Are You Walking with a Ghost?

Are you going to recognize the change and live it, or will you be a ghost in your own life?

Recently, I was at the gym, working on my fitness and pondering the various questions of my life.  I was thinking about work, about my health, and about my need to make some important mentality shifts.  I had already been in the headspace of change, as I had been thinking about Pluto and Saturn and the recent moves they had each made.  And given that these planets are all about transformation in our lives, I knew that I was in the midst of metamorphosis.  So as I finished up my tricep pushdowns and moved over to a back machine, all of my mental lingering led me to a sudden thought that I was compelled to jot down.  I quickly pulled out my phone and used my ‘Notes’ feature to write out the following:

“It’s time to commit to the transformation.  There is no turning back.  Turning back doesn’t even equal death because the death has already occurred.  The change is in place.  Are you going to recognize the change and live it, or will you be a ghost in your own life?”

I was immediately struck by the idea of being “a ghost in your own life”.  I thought of how so many of us refuse to meet a change, or death, in life.  Whether it’s the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one or even growing up into an adult, we can all find it hard to let go and move on at times.  But still, life moves on without us.  Yet we remain stuck in our outdated beliefs and mentalities.  And like ghosts, we wander through our present day lives responding from a place, a feeling, of the past.  The pain of long ago haunts our current relationships and work lives, making for weighted, poor decision making.  And then we wonder why we’re unhappy.  Why things won’t change and get better.  Well, until we realize that we are producing our current reality from a place of pain – one that has been festering in our psyches for far too long – we won’t be able to fully and cleanly move into the next chapter of our lives.  And right now, we are all feeling the ache to manifest change in a major way.  That’s because Saturn is knocking at our door and Pluto is rumbling under our feet.

As Rupaul says, “The time has come for you to lip-sync.  For your life.”  So let’s get to it.

What does this new phase bring for you?

First you must acknowledge the change.  It’s happening whether you want to admit it or not.

Saturn has been in the sign of Libra since 2009.  2009!  That means that the last three years was about bringing some more structure to our relationships.  Basically, when it came to people, there was just no more time for bullshit.  So some relationships started to phase out of our lives while others found their way in.  We also found ourselves focusing on bringing more balance into our lives, which manifested in ways such as cutting out the excess emotional fat or just literally getting into yoga.  No more are we able to handle the unleveled chaos.

So what does this new phase in Scorpio bring for you?  Well Scorpio is all about deep internal transformation.  So when coupled with Saturn, the planet that pushes us out of our comfort zones, it means the shit is going down.  As I mentioned above, it’s time to commit to your transformation.  No more talking about the things you plan on doing or wishing on a prince and the white horse to swoop you off your feet.  It’s time to be your own hero.  That means if you’ve been thinking that the job you’re in isn’t for you, then figure out what is and go after it.  If the relationship you’re in feels over, then plan your exit and get onto the next page of your life.  Otherwise, Saturn will only make it harder for you during the next three years if you continue to phantom your way through your days.  So start the change now.  That’s daunting, yes, so start slow.  First you must acknowledge the change.  It’s happening whether you want to admit it or not.  So honor yourself and move forward.

It’s time for our dreams to start coming true.

Also propelling this is Pluto, a planet that had been retrograde since April of this year.  As I have said in writings past, when a planet is in retrograde, it is simply on holiday.  So, the effects of its energy in our lives are slowed down.  Back in mid-September though, Pluto, which like Scorpio is concerned with the deeper inner shifts in our lives, turned direct.  That means that everything we had been storing up deep inside for the last six months started to rise to the surface.  So what the hell does that really mean for your life?

Pluto’s recent shift means that it’s time for our dreams to start coming true.  Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, which is all about working hard towards larger goals in life.  And whether you have been working hard everyday in your life, or just working your imagination on overdrive over some great idea of yours, it’s now time to start seeing some payoff.  You will notice that doors have opened up in some area of your life, which has probably caused your workload to increase.  Or you’ve met someone who has started to test your greater ideas about love, forcing you to step up to the relationship plate.  Whatever it is, it lives in the realm of something you wished for in life.  And yep, it’s too late to say, “Careful what you wish for.”  Because here you are now.  But don’t forget that change is good.

Nobody ever got anywhere great in life by being a victim to his or her own life. 

See what I don’t want you to do is ignore your window of opportunity.  If you’re unhappy right now, it’s because you are already fighting tooth and nail to ignore the change that wants to manifest in your life.  Don’t fight your life, because you’re just ultimately fighting yourself.  And what is stopping you?  Well, it’s easy to fall victim to the fear of failure, or even worse, that obnoxious fear of success.  I personally hate when I hear people talk about this ‘fear of success’.  Why would I be afraid to succeed?  I want my life to be better.  But then I think about it and realize that it’s not really a fear of success as much as it is a fear of your own power.  If you wish something and it comes true, that means you’ve got some major witch or wizard skills, and owning that personal power is a great responsibility.  And responsibility can be very scary.  Because if you fuck up, you have no one to blame but yourself.  But let’s be real.  Nobody ever got anywhere great in life by being a victim to his or her own life.  And if you’re not being responsible for your own life, then you’re just playing victim to what other people dictate for your life.  And that just ain’t right.  Because after a while, that victim song you’re singing becomes repetitive and downright tired.

So it’s time to move forward and own the inner shift that’s going on.  You cannot be the incarnation of your old mentality or beliefs, just rattling spooky chains down the dark hallways of your mind.  You are alive, so believe that you deserve to be LIVING!  Don’t ignore your urgings, your secret whispers to break free and make change.  This is your life.  So don’t haunt it – live it!  Pluto and Saturn are laying some roads ahead that seem hard to travel, because they are new and different than what you have been used to.  But take the challenge on.  The answer to your wishes is at the end of that new path.  You will never find your new life by standing still.  Trust me.  I have tried.  It isn’t pretty.  But giving over to your need to change is always beautiful. And I want your life to be beautiful.  Don’t you?


One thought on “Are You Walking with a Ghost?

  1. I am a Libra… now Saturn is in Scorpio… I feel some relief but still can’t get a job… no matter how hard I try… my love life is non-existent… don’t get it…. I was born October 10, 1959 5:40 pm Santurce, P.R.

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