A Super Full Moon, and It’s Way Bigger Than You.


We are here to affect our lives, but more importantly, the lives of those around us.

It’s a full moon in Aquarius. It’s happening right now. And it’s a Supermoon, which means it’s the closest full moon we’ll physically have to the earth this year. So, the effects of it can be pretty great. And pretty strong. For as the moon affects the ocean’s tides, it also affects the inner tides of our being. And with it being in Aquarius, we have to strive to focus its energy outward. We can’t just sit on it and keep it within. So what is this moon about then?

Well, we’ve moved into a Leo state, which can make us all a bit self-absorbed. And we should be, to a degree. We have ideas, goals, and responsibilities to tackle. Some of us are starting new chapters in various areas of our lives while others of us are closing the door on outdated ways of being. So we have to have some focus on us and what we need. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that we are spiritual beings. That means we can’t get lost in the ideas, goals, and responsibilities to a point that we forget that they are all just experiences we must take on in order to evolve. It’s not about the thing. It’s about what doing the thing has to teach us. And in turn, how it plays into our greater mission. And at the end of the day, our greater mission isn’t just about us. We are here to affect our lives, but more importantly, the lives of those around us.


You are bigger than your life. Don’t ever forget it.

I had the pleasure of spending a recent afternoon with my mom, an Aquarius. And as we sat chowing down on gluten-free empanadas and drinking almond milk lattes (cuz that’s how we roll), my mom told me how she had sparked to a realization. “I am in everyone’s life for a reason. Yours, your father’s, your sisters.”, she told me. “We came together into this life for something that’s not just about me.” Smiling, I agreed. Yes, we aren’t just here to get ours and get out. We are here as messengers to the ones we share our days with, and vice versa. And the Aquarius Full Moon is the perfect time to honor that. And to be in the now of whatever contracts we set up and with whom in this lifetime. And to do so in a way that is still in alignment with that soul mission you know in your gut is yours to master.

What is your soul mission? And how are you working to make it not just about you? Remember, it’s bigger than that. You are bigger than your life. Don’t ever forget it. And upon reading this, do something that honors it.

And now for some greater clarity for each sign, here is some astrology realness:


The real is that your creativity is going into hyper-drive. You are becoming more inspired than you have been in a while. But you can also be REALLY into your ideas like they’re the best thing ever. And some are. But don’t think you’re like the greatest artist since Haring just yet. Take some time to get to know your ideas and explore them slowly. And most importantly, know what effect you are trying to have on people with your work or ideas. Don’t just make the outcome about changing your bank account or fame status. Make it about changing culture and those who inhabit it.


The real is that you are feeling some semblance of comfortable stability in your life right now that has been eluding you to this point. You’ve been working for a while to generate this way of being, and now you’re actually in a place that feels good and healthy and, could it be, happy. So pat yourself on the back and know that you are only going to get firmer in this current state of positive grounding. And use this new, stronger foundation as a jumping off point for your career. Use your work as a way to spread this kind of joy and knowledge. Make your goal to translate to others the importance of gaining a greater confidence of self. And as you do so and see how others respond, you will strengthen your own growing sense of self-worth along the way.


The real is that, for the most part, you’re getting your mind in check, though a few of those self-criticizing demons still linger. And that’s cool because you still have some minor realizations to experience, which will wash those demons away into the sea of your past. But you must get better at sharing what’s going on in your head. Your challenge is that you celebrate triumphs and suffer troubles primarily in the quiet of your mind. And you can, at times, be bad at letting the real meat of your thoughts and feelings out to those who matter, thus creating problems in those relationships. So choose someone you love and trust to open up to, but not about your problems. Let them into your smartest personal breakthroughs, your inspired ideas for world-peace, and your aspirations to be the best you that you know you can be.


The real is that you should be in the process of establishing a better relationship with your money sitch, and this should have a positive effect on your own sense of self-worth. Not to say that we are as great as our bank account. Even if we don’t have a lot of it at the moment, our response to that fact says a lot. We still have to feel we are worth a happy life, regardless. And even better if we can share it. So choose someone who means the world to you and take him/her out for a lovely day. That doesn’t have to mean an expensive day. You just need to show this person how you really feel about him/her. Guarantee you will find yourself creating a profound experience that will benefit both of you in the greatest of ways.


The real is that you’re awesome and only getting more and more awesome as the year continues to unfold. Either you are gaining more respect or just being seen more as your best self. There may be some home or family things to iron through, but the good thing is it will only take a good conversation to solve. But you have to initiate it. If you can do so, you will also be doing your loved one a favor, as he or she probably needs a good talk just the same. And this should bring you closer and open the door to better communication down the way. You will also feel more in tune with yourself and can use that to have an even braver voice in all the areas of your life.


The real is that your relationship with that deepest part of yourself is starting to feel really good. You are getting to a place where you can access that intuitive sense more easily, and it’s making everything in your life run a little bit smoother. Know that you are only going to continue to deepen this greater sense of inner knowing which also means you must be on high alert about hearing the directions or truths you need to best move forward. The easiest way to stay grounded through this process is to make sure you’re being in your body as well as your spirit. Do you have a health or fitness routine that honors your body. Remember that without that outer strength, you can’t truly execute any of your goals or desires in a completely successful way.


The real is that you’re feeling more and more ready to actualize some of your greatest hopes and dreams. Or to at least activate them into actual, tangible process. You may be starting to talk to the right people about something you want to accomplish or could just see more of your inner circle gathering around to cheer you on. Let this motivate you to make a decision about whether it is worth moving forward on. And when you finally see that it is, move forward with pride. To really connect to this great idea or project, do some creative work on it. Explore. Play. No pressure. But do think about how to manifest it in a way that it will have a great, soul-stirring effect on its audience. Because it’s all about them. Not you.


The real is that your career is starting to come into focus and make sense in a bigger picture kind of way. And if it’s not your actual, current career, then it’s a clearer vision for what the actual, soon to be current career should be. And it will only continue to blossom over the next year. That is, if you can own your confidence in it. It can be hard to do so, since when you decide to go after what you want, you also have the fear of rejection or failure attached. But that’s natural. Don’t beat yourself up for it. But also believe in your abilities already and just go for it with some internal “I got this.” So show your commitment. Honor a space in your home as a place that can reflect your hopes and dreams back to you. If you have a home office or workspace already, do something to show it some love. You need an inspired place from which to jump off from at home. If you don’t yet, then create one. Even if it’s just a corner, make it your inspired place and energize it. Then visit it often.


The real is that when it comes to your mind, you are opening the door to some new pathways you did not know existed in there before. Or you’re entering old ones and seeing them differently. Whether it’s certain relationships or your work life or the place you live, you are starting to learn some things and make important discoveries. This is all meant to nudge you on some internal growth that is needed as you tackle the next phase of your life. Because you may find yourself wanting to do some things you didn’t have the courage to do in the past. It could be a new hairstyle. It could be a move to Spain. Whatever the case, take it seriously. The best way to begin is to really just start talking about your ideas for your life. Just bounce them off some trusted people. And think about how this change could best affect you as well as those around you. There may even be a greater humanitarian element to it. That makes sense as you want to make your own world bigger, so connecting to something larger in the physical world may help to inspire you to act even more.


The real is that you’re finally becoming comfortable with being a new you. The old you that had been holding court for some years now is fading into the background, and you’re growing to really accept and like the person you are today. And the transformation is not complete. In fact, you are entering more of an outer phase with it, as now will be the time to make some greater changes in your life to reflect those changes that have gone on within. And you get some fun homework for this full moon, as she wants you to spend some money on your new you. Go out and buy yourself something that expresses your happiness for the greatest new element of you. Whether you’re more spiritual and reward that with a great crystal, or you’re more health aware and buy yourself some new running shoes. Let it be something that connects to the greatest, positive change you’ve recently welcomed into your life. And then enjoy the hell out of it.


The real is that you are starting to get a real sense of who your true blue BFF’s are these days. You Aquarians need that community. And you know that no one can do it alone. So it sucked lately that you felt alone. Well, again, that is in the past. Take a moment to recognize who the true peeps are, and do something to honor them all today. Whether it’s a phone call, a text, an Instagram comment, or some flowers, everyone you love loves you back because they adore what only you can offer him/her. So the greatest gift you can give to them is some expression of you. Also keep your heart open in the process, as you will then have a lot of love to receive. And that is really the most important part of this process when it comes to your personal growth at this time.


The real is that you’re starting to get back into the rhythm of a daily life that you can dig. For a while, you were in the process of crafting your current self and then laying the foundation for the lifestyle that could support that. But now it’s all starting to make some sense. And you can start to feel some more confidence about stepping into the next chapter. But with this new phase has come a lot more of being “out in the world”. There have been more social obligations and less down time for you. And you must keep that connection going or you will get lost in the day to day. So use now to give yourself some quiet, reflective time. Maybe you want to pause a beat and ponder this moment in your life. Where can you be happier? How can you achieve those goals? Know that your daily life is on the verge of getting better, but that will only come with you knowing wholeheartedly what to fill it with in order to achieve it.


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