellness.


Freak some people out with just how odd and interesting you really can be

It’s time to take your relationships to the next level.  Are you allowing yourself to be fully supported in the way that you need?  In fact, are you allowing yourself to be wholly yourself in front of everyone you consider a friend?  If not, it’s time to ask why.  Sure, it’s nice to have people who share the same hobbies or passions as you, but don’t dwindle your free time away just because you may be lonely.  That feeling of aloneness or lack of support could stem from not giving yourself enough opportunities to be all you, all the time.  So take stock of the life you’ve created and see if you have manifested jobs, relationships, or living situations that have stunted you from blossoming to your fullest potential at all times.  See, without this consistency, you’re allowing yourself to be lazy when it comes to personal growth.  And you can’t fully expect to connect to others on a deep, profound level if you’re not putting yourself out there to the umpteenth degree at all times.  Yes, you may find this type of intensity a little jarring and out of your comfort zone, but that’s why you need to do it.  So freak some people out this week with just how odd and interesting you really can be – you deserve to be free.  And you deserve to have the right people in your life. So beat your personal drum and let your tribe find you.


It’s time for a major adjustment.

Your daily routine needs an overhaul.  You are feeling the blahs of your day-to-day, and it’s draining on you.  So what can you do to spruce it up?  Well it all starts with your mornings.  I know it may sound silly to hear, but how mundane or typical have you made your morning routine?  It’s time for a major adjustment.  Here are a few suggestions that I hope you take into practice.  Write some journal pages each morning right after you wake up, either chronicling your dreams or focusing on what you want to accomplish that day or week.  Switch up your fitness routine, if you have one.  Maybe go for a run or hike instead of going to the gym.  Or join a bootcamp.  If you don’t have a fitness routine, then you need to get one.  Even starting this week with a walk around your block each morning could refresh what is starting to feel like your usual existence.  How about cooking a nice breakfast instead of picking up that muffin from the coffee shop by work.  Your mind is numbing a bit and it’s leaking out into the rest of your world.  Creativity wants into your life, but you need to take the initiative, and by shaking up your mornings, you are sending a message to the rest of your day that things need retooling.


Get some action happening for your creative self.

What is that creative project that’s just been burning inside you, but you haven’t taken the time to bring into fruition?  It could be that novel you’ve been cooking up or an instrument you’ve been intrigued to learn.  It may even be something in your home or family.  Have you wanted to redecorate a room or your entire house?  Perhaps it’s just that you have been craving a family but have put off starting one.  Well, this new moon is the time to get some action happening for your creative self.  You are an emotional being, so at times it can be hard to commit to a project of any kind out of fear of rejection or failure.  But, if you don’t allow yourself an opportunity to try and bring your creation into being, you won’t know what you could be capable of.  And some of this is a reflection of your own, tired self-worth issues.  So put them to bed, light some candles, and start planning some sort of fun creative project that demonstrates to the world what you truly have to offer.  Even if you spend your days in a solely creative way, there may be an aspect of it that doesn’t always allow you to be completely you.  And you should have that possibility in life.  So seize the available energy and actualize your hidden ideas and dreams.


A change of scenery could be just what the doctor ordered.

Something about your home life is holding you back.  Perhaps you have been living somewhere far too long, and it’s now left a stagnant residue on your life.  You may have invited someone into your home that has made it so it doesn’t feel like your own anymore.  Or you could be buckling under the pressures of what your home, or sense of home, is becoming and you feel that you lack control there.  Shit, it may even somehow be all of the above, because you Leo’s like drama and the more, the merrier, so bring it on.  Now, what can you do to bring some calm to this brewing storm?  Um, well you can CHANGE IT!  A change of scenery could be just what the doctor ordered.  Or, maybe you can’t move right now.  It could be that you just need to voice your concerns more or feel like you have a stronger voice in the matters of home.  This also connects to family as well.  Do you feel overwhelmed by changes going on in your family?  If so, it’s time to speak up before that inner lion’s roar gets the best of you and shows up in ways you, and your loved ones, would prefer it not to.


Now could be a great time to start a spirit club.

So, I mean this in the nicest way.  Have you considered therapy?  If you’re in it, are you getting the most out of it?  Look, I ask not because I want you to feel crazier that you may already feel, but because now is an amazing time for you to be shedding some internal demons that have been circling for some time and you can’t do it alone.  It could be nice to find someone who can give you the ear and advice you need to get in touch with those ancient thoughts/ideas about yourself and banish them for good.  You can also certainly gather amongst friends and talk about whatever inner woes have been ailing you, but make sure this isn’t just another book club.  In fact, now could be a great time to start a spirit club.  Check in with those close friends of yours who are also into inner growth and get a weekly meeting on the books where you can come together and help each other work through your personal transformations.  This snake is ready to shed her skin but it’s so much nicer to do with someone else’s help.  And you shouldn’t ignore the inner turmoil you’ve been facing.  Emotion is coming up for a reason, so tackle it – just not all on your own.


Ask if the things in your life are worth you.

It’s time to take a deep look at what you’re worth and let go of any outdated answers.  Start by flipping the question, “What am I worth” around.  Instead, ask if the things in your life are worth you.  Is that job worth, or worthy of you?  What about that man (or woman)?  That home?  That critique you got the other day?  What about those shoes?  Have you allowed yourself to be surrounded by the proper exchange of currency?  If not, it’s time to do some returns or drop-offs at the local Salvation Army.  Cause you should only be giving your time to things that are aligned with your personal definition of self-worth.  And perhaps, until now you thought you were giving yourself what you needed.  But should you really be driving that car around with the duck-taped window?  Or are you spending all your time in service to others just to crash and not have time for yourself?  That ain’t right.  You deserve to live a life that allows you to feel like you’re getting your proper due.  Because Libra, you can easily let others walk on you a bit.  And you can also give up your own needs for the sake of others.  And that is a kind quality.  But now it’s time for some good old-fashioned selfish.  So step back, re-evaluate, make sure everything is fitting your needs, and move forward into the next chapter from that place of confident realization.


What were you born into this lifetime to do?

There hasn’t been a more powerful time for you in quite some time.  Your birthday always brings on the call for a large transformation, but this year it’s teaming up with some forceful energy towards making a greater mark on the world.  What were you born into this lifetime to do?  And how can you start manifesting that, if you aren’t already?  Well, these are the questions you need to start asking yourself. See, you are so all or nothing, Scorpio, but you can get a little addicted to your sadness if things feel murky or slow.  And you were earlier this year, but you’re shaking it off now.  Take these next couple of weeks to start drawing attention to what excites you and gets you motivated.  If it isn’t what you’re making a living at, then we got a problem…and an exciting opportunity for discovery.  You need to write down all the things that inspire you or wish you could be doing with your time so you can start putting yourself on the right path.  If you are getting paid for what makes you smile, then it’s only time to start figuring out how to do it on a greater scale.  There’s a need to achieve in a big way, and to show the world that you’re in it to win it.  And if you’re gonna win Scorpio, you’re gonna win big.  But you have to put in the passion and effort, so reflect on what in your life deserves that energy and give it all you got.


We have to respect our own sensitivity a little more

This new moon is going to hit you from the depths of the unknown.  You could be driving to work or to the grocery store, listening to a song you love or pondering the ridiculousness of some reality show, and then suddenly BOOM, you’re crying and you don’t know why.  Well, it happens to the best of us.  And, the good thing is, if you stop to take more than just a minute, you may find that with some deeper reflection, you can actually find out the ‘why’ to your tears.  See, we store so much emotion inside us as we go through our lives and are constantly affected by letdowns, harsh words, or personal setbacks.  But we suck it up and move on, eager to get onto the next life task at hand.  But these instances create a tension that sometimes builds and can even physically manifest as ailments in our body.  So we have to respect our own sensitivity a little more and honor the child in us who is afraid and hurt by what can sometimes feel like the big, scary world.  So, how to utilize all this toward building a newer, better you?  Well, first off, start by getting to the bottom of any residue sadness that could be dragging you down.  It’s never easy to get real with oneself but unless you want to suffer strange pains and emotional blockages forever, get to it.  Then, each night, for the next week, envision yourself as the version of you you’re anxious to be.  What are you wearing?  Where do you live?  With who?  What do you do for a living?  Have fun and imagine until you’re submerged in sleep.  Then let the subconscious find ways to plant seeds into your real life that can banish those old wounds and make your wildest dreams come true.


How about sharing some of your wisdom with others?

You get so immersed in your own life goals and the work you put into manifesting them that you can get lost to the point of becoming a shadow of yourself.  Well, now is one of those times where you need to step back and get out of your determined head.  You have done some amazing work this past year and have shown others the control and command you hold.  So how about sharing some of your wisdom with others?  But take it out of your usual world.  In fact, have you pondered doing any sort of volunteer work?  Now would be a great time to reach out to the organization that has stood in your peripheral vision for a while.  Or maybe you currently work with a group already.  Well good, then you have an eye toward helping out others, so it shouldn’t be a challenge to go and do it somewhere else now.  See, you simply need a new experience where no one knows you for any of your past accomplishments.  This is an opportunity to put all that you have learned to the test while feeling a sense of vulnerability at the same time.  Yes, being sensitively exposed is definitely something out of your comfort zone, but you can’t get used to being in control all the time.  It creates a rigid existence and pushes away knowledge you may have never gone seeking.  And you’re also open to change now more so than usual.  So take advantage.  Perhaps some of the people you meet and their life situations could give you an even greater perspective on your current life.


You have the creative ideas and the right people in your sphere to catapult yourself to the next level.

The time is now to get down to serious business with your career.  I am not just talking your job or what it is you do to pay the bills – I am talking about some serious life purpose, this is what I was put here on this earth to do, business.  Do you know what that even is for yourself?  Chances are you have a hunch and very recently, life has opened some doors that have reminded you exactly what it is you love and how you can better serve your life’s dream.  So it’s time to put the remote down and end this period of operating at a casual level.  You should be pounding the pavement more and doing everything in your power to get on the path to fulfillment.  Right now, you have the creative ideas and the right people in your sphere to catapult yourself to the next level.  You just need to take the bull by the horns and initiate some action.  Yes, it’s nice to be asked and approached for things, but not every opportunity comes with an engraved invitation.  So take any insecurities or past failures and put them out to pasture.  Step into your present with a sense of passion and excitement.  And trust that if you even just start talking more about the things you want to achieve, the right instances and people will appear to help you manifest them.  You’ll just have to take the next step yourself.  And make it a big one.


Approach your next week like a student.

There is so much information swirling around in your brain that it’s hard to decide where to place your focus.  Sometimes your problem can be biting off more than you can chew which then just piles more thoughts and ideas onto the pot.  And then you don’t understand why you can’t get complete forward motion in larger areas of your life, like career or romance.  Well, it’s because your energy is depleting with every little project that you take on.  It’s good to keep learning and growth at the forefront, but come on, not to a point where you’re bleary-eyed and calling for your mama.  And right now, you’re being called to make better use of your day-to-day.  So it’s time to eliminate some of the unnecessary time sucks so you can push forward in those areas that feel disjointed or empty.  Let’s try an assignment.  Approach your next week like a student.  Choose what your major is – it can be your career, your relationship, or your home, just to name a few.  Then make sure that everything in your day is somehow allowing you to expand in that area.  Look at each interaction, thought, and experience as a lesson that you strive to achieve in.  If you can approach life with a bit more of a scholarly outlook, you will hone in on what matters, make time to do the homework.  And remember, for now, cut out the unnecessary minors.  Yes, it’s fun to learn a language or an instrument, but unless you want to be a linguist or a musician, it ain’t in the curriculum this week.


2 thoughts on “So. It’s a new moon in Scorpio. What about it?

  1. Like your partner I’m also Aquarius. I love your readings and I have to say that you are right on the mark, I need to get my creative butt in gear and make some things happen.


    Love your inspiration.

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