This Full Moon in Aries Means Business

Who the hell doesn’t need to exhale right now? 

Last night as we were getting ready for bed, my boyfriend the Aquarius muttered sleepily, “This week has just flown by.”  Sure, this is something we all say or hear time and again, but when I paused to really take in his statement, I realized that the week truly had for me.  But, it was really because the week had been chock full of business and life and communication.  And transformation.  Yes, Pluto’s shift out of retrograde has definitely urged the energy forward in a massive way.  Change is, by all means, afoot.  And she is taking no prisoners.  This energetic twitch has built us all up to this weekend’s full moon in Aries, a time of release.  And who the hell doesn’t need to exhale right now?  But with Aries around us, it ain’t gonna be easy to, as Whitney called it, shoop.

I feel like we’re all barreling toward some sort of goal or hoped for outcome right now, and Aries only amplifies that.  Yet, as I said, a full moon is a time to let go of everything that’s been building up these last few weeks.  It’s not necessarily the cool down in a workout, but more so the halfway point, when we pause for a nice sip of water and a few breaths to help us collect ourselves.  Yes, we all feel the need to accomplish something – especially during the crazy swelling period of 2012 energy. Some of us are moving methodically ahead, paying attention to the signs and road posts helping to guide us to our destination.  However, others of us have been pushing ahead without much awareness of the world around us, so perhaps we are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the transition occurring in our worlds.  Or taken by surprise when change finds her way to our doorstep.  Either way, we need to take this important moment to release the tension we have recently collected.  Now how does Aries best do that?

If there is ever a time to be blowing off steam, this is the time do so – that is if you need to.  If you have been walking slowly while everyone else has been in fast motion, you may just have an opportunity now to access more creativity than you have in a while.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can harness this Aries full moon for good:


Stare up at the sky and know this one’s for you

This is your yearly full moon, when you get to stare up at the sky and know this one’s for you.  So most of you, given your intrinsic nature, have been go-go-going with your inspired heart as your guide.  However, some of you may not have noticed that others were being affected by your actions.  Now is the time to stop, take a deep breath, and see what’s around you.  Where have you gotten to at this point on your journey towards greatness?  More so, who is standing by your side?  Make sure you’re not alienating people as you push onward to destiny.  In fact, reach out to someone special who may have gone forgotten during your recent quest and make sure they feel a part of the bright future you’re working for.


Your quiet time needs to be even more quiet than usual

In life, you are naturally busy with the material world and trying to make sense of it – either for yourself or for others.  That means you have to work harder when it comes to allowing yourself to disconnect.  That’s not to say you don’t know how to relax.  It also doesn’t mean that you can’t be a meditative person.  However it does mean that your quiet time needs to be even more quiet than usual.  For now, don’t use the time you spend with your higher power to make wishes or ask questions or even meditate on what you want for the future.  Try letting go of everything you have been working towards and spend some real quality time with solitude this weekend.  That way, you’ll get to meet true clarity when making your next batch of decisions.


Make the others in your world the priority

You have been busy with your creative life these days, whether it has been immersing yourself into some artistic work or just being caught up in some sort of personal reinvention.  And that’s okay, because the Universe has wanted you to be a little self-absorbed these days.  So, release the guilt you may have for not being the easiest to be around because you just had SO MUCH going on in your life that your loved ones just had to deal with it.  But know that now it’s time to take the emphasis off you so you can make the others in your world the priority.  In fact, go out of your way to get out into the world this weekend and see the ones who matter to you and may need you.  Yes, you’re exhausted, but life should be shared with others, not just talked about when it’s convenient for you.


You deserve to have your life full of your dreams

It’s time to ask what matters most to you in life.  When all is said and done, your career may be booming or you may be in the midst of a magical relationship.  However, are these the things that, when all is said and done, will have you completely fulfilled in your life.  Perhaps they are, and if so, then this weekend is the time to express your gratitude for those things in some symbolic way.  However, if your answer is something different, then you need to sit with that response and see how it’s alive in your life.  You deserve to have your life full of your dreams.  If you never get to write but that matters, take the time to do so.  If it’s your family that means something deeply to you, then make a phone call or visit.  This form of connection will only help to inspire you in the weeks to come.


Everything becomes a soap opera/sitcom/rom-com starring you

Your charm and wit can easily get you what you want, and you have probably talked your way into some situations/agreements that may come back to bite you in the ass some day.  This can be a problem born from the fact that you get wrapped up in the drama of your daily life at times, to a point that you have a hard time seeing beyond it.  Everything becomes a soap opera/sitcom/rom-com starring you.  And I totally would watch.  However, it’s not fun for you when the dust settles and you realize you’ve been moving in a parallel fashion rather than getting ahead.  So do something this weekend to get out of your usual environments.  Visit some sort of a different world so you can feel like you’re visiting someone else’s movie set for a while.


Imagine your life is a garage sale and everything was up for sale

I swear, this year has been about making some great transformation in your life.  But lately, it’s just been moving at mach speed.  I think it’s due to the fact that you just had a birthday so you’ve been working to get organized on what needs to change and what needs to go from your life for good.  The best way to manage that process is to put a price tag on everything you’re dealing with – people, work, material items, etc.  Imagine your life is a garage sale and everything was up for sale.  What would be on the penny table and what would you be refusing to sell, even for a million dollars?  Would some of your relationships or daily duties have a sign saying, “Must Go!”  Take stock of those priceless items and take steps to make sure the rest is getting off the lawn and out of your life.


There is a closet diva/star living inside you

First off, happy birthday, Libra!  This is your time of year to make sure that everyone knows you and recognizes just how charming and good-hearted you are.  “But I am so humble”, you may say.  Please.  There is a closet diva/star living inside you.  Do you think I didn’t notice the glitter inner lining of that humility cloak you’re always wearing.  Well this weekend, that shining light inside needs to emerge.  Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of just staying in the background.  Put down the work you need to do or the phone call you need to make long enough to give yourself a joyful ‘let your hair down’ break.  Yes, tomorrow you can go back to helping everyone else, but for now, help yourself to some crazy ass good times.


Allow yourself a gift of spontaneity

Are you struggling to create some sort of structure in your life – one that makes sense?  Just when you feel like things are starting to come together, life tosses you a curve ball that forces the ground beneath you to shift, thus shifting your current plans.  Well, know that are you do need to continue on working toward some sort of supportive routine in life.  If you don’t allow for structure in your life, you can easily become overwhelmed by how heavy everything starts to feel.  But this weekend isn’t the time to push further at establishing order.  In fact, I would go for the opposite.  Allow yourself a gift of spontaneity this weekend – you may find that by welcoming the unknown in, you could get incredibly inspired on how to best establish order.


Do something that benefits only you

I was just singing this Tori Amos song called GIRL to myself the other day.  In it, she sings, “She’s been everyone else’s girl, maybe one day she’ll be her own.”  Well the time has come for you Sagittarius to be your own person.  You have been someone for everyone else’s purposes lately and you haven’t had enough time to give to yourself.  So this weekend, call in the angel of selfishness and do something that benefits only you.  And be creative about it.  If you want a movie marathon day, do it.  A spa day, make it happen.  For you, it’s the more fun, the better.  And disconnect from work too.  Now you don’t need to have the Anne Hathaway, Devil Wears Prada moment, where she throws the phone in a fountain.  But leaving it on the bedside table while you go out for a few hours is good.  Not easy, but necessary.


Slow and steady does not always help you win

The energy is ripe for you to be taking some serious steps toward the next chapter of manifesting your life purpose mission.  That fast-paced Aries energy wants you to put thought aside and just start making some gut-influenced decisions.  Now, this isn’t exactly in your cold and calculated comfort zone.  You prefer to be cautious with your moves.  But, slow and steady does not always help you win, and you have to recognize when to just bite the bullet and say why the fuck not.  Now is one of those times.  So, whatever your spirit is being pulled toward, don’t second-guess it.  And know that this may not only be in regards to career.  This may involve a relationship, a move, or a creative idea.  Know that living your life purpose isn’t a solitary mission, and it may revolve around connecting yourself to the right person, place, or thought.  So let your guard down this weekend, and surprise yourself by saying yes when your usual sense would tell you no.


Allow yourself a mental pause

You are so good at talking that you sometimes talk yourself into the most insane ideas and beliefs.  Now, of course, you can also talk yourself into some grand ideas too.  First, deduce which side of the coin you’re on right now.  Either, you have been telling yourself to do some good things for your life, and you’ve been on the path to being better.  Or you have been beating yourself up and on the road to mental self-mutilation.  Whichever the case, you have been living a lot inside of your head and are in need of a well-deserved break.  So take this weekend to allow yourself a mental pause.  Like a real Buddha on the mountaintop-like pause.  So many ideas, questions, and potential answers have been swirling around, yet you haven’t necessarily made the room to sort them out.  So before you go making up your mind about what is right and right is wrong, say no to thought and yes to simply being.


You are worth so much more than little green paper

I want you to be rich.  Like Beyonce rich.  I want you to make a ton of money so that you can feel comfortable enough to afford whatever you want in life.  And I would imagine you want that too.  Now money and success may feel like this thing you have been working at non-stop for the last few years, and you may have seen a positive outcome from it.  But, I would venture to say that you haven’t reached the goal you’ve set out to achieve.  Know that your monetary success is a direct connection to your sense of self worth, so if your relationship to your own personal value sucks, then your bank account balance will too.  In fact, you are worth so much more than little green paper.  So this weekend, show money who is boss.  Hand out a dollar bill to someone.  Anyone.  But do so with a sense of value for yourself.  It’s a simple gesture stating that you have the power, not the material object.  And know that what goes around, comes around.


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