That Scorpio Full Moon When You Learned to Really Live


Live from a place of complete honesty and integrity

So, these last few weeks have been a trip, in the best way. It started with a birthday that made me go, “Whoa middle-age-ish.” But that also hit me in the best way. I felt a fire lit beneath me and gained a sense of greater excitement for the life I’m living. I reconnected to old friends who I desperately need in my life. I followed paths by the compass of my true self, and not by the flashlight of fear. I tried, with my whole heart, to be my best self in ways that I haven’t in some time. I became more present to me. I credit a good amount of it to an amazing reader, Sabrina (, who helped to connect me to distant pieces of myself, looking for retrieval. Please go to her if you’re in need of the same. But I also credit myself, for learning to be open to the unknown and not being so scared anymore.

Why do I share all of this with you? Well because it’s the Full Moon in Scorpio. And this full moon is about putting your love to the test. And my love is in helping you, my dear readers, to get completely in touch with your highest self. To live from a place of complete honesty and integrity. To just be so damn proud of you when you look in the mirror because you’re finally not doing that same shit anymore that always leaves you feeling failure-ish and sad. I share my deepest shit so that you can feel more comfortable with yours.


So find a way to take all the changes and ideas and deepest, silent thoughts you’ve been stewing over and live them out in your life. Show people a newer version of you, sprung from your own ideas of who you want to be, and should be. Don’t fuck around anymore.

You have one life. So live it.

I’m gonna give you some words from my House Mother, Madonna. Because she and Oprah co-govern the land of living your shit out loud. And her new album, Rebel Heart, goes IN.


If you don’t have it, get it now. (

“If you try and fail, get up again
Destiny will choose you in the end
If you don’t make the choice
And you don’t use your voice
Someone else will speak for you instead
What you want is just within your reach
But you gotta practice what you preach
You pay with sweat and tears
And overcome your fears
Never let the fire inside you leave.”

Now here is a brief, closer look at all the signs:


Major change wants to happen in your outer world right now, and thankfully, your inner world is up to speed on the transformation. The key is to take yourself more seriously. Start with your career. How invested are you in it? It’s time to dive whole-heartedly into the thing that makes your passion swell, or else why are you wasting your time? You need to be more creatively active in your work or your frustration level will hit overload. Start to take what you want in your work life more seriously, and then you can start to leak that out into the other areas of your life. Remember, you deserve to have what you want, not just what you think you can get.


It’s time for you to share all of the inner shifts that have been going on within you with those you love most. You have taken the time to harvest your feelings and thoughts, but you must be able to offer them to those you’re closest to. Especially because you must, at this time, be extremely in tune with your deepest self. And the best way to do that is for others to bare witness. So share some of your great, grounded wisdom when it comes to a challenge in life. And don’t allow yourself to be blindsided or overwhelmed by any threat to your life’s foundation. It is just a call for you to get closer to your most authentic you, and be more vulnerable to those who make up your heart.


The gods of communication and love are on your side, so now is a time to bond with people and tell them how you truly feel. It’s also high time to do the same for yourself. How do you truly feel about the way you’re living your life? Is there something you need more of in your day to day? Something, or someone, you need less of? Get real and make some serious changes to your routine. It may benefit you to be writing in some way right now, even if it’s just in a journal. This will help you air out your feelings and make a greater commitment to some of the new habits and hobbies you need in your life right now.


This full moon wants you to exhibit any and all emotions that you’ve been swirling around in through some creative activity. Whether you’re actually creating a piece of art, writing, or doing some sort of home project, the current energy wants you to infuse your heart and soul into it. Okay, maybe you’re consumed with money problems right now, or just can’t seem to focus long enough to take the time to create that masterpiece. But all you have to do is start it, and the rest will flow from there. And you will find that it surprisingly brings you closer to someone you didn’t even know you needed to be even closer to at this time.


Something in your home isn’t working, and it’s affecting you in ways you can’t see. That’s because you, for the most part, feel great. Jupiter, the god of luck and abundance, is on your side, so you can’t help but to feel joyful and optimistic, even in the face of the roughest challenges. Yet still, something at home needs to be a greater reflection of all the good you’re trying to put out into the world. Do you have the proper space you need to thrive? Are some elements of your environment stale and uninspiring? Maybe you just need a vision board. Or you may just need to infuse an element of some favorite vacation spot into your home for inspiration. Add that touch and you will find the joyful abundance flowing even stronger.


Right now, you’re learning so much more about how you love, how you laugh, and how you learn. And it should have you inspired in some way. There’s a creative current coming through you at this time, and it’s sourced from all of your latest personal findings and through the subconscious. So this is a time to be reflecting so many aspects of you out into the world. So how to best do that? Find some creative outlet that lets you share with yourself and others your latest lessons and triumphs. It’s a celebration of where you’ve gotten to on the path, as well as a reminder of just how far you can come when you open yourself to greater evolution.


It is time to put your money where your mouth is, okay. “I just want to get away and go somewhere.” “Maybe it’s time to just take a class in it and see if I like it?” “I wanna date so I guess I just need to put myself out there more.” Whatever your version of this type of question is at this time, the answer is yes. Book that trip, girl! Go see some people you love or go to that place you’ve always wanted to go. Enroll in that writing, painting, computer, or business class. Get on tinder. The only way to enjoy the world is to get out of your ideas about it and get into fully living in it. You create the life you live. And there are no questions when it comes to that.


This full moon is an opportunity to release one or some of your personal secrets. If you’re feeling lonely at this time, it’s because you’ve let yourself hide too much of what’s going on inside you. And I am talking about the real shit that is going on. The good thing is that Pluto, the god of intense soul transformation, has been urging you to get deeper in your communication with others. And the pull this gives you to be bluntly honest is working easily in some areas of your life, particularly with your career. But you can be just too good about internalizing your greatest fears and pressures. Use this time to open up and let vulnerability with another happen. It will take a weight off and make you feel more in tune with your life.


We all hold onto intense fears in our lives. There can be anxiety around relationships not working, or if single, never happening at all. We get scared about our jobs and if they’ll last, or if we’re in the right one. Everyone has that experience with something in their life when they ask, “Is this as good as it gets?” This full moon wants you to confront these fears. Put them on a piece of paper. “I’m never gonna have enough money to buy a house.” “I’m afraid I’ll never get married.” “I’m scared that he/she never knew how much I loved him/her.” Then, read it as if these stories belong to someone else before lighting the paper on fire. Now these fears don’t belong to you anymore, and you can get on with bringing the life you have to order.


This full moon is activating that deep need to shift yourself in a way that cleanses you of old, outdated habits. Thankfully, you’re feeling good about this process and feel ready to say goodbye to shit that just ain’t working anymore. That is because you are also feeling ready to actualize some of your most personal goals. Maybe it’s time to move into a better place, or say yes to a healthy, committed relationship. Whatever it is for you, use this energy to take some steps toward making your greatest goals more of a reality. You Caps love to work hard for the future but you mustn’t forget that the future is also just one moment away from now. And maybe now is the time to make that “greater future goal” today’s reality.


This moon cycle has given you some clarity on your path. Maybe you’re more in touch with aspects of you that you didn’t realize were so important to your well-being. Or perhaps your ideas about what you should be doing with your life has shifted, or at least just your relationship with what you want to be doing with your life has evolved. Regardless, in some way, you are feeling closer to your spirit self and you’re allowing it to guide you better. (If you’re not, then get to connecting, because that is where your woes lie.) Your life path is so tied into to letting the Universe guide you right now. So ask it lovingly for direction. Whisper your secret desires to it and look for the signposts to its manifestation. You have that unconscious wisdom available to you right now. Just open your heart to it, and fly.


Oprah has this great book called “What I Know For Sure.” In it, she details the lessons she has undertaken and what she feels life has allowed her to know, without question, for sure. By doing so, she also allows herself to be vulnerable to what it is she doesn’t know. Now would be a good time for you to take stock of what you know for sure about your life. This will give you a firm sense of your value system as well as be a landmark of your personal growth. It will also allow you to also be vulnerable to what you don’t know and hopefully inspire a curiosity around certain areas in your life where perhaps you’ve just been a little too dormant as of late.


One thought on “That Scorpio Full Moon When You Learned to Really Live

  1. Thank you, thank you. I was led to come to your site today and I wanted to let you know that your work has helped me already. I have bookmarked it and will continue to ponder my Aries message…

    …and, at the risk of sounding like Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.

    Thanks, again.~ D

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