One Man’s Pain is Another Man’s Retrograde


Shit’s gonna go down when you least expect it

For the past few months now, I have been unhappy in my day job.  It had just ceased being challenging and creative in the way I needed it to be.  And I had been talking to friends about my “next steps” while mentally laboring over the things I needed to be doing in order to achieve the real professional success I was looking for in my life.  Yeah, lots of words.  Lots of me, talking.  Therefore, I wasn’t making much tangible progress.  In particular, these last few weeks saw me making light attempts to flesh out some of my creative projects, but the work always found itself overshadowed by my inner chatter – a white noise wall of questions.  Am I really meant to be a writer?  How should I go about bringing it into my life?  What is this astrology thing about for me?  Is it a legitimate path?  How can I find clarity when I have to report daily to a job that leaves me passionless?

Then, life offered me a nudge – I was abruptly laid off from my job.  In a way, it wasn’t sudden.  I had the feeling that I needed to move along.  I just thought that perhaps I would be a bit more in the driver’s seat.  However, when Saturn, the planet of structure, is hovering over Uranus, the ruler of sudden surprise, and it’s going on in your chart’s 6th House, the place that rules your daily work routine, shit’s gonna go down when you least expect it.  And how you least expect it.  But I haven’t responded in a way that most would in this situation.  In fact, I have surprised myself with how positive I am seeing the whole thing.

I am choosing to utilize this moment as a call to order

I know that this is a gift of retrograde.  The universe is urging me to review how I want to spend my days and reinterpret my daily routine to fit that ideal.  All I can see here is opportunity.  Sure, there is some fear and imminent limitation in the situation, which are all things Saturn, but I am choosing to utilize this moment as a call to order.  And, in a way, it’s a chance to reboot my life.  That is the exact gift of a retrograde for each and every one of us – a do-over.

We need to make sure that we’re asking the necessary questions

Everyone is going through some major questioning right now.  Not only are Mercury and Saturn in retrograde, but we also have five planets and the celestial cousin Chiron all moving through the sign of Pisces.  That means we are either getting deeply in touch with our inner selves or we are feeling so confused that we just can’t drink three glasses of wine fast enough.  And coupled with the retrograde energy, we’re second-guessing our ideas and goals.  Are we sure that we know what we’re doing?  The good thing is, we don’t need to have the answers right away.  We just need to make sure that we’re asking the necessary questions.  That way, we can then open ourselves up to receiving all of the important information that is going to help us understand where we need to go next in life.

Let’s take a closer look at how all of these planetary influences are affecting each sign:


Your mind is swirling with so many ideas right now that you can’t communicate them out quickly enough.  You have to be sure not to get so overwhelmed that you just don’t do anything with them.  The best way to keep them all in line is to give yourself plenty of alone time.  I know, you love to be out and about, but you’re usually driven toward being a social butterfly so you can secretly gain creative inspiration for your life.  And right now, that inspiration is coming more so from your own internal forces than external stimuli.  So take the dancing shoes off for a second and spend some time with your greatest hopes and dreams.  You will be manifesting them soon enough, so make sure there’s clarity around what exactly you want them to be.  If hung up, use your actual nightly dreams as reference.


Your guardian angels are speaking through your friends right now, so listen up.  Now is not the time to be hiding away, working on some singular creation.  You need to be ganging up with members of your inner posse to help complete the next step of your grand plan for world domination this year.  I know you can sometimes have some sensitivity in fully trusting others to complete the important tasks at hand.  But at this time, you must in order to grow.  Know that you wouldn’t bring anyone into your life that isn’t able to serve you in some important way.  So see everyone you come into close contact with as a gift from the heavens and pay attention to how each one can best serve you, and vice versa.


Are you sick of your daily routine, Gemini?  Has your career got you a little confused?  Is there a sense that you should be doing something greater with your life and maybe the thing you thought you should be doing isn’t “it” at all?  Well, there is a lot of confusion in the air right now and you’re feeling a bit uncertain about how to take this whole life thing to the next level.  Well the answer isn’t outside of you.  It’s time to just become okay with the idea that some change may be in order.  If you’ve been getting some intuitive hits about what exactly needs to shift in your life, then you need to listen.  In fact, it’s probably those things that you’re most confused about that you actually already have the answer to.  You just need to build the courage to take action on them.  So take the next week or so to get clear and then get ballsy and act.


While your creativity is being pushed to the breaking point and your relationships are taking on a more intense hue, your thirst for adventure and knowledge hasn’t been greater.  You are anxious to get out into the world so you can soak up some inspiration.  Well if you’re unable to and are somewhat under lock and key to your daily life, then you MUST take a vacation.  Now is not the time to suck it up and wait until later to take care of you.  Find a way to put everything else aside and get some much needed exploration.  You Cancer’s aren’t usually the most adventurous, so this energy isn’t to be squandered.  In fact, whatever creative and/or relationship questions you continue bumping up against will find answers in the midst of a silly day trip to Disneyland.


My goodness Leo, are you calming down some?  At the very least, you’re feeling an urge to bring a different, more mature version of yourself to life.  Your creative work is reflecting that.  But any change can be a challenge for that fiery ego of yours as you can be a bit stubborn when it comes to your ways.  However, you’re really allowing a softer, more intuitive side of yourself to reign, and I think you like it.  You may in fact be ready to officially “settle down” in some way, as securing your personal foundation is a big task this year.  So take this more docile energy and figure out where in your life to apply it so you can achieve the sharpest of personal transformations.  And don’t worry.  Your spotlight isn’t going to go anywhere


It’s a golden time to rethink the important relationships in your life and how you communicate with them.  Or more so, it’s time to ask yourself if you are communicating with those who touch you on a soul level.  It’s easy for you Virgos to get caught up in any business that comes your way, but if it’s all bogged down by boring, material plane bullshit, then you’re gonna be left depleted and blah from it all.  So you have to make sure you’re filling yourself with some good ol’ spiritual love with those who inspire that energy in you.  Take a peaceful nature walk or a meditative yoga class but make sure to invite along those who can help embellish its pleasures for you.


Your daily life has taken on more of a spiritual nature.  There is an opportunity to make everything you do a meditation of sorts so that you can truly feel connected to each task you take on.  You’re also feeling incredibly inspired to work on as much as you can – it all just feels so fated.  However, you can’t bite off more than you can chew, Libra.  You all have a tendency to want to make everyone happy, and if you’re trying to be everything to everyone, you’re gonna fall apart.  So take this next week or so to really focus in on what you can invest all of your being into.  And don’t include anything involving your home life, as that is taking on a whole life of its own.  This is about your daily work routine – what can you commit to in a way that you can also still honor this zen-like quality you now must bring to everything you do.


You are feeling an urge to get creative.  For some of you, it’s bringing a piece of art to life, or for others it’s a project you’re invested in from the inside out.  And for some of you ladies, the need to create is downright maternal.  Whatever the case, now is the time to get real about the joy you want to bring into your life.  Yes, you Scorpios are feeling all serious right now as you’re going through a big transformation that will bring more responsibility and maturity into your life.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.  In fact, if you can ease up a bit, you will have more fun enter into your life than you have seen in a while.  You just need to ask for it.  And you need to surround yourself with the people who inspire you.  If you do, I guarantee that you’ll be giving birth to all kinds of exciting things that will define your daily life for the rest of the year to come.


The answer for you lies within your home and family realm.  There is a lot of action going on there, and the key to some of your next life steps is located as close as the next room in your house.  Meaning that firstly, you need to reconnect with your home life.  It’s feeling neglected and you must have a spiritual connection to the place you come to rest at night.  If there isn’t that deep connection there, then it may be time to consider packing it up and finding a place that does allow that for you.  Maybe the shift you’re craving in life needs to start with an infusion of energy around where you live.  It’s also connected to family so make sure you’re connecting with them and spending time there.  You will gain some intuitive hits about answers to personal questions just from seeing the people you sprang from in action.


Face it Capricorn, you’re changing.  It’s evident in the people you find yourself surrounded by these days – it’s not the usual gang from always.  Some shifts in friendships have been made and that’s because there’s some shifts going on in you.  And that is okay, because you’re just growing into a more soulful you, whether you can admit it or not.  You’re gaining a deeper sense of what really matters to you and unfortunately, those things don’t matter to those you may have partied with for the lost however many years.  If there are some you’re trying to stay connected to because the love is just too deep, now is the time to not be so bottled up and express how you feel – tell some people what is really going on with you.  Talk about some deep shit.  You have that opportunity now and you don’t want to lose important people in your life just because you didn’t know how to open your heart.


Your life path questions are taking a major hit right now as you ponder what road to travel down next.  And you have a lot of deep spiritual questions traveling through your mind these days, looking at life through that larger lens you sometimes use to make important decisions.  But now everything is being looked at from that angle.  That is because you are being tasked with measuring the value of everything you have going on right now.  Who and what are you investing in and what kind of joy is it bringing you?  And more so, is it taking you down a path that is going to allow you to be as financially successful as you want to be?  As an exercise, try applying a monetary value on every person and experience you encounter during a day.  If you find yourself living in the 99cent store, then you got some major shifting to do.


This moment is all about you.  Everything you touch right now has the potential to turn to gold.  Or to liquor-filled piss.  This means that you have to get really quiet with yourself and tap into that inherent intuitiveness that lies within you all the time.  You are a child of the spirit.  That is why you sometimes feel so ‘head-in-the-clouds’ or are just really creative or fearless.  You are boundless.  So be all of those things right now but make sure to ground it in a personal “check-in” process.  Create some ritual for yourself, whether it involves incense or a journal.  You just need to be connecting to self as much as possible.  By doing so, you will allow everything you do to be guided from that intuitive place so you can then trust that everything you’re doing is touched by a greater hand.  However, if you let yourself just run wild, you may end up drunk and face down in a ditch somewhere.  And that’s not cute.  The universe is offering you Pisces a magnificent gift right now.  So don’t squander it.  Instead be the spiritual leaders we all need right now, just by living in the world and being you.


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