That Libra New Moon When You Really Pulled Yourself Together


The future self you’ve always dreamed of becoming can finally be the you of now

I recently went back into therapy and am so glad that I did. First off, going to therapy does not make one crazy. I would hope at this point, the stigma around therapy is old news. And in all honesty, I wear the fact that I go with pride. I believe that anyone who is willing to sit in a room with a stranger and be vulnerable for an hour will only make themselves a better person in their actual real world relationships. It also offers the opportunity to dissect yourself in a way that purges your mentality of old modes of operation. For me, there are just some outdated ways of seeing myself that I am ready to be rid of for good. There is only so many years that I can allow the traumas of a childhood gone by to help dictate my responses to the world I inhabit now. It’s time to relate to myself in a new way.

The Libra New Moon is here to help shepherd in a new, advanced level of relating to yourself, with the specific goal of restoring balance to your emotional equilibrium. What areas of your life are consuming you, perhaps causing you to ignore or avoid other, just as important areas of your life? Do you also have old ways of seeing yourself that need to be banished once and for all? Can you really use this moment in time to take stock of where you’re emotionally stagnant? If you have been craving movement in one area of your life but just haven’t seen it, you may want to pause and consider how you truly relate to yourself when it comes to that part of you.


Let’s say that you are feeling stuck in your relationship life. Consider the story you’ve grown accustomed to in your head when it comes to your love life. “It’ll never happen.” “Maybe it’s just not for me.” Or you could be saying to everyone, “I’m happy on my own and it’ll happen when it happens”, but then rush home to cry while you secretly eat a tub of ice cream and watch Sex and The City reruns. You may be connecting some sort of shame or internalized guilt to your love life, thus building a wall up around that part of you. No one can penetrate the “I’m going to be alone forever” wall. They say love comes along when you’re not looking, and that is true. It’s because you are so content in all areas of your life and have such a pure, loving relationship with yourself, that you aren’t focusing any negativity into that part of you. You are loving yourself so much that someone is able to notice and say, “Damn, I want to love that person too.”

So what part of you isn’t being fostered as much as it should be, causing an imbalance in your life? Your friendships or family? Your work life? Your larger, life purpose goals? Your spirituality? Identify which piece(s) of you need attention and care and make a list of possible old mentality habits you have around those areas. You may also just need to make some forward thinking goals in those areas. For love, consider one goal to be, “I am going to date myself for a month”. Allow yourself to fall head over heels in love with you. Aries, Gemini, Leo, and Libra – I’m looking at you primarily for that one.


Now is an amazing time to dust whatever sadness you have been carrying around off of your shoulders. You no longer have to carry that burden around with you. The idea that you have to be everything to everyone is a lie. You owe one person your full attention, and that is you. So really use this time. Get still with yourself and ask the hard questions. Where are you falling behind for yourself? Then think long and hard about why you can’t seem to give a certain area of your life enough love. It may stem back to some childhood trauma of yours that you thought was long gone by. Well, old habits don’t die easy, but with time and attention, they will die. And then you can truly start to relate to yourself from a new place of self-acceptance and understanding. The future self you’ve always dreamed of becoming can finally be the you of now. You deserve that. I deserve that. We all deserve that.

Happy Libra New Moon!


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