Venus is conjunct Pluto. In Capricorn. What about it?

Okay.  Venus is conjunct Pluto.  In Capricorn.  What about it?

Pluto is that planet of deep transformation.  He wants us to get down into the depths of ourselves and examine who we are and why we do the things that we do.  Pluto is not going to settle for some surface conversation.  A night out with Pluto is going to take you to that club you’ve always wanted to go to but knew it would mean you weren’t coming home until the sunrise.  And you’re probably not coming back the same person either.  Venus is the complete opposite.  She wants to take you on a nice, relaxing picnic near a lake, where you can eat tiny sandwiches and drink Rose.  She may even want to paint your portrait there.  Or your nails.  It’s a completely different experience.  So what happens when these two energies meet up?  And how does it directly affect you?

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New Moon in Aquarius. What about it?

Okay.  New Moon in Aquarius.  What about it?

A new moon is about beginnings.  It’s an opportunity to focus in on an aspect of our lives that requires an infusion of fresh energy.  The clear, dark night sky is meant to inspire introspection and should be utilized as a clean slate for any of our hot-off-the-press ideas for our lives.  So how are you going to saturate your life with more vitality?  And what role does Aquarius play in all of this for you?

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Okay.  So, none of the planets have been in retrograde for weeks.  What about it?

Do we all even understand what a retrograde is?  It’s one of those astro-buzz words people toss around, but what the hell does it really mean?  The deal is that when a planet goes into retrograde, two things happen.  On a physical level, the planet itself actually slows down to the point that it appears to be going backwards.  Its journey around the sun is halted for weeks and sometimes even months.  But what does it mean on an astrological level?

Imagine that you’re walking down a street and you spot something in a shop window as you approach.  It’s exactly the color you’ve been looking for and you have that party for your boyfriend’s (or girlfriend’s) co-worker this weekend.  You’re going to slow down to the point that you stop at the window to look, or you  pass it only to back yourself up to check it out.  Is it the right color?  How much is it going to cost.  You know how expensive this store can be.  What else do you have in your closet that’ll go with it?  Should you just shut up, go in, and look at the damn thing?

You, my love, are in retrograde.

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Full Moon in Cancer. What about it?

Okay.  Full Moon in Cancer.  What about it?

The full moon is an event of culmination – of putting things down for the final count – making sure that we’ve seen our way through a process and are ready to mentally prepare for the start of a new one.  It’s also about integrating our opposing energies — our light and dark, good and bad, the challenging and the effortless.  So how does Cancer affect all of this and what does that mean for each of us?

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