Permission Granted To Be Your Crazy Self

You have to give yourself permission

Last night, I had the pleasure of reading a lovely new client. Being an Aries rising, she had a lot of the current Gemini energy moving through her 3rd House, the house of communication. As we discussed how she could get more deeply in touch with her passions and goals, I found myself using the same phrase over and over. “You have to give yourself permission.” We can have ideas for what we want in life or how we want to spend our time, but then we allow judgment to overcome our every “silly” whim so that we ultimately suppress potential avenues for our truest expression. We don’t give ourselves the permission to explore. And some of us may not even know what it is we’re passionate about yet. Not everyone is born with the idea of what they want to be when they grow up. So if we don’t tell ourselves that it’s okay to pursue every idea, despite what society, family, or what-have-you has taught you to think, then we are barricading ourselves from what could be the path we should walk down in order to actualize our truest self.

With this weekend’s Gemini new moon, we must offer ourselves a new mental vision for our lives. It must be filled with inspiration but also compassion. And we have to make sure that our spirit is involved, or else we will just get steamrolled by our old ways of thinking, which have grown powerful over the years. If we can give ourselves those gifts of clarity and self-love, we will find that we can harness and communicate ideas for the next phase of our lives in a way that is both intuitive and responsible.

Let’s face it, the main reasons that we don’t express ourselves entirely, whether they are ideas for a new line of work, our feelings in a relationship, or how we feel about our bodies, are that we are afraid of complete honesty and don’t want to be held accountable for what we say. We don’t trust ourselves enough to say and do the right thing. This must stop. We must give the man or woman in the mirror the permission to be brave and step firmly into truth, or else we are just auto-piloting our lives. And what the hell good is that?

Become more aware of the words you use in your mind before you speak

As stated, Gemini is all about the mind. But it’s also how we translate the mind. So with this new moon, not only are we geared toward a new mental outlook on ourselves but also on how we communicate it. First, become more aware of the words you use in your mind before you speak. If you can become more conscious with yourself, then you can offer a greater cognizance in your relations with others. And again, as we are looking to approach life with more of a responsible, adult-like spirit, we have to choose our words with that level of maturity. That way, we can take ourselves more seriously and be seen by others in the same way.

Let’s look more closely at each sign and how you can best make use of this weekend’s Gemini new moon:


This new moon truly offers you a chance to talk to yourself in a whole new way. Perhaps you’re not feeling like your life is in the place you imagined it would be. Well, that truly hinges on how you speak to yourself and what your mind tells you that you’re capable of achieving. It is that simple. If you can start telling yourself that you are a superstar, you will ultimately find yourself at the level of stardom you desire. So how do you begin? Look at the way you view yourself in relation to those you consider your family. More importantly, how do you communicate to them? Are you your most honest self or are there pieces hiding away? If you can express your truest self to those you consider home, then you can start to feel even more at home in every part of your life as well as in the spotlight.


Though I wouldn’t say you are the most materialistic sign in the zodiac, you are somewhat ruled by your attachment to money and nice things. So you can at times judge yourself based on your bank account or your belongings. This new moon wants to offer you a chance to stop seeing yourself through the lens of what you own. More so, it wants you to place less value on what it is you’re trying to do and more on why it is you’re trying to do it. If a project feels stalled or isn’t bearing the monetary fruit you were hoping for right now, then step back and remind yourself that it is bigger than you. And Rome wasn’t built in a day. You are trying to touch the people of the world in a large way. When you can think from that place, you can trust it a bit more and know that the Universe is guiding this ship, not you.


You have been cultivating a relationship with a new you for a few months now, and it’s now time to step up and own your new identity. There is no choice but to say goodbye to the times where you daydream about the person you want to be, the kind of career you want to have, and the man or woman you wish was in your arms. Hopefully, you have learned that you can’t sit back and just wait for the sky to open up and drop these things into your lap. You have to value yourself enough to say no to the bullshit you have allowed in and go for what it is you should believe you deserve. If you don’t believe that you deserve your utmost happiness, then you’re in for another long cycle of getting what you’ll take, and that is not gonna be cute.


You should be feeling good these days. People want to talk to you and see you. They are excited by your ideas, and you should have a general sense that you’re outwardly expressing yourself in a concise, more honest way than you have before. Things are running more smoothly for you. Yay! So interestingly, this new moon is actually not about what’s going on in your external life, but rather with what’s going on within you. And I am not talking about the mind here. Gemini is a mental energy but our spirit also exists in that space. When we get intuitive messages of clarity, they can come in the form of inspired thoughts. Since you are having more interaction with others right now, make sure that everything you’re selling is coming from a pure place of intuition and isn’t being tainted by what you think others want to hear.


Of everyone in the zodiac, you should see yourself as a world-class celebrity. I mean, Madonna is your celebrity patron saint for crying out loud. And sure, you may be living loudly in the life you have carved out for yourself. But I want you to use this time to think about your life in a larger way. And more so, how can you be connecting to the world in a way that communicates who you are in a clearer way. Of course, there are two sides to every coin and you do have a soft, introspective side. So what expression of you can help to showcase both the star and the person behind the scenes? And how can you share that best so that it isn’t just your friends who are benefitting from it? Because I know you want a life that has you touching the people of the world. You just have to do something to gently remind yourself that you’re capable of doing so.


Is your genuine life purpose being expressed in the career that you have currently chosen for yourself? If so, then what can you do to amplify your work out into the world? The key is to focus on how what you have to offer can emotionally touch people. By talking to their hearts, others will feel compelled to connect with you. Now, if you are not connected to your life purpose in a way that feels interwoven with your chosen work, then you have to be feeling the mental clutter of “what am I doing with myself?” If that is the case, give yourself some gentle compassion and know that the answer lies within your mind. You just have to brave enough to say yes to the truth. You’re teaching, but you want to be singing? Then try to figure out how you can integrate what you love into what you do.


You are ripe for some real inspiration right now. Your life isn’t void of excitement, but it may be ready for a change of scenery. That could include some travel, but the takeaway should be that your mind is currently able to visit lands that it normally does not. It is excited to veer away from routine and encounter some new people and environments. And that’s whether you can get on a plane or not. Take some day trips or even just venture off into a new book for a day. Allow yourself to take a break from the norm and you will find that there is a personal breakthrough trying to happen for you. It may be a shift in your career, relationship, or home life, but it will come with an inspired enthusiasm for something new. And this will only invite a surprising but welcome change into your world.


There is so much rebirth going on in your life right now, and it’s time to catch your mind up to the rest of your world. You have been rushing along with all the change and welcoming the challenges that have come your way, but you may still be looking at things through some old eyes. It is time for a mental upgrade to the 2.0. So take them college Ray-Bans off and put on some adult Tom Fords so you will look at life from a more successful, sophisticated perspective. That is ultimately who you are trying to be, right? All the work you’re doing is gearing you toward the more adult chapter of your life. However, look to see if you’re doing all this but then thinking to yourself, “Oh my God, what am I doing? I’m such a mess.” If so, then you’re not going to get very far. You have to give your mind the right to change along with everything else so you can completely own the new phase of your life.


Have you been communicating to those you love in the same way since the 1980’s? You may say, “I was born in 1993, so no.” But that could mean that you’re even more behind then you think. See, we can get stuck in a rut with how we talk to people. We think they know a certain version of us, or we think that we have to approach new people in the same way we did on the first day of a new job. It worked then for us, right? But we then forget to express our truest selves in the moment and feel like we have to work harder to keep presenting the person they met so long ago. And this can be so tiring. Try to be more present with how you offer yourself and make sure you aren’t putting on an act thinking you’re making it easier for everyone. You’re not. Now if you have grown past doing this in new social settings, you may just have some old relationships that are still operating in this way. It’s time to come clean and show these people the honest you. That way you can show yourself the honest you too.


This new moon wants you to analyze and ask some questions about the current state of your daily routine. Have you set up a life that is bogged down by too many unfulfilling things? Are you able to give yourself something healthy for your mind and body each day? Did you read that last sentence and ask yourself, “What does that mean?” If so, then you need to reorganize your day-to-day in a way that gives you more balance. Look to your most cherished relationships for inspiration. Who are those in your life that you admire most? How do they do it? In fact, ask them. Use your closest loved ones to figure out what matters to you most and then adjust accordingly. Sure, you may raise some eyebrows but who cares. It’s all going toward the greater good of you. And when you know that, you always operate at your best.


I want this new moon to be fun for you. That’s because there is a spiritual need to be inventive and/or artistic right now, and your creativity wants desperately to be ignited. So you have to clear out the mental cobwebs so that the inspiration can barrel through. Create an opportunity to let go and enjoy yourself in a freeing way. Try to avoid conflict and thinking about the “heavier aspects” of life. There is plenty of time for that. And if you can give yourself a little mental freedom, you may find that some of your newfound creativity comes in the form of solutions to your latest slew of problems. Money issues, relationship questions, and career quandaries could become a thing of the past if you forget they exist and trust that the Universe will guide you to fun solutions when you’re looking the other way.


This year has been more hectic than your sensitive self is used to, and it could be taking its toll in the form of exhaustion and anxiety. So let’s use this new moon as a chance to restructure your foundation and give yourself a safe place to go home to. And actually beyond just safety, how about also infusing creativity, romance, and a bit of fun into it too. Start by looking directly at your home. Has it gone from being a place of inspiration to a crash pad lately? If not, then pat yourself on the back and use this new moon time to spend time there with a good journal or artistic project. You should be unloading some of your tension in a fun, creative way. However, if your house is a bit of a clutter-fuck, then you may need to put that energy toward clearing it out and crafting a space for yourself that doesn’t feel as convoluted and manic as the rest of your life may feel. This will only help you to take on the next batch of active experiences coming your way soon.


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