The First Full Moon of 2015


The path toward our goals will continue to illuminate under the guide of that full moon light

Every start to a new year seems to begin the same way. There’s usually a diet or new exercise routine involved. Then there’s the pledge to approach work in a more confident, productive way. Ultimately, it’s always about letting go of old, lame habits and ushering in new, more life-affirming ones that will make you and me the greatest version of ourselves that we can be. But if you’re like me, you may usually have trouble holding up to the commitments you’ve put on yourself, thus placing a veil of failure on your new year. Or you just decide to forgo the whole thing entirely and swear off any sort of “resolution”, saying they’re pointless. Which is really just code for “I give up.” Well given the astrological blueprint laid out for this first full moon of 2015, you can actually avoid both of these pitfalls and truly see a powerful personal transformation this year. And I so want that for you.

With this full moon in Cancer, it’s at its most powerful. The moon is the governor of your internal life. She controls the tides of the oceans in the same way she controls the tides of your heart. Her power allows strong feelings to wash in and cover the shore of your life. You experience them as they bubble and froth at the surface. But then, they wash away and offer a moment of stillness and peace. With the moon at its fullest, this process is amplified. The waves of your emotions are greater. And their strength is greater, which offers the chance to wash more away. So anything that has been stuck on your shore, just baking in the light of day, can now be taken out to sea and pulled away from your life for good. Wouldn’t that be nice?

full moonOverWater

With this full moon, you have a chance to let go of the old tired mentalities that have left you clinging to the feelings of the past

So what inner bullshit do you need to get clear of so that you can experience a more serene, focused inner life this year? As we know, change begins within. And just wanting a new beginning is a new beginning. It all begins in the spirit and the mind. With this full moon, you have a chance to let go of the old tired mentalities that have left you clinging to the feelings of the past. They are what stop you from evolving. Because even when you get that new job or relationship, you still find yourself responding in the same, unhealthy ways when you get to feeling some kind of way. And then you’re hitting that wall of failure that keeps you from wanting to commit to new beginnings in the first place. So what if we just eliminate the middle men of doubt and insecurity?

It’s time to truly allow ourselves the chance to aspire to the heights of our dreams and believe with our whole heart that we can have them. This won’t come without conflict. The path won’t be void of roadblocks. But if we’re fully honoring our own uniqueness and giving the heart exactly what it wants, then we will see these challenges as opportunities for personal growth. And the path toward our goals will continue to illuminate under the guide of that full moon light. Just believe in yourself, more than you ever have. I know that it can be scary to fully commit to you and what you want in your life. But in the words of someone great, “Fuck fear.” You’re greater than fear. And you’re greater than you believe you are in this very moment. So step into the next moment knowing that and you’re off.

Here’s a brief look at how to approach for each sign:


It’s time to let go of that childhood insecurity once and for all. It was born out of someone else’s insecurity and passed along to you. It may have been a parent, a caretaker, or a teacher. In some way, he or she made you feel like your goals weren’t possible and that your unique gifts weren’t worth sharing. Now as an adult, you may have thought you’d let it go. But consider how it may be manifesting today, particularly in your career. Are you going after the thing you want? If not, how are you holding yourself back? And if so, then again, how are you holding yourself back?


You have some old emotional patterns that have since created ways of thinking that now need to go. You know this because you’re feeling some deep emotional shifts based on new exciting experiences and relationships, and they’re butting up against some of this old crap. You want to love something or someone fully, but then get mired down by some cobweb-filled insecurity. So put it all down on paper. List out all the past hurts that are still there. Then burn them up in a fire and watch them disintegrate. Let this be a visual metaphor for the releasing, and you may be surprised how it translates to your actual life.


Start this new year by releasing old money habits. This can be the way you spend it but also the way you think about it. If you’re always coming from a place of lack in your mind with money, then you will always live from a place of lack. You create that reality. So how about looking at your life from a plentiful perspective? And then maybe you can see how it feels to tell yourself that you’re worth all the happiness in the world. Sure you can’t buy happiness, but you’re self-worth is priceless. And it may be time to not come from a place of lack in that area as well.


Are you still holding onto a past version of you that you wish you could just live again? Are you craving that time when you were a crazy artist, or perhaps missing when you traveled the world? Well it’s good to reminisce but if you get caught up in it, you will miss the life that all your old incarnations has helped to create for you now. Every version of you that has lived still exists inside you. So perhaps you need to reinvigorate your life now with some of the pieces of an old you that you miss. Call on some old friends to help. Perhaps take an art class with one, or plan a trip. You don’t have to live in the past to keep it alive in your now.


There are some old fears of the past that are causing underlying turmoil in your life today. These are hard to see so you have to do the investigative work to figure out exactly what they are. Look to your relationships to help. Are you afraid that you’re not living up to the aspirations that those around you have for you? Does it truly matter what others think if you’re happy? Well that begs the question, are you truly happy and living up to the aspirations that you have for you? The honest answer to that question is the only one that matters.


Are they old hopes and dreams that you haven’t attained but feel haunted by? Do you carry some small sense of failure around for not living up to some goal you had set for yourself twenty years ago? Well it may be time to let that go. Not the hopes and dreams. In fact, they want to come around again in a big way. So it’s time to see how to work them into your daily life. For example, if you wanted to be a musician but haven’t gotten near that world in years, well then get into a class or go purchase an instrument. This will inspire you. And it will help you to release the plan you had for yourself in the past. The dream doesn’t have to look exactly the way you’d planned it in order to be a dream come true.


Let’s pretend that you didn’t have the career you have right now. What would you want to be doing with your life every day? Just let go and give yourself the freedom to dream. Now if you’re someone who is already doing the thing, then first off, bravo. How can you twist it now to help it rise to the next level of creativity and innovation? But if you’re not, then how can you twist your life’s routine to invite some time for the thing you dream about doing. Perhaps a dance class once a week? Look, we’re not trying to get you to shift into a whole new career. This is about broadening your personal landscape and seeing yourself as someone who goes after it all.


It may be time to let go of what you know. Some deep inner shifts want to occur and if you get clouded up by who you already think you are and what you think you already know to be true, then you may miss out on some great realizations. Life is trying to show you a new world, and thus, a new you. So take it all in. Be willing to change and grow without trying to do so. You don’t always have to be in control of what’s happening. Sometimes, you can just sit back and let change happen to you. It’s the most beautiful that way.


You’ve experienced such powerful events as of late that you’ve had no choice but to feel changed. But use this full moon as an opportunity to slow down. Let go of trying to make some deep spiritual shift occur. You’re in the shift as we speak. You don’t have to seek out the transformation right now. It’s already happening. And you don’t need someone else to guide you down into the depths. You already know the path. So stop reading this and go commune with nature. Spend some fun times with friends. Read a great book. Anything you do right now is working in the name of your spiritual growth. So trust that and let evolution occur in the least obvious way.


You’re feeling ready to release some outdated relationships. Who you are now is nowhere near who you were when you met these folks. And you may be getting tired of trying to explain yourself to them. Just make sure you’re not letting go of the ones who actually help you to aspire to your best self. As you tend toward the pessimistic side with things in general (though you’ve gotten so MUCH better), you need the other voices of optimism and support in your life to help guide you. So reach out to those who have a question mark over their heads for you right now. Express to them what you need. And if it seems like your words are echoing in an empty room, it’s time to move on. But if you still feel warmth there, then take time to infuse a new life into these relationships. You both still have more to give.


It may be time to let go of your old routine. Yes, that’s one of those typical “New Year’s resolution” sounding things, and you hate anything typical. But your current day-to-day may be sucking you dry. And you have a real chance right now to connect to some reservoirs of optimism and to engage in making some of your dreams come true. The first thing to start is to up the game on your spiritual routine. You may have just been going through the motions of your old routine, which has kept you stuck. How can you commit to that area of your life in a way that you really mean it? It’s one thing to do something with a spiritual context, and another to actually be spiritual. It’s time to be.


You must be having a really wild dream life right now. Are you seeing some crazy shit when you close your eyes at night? If not, then you may be stifling yourself from dreaming in life in general. So that needs to stop. It ain’t time to give up on yourself. If you are having some wild dreams, then your life is trying to talk to you. No, it isn’t telling you to exactly do what’s in your dreams. That would make you do some weird shit. But it is asking you to reignite your personal creativity, particularly in the realm of storytelling. Do you have some stories that you need to tell? Maybe you need to write them out or just talk them out into your phone’s voice notes. Start there, and see what catches fire.


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