What About This Monster Full Moon?

This full moon is the catalyst for you to break new ground

I have had a few people ask me to chime in on what astrologer Susan Miller is referring to as next week’s “Monster Moon”, or the Libra Full Moon.  The energy of it really starts today and culminates on March 27th, when a ton of planets will be fully ignited – the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.  Though it will touch all of us, it’s primarily going to affect a few signs in a major way: Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, and Gemini – or anyone with natal planets in those signs.  So if you are not one of those signs but your rising or moon is, then you’re also going to be feeling all of this quite a bit.  Okay, this is probably all sounding like a lot.  So let me try and break it down, and then I can get specific on what I think we can all do to best navigate these potentially volatile waters.

First off, we all know a full moon is a time to release some built-up emotional energy – hence the whole idea of letting loose and howling at it.  This month, that internal release is coming in the sign of Libra.  Generally speaking, it’s time to address the pent-up frustration we have around certain relationships.  And it needs to be vocal, since Libra is an air sign and has to have a talk about it.  Perhaps there is someone you haven’t been able to completely express yourself to, or with whom you’ve been creating a level of underlying tension.  That tension could be good or bad – the boss you want to tell to fuck off or the cute guy you’ve been tiptoeing around with your feelings.  Well, this could be the time where you have no choice but to let the truth be heard.  Truth is the key word here.  We can’t avoid it with this full moon so don’t try to – it will bite you in the ass later.

No more childhood mentalities that cause us to act out as unconscious adults

Now most importantly, we just completed a period where most of the planets traveled through Pisces.  These last forty or so days pushed us to connect to our soul’s desires more and urged us to bring certain personal cycles to an end.  Though there were certainly projects, relationships, etc that could have found completion at this time, it was really dealing more with our internal situation.  We were being asked to say goodbye to some aspects of our inner self that had reached their expiration date.  No more shitty childhood mentalities that cause us to act out as unconscious adults.  We must now be more aware of our actions and even more so of the motivations behind them.  The same should be said for our goals and dreams.  Have we been walking a road with our soul for a compass, or have we been using something like a desire to please our family or insecurity around love to guide us?

Thankfully, Mercury is still in that place of soul reflection, so we have some time to address our soul and ask for guidance.  We can identify our outdated thinking patterns and give them the boot so that we can each truly heal from a deeper place.  So, journal it out.  Meditate.  Grab a bottle of wine and your best friend so you can just talk about your deepest fears.  Anything that gets you closer to the core of what could be holding you back.  If you hold these feelings, insecurities, and/or fears inside, then you give them the power to control.  And why the fuck should you be giving your power away to your thoughts if they are just covered in cobwebs and trying to sabotage your happiness?  It’s time to let go, once and for all.  And like, now.

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How to Have an Emma Thompson Cry, and Deal With the Last Full Moon

What of your emotional past have you been hoarding?

The other day, I had an Emma Thompson moment in the dressing room of a Saks Fifth Avenue outlet store.  If you’ve seen LOVE ACTUALLY, then you have an idea of what I’m referring to.  It’s that moment in the film where she ducks into the bedroom to have a quick, private cry before returning to her family as if nothing is wrong – an emotional dance you assume she has done one too many times.  Well, I didn’t duck in purposefully to have a cry.  But after a long, tiresome day and attempting to fit my post-holiday weight gain butt into some clothes designed for much taller and thinner people than me, I broke down.  Not because I was feeling ugly or fat, but because I was depleted.  I was beaten and tired from my year and hadn’t taken a moment to exhale it all out.  So instead, the moment chose itself, under that horrible, department store lighting.

It was then I recalled that it was the full moon in Cancer that day, so for a Cancer moon like me, it was going to be a day of harsh, emotional challenge.  And I had to release it out.  However, later that day, after some further retrospection, I realized that the full moon was actually about releasing more than some tears.  See, this was not the first time I had been the star of a dressing room cry.  But I had to work a little bit harder to make it my last.

It’s important to throw things out and start anew

The Cancer full moon is all about releasing your past.  You see, in general, Cancers are all about collecting the past, and they do a good job of utilizing what they gather as they move forward in life.  But it can also be easy for a Cancer to hold onto the past in a way that is unhealthy.  I’d imagine that the first hoarder was probably a Cancer.  Some cave man or woman just rolling a ridiculous amount of stones into the home cave, storing them for some event that would never happen.  So this past full moon was well timed with the New Year.  You may have found yourself wanting to be rid of unnecessary clutter.  And it’s important to throw things out and start anew.  But the greatest place to take stock is inside of your self.  What of your emotional past have you been hoarding?

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