It’s 2013! What the Hell Are You Doing With Your Life?


The universe has given us a shared language in astrology

I recently went to see a planetarium show at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles.  It was a show I had seen before, about the birth of the cosmos and the history of astronomy.  In the past, I had found it to be visually lovely and rather entertaining.  But this time, I was more so affected by the narrative content of the piece.  In particular, I was struck by the fact that ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians saw astrology to be the same as astronomy.  The zodiac was established and used to study the night sky but was also used as a tool for how to live one’s best life.  It was all essentially a uniform science that we, over time, have created a separation for.  Astronomy has become considered true science while astrology just a charming and, to some, silly ideology.  And, it’s a shame really.  Because something rooted in such human history, as well as in nature, shouldn’t be looked down upon because we have entered into a world ruled by technology.  Our relationship with the natural world should be our most important.  And if the universe has given us a shared language in astrology, then we should all take an interest in it so we can each better understand our own personal nature.

There is a powerful scent of “what is the bigger picture for my life” in the air for all of us right now

As I have spent the past few days deeply pondering all of this, I was intrigued to find that Pluto, the God of all things profound, and Mercury, the communicator, were meeting up for a conjunction in Capricorn, the sign of serious ambition and goal-attainment.  That means, in astrological terms, that it all makes more sense that I would be immersed in grand thoughts about the cosmos and the meaning of it all.  It would also make sense why I spent yesterday morning on a call with my Capricorn friend, who wanted to discuss the deeper meanings of his romantic life.  And also why a group of my friends and I got together last night to start organizing an action plan on how we were going to accomplish our big goals for the year.  This is some serious life realness we have going on right now!  There is a powerful scent of “what is the bigger picture for my life” in the air for all of us right now, so we all must take a big ass inhale and breathe it in.

Now is the time to extend a laser focus toward the great endeavor you want to take on this year

My personal long-term goal is to bring people together and inspire a greater sense of personal self-awareness so they can better understand the story of their lives.  Astrology is a key component in that for me.  After attending the Observatory show, it was so exhilarating to get this feeling that I am a part of some greater, universal process.  I left feeling extremely invigorated and have since been even more excited to tackle healing work through astrology. Pluto and Mercury’s current meeting of the minds powerfully amplifies that feeling.  And it makes me, and the work, stronger.

We all need to take advantage of this propulsive planetary surge of ambition.  Our lives should always be approached with a great level of intensity.  However, we don’t always have the energy for it.  Now is the time to feel excited about your life.  Now is the time to extend a laser focus toward the great endeavor you want to take on this year – the one that will help you achieve the personal transformation you urgently crave for your life.

Here’s some help on where to look:


There’s no just seeing yourself in “just some job” anymore.  You must focus on the gifts you are meant to share with the world so you can cultivate a life that allows you to get paid for them.  Or else, you are just hiding the best part of you.  And working most of your days on something you could care less about.


It’s time now to think more deeply into the “Why’s” of your life.  Why are you making the choices you do?  Why are you making the excuses you do?  And most importantly, why are you telling yourself that you’re stuck when you can simply just get up and do something, anything, to make yourself feel “unstuck”.  It only takes one action to remind yourself that you are in charge of your own personal growth.


You have to stop complaining about how everything is forcing change on you and just ‘be’ the change in your life.  You’re experiencing some harsh growing pains, but that’s what comes with growing up.  And you can’t fight the current push into a new level of maturity that is happening right now.  Go with it and trust it – you will come out of it feeling so much happier.


So, relationships can’t stay the same – they must evolve.  And for someone like you, who loves to wear your relationships like a cozy blanket, you have to know when it’s time to toss that old throw away and get a new one.  That’s not to say that you’ve outgrown every relationship in your life.  Some may just need to take on a meaning, or adjust some to your current situation.


Has your current routine been working for you?  I would venture to say that there are certain aspects of it that you drive you up the fucking wall.  So what can you do to fix it?  Start by making a larger commitment to the most meaningful aspects of your life.  Then, let that dictate where the changes should come.


You’re feeling the urge to give birth.  Maybe you’re pregnant and feel ready to squeeze that child out.  If it’s not a physical pregnancy, then you have been craving the birth of a project, an idea, or some new way of being.  Whatever it is, give over to it and figure out how to bring it into the world.  It’s ready to shine, and so are you.


There is some aspect of your home environment that needs paying attention to.  Whether it’s who you live with, where you live, how you’re living there, or even just the way you define what home means to you – a change gonna come.  So get comfortable with whatever it is you’ve just been kinda thinking about in regards to your living situation and just take some steps to make it happen.


You have had so much on your mind lately that it’s been hard to discern what is true and what is false.  Well, you may need some more time to find clarity, but that isn’t what’s important now.   The important thing is that your mind and way of thinking needs some shaking up – it’s been too rigid as of late.  Broaden the way you think about yourself, and a positive change in the way you think about others will follow.


Have you been confusing your relationship with money and the relationship you have with your own self-worth?  You can buy what you need or think others want, but you can’t buy yourself satisfaction.  So stop allocating money to others and start giving yourself something more valuable – some self love and respect.  Ask yourself what the one thing is you want but isn’t available for purchase.  Then spend some quality time trying to understand how you can commit to attaining it.


You are in the midst of a personality overhaul.  Don’t fight it.  I know it’s hard for you slightly rigid creatures to give over something you have worked so hard for – but I promise you – the greatest gift you can give to your life right now is to be flexible and courageous.  The plans you had may want to change.  Being your stubborn self will only make this exciting growth process even harder.


Don’t numb yourself to the intense spiritual breakthrough that is available to you at this time.  In fact, dive head first into it.  If you haven’t ever felt like praying or meditating before, give it a strong go now.  Because your subconscious has some serious messages for you about the transformation you seek, and if you’re buried under work, drugs, booze, or crap TV, they will all just fall on deaf ears.


You are ready to get more in touch with the world.  Yes, you’re usually fine to just swim far below the surface, where others won’t bother you.  But now is the time to step out into the light and take charge of your next incarnation.  You have the opportunity to be a leader for those who need it, and on a project that could gain you some real recognition.  So make 2013 the year you grab everything by the balls.  Just don’t get arrested.


2 thoughts on “It’s 2013! What the Hell Are You Doing With Your Life?

  1. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your postings, and appreciate how open you are with the challenges you’re tackling. Your humor and directness make me laugh and remind me of my favorite astrologer, dear Walden Welch, who passed in May, 2011. Gratefully, Donna Jones aka triple-Gemini w/Capricorn rising (thank heavens!) 61 year old female psychic animal lover with great friends and family

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