This New Moon and The Goddess In You


It’s time for us all to connect with that Goddess in our lives

Everyone has a mother. But not everyone has a Mother. It’s something that’s usually reserved for gay men and tends to pertain to a certain musical diva that one has a specific connection to. For instance, my Mother is Madonna. But I know people who claim Cher, Kylie, Whitney, and Britney as their Mother. These are the women we admire for their particular brands of fearlessness, style, and life message. We relate to their roles as the rebel, the bitch, or the outsider who have all struggled and found success. However, I also have a Goddess, who is really more of my spiritual Mother. And that is Tori Amos.

I admire Tori for all the same reasons as Madonna, but I also connect with her on a deeper level. I admire that she weds her inner process with her art. I mean, this is a woman who wrote her entire first solo album while sitting in a “fairy ring” that she built in her apartment so that the Muses would come in and grace her songwriting process. And as someone who meditates each morning and converses daily with his guides and spirit animals, I can totally get into that. And my love was all heavily apparent when I had the pleasure of seeing her perform this week. Now I have also loved her for over two decades, so we have a lot of history. So the show basically became a tour of all my past lives. I found myself in a meditative state, confronting old demons and new insecurities. Yes, at a damn concert. It was exhilarating. And I left feeling awakened, inspired, and empowered. Everything a Goddess should offer.


Leo is all about being center stage and gaining recognition

I don’t bring all this up just to impart a lesson in gay culture or to simply share my own personal bit of crazy when it comes to Tori. I really just want you to get you charged for this Leo New Moon. Leo is all about being center stage and gaining recognition. It is also the sign that governs all things creativity. So Leo is really about connecting to that inner “diva” and owning your own unique brand of creative appeal. Jupiter is also side by side with this new moon which only amplifies the sense of abundance and personal growth that this new moon wants to energize you with right now. And because Jupiter is most concerned with growing us from the inside out, I feel it’s time for us all to connect with that Goddess in our lives so that we can best access all that the planets and moon have to offer us right now.

Consider who your Goddess is, whether she be Oprah, Stevie Nicks, your best friend, or your own actual mother. Maybe your Goddess is a man. Maybe it’s me. I’m down. Whatever the case may be, take a moment to connect to an icon whose actions inspire you to want to grow more from the spiritual inside out. And how can you do more to mirror some of what you admire about that person in your own daily life? I mean, I’m building my own fairy ring right now.

Is there an important piece of you that has been silent all these years? What can you do to reclaim it and let your greatest inner self into the spotlight to manifest some of the creative dreams that have been hiding within? Now is the time to get that particular party started. Whatever energy you put into yourself this weekend will only flourish over the course of this next year. And you owe it to yourself to put in the work that will ultimately make you your own Goddess.

Let’s take a look at each sign and get a clearer sense of how this new moon could be affecting you. And as always, read your rising sign as well. (If you don’t know it, email me at and I will help you find it.)


An astrologer once told me that one of my greatest challenges would be to become more comfortable allowing my creativity into the spotlight. As a fellow Aries, I now want to impart that same wisdom unto you. It’s time to be more completely at ease with sharing your own unique creative voice with the world. You must trust that what you have to say, write, paint, dance, cook, or what have you is important and will have meaning to others, if you express it from the deepest part of you. Become at home with the creative work that wants to spring forth from you now, and you may just find that it becomes more than just your hobby or creative outlet. It will become your life’s work. And remember that patience is a key element to the process.


It’s time to consider how you can make your home an even greater creative expression of the person you have been growing into these last few months. Show yourself a grand gesture of this by doing a clean sweep and releasing some of the old crap that perhaps you’ve been holding onto for too long. Or maybe you’ve recently done a purge but haven’t actually taken the time to add some new personal touches to your space. Perhaps you’ve recently become more engaged with a spiritual practice but don’t have anything reflecting it in your house or apartment. Or do you have a new relationship but nothing in your space that celebrates it? Without doing anything too drastic that you’ll regret later, take some time to give some love and energy to the space where you spring from every day and allow yourself more visual reminders of the great life you’re building for yourself right now.


You’ve been putting a lot more thought lately into your own sense of personal value, as well as into what it is you value in life. And somewhere in between the two voices of your mind, you’ve found some clarity about where you should be focusing your time and energy. Well now it’s time to vocalize what you’re feeling and state some of your newly discovered needs to those who need to hear it. Whether you’re telling a roommate what you need from someone you share your space with or your connecting with a friend or lover to say that you actually need more from the relationship. It could be that you need to step up and demand more from your boss at work. Or you simply may need to look inward and tell yourself in the mirror or in writing what it’s time to do with this next phase of your life. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to connect your words to what you’re feeling and let it out in some way.


Firstly, you are in the midst of finding that one or more of your key relationships is pushing you to change in some kind of way. But hopefully, the changes are in alignment with the personal shift you’ve already found yourself wanting to take. If not, then you may need to take a closer look at what that other person is telling you as there may be an inner transition that you need to stop fighting and actually make. Now is not the time to be stubborn. Remember that you can create any version of yourself that you want. So what pieces of you do you need to reclaim in order to be happier? Did you lose something of yourself along the way that you now need desperately back? Go on a personal excavation and retrieve it so that you can move forward from a more confident space.


You are starting to come out of a long period of shadow time, where you were living a bit more within than you normally like to. And you still have about a week or two more of it, by the way. Now hopefully this time has helped you to uncover some new truths about yourself and the way you want to be living your life moving forward. And know that this next year is all about putting into action the ideas that you’ve been quietly cultivating. So if you’ve been working on something creative, or have just been gestating some sort of creative idea, now is the time to start planning on how to manifest it into the world. And this doesn’t just have to be an art project or a writing assignment. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to create a new direction for your home life, or your health. The spotlight you truly do love is shining back on you, and in a big way, so don’t hold back in making some important moves for yourself. Commit to you and trust your greatness. And don’t feel confined by the box you’ve ultimately placed yourself in. Realize that there actually is no box.


While the rest of us are busy connecting to divas from the pop charts, I need you to go further into the pool of goddess archetypes and find who your major diva presence should be right now. Whether it’s Athena, Aphrodite, Mary, or Kali, your soul is looking for you to tap into the universal consciousness for your Leo new moon energy swell. You have been feeling a greater power when it comes to relating to the real world, so it makes sense that your spirit wants you to dip back into the well of the spiritual unknown. So make sure to take some personal meditative time for yourself. And make a scene about it. You deserve to have some space for you to realign with the deepest pieces of yourself. And when you come out of it, make sure that you don’t compromise your creative energy moving forward. Your voice is powerful and deserves to be heard and recognized, without any sort of filter on it.


This new moon wants you to be out in the world, celebrating amongst some of your folks who help lend you the creative spark you need to access the ultimate balance of your life. You’ve been working so hard at being at home in your career, and you’re accessing a real power in that realm right now. But don’t forget that Libra does need an equal weight to that or else you’re off kilter. So get your ass out and about for some play. If there’s a reason to dance and be silly, take it. Have some unabashed conversation with someone you only know sort of about a deep passion of yours and see yourself make a new friend for life. And don’t be afraid that you’re slacking off or going too far overboard. Trust that you know when to say when as well as that you’ll have that precious down, alone time soon again. But for now, replenish the inner well by letting your outer diva take some time in the sun.


You are still in the process of morphing into the next, more responsible adult version of you. And lately, your mind has been pushed to really feel more comfortable in your space of personal power. Now, you must make sure that you’re not doing anything to alienate the most important people in your life. You may be exuding so much power that you’re unconsciously steamrolling people with your opinions and decisions. And hey, people love you for your powerful nature. But it just has to be wielded in positive, helpful ways. So that being said, this new moon is a good time to focus all that confident energy into your career. You have just begun a year cycle that should bring a lot of optimism and positive growth in that area of your life. So how to harness it? Make some firm declarations about ideas or projects that may be around you right now and inject them with your special brand of creativity. You are ready to be the leader that you already know you can be. So just own it and trust that everyone will appreciate the brilliance you have to offer.


This new moon will have you craving the new. You want to open your mind and spirit up to something different that can speak to your creative nature and give you a more expansive outlook on the world. One way is to take a trip. If you’re traveling right now, make sure to do and see everything. And if you’re not traveling, then take a glamourous day trip somewhere that finds you out of your norm. Or just take a mental trip via some great live music, a stirring movie, or a book that highlights a subject you’ve been intrigued to know about some more. Everything you’re doing right now has you opening up your spiritual nature in a big way, so go exploring into the unknown of your life a bit. You will find that you glow the most right now when you find yourself immersed in something that isn’t anything you’ve been used to. And that change is what you need most of all.


Everything about this new moon oozes intensity for you. Firstly, it offers the opportunity for you to meet or connect with someone who has a real soul-stirring quality about them. You are already a very powerful presence, so it’s important that you surround yourself with others who also rise to that same level of personal power. You need to be inspired by those around you, so if you don’t find yourself encircled by those who elevate you, then reach out and make sure to connect with those who do. This new moon also wants to see you more in touch with your inner powers of transformation as well. That’s why the people around you matter so much. They will both mirror and deflect the major shift that has been going on inside you, and right now is an opportunity to let some of it out. Don’t be your safe self right now. Fly your freak flag out right in front of your house and be confident in the new, more carnally in touch you that you’re becoming.


You have spent the last year focused on creating a new routine for yourself. The one you had started about a year ago had its positive aspects that you’ve worked to hold onto, but you’ve also had to discard the pieces that were just keeping you down. Hopefully, you’ve emerged primarily with a spiritual practice that can ground your air-sign mentality to the ground. You must be tethered so that you can really make the progress you imagine for yourself. And now that you’re getting into the groove of a new life, you’re also ready to get back out into the world of people more. In order to achieve some of your immediate future goals, you will have to establish some strong, creative relationships. So use this new moon time to connect with those people who you see playing a role in your life’s latest incarnation. And if you’re not entirely sure who they are, the Universe will help you by dropping them into the lap of your life right now. Be open to who they are and put yourself out there. Don’t just make small talk. You’re talking to someone for a reason, so do everything you can to figure out what that could be.


Right now, your Goddess can be Angela Bassett in How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Because you got a little lost there for a little while, which is understandable since you’ve been adjusting to your home planet of Neptune being in your sign. Hello, let’s all just go off to dreamer land for a bit, shall we? And you did. But now you’re emerging into the real world again, and you should be armed with some cool, new work and personal relationships as well as an arsenal of creative ideas. So now how can you utilize all of this to build yourself a new daily routine that shows the world the great groove you’re living in these days? First off, publicize it. Maybe you have some people in your life you want to work with – well you have to put yourself out there and try to make it happen. Same goes for your love and home life, if it applies. All you need is the confidence to say yes to yourself first, and then others will follow suit. Believe it or not, a helpful tool lays in your fitness routine. If you don’t have one, get one. By being more in touch with the rythyms of your body, you’ll be more in touch with the rythyms of all the areas of your life, as well as with those around you.



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