What Mercury Taught Me (And Maybe You Too)

Stop looking at what’s going wrong long enough to see the gift’s that are being offered to you at this time

From July 14th to August 8th, Mercury sat in retrograde.  As I’ve mentioned before, I always look at Mercury Retrograde as a time to pause and reflect, renew, remember.  Yes, Mercury in retrograde also represents a time when communication breaks down.  Computers mess up, phone service sucks more than usual, and your TiVo forgets to record the season finale of Dance Moms.  But I don’t like to focus on the negative.  All of that shit is just going to happen anyway.  In fact, it’s going to happen any time of the year too.  Mercury being in retrograde only amplifies its effects.  So what kind of good can come out of a time that most associate with personal chaos and disaster?  A lot!  You just have to stop looking at what’s going wrong long enough to see the gift’s that are being offered to you at this time.  Gifts, you say?  “I ain’t seen no fucking gifts in the last few weeks, Angel.  You crazy.”  Well yes, I am.  But still, hear me out.

Slow down and question the “what” and “why” of everything going on in your life

Basically everything new that I personally started in the time that Mercury was in retrograde has been shrouded in cloudy communication.  That primarily refers to my day job, which is now full of new directions, projects, and relationships, none of which entirely make sense to me just yet.  And it’s been frustrating, confusing, and causing me to question what I’m doing with my life.  But now that Mercury’s energy is pushing direct, I am starting to get a better sense of everything.  However, it’s not exactly in the way I anticipated.  You see, I am realizing that the thing in need of the most clarity isn’t any of these external elements.  It’s me.  And in looking more closely at everything that has come up for me over the past few weeks, I see now that the Universe has been offering me an opportunity to constitute some personal changes that will allow me to approach my life with a stronger, more confident foundation.  So I am now using the experience I’ve gained, both the hurtful and the joyous, to carve out the next chapter of my life.  I was able to reach this conclusion thanks to my amazing man, friends, and astro clients I’ve had in the last couple of weeks.  But, I also credit myself for knowing that the planets wanted me to slow down and start questioning the “what” and “why” of everything going on in my life. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of our day to day that we can easily forget to disconnect from our ego and emotion to get a realistic picture of what’s really going on.  And maybe in these last three weeks, you got caught up in some drama.  But again, don’t focus on what went wrong or the obstacles that life has been dealing you.  Nothing productive will come of it.  Michael Singer, author of the amazing book, THE UNTETHERED SOUL, says, “Relax and lean away from a situation.  Give it room to pass through.”  So let’s take a look at the signs and get a more specific sense of where in your life you may need to lean away to get a more distanced look at your situation.  Remember, pay close attention to what’s gone on in the last few weeks to get a better understanding on where you need to take action.


Recall the daydreams you snuck in while seething away at your desk

These last few weeks have felt a bit like all work and no play.  Romance has been funky and your creative endeavors have hit a few walls.  You’re also having some obnoxious relationship issues that are testing you a bit, be it with your man, lady, boss, or bestie.  But instead of wanting to throw daggers at people for having a laugh when you’re having a cry, instead recall the daydreams you snuck in while seething away at your desk.  Think of those not as flights of fancy but instead as mental groundwork for great things to come.  Now it’s time to get cracking on some of the fun, creative ideas you’ve been cooking up – whether it be an actual project, trip, or direction in life.  And make it playful.  You got to make up for some lost time so plan a kiki for you and some friends and get your joy on.


Something is amiss in your day to day routine

It’s time to take a closer look at the foundation you’re laying your life upon.  Lately, the place you hang your hat has become a point of contention, whether it’s your actual home, work place, or even sense of self.  Something is amiss in your day to day routine, and it has to do with the fact that you’ve been exposed to experiences that have made you question what you want the makeup of your life to be.  Think back on the last few weeks and shine a light on the people and situations that have made you feel a more complete you.  This is the direction to move towards with your life.  Sure, you may not be able to move across town or quit that job, but you can start to investigate the first steps to do so.  You must be the contractor, carpenter, and interior decorator of your life.  So start building.


Look at this time of uncertainty more like a dance with the unknown

In these last weeks, you may have been feeling like there were some big decisions to make and were they steering you onto the right course or were you derailing everything you thought you wanted.  You are also dealing with a sense of not being good enough when it comes to your creativity, so there could have been even more second guessing in those areas of your life.  Well, here is the deal.  If you committed to some things recently, what you think is going to come of it and what will actually come of it are going to be two very different things.  So look at this time of uncertainty more like a dance with the unknown, something you aren’t entirely comfortable with.  But you found a way to give over and say yes to something, and it wasn’t the death of you.  So just try to trust that you and your overactive mind can work together when need be.


No more putting off things that could make life better

You have been a hard working machine as of late, with the intention of building a firmer foundation for yourself.  You may also be pushing to get a greater sense of comfort and warmth into your home, whether its inviting more people into it or finishing those DIY projects you started up a while back.  The problem is that entertaining guests and completing home projects takes money.  Well, why else have you been working so hard?  Spend it on the things that will make your life more livable.  You may also need to use your earnings to get some new clothes for work or make some fixes to you car.  It’s all about what, in the last few weeks, has risen to the top of the I-need-to list.  No more putting off things that could make life better.  And, if money is a problem, as in you don’t have any, then this is more an issue of self-worth than anything.  So ponder what in life you need to be focusing your time and energy on to make some forward strides.


Make sure your choices are coming from your intuition and not your ego

These last few weeks should have felt like a retreat for you.  Even though it’s the time when the sun is in your house and you’re all having your birthdays, you weren’t exactly feeling like the attention hungry you that you are normally used to.  This shift may have had you feeling a little uneasy too, but hopefully, it allowed you to find ways to relax a bit more.  In fact, it was the best time for a vacation.  I know, now I tell you.  Well if you didn’t get one in yet, I imagine you have one on the books soon – a Leo needs his/her time to just lie in the sun and do nothing.  Just know that you won’t have a ton more time for relaxation, as your life is about to pick up if it hasn’t started to already.  The best way to get this new, active, personal cycle rolling is to hold onto some of the quieter, more reflective aspects of yourself, and use them to make decisions about all things.  You are a confident being, but make sure your choices are coming from your intuition and not your ego.


Your mind isn’t you

This retrograde may have left you feeling a little crazy, or it could have had you clearer than you’ve been in a while.  If you started out the summer feeling a bit lost, you only got cloudier and overemotional at times.  You have been asking yourself some bigger life questions and reconsidering major aspects of your life.  For you Virgo’s, I would say that it’s time to get quiet inside. This momentary feeling of craziness was meant to show you just how worked up the unleashed mind can get.  Your mind isn’t you.  Nor is your money situation, your job, or your mate.  You’re a singular spiritual being that exists beyond physical definition.  Now for those Virgo’s who went through these last few weeks feeling airy and light, well you already have a stronger sense of this.  So what separates the two?  A commitment to service.  Helping others is the center of your astrological DNA.  So your next steps must have that element for clarity to find you.


Welcome the world into your life more

Did these last few weeks allow you to reconsider your relationship to the world?  Are you suddenly looking around and seeing that the scope of your life isn’t as grand as it could be?  Perhaps there is a greater world out there that you could be participating in somehow.  It’s time to take this newfound sense of worldliness and apply it to your life.  Now that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re packing your bags and moving to another continent.  But, it could mean that you may want to welcome the world into your life some more.  Whether it’s learning a new language, growing your business beyond its usual scale, or actually planning a trip to somewhere foreign, you have to see yourself as a global citizen, not just a citizen of your life.  Because, energetically speaking, we are connected to so much more than we see in our everyday lives.  So why not find a way to relate to that spiritual truth on a physical level.


Reflect on how well you’re listening to internal versus external messages

You have been tasked this past month or so with getting up to speed with your career goals.  The retrograde allowed you to get in touch with old ideas, visions, and contacts that are in alignment with the work you want to be devoting your life to.  And you’ve probably had some productive first steps in building a new phase in your career.  But, take a little time to reflect on how well you’re listening to internal versus external messages.  Your relationship with your gut is the most business relationship you can have right now.  So you have to trust it.  Going forward, feel free to gain advice and wisdom from others, but then cross-check it against what your intuition tells you is right.  Even if you don’t think you have the experience to claim a decision, you have the personal insight into what feels right and what feels wrong for you.  So stop trusting others more than you trust yourself.


Never think of yourself as a lost cause

You may have found yourself feeling a little inadequate at times, or wishing you had learned something in the past that you bypassed.  Maybe it’s reminiscing on a class you should have taken or a school you should have attended, or just reconnecting with old schoolmates who remind you of a time when you had possibility that you might have squandered.  In fact, you may have found yourself enrolling in a class of some kind.  Well, that’s a plus, because you should never think of yourself as a lost cause.  In fact, ponder the fact that everything you have learned up to this point is what you needed to learn to handle this moment in time.  So, if you don’t like your current situation, you can change it.  Know that every tool you have picked up along the way will help you achieve any new goals you set out to attain.  And, it’s never too late to pick up a new skill or follow through on that hobby.  So give yourself that option to explore every passion.


Weed out all the shit that’s related to the old, outdated you

So the last few weeks have given you some time off to really consider this next chapter for yourself.  And it may be feeling that epic, in that it’s time to turn a page and tackle life with a clearer perspective.  The best way to take that kind of transformation on is to weed out all the shit that’s related to the old, outdated you.  You may have seen yourself stuck in some forms of habit recently, ranging from the physical to ways of being and responding.   Well, really think on how those things make you feel.  Yes Cap, you need to be self-reflective.  What are the hamster wheels in your life?  Is it drinking, some sort of drug, a bad relationship, or just some bullshit tape you have had on repeat in your head?  You don’t have time for that no more.  You are in the process of rebuilding a relationship with your work life on some level too, so life is about to get real busy.  No time for running in circles, so quit it.


Let loose and be the most glorious you

These last few weeks have given you an opportunity to reconnect with some old friends or perhaps an older sense of self that only the dearest of your relationships bring out in you.  Does that mean you were missing a part of you for a little while now?  Yeah, it does.  I would venture to say that it has something to do with your creativity too.  Think on the people you have pushed yourself to engage with the most over the last few weeks.  Do they inspire you in some way to be your more colorful self?  They may even be pushing you to invigorate creative ideas that have been lying dormant in the gutters of your imagination.  Well, it’s time to wake them up, clean them off, and buy them a new suit to wear.  You are in a key place to start making some good, solid impressions on people who can help you to achieve, so surround yourself with the loved ones you already have that push you to be wholly you.  These new people need to see you in all your glory, so let loose and be the most glorious you that you can be.


Don’t get caught up in other people’s ideals

These past weeks have pushed you into slightly uncomfortable waters.  Basically, you have had to rethink your relationship with a lot of very practical things, and the Pisces does not love to live in a practical world.  In fact, you prefer the opposite, fluid, and non-confrontational.  So, what does it mean to have to seriously think about work and money and real-world shit that everyone else gets crazy about but you just say, “Meh” to?  It means, that you have to do those things, but you can do it on your terms.  You have to live comfortably and support yourself, but it doesn’t necessarily be by marching to everyone else’s drummer.  Do your work your way.  And money is key, but if you want to keep it all in a pink glittery piggy bank on your mantel, that’s cool.  As long as you know where it is and have access, great.  Don’t get caught up in other people’s ideals.  This life is about you, so make the rules and live by them, freak flag proudly flown.


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