That Sagittarius Full Moon II, 2016


Our greatest goal is to get in touch with the core of ourselves

Over the weekend, I was at a party and the conversation turned to the full moon, which then led it to turn to me. “So what does it mean, Angel?” Please note that I had probably had a few drinks at this point, but I’m always game to get into some astrology talk. “Well, it’s the second one in Sagittarius, which makes it even more meaningful. It’s all about truth. Deal with your truth or get the fuck off the pot.” Everyone laughed but then someone chimed in, “Isn’t that what they’re always about? Get in touch with your truth?” Someone else exclaimed in agreement. “Yeah, it’s always the same thing.” At the time, I belted out some response about how it’s always about truth because that’s what most people need to hear. Most are not in touch with their truth, which makes life harder for the rest of us. I don’t know if I made much sense at the time, and I agree that it can feel like every spiritual message is about getting in touch with your true self. But that’s for a reason. It’s because it’s true. Our greatest goal is to get in touch with the core of ourselves, and every day offers an opportunity to connect to that personal, inherent truth so that we can actualize our most valuable self.

Sagittarius is the truth seeker, so to have two full moons in that sign means that the universal energy is urging us to release our greatest truths out into the world. That can come in the form of an important relationship conversation, a creative project, or a deep internal realization that we must come to terms with inside our heart, mind, or spirit. Whatever it is isn’t easy. A lot in our lives may feel at odds with each other right now. Our home life may be sparring in some way with our work life. Or our internal self may want to do one thing that our external life isn’t assisting us in achieving. It may just be that the version of us that our past created is trying to give way to a version of us that we want to be now, but for some reason, we are unable to let go of whatever thought pattern, habit, relationship, job, or what have you that is holding us back. The genesis of our struggle isn’t always easy to connect to, but once we dig into the closet that houses all of our crap, we can uncover it and make way to free ourselves to be entirely who we want to be.


The Sagittarius moon wants us to know that the more in touch we are with our truth, the clearer our path will be before us

So yes, I know a lot of this can sound broad and leave you wondering what the hell do I do about all this. But if you really take the time to understand yourself and your inner workings, you can make these general ideas concrete. And you will realize that it’s just not worth wasting time in this life. We really do allow ourselves to be clouded by the shit of our past, whether we know it or not. That is the human way. Our conditioning can keep us paralyzed from moving forward. The Sagittarius moon wants us to know that the more in touch we are with our truth, the clearer our path will be before us.

Here are some closer looks at the signs and how this full moon is affecting them:


What is keeping you from living a bigger life than the one you are living now? It can become easy to get complacent with where we’re at, even if we feel like we’re on top of the world. But you must know that there is something greater out there for you. You just have to be willing to let your life dream bigger than your mind can. It’s time to expand your horizons and step into the bigger, bolder you that is ready to emerge.


Let’s not mince words. You are becoming a new person. You’re finally giving over to the next great leg of your journey and it’s exhilarating and maybe a little terrifying. But it’s time that you faced those fears and became the “adult” version of you. Whether you’re 18 or 68, you may feel like there’s some child-like element of you that has been the barrier to greatness. Know that now you’re moving through that, so own this transformation and don’t get lost in your head questioning it.


It’s time for relationships to take a front seat in your life. That may be challenging for you to see right now because there may be a tested relationship in your life that you just want to ignore. And you know that you can’t so just step up and own the problem, even if you helped to create it. Thankfully though, there should also be one or even a few newer ones that have you excited to let love and warmth into your life. Look at this way: one door closes and a whole house full of doors opens.


You have to let go of the bad habits that have been keeping you stagnant. And it may be that some of the closest people in your life have been helping to keep you there. But first and foremost, see where you need to make a change. What do you know you need more or less of but have just had trouble making it happen? The Maya Angelou quote, “When you know better, you do better” could apply here. Then make sure that the company you keep isn’t keeping you in a too safe circle, thus keeping you away from meeting some new folks who could your greater change come into focus.


Your truth lies in your creativity and you may have recently become obsessed with some new creation of yours. Know that having this new creation enter your life, whether it’s a project or a person, is shifting the way you see the world in a larger way. It’s bringing to light what you value, the people you want to surround yourself with, and the type of person you want to grow into. So take real responsibility with this new creation and allow it to help you transform for the better.


This full moon wants to illuminate a truth in your home life. Something there is limiting all of your truest potential. Granted, you may love all that is there right now. Your home life makes you feel like a grown up, and you love that, but I will say that there is some piece of your career self that is lacking some attention. You may just not be aware of exactly what that is – get back in touch with your most joyful self and make sure that your career is utilizing every single aspect of it.


Your truth is in your mind. What are you thinking about these days that you just keep fighting? Sure, it may seem like an ugly truth but if it’s your truth, you can’t get bogged down in judging it. There may be something tied into your career and how it’s affecting the actual day to day you want to be keeping. How can you reconcile the life you’ve created for yourself and the life you now want to be living?


You have placed too much value on someone or something that no longer has power over you. It may be hard to see it clearly but you have to get honest with yourself about what you allow to guide your decisions. You may think you have your best interest at heart but you may just be actually making decisions based off of what you think others think you should do. And that’ only going to take you further away from your truth.


You are taking your personality through a transformation, growing up in a way that you may not have realized that you needed to. But in order to really succeed in this change, you must get rid of some old personality traits that no longer serve you. Specifically, you have some old habits acting out in your relationship area. Some old ways of thinking inherited from your family are keeping you from moving forward in an adult way with some of your relationships. Analyze and release them.


This full moon has you thinking about life in a deeper, more meaningful way. Sure, your daily routine life has you real busy, and a lot of people want something of you right now. But you’re feeling some internal shifts that need to be paid close attention to. If you journal, then we want to step up that process. If you don’t, then now would be a good time to start, specifically after you wake up so you can capture whatever crazy imagery and insights your dreams had to offer. There are some jewels in there for what wants to be happening more in your waking life.


You need the world now more than ever so you need to release whatever blocks you have to connecting to it in a bigger way. You’re lucky because you’re an Aquarius so connecting to everyone in your social web isn’t as hard as it can be for others. But just make sure that you have that optimistic attitude about the whole process. And know that everyone in your life can be a messenger or an angel for you. Just open your heart in a way that allows you to receive whatever comes forth.


If anyone wants to get rid of his or her job right now, it may be you. But that doesn’t mean you have to march into anywhere and quit. You just want everything in your life to be supporting the foundation of who you know yourself to be, and your work may be the area in life that is challenging that at its most. It’s time to take some real responsibility in that area and make sure that you’re pursuing work that makes you smile and feel like you’re offering something to others, not just cashing a paycheck.


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