It’s a full moon in Aquarius. What about it?

I bet you woke up this am thinking, “I am totally going to be my highest inspired self today”

I can’t even remember how long it has been since I sat down to write an astro blog.  Sure, I know the last date I posted something and I have gone back to recount old postings of mine, however the actual act of tapping astrological musings onto the keyboard is an old, sorely missed friend.  So I am here today to create and release something new out into the world.  Because today is the full moon in Aquarius, the energies of which allow us to release expressions of our highest inspired selves out into the world.  Sure, a completely easy task to take on.  I bet you woke up this am thinking, “I am totally going to be my highest inspired self today”, and then popped on some Pink songs, put on your cutest shoes, and kissed the daylight with your most confident hello.  Okay, maybe that was just me.  And in all reality, I was only half as energetic as that picture I just painted.  But I did leave my house knowing that I had to reconnect to that part of me that feels the most creative and awake.

So here I am.

“What finally convinced me to go ahead was simply that I was so unhappy not going ahead.” – Steven Pressfield

A full moon is all about a release of energy.  It’s not exactly the end, but it’s more like that moment where you throw all your cards on table and see how the rest of the game shakes out.  I feel like a lot of people I’ve encountered lately have felt a sense of “something’s gotta give.”  The toils of reality play a huge part, but in the context of astrology, we’ve also had that little friend, Mercury Retrograde, at play.  As many of you know, this is when communication breaks down and your computer has the hiccups or your Directv didn’t record the latest episode of The Bachelor Pad, or you find out that you accidently left a message on your friend’s voicemail calling her a skank.  Those who know my astrology and me know that I see it more as a time to slow down and take stock of where you’re at and what you’re thinking about.  Lot’s of “Re” things need to go on.  Regroup.  Reimagine.  Reconnect.  Renew.  And it’s in the sign of Leo, which means it’s about remembering to cast yourself as the star of your show.  Something many of us forget to do.  So how is everything in your life working for the greater good of you?  Or is it not?  Do you need to rethink some things that aren’t allowing you to live your most fulfilled life?

This Aquarius full moon is an opportunity to connect to your dreams and release that more inspired you out into the world.  So let’s look at all the signs and get to it!


Just do something that shows your world that you are ready to stand up and be seen

Life has had you out in the world, and you have been offered some intriguing work opportunities.  However, you have been a bit reluctant to step into the spotlight or take on the role of responsibility due to some second-guessing around your creative ideas.  It doesn’t help that you may also feel stifled by some of the people around you, particularly in authority.  Well, it’s time to stop giving your personal power away to those who might have more money or a better title than you.  People have already responded positively to your work and want you around, so stop hiding in the shadows and own up to your enormous creative spirit.  Employ your Aries ego for good and remember you have thoughts, stories, and/or creations to share that could brighten this world up.  So release something that reflects the ideas you’ve been “working on” inside your head and make them real.  It could be a tweet, a phone call to the friends you’ve been missing, or some public expression of the creativity you’ve been holding onto.  Just do something that shows your world that you are ready to stand up and be seen.


You have to realize that you deserve happiness

These last few weeks of Mercury retrograde have had you reflecting on home and where you want to be.  And there could be a physical move on the horizon, but this full moon wants you to really reflect on where you want to BE.  In more basic terms, I am talking about what you want to be doing for a living.  Are you giving yourself completely over to the type of work you want to be doing when all is said and done?  Even if your goal is to be a baker yet you spend all day pushing papers in an office, there is a way to exhibit the ideal you in any situation.  First, you have to realize that you deserve happiness, and that means living a life that feels fulfilled every day.  Secondly, allow what you do best a moment to shine.  You may have spent a little too much time letting others dictate what you’re good at, when you know you best.  So find a way for your true-life purpose to blossom more.  And remember that sharing your gifts is one thing, but owning them is another – it’s time to own your gifts and yourself.


Your mind has been trying hard to figure some “who am I” shit out

Your brain has been on overload for these last few weeks as your mind has been trying hard to figure some “who am I” shit have to realize that you deserve happiness  Unfortunately, it’s just been your brilliant but overworked mind at play so not much has actually been figured out or moved forward in your actual life.  The good news though is that there isn’t a ton wrong right now with the life you’re living.  Things are being taken care of and you may feel a sense of light shining down on your path, even if at times your mind make the signposts a bit too confusing to read.  Well, thankfully you are about to feel a surge of progress in the coming weeks and I wouldn’t be surprised if life picked up in a truly exciting way, particularly in the creative sphere.  So how to prepare for what could be a flurry of activity?  Well, this full moon wants you to take a real, luxurious break.  I know, so hard for the rapid paced Gemini to do.  But I want you to turn off all communication devices for one night, leave the Tivo and Netflix alone, and just relax into some quiet time.  Never an easy task for your lot, but the calm is always key before a storm.


Do the details of your day-to-day match up with your core values?

There have been some brilliant insights occurring in your subconscious.  You may have a sense that you are unearthing new truths about yourself and are feeling more connected with the essence of what you really want in life.  However, with awareness comes new challenges, and you may want your ignorance and bliss back.  Well, it doesn’t work that way, and now that you have turned on some new ideas about yourself, you have to take a hard look at the life you are currently living.  Do the details of your day-to-day match up with your core values?  If you value family for instance, are you seeing enough of your own?  More importantly, what elements of your life are outdated and need to be flushed out?  You’re on the verge of a fantastic transformation, so it’s time to excuse the old to make room for the new.  Use this full moon energy to let go of anything that has kept you from growing or is a reminder of the old you that doesn’t fit anymore.  Shred old pictures and paperwork or throw away articles that are associated with outdated versions of you.  Change is a blessing so welcome it in.


Wait a minute, am I aligned with my truest self in every part of my life?

You are in the midst of a personal revolution, Leo.  You have paused for the last month to say, “wait a minute, am I aligned with my truest self in every part of my life?”  And you have probably started new routines in certain aspects of your life that reflect the exciting changes you want to see for yourself.  However, it’s now time to get your hands really dirty and pull up those weeds that are tarnishing your garden.  The best place to start is with your relationships.  You have a good sense of those that no longer support the kind of person you plan to be in this new personal year.  So use this full moon energy to takes steps toward either alleviating them from your life or shifting them in a way that fosters greater positive change.  Remember that as you clear out old relationships, you make room for new ones.  And come next week, when Mercury goes direct, a lot of the questions in your life will find answers, so you won’t have time to waste on unnecessary fools who don’t see the world in the same way you do.  Yes, change isn’t easy, but you’ve never had trouble putting what’s best for you first.


How is that mediation practice coming?

It’s that time of year, Virgo, when you must relinquish control of your life.  I know that is the most painful news for someone like you to hear, but you have to honor the fact that, right now, you are rethinking yourself on a deeper level.  The best way to deal with letting go and embracing the unknown is to get in touch with the little unknown that lives inside of you.  That would be the quiet, insightful voice that tells you something is off or whispers truths when you close your mind and meditate.  By the way, how is that mediation practice coming?  If you’re in it, congratulations and skip a sentence.  If not, then make that your only routine behavior for the next week.  You have access to some true spiritual honesty about the life you’re living.  There may even be a sense that you’ve been stuck in a rut, and the little voice inside is anxious to help you restructure your life in a way that brings out the best you.  So make each day, for the next week, a day surrounded by meditation.  That is all you need to focus on for now.  The rest will make more sense as the next phase of your daily routine falls more easily into place.


It’s time to reconnect with fun

It’s time to let that freak flag fly.  I know the last year or so has been all about work and responsibility, and some of it has been fun as you’ve connected a bit more to doing things for yourself first and others second.  However, you have still been a bit wed to your job, so it’s time to reconnect with fun.  Now Libra, I know you know how to have some fun.  You and her are natural friends.  So call her up, shriek with delight about how you’re back in touch, and then get together for a good old-fashioned party.  It is especially important now given that the world is about to be calling you in the next few weeks to heap more work onto your plate.  So, in reality, use this full moon energy to do something really liberating and enjoyable for yourself.  Even if you can’t afford to do anything lavish, do something for yourself that simply works as a token of your pledge to invite fun into your world more.  That way whether you’re kicking your shoes off into the Mediterranean or just having a bad TV marathon with your cat, you are showing yourself that personal balance isn’t only for everything and everyone else around you.


Your old tricks and explanations just aren’t going to cut it anymore

Have you ever noticed how in movies or TV, when they want to communicate how someone is at the edge or a little bit crazy, they light a match and set some shit on fire?  Their house, their ex’s clothes, something.  I am not saying that I want you to get some lighter fluid and paint the town red with flames.  But, in a metaphoric sense, it is time to throw a match to that old foundation of yours to make way for a new one.  That means no excuses about how you have always been one way or have always approached a situation from a certain angle.  Your old tricks and explanations just aren’t going to cut it anymore.  They are outdated constructs that need to be removed from your vocabulary.  This is especially relevant when it comes to career, where you have been entertaining new ideas about how to move forward.  Any progress you are or aren’t making is related to how well you’re holding onto this old self and his/her ideas on how things should be handled.  It’s time to admit that you don’t really know the answers.  The quicker you do, the faster that fire will burn and make way for new growth.


Think long and hard about what you want

Every thought has a specific intention associated with it that, once seriously focused upon, is ripe for manifestation.  Sometimes we can think on something for a while but then forget about it only to see it sprout up in our lives when we least expect it.  This is the whole ‘power of thought/The Secret’ ideology that I do believe has merit when coupled with motivation and action.  For you, right now is the time to sit squarely in the focused thought part of this process.  Mercury’s retrograde may have you aching to break free from the constraints of your daily life so you can go on vacation, but that is probably not going to happen right now.  So how about buckling down and doing some genuine brainstorming about the life you want to be living, particularly when it comes to relationships?  This full moon offers the opportunity to get some firmer commitments in that area, but what exactly does that look like to you in the scope of the relationships you currently have?  Think long and hard about what you want first.  If you honestly focus in and admit what it is you need, you could find yourself actually getting it.


Use this full moon energy as an opportunity to set some new intentions for your life

Life is currently offering you a more relaxed pace for your day to day, but that is only making room for some serious contemplation time.  These last few weeks have specifically gotten you asking about what it is that’s missing.  This is really just a reflection of the fact that your life has grown a bit stale.  Some things that may have even initially felt thrilling or extraordinary have now just gotten to be a bit of the same old same old.  And if it has been a comfortable groove for you to languish in, you do deserve it.  No one works harder than you do, Capricorn, but let’s face it; even that definition of yourself has gotten a little old.  So, use this full moon energy as an opportunity to set some new intentions for your life.  Think about home, family, work, and love – all of the different areas that help to create a rounded existence.  Where are you lacking?  What in those areas do you need to be happier?  Most importantly, how have you been keeping yourself stuck?  Get clear about what you’ve been telling yourself that keeps you from gaining momentum in the areas where you lack.


Drop all the information you’ve been gathering and be completely in the moment.

Just let go. Your full moon wants you to let go of the ideas that have been clouding your head about what you should or shouldn’t do to arrive at your next destination.  Perhaps you have been questioning some relationships and how they affect your forward momentum, or you could be stuck in the long going battle about whether you need to go back to school or not.  All of these things could be true, but you need your present reality to help inform that.  So drop all the information you’ve been gathering and be completely in the moment.  Pay closer attention to every interaction and how it makes you feel.  Without any association with the past, if someone makes you feel good, they stay.  If not, then some things need to be considered.  And if you look around and see books and materials pertaining to a subject or hobby, chances are you have a passion on your hands that needs to be more seriously addressed.  The best way to get in touch with your ‘now’ is through creativity.  So free write or talk it out into your webcam.  And then pay attention to the thoughts presently being released from your psyche.


Speak to your quiet mind like a dear friend

During this full moon, I want you to have a serious talk with your subconscious.  It’s your home anyway and where you’re most comfortable so just curl on up in there and get to work.  You need to tell your subconscious that it’s time to wage war on all the issues that are bogging down your waking life.  No more do I want you struggling with how to make amends with the challenges of your day to day.  I want those fights to happen solely at night, while you’re asleep, so that when you wake up, you’re renewed and feeling like things are a bit more under control.  Because right now, they feel like they’re not when they actually are.  So, for the next few nights, before you go to sleep, speak to your quiet mind like a dear friend.  Say, “Friend, I need you to handle all of my problems tonight through my dreams.”  And get into what your issues.  Ask for answers, insight, or just plain respite.  And in the morning, free write for ten minutes about your dreams or just get back into those questions you had.  I imagine that some clarity will show itself through your ramblings and you may just feel a little lighter going into your day.


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  2. Hello Stranger! for some “strange” reason my friend come out of the blue and invited me to have lunch with her today… funny… must be the moon… lol!!

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