What About This Monster Full Moon?

This full moon is the catalyst for you to break new ground

I have had a few people ask me to chime in on what astrologer Susan Miller is referring to as next week’s “Monster Moon”, or the Libra Full Moon.  The energy of it really starts today and culminates on March 27th, when a ton of planets will be fully ignited – the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto.  Though it will touch all of us, it’s primarily going to affect a few signs in a major way: Libra, Aries, Capricorn, Cancer, and Gemini – or anyone with natal planets in those signs.  So if you are not one of those signs but your rising or moon is, then you’re also going to be feeling all of this quite a bit.  Okay, this is probably all sounding like a lot.  So let me try and break it down, and then I can get specific on what I think we can all do to best navigate these potentially volatile waters.

First off, we all know a full moon is a time to release some built-up emotional energy – hence the whole idea of letting loose and howling at it.  This month, that internal release is coming in the sign of Libra.  Generally speaking, it’s time to address the pent-up frustration we have around certain relationships.  And it needs to be vocal, since Libra is an air sign and has to have a talk about it.  Perhaps there is someone you haven’t been able to completely express yourself to, or with whom you’ve been creating a level of underlying tension.  That tension could be good or bad – the boss you want to tell to fuck off or the cute guy you’ve been tiptoeing around with your feelings.  Well, this could be the time where you have no choice but to let the truth be heard.  Truth is the key word here.  We can’t avoid it with this full moon so don’t try to – it will bite you in the ass later.

No more childhood mentalities that cause us to act out as unconscious adults

Now most importantly, we just completed a period where most of the planets traveled through Pisces.  These last forty or so days pushed us to connect to our soul’s desires more and urged us to bring certain personal cycles to an end.  Though there were certainly projects, relationships, etc that could have found completion at this time, it was really dealing more with our internal situation.  We were being asked to say goodbye to some aspects of our inner self that had reached their expiration date.  No more shitty childhood mentalities that cause us to act out as unconscious adults.  We must now be more aware of our actions and even more so of the motivations behind them.  The same should be said for our goals and dreams.  Have we been walking a road with our soul for a compass, or have we been using something like a desire to please our family or insecurity around love to guide us?

Thankfully, Mercury is still in that place of soul reflection, so we have some time to address our soul and ask for guidance.  We can identify our outdated thinking patterns and give them the boot so that we can each truly heal from a deeper place.  So, journal it out.  Meditate.  Grab a bottle of wine and your best friend so you can just talk about your deepest fears.  Anything that gets you closer to the core of what could be holding you back.  If you hold these feelings, insecurities, and/or fears inside, then you give them the power to control.  And why the fuck should you be giving your power away to your thoughts if they are just covered in cobwebs and trying to sabotage your happiness?  It’s time to let go, once and for all.  And like, now.

You can actually have the new beginning you have been craving

See, you do have a little more time to continue thinking about your current soul transformation, but you can’t just be sitting back and relaxing while you do so.  In fact, while your mind is trying to contemplate your internal state of affairs, everything else in your life wants to be GO GO GO.  You want to see change occur.  Well, this full moon is the catalyst for you to break new ground.  That is if you can take its cue and allow yourself to release the shit from your head that should be dead and gone.  Then you can actually have the new beginning you have been craving.  But, you can’t have it until you allow yourself to break out of your shell, your comfort zone.  Uranus is a big player in all of this, and it wants you to invite the unexpected and unique.  You need to be willing to change so that you can ultimately be different than you’ve been before, sans your old baggage.  That’s what you want, isn’t it?  To change, evolve, and be better?  Well, it’s easy to say, “I am willing to be a new person”.  But now it’s time to walk that talk.

This week will bring experiences and interactions with people that will push those buttons.  They will remind you of the new beginning you want but will also irk you when your old mentality wants to speak or act for you.  You must allow the new, unique you to spring forth.  Don’t be afraid of your voice and what wants to come out.  That is not growth.  Now go don’t spouting off and hurting others’ feelings, because that is not growth either.  There needs to be a balance to it all.  That’s Libra.  Balance.  So just breathe through it and trust that the natural balance of things will assist you if you step into flow as your new self and stay aware.

In a way, I am looking at this full moon moment as an opportunity and as an exam.  We each made a pledge of evolution to our souls when we opened ourselves up to personal growth work.  Now it’s time to see if we have been actually doing enough of the work to merit passing the test.  Or, will we fail to advance and fall back into a pattern of operating from old data.  I believe that if you are reading this, you have a shot at being the greatest version of you that you can be.  I want that for you.  Hell, I want that for me too.  So want that for yourself and be willing for the change, the growth, to enter your life.  It’s scary, but it can also be really beautiful.

Now let’s hit on some brief specifics for each sign:


Stay flexible and don’t let your ego get the best of you.  Some relationships are going to poke you in the wrong way, especially when they challenge the ideas you have for your career and/or life purpose.  Be patient and listen.  If you can come out the other side without raising your voice, or a fist, then you will get to meet a new you come April.


Some of your deepest fears may surprise when they come out to haunt you this week, sparked just by some usual daily occurrences.  The best way to combat is to go deep inside.  Meditation will be your best friend through all of this.  In fact, make it a strict ritual, and it will only allow your truest self to blossom.  And you will see that those ghosts are just mental fabrications.


You are going through a major self-realization stage right now, and you must channel it through your creativity.  But you may be having trouble actualizing your projects.  It’s time to let go of caring what the world thinks of you.  No one has your best interest at heart in the way that you should for yourself.  So if others disagree with your form of expression, who cares.  It’s for you to decide.


You really want to make a change in your career situation, and it comes with taking more control of it.  Perhaps the people you have been working with are just not inspiring you in the way that you need them to.  Take a step back first and make sure that you’re grounded.  Then you can take some firm steps toward working with those that truly get you.


You have such an itch right now to be traveling the world and exploring it and yourself more.  Unfortunately, the restrictions of your life have you caught up in thoughts of “Well that’s just unreasonable”.  Not to mention those around you echo that sentiment.  So, even if you can’t jet set around right now, you must be out and about, kicking down the walls of your usual life.  Otherwise, you’ll go insane.


Wow, so much inner change going on for you right now, and all wanting to express itself through some creative outlet.  The Virgo wants to give birth to something.  Money and those who control it may be holding you back from building exactly what you want right now.  But if you can dust off your true uniqueness and infuse it more into your daily life this week, the resources you need could show up.


Release yourself onto the world.  Those you come into contact with need to know exactly who you are, and so do you.  You can’t just reserve that freaky side of yourself for home anymore.  It’s time to take some of your relationships to the next level, including the one with yourself.  Everyone, including you, must meet your truest self, no holds barred.


Your soul will give you some challenging experiences this week that will ultimately shine a light on how you spend your days.  Are you really committing to things that express your truest self?  Your life is just getting busier and busier, but if you’re just simply filling it with busy work, then you’re going to feel really empty inside.  Talk to some trusted folks about what you really want and be open to their input.


Don’t be such a loner this week.  You need to be out and about with people, taking part in some unique activities.  What are some things that aren’t in your comfort zone – that you have maybe made excuses not to do that could now be put aside?  People will push and prod you to participate in activities that could seem outlandish or foolish.  Do them and awake the inner creative beast that has been dormant for too long.


You’re getting used to the idea that the life goal you have now is changing from what you thought it was, and you’re learning to be truly okay with that.  Now take note of whether your home life is supporting this new shift.  Either you’re spending too much time there doing nothing, or not enough time there doing something that ultimately keeps you stuck in a rut.  Identify the wheel and step out of it.


My favorite Madonna song ends with the line, “And now I find I’ve change my mind.”  I hope that realization rings true for you.  There is real opportunity for you to clear your head of the old shit and move into a new state of mental being.  You don’t have to hate yourself any more.  Your closest relationships will be your greatest teachers in all of this, so they will prod your old self into trying to pop up.  Stay strong.


You have been the subject of so much personal growth these last few weeks that you should feel like you’ve gained some greater sense of self.  With that should come a stronger sense of self-worth.  However, during this full moon, someone will come along and make you question how much you’re valued.  If you’re feeling “lesser than” in a situation, have a voice and speak up about it.  That’s the only way you’ll gain the happiness available to you.


5 thoughts on “What About This Monster Full Moon?

  1. thank you! I’ve been in a bit of a panic, worrying what I’m going to say to ruin my dear Libra husband’s life, as I’m an aries and freaked out after reading susan for this month. Thank you!!!! This really helps!

  2. 9months in the waiting, full moon after the other. Life was so harsh on all levels, since the beginning of 2013 and I always anticipated, a better tomorrow, after each full moon. What you say is encouraging for cancers and capricorns as we need balance in our life and are looking out for a better future, as soon as tomorrow. We hope this monster moon will bring monsterous and gigantic positivity, good energy and success, moving forward…

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