Push yourself toward a deeper soul connection

Hey Everyone!  Today is the New Moon In Pisces, which basically means that its time to set some imaginative, spirituality-based intentions for the next thirty days.  I, for one, signed up for Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Challenge, which starts today.  Because that is how I roll.  But you should figure out what you can do to push yourself toward a deeper soul connection.  Whether it’s starting this new lunar month off immersed in one of your favorite pastimes or chanting deeply for hours on end, figure out what you need to do to tap into the source of your highest self.  That way, you can be in the best personal space from which to birth ideas on how to manifest your current dreams.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there are so many planets passing through the sign of Pisces right now, that all of us are feeling rather raw and naked to the world around us.  We’re all sensitive or more tired than usual – that’s because Pisces governs our inner world, so with a ton of its energy swirling about, we’re being pushed to lead more from our gut-based intuition.  And for some of us, that can be a really obnoxious task.  We want to analyze and understand.  But right now, that’s just trying to swim upstream.

Don’t get left behind when the shift into Aries begins

To best take advantage of this current celestial climate, you must shut the inner voice down.  Not the quiet, peaceful one.  I am talking about the one that:

  • Dictates what you need to do tomorrow before you’ve finished with today
  • Chastises you for not fitting into that dress or pair of pants as well as you did last week
  • Talks unnecessary shit about the person in the house, apartment, or office space next to you
  • Etc, etc, etc

I want for us all to be spiritual warriors

You must use this time to get quiet with yourself.  I know I say things like that all the time, but this is some major astrology realness.  Don’t get left behind when the shift into Aries begins next week.  Start by taking some deep breaths and be willing to accept that you know nothing about what comes next.  Just close your eyes and connect to the present moment.  Listen to the breeze.  Feel your heartbeat.  Appreciate life.  Then open your eyes and keep them wide open.

I want for us all to be spiritual warriors, battling the good fight toward achieving our personal joy.  So what do you need to do for yourself this month in order to get closer to being who you want to be and living the life you deserve?  Like I said, I am getting my hardcore meditation on – which isn’t just reserved to my time with Deepak and Ms. Winfrey.  I’m meditating now, as I sit at one with these words and this cyber page.  For you, meditation may appear in the form of singing, dancing, snowboarding, painting, or playing with a puppy.  Whatever you need to do in order to touch that basic essence of your self counts so don’t judge and just get into that meditative space.  And then become aware of the things that come up: ideas, memories, desires, etc.  Note them and decide, that if they’re in alignment with what you want for your life, how to start the process of attaining them.  And don’t forget to relax too.  Because come the end of this month and beyond, we are all about to get really busy.  And if you haven’t taken stock of your inner self by then, it is gonna be really messy and not cute.  Trust.



  1. Angel,

    I love you. This was just what I needed to read today. P.s. I also started the Oprah/Deepak 21 meditation challenge 😉 Here’s to you! Ready for the Realness… xoxox AMH

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