The Madonna In You, Under a Full Moon

Release your inner Madonna and go beyond the sky

During a not too long ago therapy session, I was asked if I had any sort of power symbol for myself.  Immediately, Madonna came to mind, but I felt like that was actually too silly or cliché to say out loud.  But saying “lion” or some sort of gemstone felt a little forced.  After pondering in silence for far too long, I apologetically mentioned to my therapist that all I could muster up was an image of the diva.  He asked me not to judge my choice.  “Madonna is a perfect power symbol for you”, he said.  “For anyone.”  We then got into a discussion about what she represented for me and why those qualities were ones that were of importance for me.  Confidence.  Perseverance.  Creative bravery.  These are all very valuable characteristics for anyone to aspire to and cherish in life.  And I, like a number of primarily women and gay men, happen to adore a woman who encompasses all of these features.

This weekend, Madonna premieres the film of her latest concert tour on TV, and some early clips have been released online.  In watching with a friend, I found myself completely mesmerized.  But unlike my friend, who threw some side-eye, I was able to overlook the shaky vocals that were coming from her mouth.  I mean, come on, she’s Madonna.  She’s been doing this shit for thirty years.  So for me, the sum of it all is flawless.  She can do no wrong.  And regardless of how good or bad she sounds, she is a 54 year-old woman who still finds new career mountains to climb and pushes herself beyond the limitations of what society and history has deemed appropriate for a woman of her age.  You see, for her, there is no ceiling on the room of her life.  Madonna goes directly through the invisible roof, though some may continue to criticize her for it.  Because Madonna sees that the end goal is always evolving.  For this, we should all have some sort of power symbol like her.  We should all be brave enough to see life through the lens of unlimited potential.  Thankfully, the Capricorn full moon is here to aid us in our own personal expansion.

Our goal must be to manifest the vision we have for our future

Capricorn is a grounded energy that is concerned with the future.  Capricorn wants us to create long-term goals and be responsible for seeing them through.  And most importantly, Capricorn is concerned with our life purpose or destiny.  Its energy wants us to push past our fears and limitations so that we achieve our most optimal expression of self.  We are not here to just dream about what we want until we die, leaving us in our last moments to wish we had achieved the great thing we knew was inside of us.  Our goal must be to manifest the vision we have for our future, thus actualizing our dreams into reality.  Sure, this all means we have to buckle down and do a hell of a lot of work.  But when you’re working on something that your soul’s passion is connected to, it doesn’t feel so much like work.  It feels like art.  It feels like magic.  It feels like fun.  And shouldn’t you be having some damn fun?

This full moon is about your need to exhibit some expression of your long-term goals.  All of us are currently thinking and feeling more passionately about something that reflects our greater ambitions, whether it is a creative project, our home, our children, or our career.  But it isn’t enough to just have that going on in your internal world where only you can experience it.  You must project it out in some way as an offering toward your future potential.  Whether it’s talking about it, sharing what you’ve already done, or committing to it in a way that takes it from the dream to what you’re actually doing with your life, you must concede to its power and take it on.  You may have been working on something great but have been apprehensive or slow to show it to others.  Now would be the time to invite others in and take responsibility for what you’re building – own the destiny you want to have and plant your stake in the ground.  Whatever the case, release your inner Madonna and go beyond the sky.  From there, you can release your bigger dreams out into the world in a way that the entire Universe can see and take part in a round of applause for you.  You deserve it.

For some additional clarity, let’s get into each of the signs more specifically.  And if you know your rising sign, read that as well:


This full moon is all consumed with your life purpose, and there will be a real need for you to feel like you’re connecting to your higher calling.  And you may be feeling more urgency around it, as if there is a sense of spiritual purpose behind it.  Sure, Aries can have delusions of grandeur, as if their ideas are brilliantly bestowed upon them from some supreme being.  But in a way, what you’re being pulled towards now does have some foundation in your cosmic DNA.  So it’s time to own up to that and awaken the powerful sleeping giant dwelling within you.  To anchor into this, use your home this weekend as a place of comfort but also as a place of strength.  Make sure you have an environment there that is conducive to accomplishing the great work you have in mind.  Once you have crafted that space, you will feel ready to plunge into the depths of your dreams and emerge entirely triumphant.


You know what you want and you have a strong sense of how to get it.  But it’s time to acknowledge and be okay with the fact that you don’t know everything about how to get it and that you need help from others.  The Taurus can be a stubborn beast and easily stuck in its ways of operating.  But there is a real opportunity to open up to those that you trust and love and say to them, “I need you to help me climb this mountain.”  Because your full moon wants you to unleash unto the world all that you know so that you can teach others about the hard lessons you’ve faced and truths you’ve obtained.  But to fully release the clearest message possible so that the most people can learn from you, you must communicate it first to others and take in their feedback.  The greatest teachers began as eager students.  So be both of those and notice how your destiny becomes a beacon of light for many as opposed to some.


There is a ton of forward motion energy and luck around you right now.  Do you feel it?  If so, then you’re on the path and we’ll get back to you in a second.  If you’re reading that first sentence and saying, “Angel, you’re smoking crazy dust”, then I urge you to ponder the following question.  What thing in your life do you know needs changing, but you’re afraid to move forward and let it go?  It may be a job you hate or a relationship that wants to end.  Whatever it is, there is a personal shift going on inside you and some area of your life doesn’t support it.  So, you’re feeling stagnant.  Know that you’re going to miss a wave of good fortune unless you take life by the balls and make some changes.  Because for all of you, an awakening of your self-worth is in the midst, so if things are shitty, then your level of self-worth is shitty.  But the opposite is also true.  Please use the full moon to release words of positive affirmation to your mind and self.  You can only grow as far as you tell yourself you can, and right now the sky really doesn’t want to limit you.


Can you please find a way this weekend to surround yourself with those you consider your closest, your family?  As a Cancer, your connection to home and creating a familial atmosphere is a part of your astrological DNA, so the need to feel comfort in those areas is key in actualizing your truest potential.  And right now, your highest destiny wants to awaken you to the fact that you’ve called in certain souls to help you manifest your vision for the future.  So acknowledge them and take in all they do and say.  There are messages in their words and actions that can help you build your dreams into reality.  Perhaps choose a few to share some of those stored up secrets you have for the type of life you want for yourself.  And take note of those who don’t support your destiny.  Consider lessening the role they play in your life.  Your loved ones strengthen you, so surround yourself with the best.


How do you wish you were spending your days?  I am sure some sort of work would be involved, because you Leo’s like achievement, and you like to get paid.  But is it the daily routine of work you currently find yourself in?  Or are you just paying your dues right now until you get the big break?  Well this isn’t 1952, so your odds of being discovered while sipping a soda at the diner counter are far off.  And you are ruled by creativity, so there is some aspect of that in what you wish you were getting paid to do.  Now is the time when you should be pushing yourself to infuse more of what you want your life to look like into your daily routine.  There is a feeling that you’re greater purpose is aching to be recognized, so make some greater efforts in manifesting its reality.  If the dream is to be a writer, how much are you writing and who else is seeing it?  Stop drowning in your dreams and get to swimming.


Right now, you are feeling the desire to give birth to something that feels larger than your own life.  It may be an actual baby or even just the excitement to unleash a child’s gift into the world, thus giving birth to his or her sense of accomplishment.  But you may also have a fire of creativity burning deep within your soul that is going to feel the urge to bubble over under this full moon.  The need to strip naked and delve back into those Virgo pagan roots may never hold stronger than now.  And that is okay because you need to let loose.  And not just for yourself.  Though used to being more behind-the-scenes, you Virgo’s need the spotlight sometimes.  So don’t over-think it and look for a way to share your creative passion with others this weekend.  The world needs your special kind of crazy, and you’re feeling a need to go beyond your circle and share yourself with a greater audience.  Well, the world needs a diva like you so do it.


When it comes to thinking about your destiny or higher purpose, you may feel a tear in your eye.  Because there is a real passion right now to establish what it is and to be sure that you’re currently connecting to it.  Ultimately, you are here to unite with people and touch them in some way, so you want to make sure that a moment isn’t wasted in doing so.  This full moon gives you the opportunity to connect with some from your past that will amplify your sense of purpose and ground you in a way that you haven’t been in a while.  You could be inspired to take on your goals more strongly, because you feel like you owe it to those who look up to you or depend on you for inspiration.  Well, know that you don’t owe anyone your success except you.  But it’s good to know that you have a family of people that support and respect you, so take that in and use it for fuel to recommit to yourself and your dreams.


You have been learning so much about yourself and have had no choice but to commit to being responsible for your own growth.  Because your life is changing, and more so, your sense of self is changing.  You’re becoming all grows up.  And it’s exciting, if not a little challenging and a whole lot scary.  But everyone has growing pains.  And most of them stem from realizations we have about the life we allowed ourselves to get used to but can no longer tolerate if we are going to be self-respecting adults.  So this full moon may want you to have some serious communication with those you love to gain clarity and offer some truth.  Because you can’t just store emotion up and pretend like it’s not going to affect you.  So trust that you have some luck on your side that these talks will go well and open yourself up to someone who needs to know how you’re feeling.  And maybe they have some harsh truths to share with you.  Again, growing ain’t easy, but it’s necessary.


It is time to invest in your transformation in a new way.  You’re working to evolve and you’re sensing the emergence of a strengthened spiritual side that really excites you.  But it’s time to go beyond the path you have laid out for yourself and to try something new in that realm.  You need to show this newer you that you’re open to new ideas and different forms of insight.  You’re a Sag for crying out loud.  You’re supposed to be flexible and thrive on change.  So, if you’re stuck in some routine for too long, you grow lethargic.  And that goes for the routines you’ve created for yourself that you believe are doing you some sort of good.  Now shake it up.  Never get a massage?  Get one!  Always wanted to go to a tarot reader but were afraid to?  Try it!  Now is the time to stir things and give yourself the gift of connecting to your higher calling in a new but still fun and luxuriating way.


My God, is your life just pushing you to change these days or what?  I bet you could look back to yourself a year ago and see that who you were then is a very different person to who you are now.  And I am not talking about your job or your partner or the car you drive.  I am talking about who you are on the inside.  You’re going through a process of internal transformation on a very deep level, which is hard for someone who is just so damn practical and real world based.  Some of you are most likely fighting it too and are trying to pretend like it’s not happening.  If that is the case, then you’re only going to find yourself isolated from your truest dreams and will eventually grow tired and feel unfulfilled with your success.  So take this task on and choose to look at it as exciting.  You have the opportunity to step into the dream you have for yourself, even if it wasn’t the one you planned to tackle so many years ago.  It’s okay to change course.  Some of your greatest icons probably have done so.  And notice those you find in your inner circle this weekend.  You could find some inspiration right in front of you.


At your core, you are here to help the world be a better place.  Sure, like all Aquarius, you want to make sure that others recognize you for your humanitarian efforts.  But first and foremost, you’re out for others, not you.  And it can be a real sacrifice to put others first, but it will be key in unlocking your highest potential.  Your soul wants to push you more towards being truly altruistic in all that you do.  That means that you’re not being a martyr or are not trying to gain attention for how hard you’re working.  Your goal is to give of yourself from the core of your spirit.  You must remove yourself from the equation and be a vessel for good and/or change.  And you don’t have to be serving soup in a shelter to really enact this.  Anything you do can be an act of service.  So look at it that way, do your job, and then quietly give thanks to the greater power moving through you to accomplish it.  If you can anchor in this and attach this notion to all that you do in the coming weeks, you will find that the recognition you also hope for may just come your way.


This full moon needs to be full of play.  If I could, I would set up an adult Chuck-E-Cheese for all you Pisces and invite you to jump into the bounce house and eat a truck load of pizza.  I would put you all in a bumper car arena, blast some dance music, and tell you to go at it.  I would place a candy dispenser in your bedroom.  And then I would let you all stay up way past your bedtime so you could share ghost stories and jokes until you all peed your pants with silliness.  Is there a way for you to instill some of this into your full moon weekend?  If anything, gather some friends and make the theme of your get together “good ass times”.  No work is allowed.  No seriousness.  Just some good “check your reality at the door” and come on in for some let your hair down realness.  You deserve to enjoy yourself.  And your creativity will be playing a larger role in your year to come, so get it cooking now.


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