The Beginning of The Rest of Your Life


It’s time to step boldly into the future self that has been beckoning you toward your destiny

It’s time for the New Year, people. 2013 is leaving the building. Now I don’t know about you, but 2013 was kinda rough. It was a challenging one, with a lot of major change. So many people I know lost jobs, loved ones, or even senses of their life direction, causing major life questions to take hold of the mind and pummel it. While others saw births of children, career paths, or relationships. But even those new beginnings opened up a Pandora’s box of personal growth lessons that not everyone was ready to face. Still, I believe 2013 will be looked back upon as a year that “started it all”.

In 2013, it was as if the ground opened up and gravity took us down into a new dimension of being. Or like Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games, we emerged from the ground, uncertain but brave as we took in the frightening, exhilarating backdrop of our newest chapter.


All the effects of Saturn in Scorpio, a shift at the core essence. We then had to assimilate. We had to get our feet sturdy and understand our new surroundings. And we had to come up against ideas of where we thought we were going versus where we seemed to be headed now, and with whom. This transitional energy is a major component to the 2014 shift and the new moon in Capricorn that accompanies it.

You must allow yourself to leave the negativity, the self-doubt, the anxiety, and the dread behind

With this Capricorn new moon, it’s time to step boldly into the future self that has been beckoning you toward your destiny. But you aren’t to just leave the old you behind, lying on the shore for the waves to take. You must acknowledge the pieces of you that are authentic and meaningful and integrate them into the life you plan to have moving forward. So many people go into a new year with the idea that they must be purged of their old self before they can start anew. But that’s impossible. And that’s why we fail at moving forward, because we don’t want to leave the old behind. Well, in some aspects, we shouldn’t. However, we must be clear about what to bring with us and what can be washed out to sea.


The moon rules the past (Cancer) while Capricorn is all about building for the future. So we must go into this year continuing to build on the lessons of this past year. We allowed ourselves to let go of a lot in 2013 but what we’ve held onto must be utilized. All of our best talents, relationships, and ideas must be maximized this year so that our souls can manifest our future realities to their greatest potential. Isn’t that what we all want? To be our highest, most magnificent self? Well again, I say it’s time for the New Year, people. So how can you move into it in a way that allows for that best self to completely emerge? The clue is to know that you already are your best self, or at least know what he/she looks like. Now you must allow yourself to leave the negativity, the self-doubt, the anxiety, and the dread behind so that you can just live a life on fire, with passion, grace, and total kick-ass power.

Let’s take a closer look at the signs and see how this breaks down:


This year starts out with your life path illuminated. Something about the way you’re ringing in this New Year is reflective of the mark you want to make on this world. Perhaps it’s in the environment, the people, or the circumstances you are chose to usher it in with. Regardless, it is going to give you a burst of enthusiasm toward wanting to actualize all of the dreams you have for yourself. And this year, you can actually do it. You just have to believe that what you’re focusing on with your heart and mind right now is the way to go. The career path, relationships, or locations that make your spirit truly sing is where you should be. And you know it. So don’t be afraid to bravely go toward the new. It’s where success lives.


I need you to go into this new year with the mentality of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise mission: “to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Except the man being referred to in that statement is you. This year is a chance to travel, learn, and dream in big bold ways. Through this exploration, you will find yourself face to face with a truer version of you. But in order to get on the path to this discovery and truly enlighten it, you must let go of your stubborn ways of thinking. And that means no more beating yourself up, talking down to you, or throwing yourself the side-eye. Your brilliant new life just won’t call for it.


You are so used to living on a mental level that right now may feel a little uncomfortable. That’s because the current energy is all soulful and earthy. All this isn’t to say that you can’t be grounded or have a spiritual sensibility. In fact, right now I believe that more than ever you’re starting to look at your life from a more practical standpoint. And with a sense of what your soul needs than just what your mind tells you that you need. And that’s where the inner turbulence comes from. It’s being able to come to terms with what you know in your gut versus what you think you know. And then being able to act on making the changes you truly feel need to happen. Use this new moon to call on courage and stare into the light of what you want to manifest this year.


This new moon wants you to pay closer attention to those in your life who are actually there to help you out in the ways your heart needs. It’s time to make sure that everyone in your life passes the “feelings” test, which means that you feel the connection in your gut and not just your heart or nether regions. Anyone who isn’t truly connected to the heart will only slow you down as you head toward solidifying relationships in a deeply meaningful way this year. So basically, if you’re single, that will end in 2014. And if you’re with someone and it’s good, then all this will just deepen. If it’s bad, and I mean the bad that can’t be fixed, then it’s only a matter of time before you have cut it loose so you can make room for the good. That’s what you want and deserve, right?


As has been mentioned in past posts, you’re becoming a more soulful you. Circumstances of the past year have deepened you, causing you to lose some of the ego that at times holds you and your self-growth back. And you have probably found your day-to-day work life to be a greater reflection of all this. You’re either working in service more, or you’re working in an environment that gives you a more spiritual quality. Or perhaps you hate your job, but the day-to-day rituals that surround it have given you greater meaning. Well, continue on this path and build on it. If you feel you need even more spirituality or creativity in your life, figure out how to build that into the daily routine more. Right now is a time of hard work. But if you ground into yourself, you will find that the dreams you wanted all along are still there and in reach, you just had to take a different route to get to them.


You have a real connection right now to making the world you live in and the greater world around you a better place for those who inhabit it. But please make sure that you haven’t been giving too much of late so as to deplete yourself. What’s gravely important for you at this New Year crossroads is that you attach to dreaming for yourself and the things you want to achieve. You must be willing to be a little selfish. No one is going to judge you if you have to say no to helping another so that you can go off and be creative for you. And in 2014, this will be a theme. So take some time now to carve out a creative nook for just you. Dance. Play. Sing to your heart’s content. Bake a banana bread (and then send me some). Whatever it takes to call in the creative spirit that dwells within and wants to help you envision a bolder year for you.


You have been incredibly good at building up your career this year, giving it all the love and focus it needs. But make sure that you feel just as confident and at home within yourself as you do out there in the world, doing your good work. Use your actual home as a mirror. Is it bare or full of warmth? Have you fully allowed yourself to commit to it, or are you just biding your time until the next better place comes along? In actuality, maybe this year it is time to physically move into something that can mean “home and family” more to you. You should feel the warmth, security, and strength all around you, as well as just within.


You have been through the most change this year, shifting areas of your life in major ways. And all these shifts have caused you to think about and see yourself in a new, different light. Perhaps you’ve also opened yourself up to bigger ideas of the life you want for yourself. And this dreaming bigger has gotten you into some of the exciting changes you’ve made this year. But what’s next? This last year was just the tip of the iceberg. You must continue to think and talk up your life in a large way. Use this new moon energy to push yourself into some big conversations. Speak up about what you need in order to execute the future you see for yourself. And be confident that you can connect to your truth in a way that gives your communication the clarity it needs to get the outcome you desire.


This new moon wants you to usher in this New Year thinking about what you’re worth and what you deserve. And I am not really just talking about what your salary should be either. We are talking, what you deserve in the field of love, home, family, creativity, sex – all of it. So your 2014 assignment is to come up with a list of ten things that you deserve to have in your life this year. Especially as you are literally working so hard these days, you need to consider what you want to show for it. So get specific. Do you want a man in your life? If so, does he look like Adam Levine? Idris Elba? A little of both? Does he have a job where travel is important? Get specific! Do you want to travel? Where do you deserve to go this year? Where haven’t you been that you’ve always wanted to go? How can you go this year? Lay out a dream team of goals for yourself and then move toward making them a reality.


2014 is offering you a stellar opportunity to take yourself more seriously. Wait, what? Don’t you already take yourself too seriously as it is? Well yes, but what you need to take more seriously right now are some of the unique ideas you have been gestating about your life. Specifically when it comes to your career path. Perhaps you’ve been doing something that felt more “you”-focused, and you want to start working with people or for the people more. Or you’re just feeling the urge to break away from what you’ve done for so long and want to try something entirely different. Well the past couple of years have pushed you toward some soul searching for a reason. And it may be time to let some of what you’ve found out into the light so you can actually act upon it and infuse it into your life’s work.


The New Year and its accompanying new moon are illuminating the spiritual revolution that is going on deep within you right now. You have been shifting at the soul level, expanding your emotional awareness, and aiming toward creating more impassioned relationships with those you love most. You know, just that. No big deal. Well, the way to maximize everything that you’ve been working toward is to fully commit to viewing everything you do from that same spiritual place. Approach your job or shopping at the mall in the same way you approach your meditation practice. That is if you have one. If you don’t have a meditation practice, start there. Like French philosopher Pierre Teilhard de Chardin said, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Applying that to all you do this year will both calm and exhilarate you.


As you’re currently embarking on a creative reworking of some aspects of your life, try looking out and beyond. Make longevity your friend and consider that you need to lay the groundwork for some things that will help you to connect to the world in a larger way. But know that it all won’t come together in a day. So how to get the ball rolling? Talk to some trusted friends, colleagues, or even a therapist to clear up exactly what’s going on during this current transformation. Make sure that what you’re applying worth to in life is connected to a core value and not something you were told to care about by your parents years ago. And when you have an audience with attentive ears, be certain to speak from a place of betterment for all and not just what you think you need right now. If you can get a handle on these things, you can begin to better understand where your strengths lie and what or whom you should be heading toward in the coming year.


One thought on “The Beginning of The Rest of Your Life

  1. I wonder if anyone can answer this question, do we have control over our destinies or are our destinies pre ordained?
    Do we choose our paths in life all the time or is fate written in stone all the time?
    Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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