Your Soul is Your Truth – Deal With It!

Lost and Confused Signpost

A gift lies within pain and confusion

I haven’t written for the last month, but it’s not because I have chosen to desert you, dear reader.  Soon after my last post, a dear friend of mine passed away.  It was one of those moments in life that shattered my perceived perception of how the Universe works.  I couldn’t help but to question the goodness of all things, knowing that my young, successful, and ambitious friend had been wiped from the earth in a single day.  I spent so much time agonizing over how I could have been a better friend, or creating fear for myself around death.  Then, exactly one week later, my boyfriend experienced a death in his immediate family, which brought mortality even more into the limelight.  I spent hours wondering, “what the hell is going on here, Universe?”  I was tired, sad, and just plain over it.  So I caved and spent a good long month just crying.

With the dust from my intense January settled, I have truly been able to recognize that a gift lies within pain and confusion.  But we must be willing to go into the tears and feelings to access it.  Because that is the only way that we can move deeper, into the Piscean deep where our soul dwells.  And our soul is our truth.  Sometimes, we can grow too distant from that truth, and we need a crushing hand to come in and remind us to reconnect.  See, my soul was feeling abandoned in a way, and nothing ever comes from being in that place.  Thankfully, I have re-established the connection, and just in time for Pisces to make its way in.

In Pisces lives spirit and intuition.


Pisces is the connecter to soul.  In Pisces lives spirit and intuition.  It is the sign that governs our link to the divine and makes our human experience a deeper, more soulful one.  The sun hasn’t moved into Pisces yet, but four others are already there – Mercury, Mars, Neptune, and the asteroid Chiron, which in astrology represents our soul’s greatest wound.  With the Sun coming to join soon, as well as Venus, we will all be driven more by our internal compass, so it will be important to gain or further vitalize that connection.  Otherwise, we could just find ourselves fighting the messages we are receiving, making life chaotic rather than flowing.  And that’s where we deserve to be.

Let’s look more closely at where Pisces may be affecting you, and how you should harness its energy to live a better life.

(In Memory of Sadath Garcia, a true friend and Aries soul.)



Us Aries can become so “go-go-go” in our minds that we forget to take pause and breathe.  We’re always making plans, setting things up, bringing people together, and keeping busy, that we rarely know how to truly relax.  Well, these next few weeks need to be more about finding the quiet times that will allow us to focus inward.  That way, we will get more deeply in touch with the source of our inspiration.  And there is a lot available to us.  If we can get quiet and quell distraction, spirit will guide us more clearly to the realms of our dreams, so we can actually manifest them into reality!


This time is all about meditating on your connection to the world.  Sure, you may have been focused on something more specific, like where is the job or partner you want – but let that go for a while.  It’s all coming.  Right now, you need to be thinking about your life in a way that is bigger than just one area of it.  Picture yourself as the earth – each piece of you is a continent, with even smaller aspects making up your collection of countries.  Sometimes, we can get caught up in the Spain of our home life.  Or we can be bogged down in the Morocco of our creativity.  But you are a massive entity.  What is your place in the Universe?  And what do you want your relationship to the rest of it to be?  See yourself as large as a celestial being, and the sky is the limit with what you can achieve.


I want you to lock yourself in a dark, quiet room with your career and make sure that it is truly what you want to be doing with your life.  This isn’t the time to quit.  But this also isn’t the time to settle.  Use this strong Piscean energy to steer yourself closer to the place in your career where you actually feel like you’re making a major difference in the world – both your personal one and the one at large.  Ask yourself some deep questions about your happiness and sense of purpose when it comes to what you do – and see if you’re actually hitting the mark when it comes to satisfying your needs.  If not, pay attention and look for the answers, because the road map to your true purpose will show up in the form of surprise angels, sudden news via text messages, and Saturday afternoon nap dreams.


A mystic teacher is a classic archetype that has existed throughout time.  We can easily recognize them in fiction – from Yoda to Gandalf, they help to push the hero onto their journey and offer up wisdom in a time of great uncertainty.  Cancer, you may be feeling a tinge of that uncertainty somewhere in your life, so now would be a good time to connect with a mystic.  Now this can come in the form of a mentor, a friend, a new path of study, or even a great book.  But now is the time to open up to a little wisdom from a divine but unlikely source.  If you allow yourself to become a student to someone or something, you will learn more about where you’re trying to head and how best to get there.


You are cordially invited to a full-blown spiritual awakening.  You have felt the beginnings of a true transformation for some time, and you have already seen some strides in the area of relationships and work life.  But now it’s time to really dig in and listen closely to the call of your soul.  If you have had any hankerings to make some changes in your life, in any area, now is the time to follow that bliss.  No more excuses.  No more, “maybe tomorrow” or “that’s crazy talk”.  It’s now.  I want to see you get super hardcore Buddha on yourself and zen into the life you’re meant to be living.  Don’t worry.  Even if your soul wants you to hide away for three months, there is still Instgram – so that Leo ego will get her attention as needed.


Who are the people in your life that connect you closest to your best, spiritual self?  Figure it out and then make a major date with them because it is those relationships you will need to foster right now – and with a whole heart.  And know that you may not be getting answers to your deepest questions directly from their mouth.  You may be learning from them just by seeing how they are, or are not, dealing with the issues in their lives.  Remind yourself that everyone you connect with this in this life is a teacher for you in some way, so let those life questions bubble up so that every relationship experience you have will help to answer them.


You are a healer.  You may not understand exactly how right now, but you are.  Whether it’s through your ability to listen, your joyful communication skills, or through the work you do on a daily basis, you are awakening even more deeply to the healer inside you.  And you will be coming into contact with more of those who you need your specific brand of medicine.  So prepare yourself for a little bit of selflessness and understand that by opening yourself up to helping those in need, you will also be planting seeds for relationships that will bear some good fruit for you in the future.  And though you Libra’s are all about others, I know you all like to know there is a little “something something” in it for you in the end.


Saturn is in your sign, so we know you’re going through a time of major growth and transformation in your life.  Even if you’re 65, you are becoming more of an “adult” than you have been in the past.  And that is okay.  There is nothing to fear.  Growing up comes with pains and challenges, but it also brings improvements to your life.  So get creative with how you could see your life improving.  Let’s consider the big projects you’ve been dreaming about and how they could make your life even better.  More importantly, how can you move them out of the realm of ‘pie-in-the-sky dream’ to ‘true potential’.  Whether it’s the dream house, the exciting career goal, moving forward in your personal life, or making a million dollars with that app you’ve been thinking about, now is the time to start visualizing its actual existence.  That way, you can start the process of calling into your life the tools you will need to manifest your dreams.


Your home is a reflection of your internal life.  If it’s clear and open, then so is your soul.  So take stock of your place and get a sense of how you’re really living.  Are you hiding things in a closet?  If so, what skeletons are you also keeping in your mind?  Have you lived in the same place for hundreds of years?  Maybe you’re stale or fear change.  You may have just moved into a new place, which means it’s time to give yourself a fresh start.  How are you going to set it up in a way that allows for the next chapter of your life to unfold in a productive way?  Become mindful of the place you keep, how you keep it, and with whom you’re keeping it.  You may find that the answers to some of your greatest problems have been in the pillows you’ve been laying your head on while you watch TV at night.


You are normally a doer, but right now, you have a lot to say.  All of your recent experiences have led you to some personal realizations and it’s time you voiced your newfound wisdom in some sort of productive way.  Because you are a total idea factory right now, and the more in touch you allow yourself to be with the processes of your mind, the more progress you can make toward actualizing your goals.  That is where spirit is talking to you – through your thoughts and words.  If you’re a writer, then bingo – you’re in a place to be insightful and prolific.  Hell, if you’re not usually a writer, get that damn journal out someone bought you as a gift and start chronicling everything.  Nuggets of truth, mental snapshots of the future you, and divine words of wisdom are all at your disposal.  So don’t toss them off – instead trust yourself more than you may usually do.


How well do you value yourself?  Really?  You can say, “I love me.  I think I’m great”, but then cry yourself to sleep at night.  That is what we call a disconnect.  Now is a great time to get very serious about how well you treat yourself: body, mind, and spirit.  Your soul is looking at what you ingest on all of these levels and is using that as a gauge for how loving of a light you see yourself in.    So put yourself in your soul’s shoes.  Are you painting the picture of someone who truly respects him or her self?  If not, then get very honest with the person in the mirror.  Where can you make some changes in a way that will make your life healthier and more meaningful?  If you’re struggling with yourself, just ask “What would My Soul do?”


This time, and the next few weeks ahead, may feel like you’re walking around naked.  I mean, literally like you don’t have on any clothes.  That’s because your built-in sensitivity will be in super high gear so every person and situation you encounter will feel as if it’s literally brushing up against your skin.  Well, first off know that this is an incredibly good thing.  It means that almost every aspect of your being will be operating on the surface.  And you have the ability to connect with spirit in a way that will allow you to make decisions without questioning – yes, gone could be the wishy-wishy indecisiveness that usually annoys you and keeps you from moving forward.  So take advantage.  Trust your gut.  Your usual stream is now an ocean.  So be a butterfly of the ocean and spread those wings.


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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn Ive visited this site before but after browsing through some of the articles I realized its new to me. Regardless, Im definitely happy I came across it and Ill be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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