That Pisces Full Moon When You Found a Feather


The Pisces Full Moon is one that asks you to give over to the flow of your path

Years ago, my man and I were in Granada, Spain, and we decided to go out in search of this hotel that was supposed to have the most remarkable view. We didn’t remember the name of it. All we knew was that it was across the way from the ancient and well-known fortress, The Alhambra. Our American brains figured it would be a breeze. The Alhambra is situated on the highest hilltop overlooking the city. We contemplated a cab but figured the walk would be more scenic. And it seemed relatively easy to find. We could see it up above so the idea was to just keep walking up. So we ventured out, taking winding streets that eventually got narrower and less populated. After about forty minutes of twisting and turning, we had lost sight of the Alhambra and started to feel lost ourselves. So we argued. “We should’ve just taken the cab.” “What were we thinking?” “Are we going to get mugged?” “Should we turn around?” It was not looking good. But still, something inside me said that it would all be fine. Not to worry. And it was then that I saw it. A feather.

I once read that finding a feather meant that you were on your path. It was a shaman’s omen, a touchable north star. So in that moment of real concern, a spiritual reminder of presence was necessary. “Look, a feather”, I said, pointing to a feather lying at the tip of a road. My man was like, “So.” I told him of the significance and being the hippies we are, he softened. “Okay, so we should head in the direction of it?” he wondered. I nodded and we continued on our way. From that point on, instead of embracing fear, we embraced wonder. Strange streets became interesting paths of street art and the occasional burst of music from a nearby window. And there were more feathers, which we would excitedly point out to each other. After about another twenty minutes or so, we turned a corner and saw it. The Hotel Alhambra Palace. We cheered and hugged. Soon, we were lounging on their terrace with a gorgeous rose and a breathtaking view of the entire city. We had given over to our path, not given up, and found ourselves in paradise.

Whatever roads you end up on are leading you toward your goals

The Pisces Full Moon is one that asks you to give over to the flow of your path. The fact that it coincides with a Lunar Eclipse only intensifies its energy, calling you to be a braver version of yourself. And it all occurs while you navigate through this current Mercury Retrograde in Virgo, which may have you all tongue-tied in the brain. But you must find grounding in the core of yourself and know that if you can be still within, whatever roads you end up on are leading you toward your goals. It’s when you get so caught up in questioning and overthinking that you fall off the path. That’s when we all turn around and miss what is calling us forward. And I would’ve been so bummed if I had missed that beautiful journey with my man, and that view. And that rose! So we must all be better about wading through our brain poop so that we can really get in touch with the spirit’s true agenda at hand.

A full moon is a time of fulfillment, so right now is an opportunity to ignite the fuse of closure around something in your life. Primarily, given the Pisces/Virgo connection, it’s when you must align what you want inside with what’s going on outside. How are you really taking care of yourself and finally going for what you know you want out of your life? Can you completely let go of the mental and emotional blockages that are keeping you from staying the path? Is it truly time to trust in your heart what you know is meant for you and allow it into your life? When you can get out of your own way by getting out of your head and fully into the world around you, you can take the time to notice the feathers at your feet. And those feathers are spirit telling you that all is okay. You can find your way.


Let this post be a feather for you.

Here are some deeper insights for each sign. And read your rising sign as well, as that can offer up more and sometimes even greater insight into your current state. And if you don’t know yours, I can try to help you find it out. Just hit me up!


Don’t forget that the path you’re meant to walk isn’t always paved with smooth white sand. It can sometimes be a rocky one. All this to say that with passion comes work and challenge. So don’t let any of those rocks deter you. What may seem to you like roadblocks are really just tests of your willingness to endure for what you want. And if you can give over to some trust in the unknown, then you will soon see your day-to-day life start to mirror what you’ve always dreamed it could.


With so much major change afoot in your life, it can sometimes be hard to get out of your head about it and into the greater picture. Don’t get bogged down by all the little changes you’re dealing with in your routine. Remember that you and your work want to connect to the world in a larger way and all that you are doing right now could help lead to that. But know that if your creativity isn’t a part of your current work, then maybe you’re letting fear hinder your growth.


You may be letting some of your relationships clog your mind when it comes to connecting to your career. You want life’s work to be something you feel at home in, but either people at work got you down, or the people you love most aren’t being the most supportive about it. It also may be that you are judging yourself and your career passion through other people’s eyes instead of just going after what you feel is yours. As Rupaul says, “If they ain’t paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind.”


You very easily take what is given and have a hard time completely going after the thing you deep down want. And that can stem from some insecurity, whether based out of your own ego/mind or just from the beat down you take from your daily routine. Regardless, even if you’re experiencing success, there is still something out there, a career, vocation, trip, etc., that you have given up on. Perhaps it’s time to bring closure to the “ain’t gonna happen” attitude and take steps to make it happen.


You may be struggling a bit to fully give over to the personal transformation at hand. Perhaps you think it’s going to hinder your financial flow or halt your creativity. When in fact, the opposite is true. It is only going to challenge your creativity and force you to give birth to greater ideas, thus potentially bringing in an even greater wave of financial growth. So whatever you think is a problem for you, you know that thing you actually truly love, it’s good for you. Give over to its grace in your life.


Are there any relationships that you should be bringing some sort of closure to? It may not be that someone is toxic and needs out of your life. It just may mean that your relationship has changed and it’s time for you to bring closure to the relationship you thought it was as opposed to what it is now, in reality. This also includes aspects of yourself by the way, because all of this mirrors personal growth elements you are currently accepting into your life which are great for you.


There are parts of your daily life that are no longer good for you and must go. I’ll start by saying it’s time to rid your self of any negative beliefs and thought patterns that have festered around in your brain for too long. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself these days. You cannot get by with calling yourself names or demeaning your work any more. Moving forward, only wellness and happiness for your thoughts as well as your bodies. Your spirit will feel the greatest reward from it.


You have strong creative ideas to share with the world, but you’ve been so bogged down by other areas of your life that you’ve suppressed them. Or it may be that you’ve given the reigns over to other creative minds you think know better than you do. But they don’t. You cannot let others guide your ideas right now. You must take ownership and give over to the leader role that wants to step forth. If you don’t, then your idea won’t come to fruition in the way you know they could and should.


In The Wiz, Dorothy sings in the song “Home”, “When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s love overflowing.” That notion must be your guide at this time. How can you make every place in your life feel like this kind of home? What can you let go of that no longer serves this notion? You may want to start at home and see if anything there is a remembrance of people or time that no longer bring the love in for who you are now. It’s time to clear the way for a more confident you.


It’s time to release old thoughts and thought patterns that are based on fears of the past. There may be areas of your life where you feel inferior or just not good enough, but those “feelings” are just lingering thoughts about yourself based on some outdated idea of you. So you may not have the job, partner, house, car, family, etc., you thought were supposed to be coming your way. So let that idea go and replace it with something new and exciting that you’re feeling passionate about now.


It’s easy to let our self-worth feel connected to how the world views our existence. With social media, we get consumed with who likes our one thing and is commenting on another. But we know our personal value isn’t based on our amount of followers. Still, we get tied up in it. It’s time to release whatever weight you’ve placed on the outside world’s impression of you. You will continue to become a more interesting you if what others think of you is left out of the equation.


You have a pristine opportunity to connect to your most soulful self right now. The challenge is how to not let your work and relationship life define who you are trying to be at this moment. You all get so easily swept into the flow so it’s hard sometimes to not wake up and realize you’re wearing everyone else’s impressions of you. So now it’s time to scrub off all the dead skin in your life that doesn’t belong to the core of you. Let your light shine in a way that may scare others and be okay with it.


6 thoughts on “That Pisces Full Moon When You Found a Feather

  1. Tickled pink by your feathery insights and in awe of your tuned-iness! I’m a scorpio sun with pisces moon + asc and my jaw literally fell right open as your intuitive descriptions painted the picture exactley as it is with this tiny little soul right here! Not only for me,but also for my parner and two sons. How do you do it? Yup, sure have surpressed my inner artist and leader to earn a crust the hard way but packing up my belongings as we speak to leave bricks and mortar for a new life on a boat. The fog is lifting and it’s time to live my truth and stop absorbing everybody! The inner recognition of your insights makes me wonder about the eclipse sign cycles, as what you divulge concernes the process of the last 5-6 years in particular…is there a time scale/effect between one full moon/eclipse and another? Or did I just get a mini reading of my natal chart? Either way I am happy to feel more awakened and empowered than I have for a very very long time. And I think you are awesome!

    1. OMG I just found this comment in my inbox – for some reason the site didn’t notify me to it when it cane in. Thanks for all the sweet words. And yes, astrology is all cyclical so can be in regards to eclipses but can also be in connection to a transit of a certain planet as well. But sometimes mini-readings also just happen to occur! All the love!

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