The Aries New Moon That Wants You to Begin Again

ItsNeverTooLateYou’re reading this right now because the Universe wants me to send you a message

It’s never too late to begin again. That’s what I tell myself constantly. When I’m beating myself up for not actualizing a dream I’ve had for months or even years, I gently cradle my inner child and say, “It’s never too late.” It’s never too late to start a new career. It’s never too late to meet the love of your life. It’s never too late to be creative. It’s never too late to be a parent. And it’s certainly never too late to let go of your past. To let go of the old mentality shit that keeps you tethered to a haggard version of yourself that can’t accept pure love into your life. Because what’s the point of that? What’s the point of living this life if you can’t accept pure love and joy? If you’ve given up on yourself starting anew with something you know deep inside is meant for you, then you’ve also given into the idea that it is too late for you. And let me tell you that you’re reading this right now because the Universe wants me to send you a message.

Do not give up on your new beginnings. Every day is a fresh start. Every day is here for you to open a window to your greater life. But you must be willing to approach it from a place of grounded belief in yourself. And you must have a sense of fearlessness with it all. Sure, stepping off one tested path for another that feels less sure is scary. But fuck it. All great stories have a sense of mystery and danger. And they also all have a powerful, inspiring ending. Don’t you deserve to live a great story, as opposed to the same old one where you lose in the end?


The Aries New Moon will light a fire under your ass and give you the motivation to succeed

The Aries New Moon wants you to make a fresh start in some area of your life. Or perhaps it’s in many areas of your life. It is simply time to face a new direction. It’s time to hunker into the powerful self that you know you truly are inside. No more living in the head about what you could accomplish. Use this time to step into the body, into your life, and make moves to accomplish. The Aries New Moon will light a fire under your ass and give you the motivation to succeed – to carry on in a way that is more confident and enthused. Open yourself to its heat. And let your life burn, baby. Burn bright so that you’ll shine bright, like a diamond.

Let’s take a brief, closer look at each sign:


This new moon really is an entirely fresh start for you, if you want it. Consider what you’ve created for your life. Does it all reflect what you truly value? Are you doing things and relating with those that really speak to what you believe in, or have you been faking it? Have you limited your own personal growth from a fear of the unknown? If any of this resonates, then you may be ready to shift onto the path of inner truth. It won’t be easy. So, start small. Do one thing this weekend in the name of who you really want to be and/or what you really want to be doing with your life. Show yourself you mean it this time, and make it a part of your life moving forward.


Know that with this new beginning comes a streak of luck. But it will only be activated if you push yourself to follow your gut and believe in what you know to be true for the life you need to be living right now. So if you continue to pursue outdated habits or states of self-belief, then you’re in for a harder road. However, if you can release some outdated ways of being, and YOU KNOW what they are, then you can see a floodgate of opportunity coming for you that will help you ground and build a greater foundation for your life to come. And how to light the path? As Jiminy Cricket said, “Let your conscience be your guide.”


This new moon is about how you relate to others. Most times, we shouldn’t be concerned with how we come across to others. Either they love the person they see or they don’t. But right now, step outside of yourself and consider how you’re seen in the world. Do you like the perception of you? Are you someone with strong convictions that others look up to? Or do you have a hard time getting others to return your call? Are you seen as a beacon of light or as a storm cloud? If you don’t know, then ask. Moving forward, you must bring the best energy you can into every room you enter.


Please know something. Regardless of what your “job” tells you, know that you are the master of your career. So even if you have a boss with a boss who sits under another boss, making you at time feel as big as a mouse, you still have control of your career fate. This new moon wants you to take some risks with your career and be more involved in defining it. Don’t just be waiting around for someone to tell you what your next move will be. You consider what you want it to be. You define it. And then you go out there and make it so.


It’s time for you to become more of a master of something that you’re just “good at” right now. You have so much luck on your side right now in that everyone wants to be near you. You’re magnetic, even more so than usual. And people will want to help you succeed in anything. So now is a good time to really take a passion to the next level. If you can own this piece of you even more, let it define you even more, than others will recognize you more for it. And soon, it will become something that is a greater part of your life, making you more joyful, etc, etc. So get in that snowball and start rolling!


This new moon offers you the chance for a deeper personal revolution. Your inner consciousness is already in the process of a greater expansion, making you more joyfully aware of all the gifts the Universe has bestowed upon you. So for you, really, there is no need to hold onto anything that no longer serves you. Also, something to consider, is that it may be time to start making peace with some kind of transformation you cannot control. Whether it’s a move or a kind of goodbye to a relationship, it’s a process that you can recognize as necessary. So there’s no need to linger on any sadness. The bigger picture is what truly matters, so keep it in mind.


This new beginning is about the others in your life. Take a look at those you converse with on a usual basis. Are they supporting you in your deeper, more spiritual shifts, or are they just “real world” comrades? Right now, you are looking to ground into a more robust transformation and you need support. So if you find yourself just talking about work and the news and the bills most days, now is the time to balance it out and invite some folks in who can talk about your real juice. Who are those fellow spirit friends? And how can you make more of an effort to work them into your weekly agenda more? You need them right about now.


This new moon wants you to embark on a better daily agenda for yourself. This routine you’ve been on just isn’t working for you anymore. You need to switch it up. Perhaps you need to relinquish some business to others, meaning you need to learn to trust others to handle things you’re used to just doing yourself. Or it may be that you need to trust your career path more and stop driving yourself crazy trying so hard to succeed. Maybe you’re succeeding already and just haven’t given yourself any credit, which would allow you to slow down some. Whatever the case, you must make some room for the new things you need in your daily life right now, letting some of the old things just go for a while.


So yes, Saturn has moved into your sign for the next couple of years. That means you may start to feel a little restriction or stress in some area of your life. But really what it’s about is just you needing to face time, and seeing that you must grow up in some area of your life. You’ve been treating yourself a bit too much like an adolescent in some ways, and now the Universe wants you to take it and yourself more seriously. I know, growing up is never fun. But it can also be very liberating to own up to something you truly care about, be it your career, your relationship, your health, etc, and take it on with some real gusto and meaning. With this new moon, you can start to truly create the destiny you want. You just have to do a little more work at it than you ever did before.


Who do you consider your family? It may be those you were born into this life with or those you’ve collected over the years. Whatever the case, this new moon wants you to utilize their love and support for you as you enter into some waters for yourself. In one way, you are looking to ground into your creative self more. Perhaps you want to do some creative work but haven’t fully believed in yourself enough in the past to do so. You may be working out some mental questions about certain relationship in your life. Know that you need your family to anchor you so that you can approach all of these other questions with great inner security and self-love. Turn to your “family” and have them help you summon the courage to better create the happier, more grounded life you’re ready to live.


This new moon is a new beginning for your mind. For the next few days, tell yourself all the good things about you and your life. Talk yourself up so greatly that you have no choice but to love you. Listen for the voices of doubt and negativity. If they appear, thank them for their concern and then kindly ask them to get the fuck out. You’re in the process of establishing a stronger personal foundation for your inner self, so there is no room for old words about a “you” that you don’t like. You must LOVE yourself fully so that you can attract everything and everyone you want right now. And that love starts with the things you tell yourself.


Given the current astrological happenings, you are very susceptible to just going with the flow. And in some areas of your life, that is a blessing. You are feeling in tune with your self and following the signs. But in other areas, make sure you’re not mistaking Universal flow for just being kinda lazy. If there are some things you are truly passionate about accomplishing and have been sitting back in your mind, just waiting for the Universe to give you that sign, well consider this it. Get started. There are some things only you can create in your life but you gotta make it so. So write it. Speak it. Dance it. Live it. Whatever IT is you’ve been dreaming for, be the Universe and will it into existence.


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