Kill Your Inner “Blah Blah Blah”

This Gemini full moon wants you to trust that you already know the truth for your life

So I end up having a glass of wine and some avocado fries with my man and his lovely Gemini friend of many years. We toast to the Gemini full moon, and she asks, “What does it mean?” Now I have been mulling it over for the last few days and, until that point, I hadn’t been able to distill it down. But in that moment, I just uttered, “It’s time to let go of the chatter.” She paused, then nodded and sipped her wine. “There’s a lot of chatter.” And in analyzing the chart for this current full moon some more, as well as just being a person in the world right now, I must agree with that blurted out statement.

It’s time to let go of the chatter, everyone. Sure, shift is in the air. We are all in the midst of some major transformation, whether we’re having babies, changing jobs, moving homes, or adjusting our self-perceptions to align with who we want to be. And that kind of bold evolution will cause our minds to work overtime with ideas, worry, and questions. Thoughts get cluttered, and we easily confuse that deeply honest voice of truth with the lesser ego-centered voices that stem from fear, pain, and hurt. And it sucks, because they both kind of sound alike and it can get to the point where one can’t tell the difference. But let’s face it. If you just settle down long enough and ask yourself any question, the correct answer is usually the first thing that comes up.

Kill your inner blah blah blah and let the soul’s voice emerge

This Gemini full moon wants you to trust that you already know the truth for your life. So all of this questioning, second-guessing, and moments of confusion are really just procrastination masquerading as your thoughts. So kill your inner blah blah blah and let the soul’s voice emerge. Believe that it has your best interest in mind, and that it won’t allow you to step into something that will destroy your heart, endanger your body, or ridicule your existence. Know that your personal growth is already in motion. You just have to be still long enough to get caught up in the current. Because if you’re flailing about, and that’s probably what you’re mind is doing most of the time, then you’ll never be light enough to be swept away to your destiny.

Let’s look at each of the signs and get a better sense of how this could be personally affecting you:


As an Aries, your job right now is to free yourself from thinking. Get back in touch with your innate sensibility of just being spontaneous, inspired, and even a bit foolish. Fully engage this full moon by not thinking about what you’re supposed to be doing in order to get ahead or get by. Just do what comes naturally and all will fall into place.


When was the last time you wrote a love poem for someone? No, a Facebook status doesn’t count. And I know you’ve done this before, even if you never actually gave it to someone, because you’re a Taurus and that’s what you all do. It’s fun, right? Now when was the last time you wrote a love poem to yourself? You don’t actually have to sit down and type something out. But for this next week, treat yourself as a love poem. Do everything to soothe, flirt, and lather in the emotional glow of your life.


We all have a story about ourselves and can get caught up in it to the point that we become fictional characters in our own life. We become immersed in the idea of who we are and the way we think that we should respond to things that we forget to connect to the present moment. Thus, we don’t make room for something new. Well, it’s time to see your life for what it is now. Become deeply present to what you don’t like and let it go so you can make room for that something new you secretly crave.


You’re very involved with the workings of your daily routine and managing it that you may be ignoring some of the messages your subconscious is trying to offer you at this time. If some pieces of your life are a bit out of place, use this week to turn to your dreams. There, you may find yourself in some usual, fantastical scenarios. However, if you let them marinate and take the time to meditate on them, you could find answers in the abstract form of flying cats, dancing walls, or weightlessness.


As you’re transitioning to a calmer, more subdued version of you, you may feel as if your grand, creative light is dimmed and there’s no sight of its return. Well, know that your light is still very bright. It’s just shining onto a different world than the one you thought it would be, maybe, like two years ago. But this new world isn’t any less important. You just need to make sure that you’re infusing it with as much of your own uniqueness as you need in order to feel at home.


The truth of your life path is very clear right now. The greatest clues to it are in your home. Whether it is the people you love and share it with, the work you love to do there, or the challenges you love to face in its surrounding environment, home is where the truth is for you. Now don’t use this as an opportunity to look around and over-think what you’re supposed to be doing based on the dishes in the sink. Just allow yourself to be in your space and continue to do what makes you most joyful there.


This full moon wants you to open your mind up and free it to absorb whatever subject, interest, or hobby has been taking up space there during the last few months. Is there something that you’ve been dying to try or take on but just haven’t given yourself the time or freedom to do so? Maybe the very art of having free time is simply all you crave. Whether it’s that, dance, or gluten-free baking, give yourself the permission this week to take the time to fully indulge.


The truth of your personal worth and potential is really coming to light at this time. Basically, you’re seeing that you have given your power away to other people when you should’ve been the one in control. Well, it’s time to accept your power and make others aware of your ability to command. If it helps, assign an article of clothing to be your “power suit”. Then wear it when you need to assert yourself the most this week.


Is there someone in your life that you’ve been failing to communicate your emotions to? Do you know the truth of a relationship situation but have allowed it to be clouded over with fear-based doubt or insecurity? Are you feeling that personal transformation toward a better you just bursting at the seams to manifest? Then, it’s time to have that talk you’ve been putting off so you can finally release an emotional truth that will ultimately help to set you free and make for a stronger you.


You like your life to be a rather routine affair. It’s usually chalked up to knowing yourself and what you need to do to maintain your optimum life. But, sometimes what we think is fresh is actually stale, and you’re actually just stuck in your ways. Now is a good time to look into what part of your life has become just too usual. It may be work. It may be the way you are in relationships. Whatever the case may be, figure out how to unleash a much needed shake-up in that area and go to town.


Even though you can seem rather carefree and impulsive, you are very much a mental creature. So even when it comes to something as free-flowing as creativity, you can at times get too in your head about your own creative process. The best way to get your cluttered thoughts out of your art is to do it more often. Give yourself a harsher daily routine when it comes to being creative and you will find it to be more effortless and fruitful.


See your life as a house. Recently, you’ve been concerned with putting a skylight in so you can impress friends as well as get some natural light in. Seeing the sky will help you to look up and dream, which is important to do at this time. However, the full moon really needs you to focus on the basement for a moment, where a leak has sprung and flooding has begun. And no home ever survived without a proper foundation. Now ask yourself, are you allowing ego-driven thoughts or careless fantasies to clutter your basic, personal foundation? And if so, what irreversible damage could you be causing and should you be figuring out how to cease?


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